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Our entire solar power system is completely FINISHED! We have built a 13,000 watt solar power plant! Today we are firing the system up and turning everything on in our modern home to see how it handles the load on a completely cloudy day. We are also flashing back to a quick timelapse of how we got here. From moving to raw land with no running water or electric to now, having a solar system capable of running our entire home!
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We are a couple who are building our own home from the ground up in the mountains of West Virginia. After living near the city our entire lives we finally decided to sell it all, pack up our 3 kids and live in an RV on our 73 acres while building our own debt free, off-grid house and learning to live a more self-reliant life.
Our house build is documented entirely on our main channel "Wild Wonderful Off-Grid" and our family life vlogs can be found on our secondary channel "Wild Wonderful After Show"

Mr Shaun
Mr Shaun 2 giorni fa
I must say, I wish my lady support me the way yours does. She is also passionate about this work. Awesome teamwork and best of luck.
Cole McLeod
Cole McLeod 6 giorni fa
This is now MY dream solar system. One question - since I watch too many hours of off-grid videos to go looking for it, maybe you covered this somewhere - but did you bring solar into the power house at 48V or higher to get the wire size down and the efficiency up? I'm sure you did series and parallel on the panels, but I never heard what total Voltage you totaled coming off the entire array into your supply wire to the the Mppt Controllers so far away. Again, I can't go through the videos again, but I'm guessing your Mppt's are built to take in 48V or higher, and that Growatt is a 48V Inverter. My question is, did you need a transformer to step the Voltage down from the Solar Array, or did you just have it already coming in at the accepted Voltage at the Mppt Controller? That's my question. (I'm aware that you can string together panels in series for Voltage as high as you want, so long as you have a transformer at the receiving end to step it down for whatever the Mppt is rated for, to say nothing of Wattage)
Aaron Smyth
Aaron Smyth 9 giorni fa
Start mining bitcoin with the extra power, or build a workshop making trinkets, and let it pay for itself.
daniel francisco Gonzalez
daniel francisco Gonzalez 10 giorni fa
Los felicito chicos, yo aca en Argentina quisiera hacer lo mismo y ni siquiera puedo comprarme una camioneta para mi trabajo. Abrazo grande
Peter de Agrella
Peter de Agrella 13 giorni fa
You got starlink
jose pecano cano
jose pecano cano 13 giorni fa
Magnifico, saludos desde España
How panels will cope with a heavy wind?
Jeff Wolfe
Jeff Wolfe 17 giorni fa
When I watched this video and saw how neat everything looked, I knew Josh must be an electrician. From one electrician to another, very nice install.
Paul Greidanus
Paul Greidanus 17 giorni fa
Have you looked at ground source heat pumps for your heating/cooling? I'm doing this at my house, it's expensive, but should last a long time and not consume fuel... and can use a heat buffer tank when it's sunny for use later on in the day
Jesse Daron
Jesse Daron 18 giorni fa
What profession do you guys have??🤔
Jesse Daron
Jesse Daron 18 giorni fa
I believe your best construction you guys have ever made is.... "YOUR RELATIONSHIP"
biniolo 18 giorni fa
The sun write no Bill ;)
biniolo 18 giorni fa
You live your dream. Its nice and in understan you. I Live my dream, too. Solarsystems are very nice. I have a Autoark Home, too
Pierre .Fortier
Pierre .Fortier 18 giorni fa
How much do you cost all your electrical installation in total, and this system is good for how long, not to mention the batteries which cost a fortune and their life is about 5 years.
Akademi 1303
Akademi 1303 18 giorni fa
can I get the latest solar diagram
Lauren Commons
Lauren Commons 18 giorni fa
Apologies if I missed it mentioned somewhere, but what is the capacity of your batteries?
Mark 20 giorni fa
awesome guys... next step: Starlink Internet 👍
Robert Palmore
Robert Palmore 20 giorni fa
I've seen so many people with just a few panels and they complain that they are constantly running their system down and it takes for ever to recharge. You need enough panels to power your day use AND charge the batteries.
Joseph Pfalzgraf
Joseph Pfalzgraf 21 giorno fa
I have never seen so many solar panels for one house what do you guys doing you got a marijuana farm with greenhouses in the back in the woods .that you're sending electricity to because I have never seen that many solar panels for one house.
sam moore
sam moore 21 giorno fa
What was ur total cost?
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 21 giorno fa
Bravo !!!
Lightning 22 giorni fa
Would you consider partnering up to do solar? Let me know, I am a master electrician and owner of Murphy Family Electric. Would like to offer this as a product and service
Lightning 22 giorni fa
You guys are great!
MECH TECH 22 giorni fa
Hi brother can you tell me what is the brand of inverter and charge controller
M Box
M Box 22 giorni fa
I love seeing you working so hard side by side, laughing and loving the whole way. Your family and this channel are one of my favorites! Be blessed!❤
Jon Zuber
Jon Zuber 26 giorni fa
Homesteading is a labor of love! Do you have any plans to build a greenhouse to grow your own food year around?
Duussif 27 giorni fa
Seemed windy out there, thought about a windmill?
Nicola Urbani
Nicola Urbani 27 giorni fa
Good work guys. Just and advise. A good couple of quencher is mandatory ;)
Marius Conrad
Marius Conrad 28 giorni fa
cam inglis
cam inglis 28 giorni fa
“What are the chances of it blowing up when you turn it on” 🤣🤣🤣💯
Kirill Sanzharovskiy
Kirill Sanzharovskiy 29 giorni fa
Вы молодцы!👍
Maulinda Yulia Iswara S
Maulinda Yulia Iswara S 29 giorni fa
Silvsiri Mese fa
No bills, but if you added up the cost of materials and labour, how many years would it take to be in front ?
Marc Vivori
Marc Vivori Mese fa
I hope you will share your monthly Solar Production and Usage. I’m sure many of your Subscribers are very interested as I am.
Noah H
Noah H Mese fa
"ight imma head out": 1:38
Митя Mese fa
N Romel
N Romel Mese fa
whats the model of those solar panels and how much it cost ?
Mark Fernandes
Mark Fernandes Mese fa
You guys are the doers in life, Great job and thanks for your channel.
Holden McGroin
Holden McGroin Mese fa
Amazing build! Could you give a ballpark idea of the total cost of your solar system?
John Golombek
John Golombek Mese fa
Great to see I did laugh at the tool guy grunts.
عبدالكريم الغامدي
عبدالكريم الغامدي Mese fa
I really like you guys, you're warriors, and I've created a house of nothing, please, please, do the Arabic ITpost characteristic so that it can be useful for everyone
عبدالكريم الغامدي
عبدالكريم الغامدي Mese fa
I really like you guys, you're warriors, and I've created a house of nothing, please, please, do the Arabic ITpost characteristic so that it can be useful for everyone
Smooch Mcguire
Smooch Mcguire Mese fa
Great video thanks
Floyd Ferguson
Floyd Ferguson Mese fa
Great video!
Ben Kanobe
Ben Kanobe Mese fa
How many watts was your original Solar Array? (I am a long-time subscriber, but at my age, I forget things.....)
ninline2000 Mese fa
So, for about the price of a brand new car you're energy independent. Congratulations! I know that has to make you feel wonderful.
John Urban
John Urban Mese fa
JOSH! Next time Erin says that you like the solar system more than her, you respond with: "Darlin', you are my solar system." :)
juma Abu Nasser
juma Abu Nasser Mese fa
Great job Solar system I like you working together
Yannie Benson
Yannie Benson Mese fa
Its very inspired especially to those plan living off-grid...Owesome Erin & Josh
Dustin Mese fa
Do you have a list of all the components to build this system? I want to build something like this for my home.
Richard Termini
Richard Termini Mese fa
Why did you sell the Tesla Batteries? And why do you like the replacements?
Romans Romans
Romans Romans Mese fa
вы там не замерзли?
Joseph Adam
Joseph Adam Mese fa
Beautiful house, beautiful solar system! Absolutely amazing!
Rinke Slump
Rinke Slump Mese fa
You guys are definitely living my dream! Josh is like a little kid in a candy store when it comes to his passion for electric work. I noticed he didn't deny he loves his solar system more than you, Erin. Lol! I love his work when it comes to electricity, his dedicaion to perfection, his neatness, his attention to detail. Okay, enough about Josh. Love your channel in general. Very good editing, a lovely mixture of work scenes, and artistic creativity in your videos. Keep up the good work!!
Pritam Bissonauth
Pritam Bissonauth Mese fa
You need to increase the battery capacity too
Larry Grimshaw
Larry Grimshaw Mese fa
Beautiful 😍, love the setup you Guys did Great 👍 👏
Taurus Silver
Taurus Silver Mese fa
what battery setup are you using!?
John Young
John Young Mese fa
Love your story!
Oddbjørn Gebhardt
Oddbjørn Gebhardt Mese fa
Next in line is a Tesla Cybertruck. You've got free juice for an electric car, so why pay for gas or diesel?
Lez Waldron
Lez Waldron Mese fa
Brill job. You need to trade the buggy in for a battery one next.
Crew-L-T Mese fa
It is good practice to space the purchase of cells in the battery bank. To prevent them all ageing out at the same time. Maybe first get good capacity, then start spacing purchases. Not to overtax the batteries.
Ivan Bojovic
Ivan Bojovic Mese fa
So,did you make some solar panel protection ,in case of "SOLAR STORM"... That may cause dying cells inside panels, and i think maybe,you need some aluminum cover,just in case.... You are awsome, smart young couple,gorgeus kid's...
Paul Barwick
Paul Barwick Mese fa
I really enjoy seeing the lives that you are creating for yourselves, and was kind of blown away by the professionalism of your videography and editing. Do you have a background in those subjects or did you take classes or ???. I'm a new viewer to your channel, but have subscribed on the basis of this episode. Nice job!
Jeff Tucker
Jeff Tucker Mese fa
I love what your doing, it's inspirational, I have a question about the kids having friends, are their any kids of their age that live near by?
Greg Eley
Greg Eley Mese fa
"Let's plug something else in" ;) Awesome.
Robert Jones
Robert Jones Mese fa
I would like to know where you got the panel brackets and post saddles. I found some 17' used panel brackets on eBay in Pennsylvania, but they won't ship them. I live in Indiana and the trip would cost more than the brackets. I can also only find black pipe in the 4" size. At my age it would probably outlast me. Very interesting video. Have a good day.
Zhandos Zhumadil
Zhandos Zhumadil Mese fa
Do you have a Instagram?
Adela Ferreira
Adela Ferreira Mese fa
Your video filming and editing is awesome Erin ,after watching them against other ITpost videos ,there is no comparison you are getting better every day,congrats guys on your achievements being off grid completely !
Golden Cedi
Golden Cedi Mese fa
This has given hope lol
Thelongmanable Mese fa
*_Living modern off the grid has got to be the highest of highs in the modern world..._*
Thelongmanable Mese fa
*_Those buss bars should be in a electrical cabinet with clear plexiglass guards over them..._*
Colleen Dudley
Colleen Dudley Mese fa
wrap around porch!
1sheinz Mese fa
What a wonderful acheivement, the joy on your faces and in your voice says it all. Thank you for bringing us all along for the ride. Josh you have the manner of a great teacher and i have enjoyed learning from you. I changed my RV to solar and lithium 8 years ago also did my own build is 2 stages as funds dictated. I live full time for 7 months of the year and hav'nt used a generator in 7 years. Freedom is'nt cheap but it is liberating. CHEERS Steve h.
Miguel Mese fa
Please vídeos on legends in Portuguese. Brasil tank you.
Anon X
Anon X Mese fa
I'm wondering how much did this solar system cost and where is the link to get 50% off 🤣. Very awesome! I would love this kind of freedom.
Brisca Mese fa
great setup! congrats!
Fergeeks Mese fa
Love the channel. We are also working towards building off-grid in WV. What is your internet solution?
Cassie E
Cassie E Mese fa
Great job. My family and I watched your videos, love it. In one of your videos you all had Oatmeal Pies. My husband makes Delicious Keto Oatmeal Pies if you all are interested in it, is really good and its big, clean ingredients if I could have post it here for you all to see. He makes a lot of Keto stuff. It would be nice if you all will give it a try @Wild Wonderful Off-Grid.
Eric H
Eric H Mese fa
great job you two! very cute little lambs. You are an inspiration! Keep on keeping on
RED Red Mese fa
Tell me how many Watts you get when let say, cloudy snowy stormy rainy because I don't see this thing working 100%. 10% maybe
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid Mese fa
Go to the end of the video and we will show you how its working when its completely overcast
Christopher Kuehne
Christopher Kuehne Mese fa
Do you have a break down of all the components in your system?
Cheryl Luna
Cheryl Luna Mese fa
How much did the whole system cost even with the upgrade??
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid Mese fa
Yes, the entire system 😊. We hope it is helpful to those out there who may be thinking about going solar
Jacques Gauthier
Jacques Gauthier Mese fa
Some of the future panels will incorporate piezo electric properties so that when they are hit by raindrops or when the wind pushes on it they will produce electricity even at night. There have been night club dance floors whose lights were powered by dancers moving on a piezo electric floor.
Gene DeJoannis
Gene DeJoannis Mese fa
HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT A HEAT PUMP clothes dryer. Whirlpool makes one. All electric and no exhaust venting.
Tammy Baker
Tammy Baker Mese fa
I'm so happy for you. Congradulations of using lights and hw.
Tammy Baker
Tammy Baker Mese fa
I tried setting up that stereo type and couldn't get connected. I vould hear you, but I don't think you could see me.
Lesa Atuatasi
Lesa Atuatasi Mese fa
Dang you both are tall! Y'all gonna have some D - 1 babies
Paul Avory
Paul Avory Mese fa
Very cool indeed. Would love to know what the ballpark cost are for this setup. I’m in the UK and a friend had to pay £80,000 to get his grid connected to the grid. Which involved crossing a field and a road. So if the cost of this setup is less it would be a complete no brainer.
Building Mese fa
Your work is really beautiful, they will be happy to visit my page
SolarDrew Mese fa
Do you have a video on making the ground mount?
Wayne Joey
Wayne Joey Mese fa
Hi, you guys, I’ve been watching the progress of your build since your first video. I’ve shared in the excitement, joy and pride during those years. I feel and see the love you all have for each other. I have celebrated 80 years on earth during this time and just want to thank you for letting me tag along. Your videos every week are like a warm hug and it’s heartwarming to know that you’re going to be a very important part of my life in the days and years to come. Many thanks , stay safe
Jerry 2001
Jerry 2001 Mese fa
Man Josh's knowledge on electrical engineering is very impressive. Great work y'all
James Alexander
James Alexander Mese fa
With solar and a super passive house setup it should work with no problems. I wish all houses would be built like that now a days. Love your show.
David Bonde
David Bonde Mese fa
Great accomplishment that will reward you for years to come.
Panhandle Veggie Gardener
Panhandle Veggie Gardener Mese fa
First time on your page. Wondering where you got your solar panels?
Adithya K
Adithya K Mese fa
I'm following from start .. great job 🙌.. inspiring content ❤️
Walter P Hopkins
Walter P Hopkins Mese fa
Both wild and wonderful!
Moto Nugget
Moto Nugget Mese fa
Absolutely gorgeous! This is amazing! Excellent work yall!
Ariel Reyes yera
Ariel Reyes yera Mese fa
Que lindo lugar para empezar una nueva vida
Jonas Granlund
Jonas Granlund Mese fa
Really nice work, Im thinking about buying 4 Tesla modules myself but I noticed that they can be charge up to 25.2 volt each do you use that last juice or are you satisfied with charging them towards 48 volt and take out less energy from them? If you have a solution to charge them towards 25V each I would like to know more details about this and I think it would be very interesting for others two. Here in Sweden these modules from crashed car places cost around 900 dollar each so it is really good cost/kW.
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