French F1 driver Romain Grosjean survives fireball in 'miracle'

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Race officials and drivers praised the modern safety systems developed for Formula One on Sunday after Romain Grosjean said he was "okay" after surviving a high-speed crash and fireball blaze on the opening lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix.
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Alex Yoro
Alex Yoro Mese fa
If this happend in 1994 .... We all know the result
jannah canete
jannah canete Mese fa
When my dad told me i was very worried good thing the halo saved his head .its a miracle he is still alive.
Pandemic Respond
Pandemic Respond Mese fa
For me... This is the same scenario as what happened to Paul Walker...
Abg Longkai KL
Abg Longkai KL Mese fa
For me... This is the same scenario as what happened to Paul Walker...
Constantinia Smith
Constantinia Smith Mese fa
0:02 so the english comentators pronounce his name not correctly all the time
Keith Goslin
Keith Goslin Mese fa
The one corner worker with the fire extinguisher spraying while he was 20 feet away was worthless. This is why I dislike volunteer workers. They get in the way and usually are usless in these kind of situations. And I say this from my time in Indycar and IMSA.
hadrian robles
hadrian robles Mese fa
I got used to them almost immediately - after this, no question
hadrian robles
hadrian robles Mese fa
I've seen a lot of crashes before - I shuddered at this one, great job with the safety crew. Looking forward to see you on the track soon Gojean. H.
Virgílio dos Santos
Virgílio dos Santos Mese fa
Tyrone Mogadishu
Tyrone Mogadishu Mese fa
Gods work.
OrionCROW OC668
OrionCROW OC668 Mese fa
Força Grosjean🇧🇷 💚💛
Let's hope Romain is not going to develop PTSD as a result of this accident.
Pamela Bonaparte
Pamela Bonaparte Mese fa
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Mese fa
My question is, what was the lone fire fighter doing?
affalaffaa Mese fa
He had a shit extinguisher and the flames were going his way, he was still closer than most.
Westfield Racer
Westfield Racer Mese fa
Seeing this footage, no one done anything to alleviate the fire from the driver at all, they were all buzzing around doing very little apart from an arm to assist him from climbing down from the barrier, he saved himself, just like Alonso crashed upside down into barriers other year, got himself out with no one around, heroes my arse
alida flus
alida flus Mese fa
That fire marshall on lhs was shitting himself get to the fire, tanks already gone up he'd have done more good pissing on it ffs.
alida flus
alida flus Mese fa
thankfully. The medical car team were heroic on a sublime level. Respect
alida flus
alida flus Mese fa
Stupid Dangerous driving by Grosjean. 100% Grosjean fault
Jeroen Roland
Jeroen Roland Mese fa
it count it was 28.82 second's he was kept in fire. That very long if you know the heat.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Mese fa
Im glad to see the guys getting out of the medical car had the mind to close their doors first.....
jerome martin
jerome martin Mese fa
On vas pas se mentir ... tout le paddock est content de ne plus l'avoir dans les pattes. Romain est bon quand il n'y a personne en piste, mais dangereux pour lui et pour les autres dés qu'il y a d'autres voitures. Fin de l'aparté pour lui en F1. Sauvé par le Halo pour lequel il était contre .... ironie fin de l'histoire ... clap de fin et vivant ....
Priya Raghuvanshi
Priya Raghuvanshi Mese fa
Stay blessed...take care....get well soon 💐💐💐💐🙏🙏🙏
alida flus
alida flus Mese fa
God created the HALO to protect him!
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Mese fa
That Halo kept Roman from getting his own
billyrayband Mese fa
If he had been injured enough from the violent impact to be unable to get out of car, could they have saved him? Its not easy finding a "safe" location for the fuel tank, but I would think making it part of driver pod is not the best choice.
William James
William James Mese fa
No tire barrier.....
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Mese fa
was burned.
Trusten Baker
Trusten Baker Mese fa
Was it a miracle? Or just good planning?
fejic Mese fa
This gives you a true idea of how long he was in the fire. Insane
Lalitha Annadurai
Lalitha Annadurai Mese fa
I am a Fan of F1. I saw this race and I was horrified
Serigala Jadian
Serigala Jadian Mese fa
The real hero is the medic team.
Diogo Sales
Diogo Sales Mese fa
No miracle. Technology and Engineering.
Mike F
Mike F Mese fa
That Halo kept Roman from getting his own
splendiddave Mese fa
Stupid Dangerous driving by Grosjean. 100% Grosjean fault
david Mese fa
That fire marshall on lhs was shitting himself get to the fire, tanks already gone up he'd have done more good pissing on it ffs.
CT Mese fa
Im glad to see the guys getting out of the medical car had the mind to close their doors first.....
Simon North
Simon North Mese fa
God created the HALO to protect him!
Mike UK
Mike UK Mese fa
The safety officer that spotted him and actually attacked the base of the fire did a great job gave him a chance to get out, wow very fortunate his cockpit didn't get wedged under the barrier
Gianni Florio
Gianni Florio Mese fa
He himself made a mistake. He turned deliberately right at full speed.
BP FRSC Mese fa
Barriers should be a thick foam or air cushioned to avoid fireballs
BP FRSC Mese fa
Looking at the car turn into a broken half with a fireball, still this is a big MIRACLE for a driver to survive.. aside from the halo there was a 1,000 degree fireball and only his hands was burned.
j Mese fa
not to be that guy, but i notice alot of non f1 fans talking about how the car split it half thinking that it made the situation worse. when in reality the cars are literally designed to break apart like that in the event of a crash, by splitting in two, the back half takes alot of forces and impact away. also the cockpit is built around whats called a "safety cell" meaning in the event of a crash the driver is "protected" and enclosed apart from the rest of the car. also there is kevlar on the gas tank that is supposed to be able to withstand any impact, which failed, normally there should have been NO FIRE, the #1 safety aspect of the car is to try and stop it from catching fire. furthermore, a safety barrier is NOT supposed to fail like that. glad romain is ok, but there is still work to do. but dont discredit the safety teams of f1 by saying "he was lucky" because in reality, everything happened by DESIGN (for the most part)
Max Mac
Max Mac Mese fa
I wonder what Nikki Lauder would have made of this incident.
Dayana Gonzalez
Dayana Gonzalez Mese fa
It reminds me that happened Niki Lauda injured in 1976 German Grand Prix with flames
dacid kapura
dacid kapura Mese fa
Nobody talks why he swerved into traffic like a lunatic.
PB Mese fa
Stupid comment. There was debris from contact in front. He clearly lost control of the car. Idiot
aditya ramesh
aditya ramesh Mese fa
DL Mese fa
puncture ?
존도우 Mese fa
바로옆에있던 완전무장소방관 오피셜의 조치를 보라 어쩌면 저리 멍청하고 몸을 사리는지 나도 오피셜이지만 어이가없다.... 뭐 안전불감증 중동클라스어디가겠어? ㅎ 그로쟝이 놀라운속도로 빠져나온게 기적이라고 생각될뿐이다....
Sweeptheleg !
Sweeptheleg ! Mese fa
Romain was the brunt of a lot of jokes from F1 fans because of all the incidents he's been involved in. I think he can get a pass on this one. I'm glad he escaped with only minor burns.
Hanna Mckenzie
Hanna Mckenzie Mese fa
1:16 I have no more stress thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Christopher Dunn
Christopher Dunn Mese fa
I,m getting pretty angry about the fact that this driver is the most dangerous , and causes accidents and is warned constantly about his behaviour..This move was illegal , reckless, and all too common.. He should be banned and heavily fined. It is illegal to make sudden eratic moves across the track ,and he swerved from one side over to the other without knowing if anyone was in his path..
Sé Andrade
Sé Andrade Mese fa
William Mese fa
Romain "The Phoenix" Grosjean
Ocean Man
Ocean Man Mese fa
My question is, what was the lone fire fighter doing?
George Danilov
George Danilov Mese fa
Being scared by the inferno, not sure if he had the adequate protection to get close enough
Skunk Bucket
Skunk Bucket Mese fa
Kudos to the fire marshal who ran from the other side of the track and got the first effective suppression spray onto the wreck. Sure, it took him three or four seconds to get it going after he arrived, but the fire marshal stationed 25 feet from ground zero wasn't doing much of anything with that little squirt gun of his. And it would seem to me that the guys in the safety car should have high capacity extinguishers ready to go as well, seeing as how so many wrecks happen on the first lap. Get well soon, Romain!
TheSpikeyCantaloupe Mese fa
Who’s fault was it guys
Steve Nikitas
Steve Nikitas Mese fa
The response time by the safety crew is pathetic. It's like the famous Simona di Silvestro fire at Texas Motor Speedway in 2010. Both frightening. What the heck is wrong with these safety officials?
JoseLogic Mese fa
Está claro que Romain se ha salvado gracias al arrojo y valor del bombero del casco amarillo... It is clear that Romain has been saved thanks to the courage and bravery of the firefighter with the yellow helmet...
PowerOf One
PowerOf One Mese fa
All's well that ends well.
Sergio Canalini
Sergio Canalini Mese fa
È stato miracolato, ad uscire da quell'inferno di fuoco, merito della grande prontezza di lui e della tecnologia degli ingenieri che hanno costruito quella sicurezza sopra il volante. Al pilota gli faccio i miei migliori Auguri di una pronta guarigione per il prossimo anno. Grazie mille ciao.
Guitaristmalakian Mese fa
*People 2 years ago* : They're destroying F1 with this halo bullshit *People now* : Thank god for the halo, I always said it was essential
Tessa Jones
Tessa Jones Mese fa
I don't understand it. Please explain to me. I've watched so many times. How did he end up over the railing with the back of car the other side? And what is a halo ya'll speak of? ❤🙏
aditya banerjee
aditya banerjee Mese fa
They design the car so that it snaps at those forces, it helps because that means the force is absorbed mainly by the car and distributed across, and not by the cockpit area alkne.
elias mora
elias mora Mese fa
the" halo" is a protective bar ( top of the head) ( made of titanium) that was introduce 2 year ago to save the drivers head from any impact
Marvin L
Marvin L Mese fa
In 1974 Helmut Koinigg was decapitated in the GP of USA from crashing exactly between two guardrails like Romain did in Bahrain. I just don't understand how they still use those kind of barriers.
Jeremiah Perry
Jeremiah Perry Mese fa
Thank God he's alive. I've been watching F1 for over 20 years. It's time for Romain to retire.
Rico Lassen
Rico Lassen Mese fa
OMG Grosjean! Glad you're ok mann!
Adam Lapinski
Adam Lapinski Mese fa
If he was knocked unconscious he wouldn't have made it. Glad to see this outcome.
Stan Brown
Stan Brown Mese fa
Well done report!
Ivan Vidal
Ivan Vidal Mese fa
Impact image at min 1:31 Look at the halo and the top "T" camera. Amazing
Maurizio Intrigila
Maurizio Intrigila Mese fa
Though it was Swiss
nunzio taglieri
nunzio taglieri Mese fa
da notare l incopetenza del primo soccorritore con l estintore.. se fossero stati tutti come lui il povero pilota sarebbe morto se non fosse riuscito ad uscire dall abitacolo, spero che lo allontanino dalle piste perche se ti mettono un estintore in mano lo devi saper usare perche la vita di qcn è anche nelle tue mani!!!
Mystic stickman
Mystic stickman Mese fa
Dude runs like a little girl though
FreeFire No Mercy ME
FreeFire No Mercy ME Mese fa
It took the marshalls/medical car 6 seconds to arrive, that's a world record/miracle 🙏
Everything You Want
Everything You Want Mese fa
it actually took them 9 seconds to arrive and 3 more seconds to get out of the car.. anyway, really really good response!
thoubias Mese fa
That's why they drive the first lap behind the pack with the medical car, another absolutely great safety protocol.
xtscarface M
xtscarface M Mese fa
Praise the halo! 😇
Glen Booth
Glen Booth Mese fa
That fire Marshal needs re training. He waisted most of the fire extinguisher.
BGeuze Mese fa
this is entertainment show. the showmen get a lot of money for that. so you have to live with the consequences. or become a doctor or a baker. we need more of that.
More Than
More Than Mese fa
Thanks for showing us the uncut footage and the rescue. It took more than 20 seconds between the explosion and the fire extinguisher being deployed.
VikingRaven73 Mese fa
I thought of Williamson, Cevert, Revson, and Bianchi accidents, thank goodness for the Halo.
DL Mese fa
And Clark in 1968
frasertones Mese fa
Yes, 20 very long seconds. That's because it was actually 29 seconds.
Lauren B.
Lauren B. Mese fa
@ITpost Safety Troll yeah i see. Kinda sounded like you were making excuses as to why they're not as resistant, but you were just explaining, sorry for the attack. I still think because of those reasons, they should figure out a different way to protect the drivers better, but I understand your point better
YouTube Safety Troll
YouTube Safety Troll Mese fa
@Lauren B. Oh, I see. I didn't say that the gloves shouldn't be as resistant as the suit, just that they aren't as resistant as the suit and the reason why. The reason is actually two-fold. On the one hand, they need to maintain sufficient dexterity to operate the controls during the race. On the other hand, it's a product of the surface area of the hands and fingers themselves being small and yet disproportionately exposed to temperature that makes them difficult to adequately insulate. Similar to how the hands and fingers still become cold inside of all but the thickest of mittens in very cold temperatures.
Lauren B.
Lauren B. Mese fa
@ITpost Safety Troll i agree with you there, the thing i was arguing against was you saying that just because it's bulkier the gloves shouldn't be as resistant as the suit. I'm saying they just need to figure out a different way, all parts of the body should be protected equally from fire
YouTube Safety Troll
YouTube Safety Troll Mese fa
​@Lauren B. F1 has proven itself very open to the evolution of safety measures over the past 30 years. As soon as some chemical engineers discover a new textile material that does satisfy those criteria, I'm sure it'll be sewn into or applied to racing gloves. They certainly aren't done improving safety measures, and there will likely be a few significant changes as a result of Grosjean's accident.
Lauren B.
Lauren B. Mese fa
@ITpost Safety Troll "currently does not exist", that's what innovation is for. I'm not saying they'll automatically have a solution, but I'm saying the reason for not improving it shouldn't compromise the safety. They're still hella safer than what it used to be, and it protected Grosjean from even worse injuries, but safety is ever-evolving and it shouldn't stop because they couldn't find another way around the problem of it being too bulky
Mob Enterprise
Mob Enterprise Mese fa
Its Bahrain...not brain ....well talk about salary cap for the most dangerous sport..
Samuel Victoria
Samuel Victoria Mese fa
MYM Mese fa
I love F1. That was one of the scariest moments in F1. Thank goodness he is still alive.
Owen’s Beats
Owen’s Beats Mese fa
I truly hope this will silence any halo complaints. The halo saved his life
Breath Taker 01
Breath Taker 01 Mese fa
Would have been a headless burnt corpse without the halo, no doubt.
Ardianto Wibowo
Ardianto Wibowo Mese fa
Roman "Houdini" Grosjean. get well soon. ❤️
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Mese fa
34… Senna wasn’t so lucky back then
George Of The Jungle
George Of The Jungle Mese fa
Grosjean siempre la lía, es hora de ir pensando en echarle de la f1 xq no es la primera vez que hace estas cosas. Igual que en otras ocasiones, la culpa esta vez ha sido suya, y solo suya. Creo que en una ocasión fue él tb quien estuvo a punto de segarle la cabeza a F.A.
jack masters
jack masters Mese fa
the first guys extinguisher was both useless and pathetic
Rosa Dina Ramirez
Rosa Dina Ramirez Mese fa
God has a tremendous plan for this man. What a miracle.
veecee27 Mese fa
1:06 - Thank God!
Yanasegeran Yanasegeran
Yanasegeran Yanasegeran Mese fa
very lucky to have that kind of medical car in a track and the person handle it. Thanks to them
Charlie Denny
Charlie Denny Mese fa
It reminded me of Peter Revson's accident at Kyalami in 1974. Glad he is ok.
Ralph Christian
Ralph Christian Mese fa
@NOMEKA Uh.. Yes he was beheaded on that crash it was like a guillotine. Without the halo, Grosjean's crash would be hundred percent fatal
NOMEKA Mese fa
@Ralph Christian helmuth koinigg crash us pretty horrible😥 his head is still in the helmet
mammutMK2 Mese fa
Don't forget the accident of Niki lauda
Ralph Christian
Ralph Christian Mese fa
@Vectro42 Exactly
Vectro42 Mese fa
@Ralph Christian Same what happened to Koinnig and explosive like Peterson’s... all the ingredients for a fatal accident, but luckily the safety in F1 is incredibly effective nowadays 🙏🏻
Panache Automotive
Panache Automotive Mese fa
Romain is the most dangerous driver in F1 over the last 30 years he needs to be banned from any racing category before he kills someone or himself
m k
m k Mese fa
Shame it wasn't ...
Sepak Bola
Sepak Bola Mese fa
He is still lucky. If between halo and barriers in center position. He can’t escape from car. He head will locked in between barriers.
Alex 080267
Alex 080267 Mese fa
@John Leven yes you teach him how to drive
EFSpartan Mese fa
@david Class B are designed to so. It takes heat and Oxygen away from the equation. Apply enough it, and it's good go. Literally basic firefighter training. There's videos everywhere.
Mattia sBinotto
Mattia sBinotto Mese fa
It wasn't just luck. I recommend watching WTF1's video on how Grosjean survived
david Mese fa
They still have not found an extinguisher that can put fuel fire out to this day.If he was trapped he would have died.
Mattia sBinotto
Mattia sBinotto Mese fa
F1 drivers train to get out of the car in any scenario every weekend.
Buddanang Pattana
Buddanang Pattana Mese fa
Wow 19 sec out car
Arthur RJ Racing
Arthur RJ Racing Mese fa
28 seconds.
Ludo Cattin
Ludo Cattin Mese fa
Les images sont impressionnantes. C’est un vrai miracle qu’il soit en vie. Imaginez qu’il a passé 28 secondes dans le feu. Avec la fumée, il aurait très bien pu perdre connaissance. C’est un miracle qu’il soit rester conscient, qu’il ait pu s’extraire de la voiture et qu’il n’a subit d’intoxication à cause des fumées.
Pascal Jutras
Pascal Jutras Mese fa
Il n'a probablement pas été en mesure de respirer pendant une certaine partie du temps qu'il était dans les flammes. L'adrénaline devait être au maximum, pas le temps d'avoir peur sur le coup, juste un corps qui fait tout en sorte afin de se sortir de ce bordel.
Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy Mese fa
Stay Strong (Restez fort Grosjean)🇫🇷
Uncle Sleven
Uncle Sleven Mese fa
It's not a 'miracle' it's years of dedicated safety regulations and work from experts that saved him along with the bravery of safety stewards.
Robin Mese fa
It's a miracle that he didnt lose conscionsness.. Do you know the forces of impact? They say 59G? Something like that.
J Mese fa
The Halo saved his life from decapitation. But he was also a bit lucky that the monocoque went past the barrier far enough to the other side. If it had gotten stuck right where he was sitting, he could've gotten stuck with no gap to escape and would've burned to death. The safety mechanisms definitely played a role in his survival, but he was also lucky that the circumstances played out the way they did.
Lane Allbee
Lane Allbee Mese fa
Those aren't mutually exclusive brah
Adam Reid
Adam Reid Mese fa
And the fact that he never lost consciousness
Freddie Readie
Freddie Readie Mese fa
That marshal who activated his fire extinguisher spraying foam all over the dirt as he ran towards the car, should be fired from his job. When he got to the car, he was spraying so far away his efforts were practically useless!
thepymes Mese fa
@G K You've clearly never fought a fuel/oil fire like that with insufficient media! Firstly, he wouldn't be able to see Romain as he was looking at the bottom of the driver cell (given that it was tilted towards the barrier). I'll repeat, he operated the extinguisher CORRECTLY but he was insufficiently equipped to deal with that fire. In the circumstances (given his position relative to the cell) and the equipment he had available there was little else he could do in the 30 seconds before Romain escaped.
G K Mese fa
@thepymes but in this case a man is stuck in a barrier in flames, no need to sit there and slowly discharge and slowly approach the fire....
thepymes Mese fa
He operated the extinguisher CORRECTLY. Extinguishers should always be discharged FIRST away from the flames before advancing towards the seat of the fire. He attempted to tackle a SERIOUS fuel fire with a single extinguisher and without Breathing Apparatus! Professional firefighters would NEVER normally attempt to do that without wearing BA and unlimited firefighting media. The risk of the firefighter being overwhelmed by the smoke or a secondary explosion and therefore becoming a casualty themselves is incredibly high! In that situation it is the lack of BA and the reliance on extinguishers that is practically useless NOT the Fire Marshall!
esphi LEE
esphi LEE Mese fa
Not miracle, it is good engineering.
Vlerke Damne
Vlerke Damne Mese fa
@esphi LEE Yes you are right. I will apologize to you.. my comment was completely inappropriate. Shouldn't have written that. I will correct my statement to "it's a miracle that technology and safety has come this far that he survived such a crash; and ofcourse his quick actions to get out of the car". Because imagine if he was stressing so hard that he failed to undo his belt for example
esphi LEE
esphi LEE Mese fa
@Vlerke Damne , hundreds of racing drivers would have died in the past decade if they relied on miracle to survive. The fire resistance fabric and helmet bought him 20 seconds, without serious burn and smoke inhalation. The carbon fiber tub, halo, hans and helmet prevented him from became immobilized. Medic with fire extinguisher followed the cars in highly modified sport car made sure they arrived within 20 seconds, were all part of engineering design and planning. It was not miracle that saved him, it was misfortune that sent him to the barrier and fire, and engineering saved him. Your first sentence says a lot about your personality. I have no interest in continue further conversation with you.
Vlerke Damne
Vlerke Damne Mese fa
Let's re-enact this crash with you as the driver. See how good the engineering is that time. His car was split in half, he was in the fire for 20 seconds. He was extremely lucky he didn't pass out. It's definitely a miracle (and good engineering)
34394 Media
34394 Media Mese fa
I'm not a religious man however if there is a higher power in the world it was watching over him. That being said fantastic work by everyone involved in making the cars as safe as they are and constantly never stopping to try to improve safety.
Fazil Muhammed
Fazil Muhammed Mese fa
Thanks to all the fia safety standerds
Kjell Hendrikx
Kjell Hendrikx Mese fa
Hè are ok
Keith Zimmerman
Keith Zimmerman Mese fa
Mercedes won. It's sad he got hurt in a race he had no chance of competing in . MB needs to be nerfed before Ill watch another race... At this point nothing but an out right conspiracy to fix the races could explain why MB has been allowed to maintain this advantage over teams without a billion dollar multinational corporate cash dispenser. I would like to see MB banned from racing for 2 full seasons.
Panache Automotive
Panache Automotive Mese fa
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sour grapes, pucker up!
Keith Zimmerman
Keith Zimmerman Mese fa
@34394 Media this ^ and a wind tunnel budget that would bankrupt most teams. That video we all probably seen detailing the advantage they have kind of ruined F1 for in my eyes for the time being. I hope it gets fixed soon. It really would not take much. Standardized down force rules to eliminate tunnel budget advantage for big corporate sponsored teams.
34394 Media
34394 Media Mese fa
Mercedes dominance is because they were given the full details of the engine regs 5 years before any other team knew of the change. Burnie wanted them to become the next 'big thing' in F1 for whatever reason. Even with that nutjob gone his impact is still hurting the sport.
Matt Blom
Matt Blom Mese fa
Halo saved his head from being chopped off and the fire-proof suit saved his body. He'll make a full recovery minus some minor scarring and this incident shows how far F1 has come in safety. The ability to survive this is a miracle.
dmilesdjm Mese fa
Agree very lucky to not have been trapped between the guard rail, and not able to free himself...... Do they know what the actual Temp is i wonder......
schurgy16 Mese fa
@YEET I saw that crash and immediately assumed he was gone. Absolutely shocked and elated to see him in the Medical car
FBI Mese fa
I used to hate the halo and how it made the car look uglier but if it saved his life thank God for it
Lina Erlina
Lina Erlina Mese fa
if he was not stucked on the barrier, he would be trowed to drainese and make big impact. but i think its better than trapped on big fire ball
briandawkings Mese fa
I know, and even in the best case scenario withouth the halo (just getting lucky and not getting his head chopped) he would have definetly been knocked out cold. He wouldnt have been able to get out of the fire on his own.
AncientPickle Mese fa
The drivers also have fire extinguishers in their cockpits so they would of slightly helped him. But on the other hand, who is going to spend 5 seconds to find a button that will probably do nothing when you could spend it getting out of a raging furnace.
34394 Media
34394 Media Mese fa
as a person who studies the structure integrity of Open wheel cars, I can attest that they (at least F1 and Indycar, cant say for sure other series) have fire retardant systems in the cockpit. They are automatically deployed when a sensor feels too much heat. However they are ment for small fires in the cockpit of the car and in this kinda inferno would have done nothing at all. If anything its deployment helped Romain not be burned as badly.
PC C Mese fa
@AncientPickle I went few rallying as photographer. Is part of the safety briefing and lot of them are around fire and where not to stand.
AncientPickle Mese fa
@PC C that makes a lot of since. How do you know that.
PC C Mese fa
gt car fire extinguisher are automatically deployed without pushing buttons, but open wheel race car usually don't have one because with close cockpit is easier to get trapped than open cockpit and such fire rarely happens
Mr Echelon
Mr Echelon Mese fa
He is a very, very lucky man. The halo saved him from death, no doubt at all. I think the circuit needs to look closer at safety in the barriers. A softer rubber tyre wall would have been different. But all easy in hindsight. This type of accident i have never seen , where the ( half ) of the car is wedged inbetween and on fire. Shocking and yet he survived, thankfully. The medical car team were heroic on a sublime level. Respect
j Mese fa
@Leuname008 tbf, the forces were estimated at 53g's, so 53x the force of gravity. im not sure what else can be done.
ToCA Racer
ToCA Racer Mese fa
@Leuname008 depends on the angle you hit them at. They can easily reinforce these barriers so that there are no gaps and engineer them to crumble in a certain way.
Elliot Mese fa
A tyre barrier cant be there because it would be so easy for another Spa F2....
Leuname008 Mese fa
The barrier should never split like this... These should be removed on every circuit
YEET Mese fa
@ToCA Racer yeah ok but they don’t expect a big crash like this on a straight line
kamran virk
kamran virk Mese fa
Fel24 Multigaming
Fel24 Multigaming Mese fa
He is ok but won’t be participating for Sahkir GP, still Unsure for Abu-Dhabi
Kinsonxdd Mese fa
he was ok
kamran virk
kamran virk Mese fa
It doesn't its just to cover and hide
Top 10 Moments of Pit Lane Drama
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Top 10 Dramatic Moments of the 2020 F1 Season!
Ivan Grieco
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Emma, Alessandra Amoroso - Pezzo Di Cuore
Alessandra Amoroso
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Night Club
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Space Valley
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PRADA Cup Day 3 | Full Race Replay | Round Robins Day 3
Gli Autogol Extra
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Il monologo di Valerio Lundini a diMartedì
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