Con il Storia del Calcio sarebbe Diversa?

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Momenti indimenticabili nel calcio. Con il VAR oggi la storia sarebbe - forse - diversa...
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AZM Karlsruhe1
AZM Karlsruhe1 Ora fa
Where is Italy-Australia 2006? Or Argentina-England 1986?
Pleasant Ville
Pleasant Ville 33 minuti fa
There are literally thousands of shocking mistakes throughout the years. So many that it would take hours to go through even a small percentage of them. Thank God for the introduction of VAR to at least begin to make the game more fair.
Michael O Connell
Michael O Connell 3 ore fa
That Spain South Korea game was a complete joke
Diego Love
Diego Love 11 ore fa
Even if Lampard scored that goal Germany would’ve won the game period England are fucking shit
Yudhi`s Family
Yudhi`s Family 15 ore fa
Var nothing changed everything. Drama still there
kombat kambit
kombat kambit 16 ore fa
2002 WC it's a big joke
Yogesh 17 ore fa
Barcelona versus Chelsea 2009 Barcelona vs PSG 2017 You are a Barca fan boy aren't you?
Mynor Morales
Mynor Morales 20 ore fa
You are right.. Madrid wouldn't have 13 champions.
Antoine L
Antoine L 22 ore fa
The way Italian and Spanish got robbed is insane
Sick Met
Sick Met Giorno fa
3:22 Rubentus history in a nutshell
Samir SOLAI Giorno fa
I think Nani's red card vs Madrid deserve to be in the video
Keith Deakin
Keith Deakin Giorno fa
If God could keep his hands out of it that would help 🇬🇧
Vardaris Giorno fa
The games of South Korea with Italy and Spain were not bad ref's decisions, they were marketing choices.
Rob J
Rob J Giorno fa
Lampards disallowed goal is an absolute disgrace to the word referee, how the f#$k was it not a goal!?!? it still winds me up to this day FFS!!!
Hairizal Dahrin
Hairizal Dahrin Giorno fa
Shame on u Henry who used the dirtiest way, stopped the ball with your hand. Only bastards did that.
Khalid Ali
Khalid Ali Giorno fa
Short answer: Yes Long answer: siiiiiiiiiii
lakshana desilva
lakshana desilva Giorno fa
That was the one and only semi for south Korea and no more.
rama samy
rama samy Giorno fa
Great quality video. Good job and thanks!
Becoming Dauntless
Becoming Dauntless Giorno fa
Please tell me that those who ref'd the Spain vs S.Korea match are still sitting in a gulag with bread and water.
Becoming Dauntless
Becoming Dauntless Giorno fa
Amazing how its taken this long for football to finally catch up with all the other mainstream sports despite all the billions that goes through the industry lol...
Ali Safeer Hyder
Ali Safeer Hyder Giorno fa
Barca clip really After all the arsenal and Chelsea shenanigans 🙄
Matt Augusto
Matt Augusto Giorno fa
Yuki Giorno fa
As a Asian (Japanese), I sincerely apologize the fraud happened in 2002 Japan and South Korea World Cup. I know all footballers dedicated their lives to win World Cup.. and I can’t imagine how hard they made tons of efforts to play in World Cup.. I am so sorry.
Tolguste Kuninga Kuningas
Tolguste Kuninga Kuningas 2 giorni fa
Where is chelsea vs barcelona?
Andrea Vivaldi
Andrea Vivaldi 2 giorni fa
Chelsea-Barcellona 2009 Juventus-Barcellona 2015 Juventus-Bayern 2016 andata e ritorno Juventus-Real 2018 Roma-Liverpool 2018 Liverpool-Napoli 2018 Roma-Porto 2019 Barcellona-Inter 2019 Napoli-Barcellona 2020 andata e ritorno
no1wasgeorgiebest 2 giorni fa
As an English man I can comfortably say Lampard's goal wouldn't have changed anything.
Michael Ch'ong
Michael Ch'ong 2 giorni fa
First cut(1966) is the deepest. The second (2002) you cry about till the end of your days. Lol
shafreeamri 2 giorni fa
The two world cup match between England and Germany is about goal line technology, not VAR. And World Cup competetion seriously have bribery and corruption issue for each competetion, whether it is during qualification or in final round. Its a disgrace for FIFA to even allowed it and only investigate after the competition is over. Shameful.
Romeo Lajh
Romeo Lajh 2 giorni fa
4:16 super speed :) sonic
Lautaro Echeveste
Lautaro Echeveste 2 giorni fa
Final italia 90 argentina vs alemania y final brasil 2014 argentina vs alemania
Jacob Choi
Jacob Choi 2 giorni fa
lol 2002
Crockett and Tubbs
Crockett and Tubbs 2 giorni fa
No mention of Matri goal called offside vs Milan In the same match that was called back.
Crockett and Tubbs
Crockett and Tubbs 2 giorni fa
Real Madrid would have far less Champions League.
felix leiter
felix leiter 3 giorni fa
yes history would be different. if we had var and goal line tech i wouldn't have spent the last 54 years argueing with germans about 1966!
Paul Jennings
Paul Jennings 3 giorni fa
How can you not include the "hand of God"?
RAGZ_FRESH _ 3 giorni fa
Roma liverpool
first contact
first contact 3 giorni fa
It’s almost been proven that Korea literally cheated. They were a dogshit team in there home nation beating absolute class teams GTFO
Eyemix Music
Eyemix Music 4 giorni fa
It would be very different... ...everyone would have stopped watching by now.
Antonio Palmiero
Antonio Palmiero 4 giorni fa
Italia Corea col var sarebbe stata uguale, non erano errori quelli erano proprio venduti clamorosamente, nemneno si sforzarono per nascondere la cosa
MATRIX Lomachenko
MATRIX Lomachenko 5 giorni fa
Uefalona , juve , referee utd , shit madrid all same shit destroyed football
SPQSpartacus 5 giorni fa
A few tidbits from Real Madrid’s CL runs also worth watching.
Axel 6 giorni fa
Uefalona vs Chelsea in 2009???
Juan Cabrera
Juan Cabrera 6 giorni fa
Uruguay got robbed in 2010
Emmanuel Antwi
Emmanuel Antwi 6 giorni fa
I will be number one in the world
Jef Costello
Jef Costello 6 giorni fa
In that Milan vs Juve match, Juve scored a goal that was wrongly ruled out as offside.
G10UV G10UV 6 giorni fa
Muntari goal not goal because there was a mistake in the law of play Corner kick, and in the same match Juve scored a goal but referre said offside but there was no offside, SHOW THE TRUTH, RESPECT THE PEOPLE
Mario Botti
Mario Botti 6 giorni fa
England with 0 world championship
J P 6 giorni fa
I wonder how much that cost south Korea?
Bart Man
Bart Man 6 giorni fa
Wow south korea👏
Namira 6 giorni fa
Surprise Barca Vs Chelsea isn't here that was a "f*cking disgrace"
AZRUL B 6 giorni fa
where is UCL 2016 final?
하루종일여캠보는사람 6 giorni fa
stop crying. Korea was fair. losers
Michele risaliti
Michele risaliti 7 giorni fa
Andrea C.
Andrea C. 7 giorni fa
Chiedetelo a Moggi
Simple Man
Simple Man 7 giorni fa
South Korea vs Italy was a rubbish fixed game. No var nerds. Everyone knows.
Simple Man
Simple Man 7 giorni fa
And Spain vs South Korea too.
Pablo Peacock77
Pablo Peacock77 7 giorni fa
E il gol annullato al Barcellona vs inter,il2-0 , e la mano de dios di MARADONA,
drew downs
drew downs 7 giorni fa
i never looked at buffon the same after that...ugh
SpoilerOne- La trama e la recensione
SpoilerOne- La trama e la recensione 7 giorni fa
L'Inghilterra avrebbe fatto un miracolo...considerando che giocava senza portiere.
Paramarta Iganp
Paramarta Iganp 7 giorni fa
Still remember this 05:34 like it was yesterday. Me and my friends was like WTF!!!! What a disgrace Joaquin was insane that afternoon/evening.
Zafrie 8 giorni fa
What a shame, South Korea
Philip Rake
Philip Rake 8 giorni fa
Why did they miss out England’s fourth goal in the 66 final? Oh I know why
Saya Anjing
Saya Anjing 8 giorni fa
South korea and his refree is shane of football no debate, You jorean are loser... Thats why your country now is dog in football even at asia
ala_b 8 giorni fa
Mistakes are part of football it makes it more fun. Var is bullshit if a refree want to make a team win he will do it
Yerynaldy Urbaez Dolores
Yerynaldy Urbaez Dolores 8 giorni fa
Korea was the best thief
Empress Touch
Empress Touch 8 giorni fa
"The turning point, on a career, in Korea being insincere. "The holiday was fun-packed. The referee? A [this-and-that]..."
Riem Bondet
Riem Bondet 8 giorni fa
South Korea vs Spain were disgusting.
Foodways Distribution
Foodways Distribution 8 giorni fa
SK v Italy, you are clutching at straws
Photo Passion
Photo Passion 8 giorni fa
What about Maradona's Hand of God ?
Empress Touch
Empress Touch 8 giorni fa
The 1980's were brutal in many ways. Toni Schumacher's assault on the French forward (whose name escapes me), then Kevin Moran in the 1985 F.A. Cup Final plus the French player who literally copied Moran vs Brazil in Mexico 1986. I can only remember Maradona in 1986, when I was just six, it was so surreal. Very compelling times...
Azmot Samar
Azmot Samar 8 giorni fa
South Korea played Kung Fu not football
the mockingjay
the mockingjay 8 giorni fa
korea obviously bribed the referees/officials. no question asked.
Ali Jav
Ali Jav 8 giorni fa
With cameras, the whole history of mankind would be different.
Order_Truth_Involvement 8 giorni fa
The fact VAR took this long shows how corrupt and ignorant FIFA is.
Prabhat pandey
Prabhat pandey 9 giorni fa
Was waiting for Chelsea vs Barcelona game
Ronaldo Madeira
Ronaldo Madeira 9 giorni fa
Thiery henry is the worst cheater, on par with maradona..
D. 9 giorni fa
Col Var l'inter non avrebbe vinto la Champions nel 2010
José David Alvarado
José David Alvarado 9 giorni fa
That's the way FIFA works. They give a tournament to team A, letting down team B, then keep building the debt snowball on the next tournament. Next up in the FIFA corruption agenda: a tournament in Colombia for buying out Colombian players in 2014 vs Brazil. A tournament in Argentina for giving 2014 to Germany. (Neuer was not red carded). A tournament in Mexico for the debt of 2014 Robben dive. New injustices will be created, and the debts will be paid with time.
Ayush Kr
Ayush Kr 9 giorni fa
You forget the chelsea-barca one Disgrace
Empress Touch
Empress Touch 8 giorni fa
The 2005 games that led to the first football referee to endorse Italian cars...
Neo Stylo
Neo Stylo 9 giorni fa
2002 world cup is fucked
no name
no name 9 giorni fa
Juventus cheating as always
Guru Sevilla
Guru Sevilla 9 giorni fa
2002 should never happen again
Rothin Sen
Rothin Sen 9 giorni fa
2002 WC was shit show.
Red Nad
Red Nad 10 giorni fa
Maza 10 giorni fa
I'm not gonna be sorry for Barcelona. The referees have helped them many times and I was happy that a third team finally won La Liga
SP 10 giorni fa
RM wouldn’t have won a single UCL this decade.
Empress Touch
Empress Touch 8 giorni fa
@Jim Abraham Arsenal, though a man down (should've been two men down following Eboue's dive that won the first goal's free-kick), had a one-on-one with Valdez. Henry failed to score - and kill the game at 0-2. @SP: If you don't like Real Madrid, watch on repeat the Madrid defender who committed that professional foul in Turin in 1996, lay on the ground for 3 minutes (pretending to be injured) whilst the Juve fans went: "whooooooooooooooooooooooooo...." waiting for the ref to show a red card. They weren't to be disappointed.
Jim Abraham
Jim Abraham 9 giorni fa
Yeah,same wise,Barca wouldn't have a single trophy in Europe in the last 2 decades if VAR existed,PSG vs barca 2015,Arsenal vs barca 2006,Chelsea vs barca 2009.Cheaters.
Rami Hafiane
Rami Hafiane 10 giorni fa
Chelsea vs Barcelona in the champions league semi final.
mike naso
mike naso 10 giorni fa
duh. yes. lol
Mr. Troll
Mr. Troll 10 giorni fa
Looking back at the wrong decisions made in the 2002 WC it's hard to believe solely in the incompetence of the referees...
sebastian resch
sebastian resch 10 giorni fa
Fantastic video. Thank god there is VAR 2022 if not Qatar would probably win the world cup
SomeBodyIUsedToKnow 10 giorni fa
The Korean incidents at 2002 were the most blatant I’ve ever seen. Shocking how they got away with it so many times
Trinh Studios
Trinh Studios 10 giorni fa
Italy should have scored 2+ goals against Korea
Sreekanth M
Sreekanth M 10 giorni fa
North Korea South Korea no difference blood is same only for looting and cheating
Clayton Mion
Clayton Mion 10 giorni fa
Anche con il VAR loro trovano un modo da rubare.
Nugroho Ery
Nugroho Ery 10 giorni fa
South Korea really put Taekwondo in good use at '02 WC
Justin eis
Justin eis 10 giorni fa
if there was VAR before 2009 barcelona would've not won half of their trophies
Paramarta Iganp
Paramarta Iganp 7 giorni fa
@OFF THE WALLMadrid's 2 goals vs Bayern was offside.
OFF THE WALL 9 giorni fa
I see you only remember 2009. People only see what suits them. I'm a barça fan and i dont have any problem in admit when refs beneficit us. vs chelsea 2009, vs psg in 2017 and so other many times..... but im tired of chelsea fans still criyng on 2009 but in 2012 2 penaltys on iniesta by cahill and lampard and they blinded and quiet like b*tches. Every football team was benefict and disavantaged by refs. Like madrid fans remeber obvrebo till this day but they forget ramos goal offside vs atletico final in 2016.
Jim Abraham
Jim Abraham 9 giorni fa
SampTube 11 giorni fa
Henry’s Hand of Frog was daylight robbery
ItsMoi Moí
ItsMoi Moí 11 giorni fa
Chelsea vs Barca. Mexico vs Argentine in the world cup
Gabriel 11 giorni fa
Manca la mano de dios di Maradona...come evento celebre intendo. Rip Maradona, quella mano è una leggenda
Deragon Deragan
Deragon Deragan 11 giorni fa
4:01 remember that is a natural position
Marley Boy
Marley Boy 11 giorni fa
Korea vs Italy wasn't that bad. Korea vs Spain was awful tho
Andres Angarita
Andres Angarita 11 giorni fa
Ese Milan-Juve me da dolor de cabeza solo acordarme, una locura... Y lo de corea del sur fue escandaloso
Paul Fitzpatrick
Paul Fitzpatrick 11 giorni fa
If youre Granny had balls she'd be you're Granda
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