A folding iPhone?

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Is building a folding iPhone possible? Let's take closer look at these flexible amoled screens I found on AliExpress.
More flexible screen:
$433 - www.aliexpress.com/item/4000607781035.html
$255 - item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=633848886872
Less flexible screen:
$429 - www.aliexpress.com/item/4000040454113.html
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kanishk reddy
kanishk reddy 13 ore fa
heyy dude what happen after so many days
kanishk reddy
kanishk reddy 13 ore fa
why is back after so long?. is anything happen
Gabriel Markowski
Gabriel Markowski 14 ore fa
RasPi has DSI connector
ömg omg
ömg omg Giorno fa
Didnt know why imagine dragons front man has a tech channel😂
Seim Lattla
Seim Lattla 2 giorni fa
background socool
steve harrigan
steve harrigan 2 giorni fa
I don't think they will make an folding iPhone at all but only Samsung has it folding phones so if you want a folding iPhone then make one on your own then
kirby march barcena
kirby march barcena 3 giorni fa
Actually, all iPhones are bendable/foldable...they just don't go back to their original form and become a paperweight, instead.
Ryan H
Ryan H 4 giorni fa
Now he’s gone
Stefan Egger
Stefan Egger 4 giorni fa
help make him more money and get some super ads in return - im sure some dumb people will do that surcey and then we get the ads.
Umid Atabaev
Umid Atabaev 5 giorni fa
Where are you now
matthew balls
matthew balls 5 giorni fa
I miss u already
ฝันร้ายเจอผีฝันดีเจอกันค้าบ 5 giorni fa
Wowww he's back.
J. Anthony Lopez
J. Anthony Lopez 6 giorni fa
Heck YES! I'll do a survey for Strange Parts. Love your show Scotty! One of the BEST on ITpost!
james simmons
james simmons 6 giorni fa
Might be easier to emulate ios on linux phone
Tj Enriquez
Tj Enriquez 6 giorni fa
I wonder if he'll did something like Vr with this display nah i can't describe it
Gasin Juice
Gasin Juice 7 giorni fa
XMR TECH TV 7 giorni fa
I miss you bro😍
Carlos Bell
Carlos Bell 8 giorni fa
If he made a folding iPhone. He would be the most popular man among the apple fans
Shubham Joshi
Shubham Joshi 9 giorni fa
Hey dude! How can I contact you personally?
ฮีโรอิค3700 FF
ฮีโรอิค3700 FF 9 giorni fa
Fery Yanto
Fery Yanto 9 giorni fa
That was crazy project... Can you make iphone 8 with full screen like iphone x or higher..? May be that's cool...
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez 9 giorni fa
I missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tribit Fan Opex
Tribit Fan Opex 10 giorni fa
Can we collab?
Dato Bachilava
Dato Bachilava 10 giorni fa
you need to make 1tb iphone
Tawanda Nelson
Tawanda Nelson 10 giorni fa
Hie strange parts I wonder if you can build an iphone with a large battery capacity like the samsung's
Chistoph 11 giorni fa
You’re going to get a letter for apple saying join us or stop what you’re doing
SergeyB 11 giorni fa
Documentation you can search, it is leaked.
D The Wave
D The Wave 11 giorni fa
.... aaaaaand he's gone again. /s please not..
Leo Weber
Leo Weber 11 giorni fa
Make iPhone w 120hz or usb c
Shastri 10k
Shastri 10k 12 giorni fa
I fucking miss you man
TAM TH 12 giorni fa
wow Excellent, never seen before.
Chon Kik
Chon Kik 12 giorni fa
So where are your upcoming videos?? Just this?? 🤔🤔
Flight Sim Partner
Flight Sim Partner 13 giorni fa
He is faster than Apple in developing
Hưng Nguyễn Ngọc
Hưng Nguyễn Ngọc 13 giorni fa
Ae việt nam đâu
NaoSouEu 13 giorni fa
Hello. I really like your videos, but some don't have Portuguese subtitles, I'm Brazilian, could you put it? Thank you very much! 🇧🇷✌🏼
sgt cyrus
sgt cyrus 13 giorni fa
Cool vid. What happened to the polaroid to sd card/other storage device video you discussed? It has been on my mind ever since you mentioned it
Janell Vargas
Janell Vargas 13 giorni fa
Can this support Stylus Pen ?
ZyGaMeII 13 giorni fa
@爱奥科技 应该帮到你 Should helps you about the connector defs
A Stevens
A Stevens 14 giorni fa
first issue, you are trying to build an iphone screen, you are trying to modify hardware from a ethically crap company that doesnt even let you change the battery without issues. why not do something most would prefer when it comes to DIY, go android, or linux base. toss apple to the corner. and let the apple rot on its own.
KHAI-MOD- DANG 14 giorni fa
Plss sub thai 🙏🙏
เหงาๆ อยากกินต้มจืด
เหงาๆ อยากกินต้มจืด 14 giorni fa
Bacon_Sammich 14 giorni fa
Ok, I have an idea. Why don’t you start modding professional DLSR’s and Mirrorless cameras? Tony and Chelsea Northrup have countless videos about things they wish cameras had or had fixed... maybe you could mod them to add the features?
老高 15 giorni fa
Mr. Pung
Mr. Pung 15 giorni fa
I dont like the idea of a flexible phone. I think they should work on making them more rigid with titainum skeletons and ultra-hard screens.
Fahmy Biersack
Fahmy Biersack 15 giorni fa
God! Your Office Is a Heaven
2wheelphoto 15 giorni fa
This is cool. Just use the micro raspberry pi and run that aripi play app thingy. Then put that in a case. Yeah it’s fake but still. Fun.
Mohammed Ashif
Mohammed Ashif 15 giorni fa
Where have u been 🥺 for so long.. Glad ur here again❤️
monster 15 giorni fa
Daniel Miranda
Daniel Miranda 16 giorni fa
Really great content. Glad to see you back.
kajay official
kajay official 16 giorni fa
Menz444 16 giorni fa
Harry 16 giorni fa
Hey strange parts I love your videos. But I was wondering if you could help me. I've got an ipod touch 5 16gb silver no rear camera, I need to buy a new back housing for it, I can't find any here, I was wondering if you could help. Happy to pay for your time.
the theory of Yash
the theory of Yash 16 giorni fa
He also remembers that he has a channel also
Daan Colussi
Daan Colussi 16 giorni fa
iPhones all ready use flexible displays, they’re called soft oled. It’s so when the glass breaks, the screen still works, there are people who recover the screens from the broken glass. I don’t know to what extent the screens bend, but it might be an answer for your quest. (Ps. Watch Hugh Jeffreys March 21st video on replacement screens for the iPhone, time 3;34)
ppch_ 17 giorni fa
สุดยอดอ่ะ เลยต้องตามมาดู🌷
Bas Kung - TV
Bas Kung - TV 17 giorni fa
คนไทยแล้ว 1
Timetraveler 17 giorni fa
Steve Jobs no longer exists so Apple will not be the first one to create flexible devices despite as you shown there is old school tech to build it infact my if he were still alive, he should has already built it... so my suggestions is that you should got employed by Apple, before it is too late because Samsung already built something that will be launched in next few years... also Nokia knows how to do it... also me. So Apple need the support by people like us that knows the old tech to bring it the main feature for the future devices.
Twisty 17 giorni fa
Apple iPaper
Fabrizio Foschi
Fabrizio Foschi 18 giorni fa
CG88 666
CG88 666 18 giorni fa
O no
elasaba music
elasaba music 18 giorni fa
XcorrlzDev 19 giorni fa
You are in our country news lol
Craft Dat
Craft Dat 19 giorni fa
I've been waiting for your videos
Abishek Sundarvelu
Abishek Sundarvelu 19 giorni fa
How are you..Scott 💯❤
Khomsan Suksena
Khomsan Suksena 19 giorni fa
wow! superb , the first new foldable Iphone I really love what you've done! great job!!!
Teo Shijie
Teo Shijie 19 giorni fa
This looks like a bunker that you stay if the pandemic goes out of control.
สุวิด สกิดตะลิ่ง
สุวิด สกิดตะลิ่ง 20 giorni fa
สุดยอดครับ from Thailand🇹🇭
Poj Poh
Poj Poh 20 giorni fa
mega-a-Fool 20 giorni fa
How about knock of companies.. I fix it got even lcd for iPhone X
Marco Amaro
Marco Amaro 20 giorni fa
MD SHAKIL MIA 20 giorni fa
i need a smartphone but i don't have money .how can i make money in bangladesh?? please say money income Source
Sterling Stauffer
Sterling Stauffer 20 giorni fa
The iPhone paper
safaa alsaji
safaa alsaji 21 giorno fa
Good Luck
Kalt Kalt
Kalt Kalt 21 giorno fa
No matter how cool flexible thin screens are, they just seem too fragile. Now, if you can buy a flexible phone for under $20 then great. It can basically be disposable. But I don’t see that happening for a long time. Maybe in ten years when we are all chinese owned labor-slaves.
christoffer langendorf
christoffer langendorf 21 giorno fa
Do you think it would be possible to make a real pear phone that actually works(the phone from nickelodeon) i think if you make a video trying it would be a hit!!!
David Lue
David Lue 21 giorno fa
the boe oled screen from taobao maybe just industry prototype. hope you will early to build your fold iphone than apple.
Ferra 21 giorno fa
Wallet -
Wallet - 21 giorno fa
Steve Jobs watching this video: I had known him before ._.
Jetsadakon Treejit
Jetsadakon Treejit 21 giorno fa
Shillet Johnraj
Shillet Johnraj 21 giorno fa
After a long time. Glad to see you again!
ifatree 21 giorno fa
i'm not sure how you're planning to 'glass' an inward folding phone, but use the broken one where you can to test adhesion of whatever super-flexible scratch protectors you can find with physical properties (flexibility, heat expansion, etc.) exactly the same as the screen material has so it doesn't pop off during use.
mark neste
mark neste 21 giorno fa
~ For your foldable screen, your best bet is to use 2 screens to display as one screen with a seamless pairing of the two at the hinge point, there is no wear and tear on the actual display this way and write some software to properly track your touch. Trying to fold a single screen over and over again is asking for trouble. Also, you over paid about $470 for those so-called $500 screens. One thing I noticed about Chinese sellers is they have a tendency to throw the most absurd prices at you, just to see if you'll bite and if you try to negotiate a lower price, like $30 instead of $500, be prepared to work for it and walk away if you don't get what you want.
Andreas Fahlborg
Andreas Fahlborg 22 giorni fa
Dude! Where have you been?!
Dallas 22 giorni fa
the too much smiling is making it really just awkward and creepy, also side note:, you can jailbreak iphones.. there are many tools out there that even compatible for ios 14, where it allows u to pretty much do anything on ur device...
AV Brothers
AV Brothers 22 giorni fa
Nice green screen editing
Lerois Dois
Lerois Dois 22 giorni fa
Ric 22 giorni fa
Apple don't like this element 🤣
กินเที่ยวรีวิว Chanel TV
กินเที่ยวรีวิว Chanel TV 22 giorni fa
Valkilrie 23 giorni fa
Oh the guy who sold out to China.
Vic B
Vic B 23 giorni fa
Discord has too much stuff. Where have you been? Are you back in China? We've been waiting for you. _edit_ I just saw "I have a new shop! Strange Parts Shop Tour" on the strangeR parts channel. I think it explains most of what has been going on.
HeadShotz 23 giorni fa
Moço por favor traz legendado pra português brasil eu adoro seus vídeos
Finland Journey
Finland Journey 23 giorni fa
$500 is with "white tax" included. Them Chinese LOL...
Bùi xuân thịnH H
Bùi xuân thịnH H 23 giorni fa
Chắc mỗi tui ng vn ....từ tk qua đây 🙄🙄🙄
Đức Tài Võ
Đức Tài Võ 23 giorni fa
Từ tiktok qua :v
Ivan R Mont
Ivan R Mont 23 giorni fa
Hey speaking about iPhone screens I got an iPhone 6s but the screen was cracked so can somebody advice me about what should I do on it, I live where oficial apple won’t repair it and I’ve bought Chinese replacement but they are mostly just awful, so witch is the best brand to get or what to do?
Châu 23 giorni fa
Có ai từ tiktok qua đây không
CANDY BLUE 23 giorni fa
I like
אבירם אוחנה
אבירם אוחנה 24 giorni fa
בחיים לא הייתי משלם 500 דולר על זה ! , אפילו לא 50
Jay Mei
Jay Mei 24 giorni fa
obligatory algorithm comment
MH TV 24 giorni fa
Im việt nam
JayNation Vlogs
JayNation Vlogs 24 giorni fa
First, he made his own iPhone, and now he wants to make a folding iPhone. If he really makes a folding iPhone, i'll really suggest him to start his own smartphone company and get people to buy better phones than money hungry companies in a lot cheaper way.
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