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RC cars are way more fun when they are FLYING!! Our craziest RC battle yet!!
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Joanna Stanley-Zebulon
Joanna Stanley-Zebulon 6 ore fa
Haron Khalid
Haron Khalid 6 ore fa
These Dudes Are Perfect!!
Luckylinks Gaming channel
Luckylinks Gaming channel 6 ore fa
The monster truck in the end is illegal on road
Alexander Schuh
Alexander Schuh 6 ore fa
Please do another model rocket video
Wasalak tv
Wasalak tv 7 ore fa
Can you pls help me😰
Wasiq Rizwan
Wasiq Rizwan 7 ore fa
Dude perfect are not what they were years ago
Sreehari Menon
Sreehari Menon 8 ore fa
The artist " Zayde Wolf '' who created major of the dp songs deserves more views and subscribers !!!
Ashwini Shirurkar
Ashwini Shirurkar 8 ore fa
Mr beast vs dude perfect Dp-like Mr.beast-comment
babas sabab
babas sabab 8 ore fa
Is anyone generous here, I ask for help, I need medical expenses for my wife who broke her leg due to an accident. I am not lying and do not intend to cheat, this is my phone number 081584524515. I am from Indonesia and need help, if anyone wants help me this is my bank account number (008 Mandiri) 1550010088428 (Nur Cahyo Hidayatulloh) help me, I really need your help.
Mukunda Chandra
Mukunda Chandra 9 ore fa
Love from India
777 Not
777 Not 9 ore fa
Jyoti Malik
Jyoti Malik 9 ore fa
Pls do Among Us in real life 🙂🙂🙂😊😊😊😀😀
Kenny Boggs
Kenny Boggs 10 ore fa
All i can say is two thumbs up for this vid!! 👍👍
Hetal Rohit
Hetal Rohit 10 ore fa
No eggs were harmed
kathhxiii 10 ore fa
kathhxiii 10 ore fa
The dudes are perfect
kathhxiii 10 ore fa
Kavitha Vernekar
Kavitha Vernekar 10 ore fa
Kavitha Vernekar
Kavitha Vernekar 10 ore fa
Love you all
Helix Phantom spider
Helix Phantom spider 10 ore fa
more Bucket List
Abhishek Varia
Abhishek Varia 11 ore fa
Hello Dude Perfect, Can u plz make on video on Cricket trick shots. Thank You
Dineth Jayasooriya
Dineth Jayasooriya 11 ore fa
Your the best dude perfect 👌
Survivor 11 ore fa
Any tamil guys here
Machhindra Pardeshi
Machhindra Pardeshi 12 ore fa
This channel is a defination of quality and over quantity..
Mr. Bhadana
Mr. Bhadana 12 ore fa
You pls give me damage cars 😜😂
sp3llbind sp3llbind
sp3llbind sp3llbind 12 ore fa
dude perfect please subscribe to afnan .A.B.D channel please I subscribe your channel please subscribe afnan .A.B.D please😊😊😊
Ty's Tv
Ty's Tv 12 ore fa
If you guys can, you guys should do a Patrick Mahomes addition
Hendra Gunawan HDG
Hendra Gunawan HDG 12 ore fa
Amazing ᥬ😲᭄ᥬ😱᭄
Mr. Shaham
Mr. Shaham 12 ore fa
It’s so hard to get a heart from dudeperfect
Alba García
Alba García 12 ore fa
part 2 plz
Bean burrito gang
Bean burrito gang 12 ore fa
These guys were wearin camo pants and shooting shot guns four years ago, changed a lot
Therudedude 12 ore fa
Dude perfect sucks
Gomega Gaming
Gomega Gaming 12 ore fa
4:22 Gotta respect the beat drop sync
Arjun R
Arjun R 13 ore fa
When's the next OT?
Aaron Rincon
Aaron Rincon 13 ore fa
Cory you have not won the battle but that’s OK cause I know you’re going to make one. Cody first win of 2021 no wins in 2020 but Cobys gonna make another one.
William Lagacé élève
William Lagacé élève 14 ore fa
You guys should do a video games stereotypes
Aaron Alvarez
Aaron Alvarez 14 ore fa
Rocket league in real life
Fire Sayf
Fire Sayf 14 ore fa
Cat update
Ashley Cantin
Ashley Cantin 14 ore fa
Be warned Mr beast is catching up
TheGamingEl1te _
TheGamingEl1te _ 15 ore fa
Video Game Stereotypes. Need I say more?
Aubs Riener
Aubs Riener 15 ore fa
My friend lve you guys and I do
Seqsons 15 ore fa
Rocket car: the most alpha version of the rocket league octane xd
Micah Mostovoy
Micah Mostovoy 15 ore fa
KNOCKOUT 007 Flyer
KNOCKOUT 007 Flyer 16 ore fa
Hey dude perfect I just wanted to let you know that the new videos from dude perfect gaming are not showing up on the dude perfect gaming channel.
Bro Fish
Bro Fish 16 ore fa
ujkhtdbyjo ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????gtyfd643hb6dgrybtytcdfvctf7fyuhbdchbf79cjn4oufn074b73w9hvyuiwfchtuvychiw lvy7hbf29uegvwiyucin tvyenwcvbfyn do8b9x0 wcbfb fieu wb cbx r b u3hfbyciuhbv cyuhcrtyhcbfrhtibfr cgjhghubfughif cfgihbcf gihhbtg hdjdgbhuyfgvbhjifhubhjnidfrygvhbnjiduhryvhbnjwkijchbvgnjwiecgv bjzixcdvdhxijdbhjdicygvbhjdygvdhwdgvhierygvhjfghjedrfhbjed9rfuhygbhjedi9rugyhbjno98ruyhj29ie iohuejhubjwijebhko2ihbnkoijehbe nwmk2kojebh nwmkoiejhgrvbnjeihufb nwmkijuhfbejn iuhbjwiuhyge huygwhjiwuyegwhbjihuegyvhbjdhbjnsijcufbhjnkmwnjdhjnkmjbhc jaosnjdbh nksoijdhu uhbjniwuhegycf vwsu8xgyvhxj9ehuvb jnicuhb vjnuch iwuhcgvb njixucgyvhbwu8dbhjnios9uhgv bnjkmoqijuhcvg bnkmqijuhebgv bnjkwijeuhgb nmkwiuchvg biwqjhucvg bnkihuvg iuygcv 3wdnjisuyftcsgv wbnjiuygfvd bvtywefci68ab9 fwedn c difxhu
Fresh MAN1486
Fresh MAN1486 16 ore fa
At school my class watched this
Kinsley Shinsky
Kinsley Shinsky 16 ore fa
What happened
Ivan Wu
Ivan Wu 16 ore fa
Where can I buy these ?
Ben Liptonschlauger
Ben Liptonschlauger 16 ore fa
its super funny that Cory tried to make the RC car through the truck, then it kept smushing it like a pancake!!!! lol
Piero Papili
Piero Papili 16 ore fa
Am I the only one I addicted to these videos 🤣👍🏻
TheBallers131 17 ore fa
Thumbs up! Love the entertainment and family friendly channel!
Andy & Lukas
Andy & Lukas 17 ore fa
Schönes Video 👍würde mich freuen wenn ihr mir auf meinem Kanal vorbei schaut 😊☺️😜
Gaming with Gavin
Gaming with Gavin 17 ore fa
You are almost at 55 million subscribers
Master Jcp
Master Jcp 17 ore fa
I want to see dude perfect nitro car tricks
Romain Rizzo
Romain Rizzo 17 ore fa
Arrêtea de crier svp
Caleb J.T.
Caleb J.T. 18 ore fa
You guys should do a Dude Perfect vs Avengers and have some Avenger actors do battles with you guys. Similar to how y'all did the DP vs Power Rangers. I mean, you've already gotten Paul Rudd. Practically Chris Hemsworth in the Drone Racing video.(It was his brother, Liam in the video.) That would be an epic video that would probably go viral.
Topo Chico
Topo Chico 18 ore fa
Ay for y’all’s absord record how far can u slide an ice cube
Lalit Nookella
Lalit Nookella 18 ore fa
Bro I miss when they created their first video of arc cars
#Denizcan Özer#
#Denizcan Özer# 19 ore fa
Hiç İzleyen Türk kardeşimiz Yokmu
Christopher Schoeman
Christopher Schoeman 19 ore fa
Check out the dude masters trick shot compilation 😍😍😎
Rhiland Weiss
Rhiland Weiss 19 ore fa
So I was watching some old vids during quarantine and found high speed sports battle. So is Gar still on team Coby or what. Cause he said that he was but has he decided to leave.
vida de caipira
vida de caipira 20 ore fa
Brasil 🇧🇷
Noah games
Noah games 20 ore fa
I love Cory
chase Vail
chase Vail 20 ore fa
sub to panda fuego
RageMaster52 20 ore fa
Gta V Train be like 5:20
Faze Cool
Faze Cool 20 ore fa
Like for RC Car Battle 3 👇
david fasakin
david fasakin 20 ore fa
Deez Nuttz
Deez Nuttz 20 ore fa
I am in need of medical treatment I have been passing a kidney stone for over a month and need surgery I have been in excruciating pain so I have not been able to work the only money I had saved went to rent and food if anybody could help me I would be eternally grateful if you would like I have my emergency room papers anything will help if anybody could help me my cash app is $MikeMane30 my name is Michael Annunziato if you would like to See who I am on Facebook my profile picture is my daughter and me I am wearing a red shirt Thank you
Zé Scotto di Vettimo
Zé Scotto di Vettimo 20 ore fa
this is the definition of man
Tyler West
Tyler West 20 ore fa
Every kid wants to do this
Hola Soy El Gamer XD
Hola Soy El Gamer XD 21 ora fa
Soy de latino america pero me encanta ver estos videos
Natural Earth Farm
Natural Earth Farm 21 ora fa
only 1 motor went off on the rocket car so kinda unfair
Teddy Kassa
Teddy Kassa 21 ora fa
Love the music's in the background .
Blackout 21 ora fa
Ricardo A Notari Estrella
Ricardo A Notari Estrella 22 ore fa
8:05 that is gona live a mark
Z4CK 0512
Z4CK 0512 22 ore fa
That cat is literally called a hammer
Street Blue
Street Blue 22 ore fa
Sponsored by Traxxas because you don't know other brands right?
Mystical Baby Moose
Mystical Baby Moose 22 ore fa
Why did you make Coby go first? Corey should have gone first because he won the first challenge
Mike Ferguson
Mike Ferguson 22 ore fa
It annoys me y'all are breaking super nice rc cars
Evie Kingsbury
Evie Kingsbury 22 ore fa
I don’t know about anyone else but I want panda back 🐼🐼
David Se
David Se 23 ore fa
they deserve more suscribers and likes
Hand Paint
Hand Paint 23 ore fa
These Dudes Are Perfect!!
[Bp2] Official ༺Sนקreᴍe༻ Swat YT
[Bp2] Official ༺Sนקreᴍe༻ Swat YT Giorno fa
I looked at the thumbnail and thought it was Lazarbeam...
Liam Blenkush
Liam Blenkush Giorno fa
When you have so much money that you play a game that involves running over 400 dollar RC cars...
Lucas o Gamer
Lucas o Gamer Giorno fa
Subtitles in portuguese plssss
geeta rani
geeta rani Giorno fa
Hahaha...Hindi subs👍👍👍👍
Alexey Gastber
Alexey Gastber Giorno fa
I am from Russia, I really need financial help, help, Sberbank of russia 639002169055218529
My Dude Gaming
My Dude Gaming Giorno fa
dude perfect can you plz sponsor my channel
Stancy Lee
Stancy Lee Giorno fa
Only dude perfect can take my kids out if school everyday abd make you tube ...I will be watching you guys and go get a Starbucks drink. Got it and connect along the way.
Sindhu Srinivasan
Sindhu Srinivasan Giorno fa
Cody just threw his Golden RC Car Trophy
Nowack Giorno fa
Please add Turkish subtitles
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Giorno fa
But wat is the passss
Ontor Gaming
Ontor Gaming Giorno fa
Ur perfect
Caiden Qualls
Caiden Qualls Giorno fa
I remember their first trick shot video and now these are guys are still as awesome. These guys are living their best life
Stefano Giorno fa
Rocket legue
un known
un known Giorno fa
All this dude perfect's guys r f**king they can create such kinda cool content
Lowkyz Giorno fa
Bucket list video??
Thánh Garena
Thánh Garena Giorno fa
like :)
Joselyn Casil
Joselyn Casil Giorno fa
Next battle 3
이종화 Giorno fa
Farthest Throw from Giant Tower Wins
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