Here’s Why PS5 Joysticks Drift (and Why They’ll Only Get Worse)

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Mere months have passed since the PS5’s hotly anticipated launch, and already there’s a class-action lawsuit brewing over joystick drift on Sony’s high-tech DualSense controllers. Who could have seen this coming? Well, as it turns out, everyone. Everyone should have seen this coming. Because for all its exciting new tech, the DualSense uses off-the-shelf joystick hardware with a long history of predictable, preventable issues. And now we’ve investigated those issues in excruciating detail.
Sony isn’t the only company to use off-the-shelf joystick modules, but, like Microsoft, they’ve made it difficult to repair this consumable component. Joysticks have a known life expectancy-it’s listed right in a product sheet from the manufacturer. In this video, we head back inside a DualSense controller to see what is failing, and how.
You can read more about joystick drift in our blog post on
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iFixit Mese fa
A few notes: We started this investigation due to reports of PS5 DualSense controllers drifting, but as we mention at 0:58, these findings apply to most modern joysticks! 3:14 that carbon pad has been scratched with a dental pick. The actual wear to the pads will look different, this was a demonstration since we didn't have a drifting DualSense. 3:50 sprinkling goldfish crackers into your joystick will not fix drift. Don't try this at home. Don't miss Margot the puppy desperately trying to eat Cheez-Its at 5:47
Joseph Paul Duffey
Joseph Paul Duffey 10 giorni fa
@Wiredshadow Unfortunately, those were a total failure. I was so hyped and then the sticks, set after set, broke within weeks. Then, apparently, the backplate was scratched/damaged. The construction is clearly too loose. This is a known issue with endless calls for recall and refunds. I think they got Battle Beaver to assist with better construction as people were having to order their modules anyway. I finally gave up and the thing has been collecting dust for six months.
DF 118
DF 118 11 giorni fa
@Wiredshadow.. alternately, they could just build something correctly 😉
Wiredshadow 11 giorni fa
Replaceable modules would fix this problem Astro does this with their controller.
Ronoc Leon
Ronoc Leon 11 giorni fa
i honestly haven't experienced any drift on anaything except 1 switch joycon that was treated ruffly for 3 years
DF 118
DF 118 11 giorni fa
The reason the sensor module fails is because the graphite track & the wiper are made of two different materials, one being softer than the other .. over time the denser of the two materials (wiper) will erode the less dense material (graphite track) through friction .. the issue here is at manufacturing level and could be rectified by swapping out the graphite strip for a fine layer of the same metal used to produce the wiper (copper alloy?) life span could be enhanced & latency could also be greatly reduced if these components were gold plated .. I mailed Sony about this over a year ago but received no response. If I had the financial backing I would have had custom sensor modules manufactured that could be swapped out on the mainboard ... alas! :/
Arvid Olson
Arvid Olson 18 ore fa
But this doesn’t explain why there are more reports if dualsense drifting than the other controllers using the same sticks?
Ben Wise
Ben Wise 19 ore fa
If the PS5 controller has the same components as the PS4 version why didn't the PS4 controller suffer from stick drift?
Lewis Ride
Lewis Ride Giorno fa
Well... got the issue after 2-3 months from buying. Already sent it to Sony...
Smõl PeePee
Smõl PeePee Giorno fa
The equivalent of the health industry saying they can fix your issue but only if you buy and use their pill for the rest of your life
BoatLoadOfSeamen 2 giorni fa
Issues like this were almost unheard of 15-20+ years ago with the PS1 and PS2. Those controllers had incredibly durable and smooth analog sticks.
- james
- james 2 giorni fa
My PS4 controller drifts and I’ve only had it a couple years :(
Adrian 2 giorni fa
They just need a calibration software. The offset will change. It will never be on the same position
Alex 2 giorni fa
Useful thank you
Cheers 2 giorni fa
This sounds like The Lightbulb Conspiracy, it can be fixed. But why would they, it a profitable flaw.
Morzan the God
Morzan the God 3 giorni fa
They just want you to buy another controller. It's so obvious and it passes me off.
Draxic 3 giorni fa
i would just replace the stick thing with one that works for over 10 years like the ps3 one!
Toast Fairy
Toast Fairy 3 giorni fa
Okay so theres 2 ways we could fix this: 1: we make controllers more expensive, but drastically improve the joystick quality 2: we keep the price the same but we make it to where joysticks can be easily replaceable and sell replacment joysticks (though this might lead to scalping).
Galactic Donut
Galactic Donut 3 giorni fa
I probably have a few thousand hours on my ps4 controller, and luckily I haven’t experienced stick drift. Then I bought a second controller, and within 2 days of light use, it had stuck drift. Too bad I couldn’t call customer service because during this time it was down due to covid. I’m hoping I don’t need to go through the same bs with the ps5
ThePThunter 4 giorni fa
I feel this is the perfect opportunity for 3D printer nerds to work their magic and make money.
FreddyMasterRace 5 giorni fa
What worries me is that it's only a matter of time before the market is flooded with knockoffs. There will be a time when all real dualsense controllers will malfunction and force us into buying either fake ones or very expensive authentic ones. IDK about US and Canada, but here in Latin America is a very common problem, I can't buy an authentic Dualshock 4 controller because they cost more than a Duelsense.
Trickster 2059
Trickster 2059 7 giorni fa
How about a FKIN company releases a product that won't break less than a month after release
Jordan Mossong
Jordan Mossong 7 giorni fa
Bruh this some bullshit, my controller drifting up and I just got it a week ago
Dan L
Dan L 7 giorni fa
In other words, Sony, Nintendo and M$ just want you to buy new controllers often.
Psych 336
Psych 336 7 giorni fa
It’s funny how 25 year old ps1 controllers work just fine.
αηÐяєι 2nd
αηÐяєι 2nd 7 giorni fa
We will truly experience the future if theres a controller with hot swappable joystick
Optimist Prime
Optimist Prime 8 giorni fa
Controllers aren't built to last on purpose, companies make most of their profits from accessories these days. A console cycle lasts maybe 7-10 years, during which you'll need 1-2 replacement controllers a year. That's easily twice the console price in total.
David Luz
David Luz 8 giorni fa
My controller has the weirdest problem it goes forward when I press L2 wtf kinda drift is that
David Reynolds
David Reynolds 9 giorni fa
Meanwhile I’m still using my first Xbox 1 controller, and wireless ps2 controller from 15 years ago, y’all play too much lol
Veilyz 9 giorni fa
Mine just started doing this, not surprised to be honest. Ps4s were just as bad
p0_0kie 9 giorni fa
So moral of the story is buy a goddam pc
Sara.C 9 giorni fa
Are iFixit staff electrical engineers?
Joshua Goodwin
Joshua Goodwin 9 giorni fa
i love how everybody thought that ps5 would destroy the competition but xbox is slowly gaining ground and becoming better
David Perry
David Perry 9 giorni fa
Best way to improve the design of a controller is digital sticks which are like analog sticks but with optical encoders instead of a potentiometers
R A 10 giorni fa
Mouse for life!
Unknown 10 giorni fa
I never had a problem with the ps5. Used mine every single day since launch for multiple hours per use.
The Anti Tryhard
The Anti Tryhard 10 giorni fa
Only 400 hours? I have played 7000 hours GTA Online with only one Controller 🤣🤣☝️
Charlie Roberts
Charlie Roberts 10 giorni fa
What is difting?!??
Pepe Laugh
Pepe Laugh 10 giorni fa
While my Xbox 360 controller from 2008 is still perfect. What a joke...
G Propho Loading
G Propho Loading 10 giorni fa
Brought a new PS5 joystick a week ago & now its drifting like the one that came with the system.. im upset
BIGTICKET 7 giorni fa
Get it replaced my brother for free just contact Sony through phone. Talk to them about it
CT Gaming
CT Gaming 10 giorni fa
Why? Because the Pony Fans will make excuses for the company and keep buying new ones. Good luck.
K B 10 giorni fa
Oh god they’re using potentiometers ? The never ending nightmare, it just seems to follow me... Does anyone had to work in university labs with bad potentiometers ? It hurts. It fcking hurts a lot.
Dimitriuchiha 10 giorni fa
I got one and I haven’t had a problem with mine at all
Gianuario Capece
Gianuario Capece 10 giorni fa
just buy a non sony/nintendo joystick, there are plenty of unofficial controller that don't have this problem , if they won't do anything to fix this problem then just buy another controller that's not made by them
alpha LP. !!!!!
alpha LP. !!!!! 10 giorni fa
Weird i dont have joystick drift on the nintendo switch but i do have it on the ps4 so for me this is purely a sony problem but i dont always have drift i just have it sometimes after i use the stick so its not a constant Problem which confuses me because whats the problem that is sometimes there and sometimes not
homegrowntwinkie 10 giorni fa
Well, the PS5 controllers are now drifting? Who could've seen this coming - No one. Because no one owns one, that's who.
RiceWithRamen 10 giorni fa
I still have my ps4 controller and my ps4 slim I got when it first released and I use that controller for all my gaming, ps4, pc, etc. Point is it's had plenty of years of wear and tare and it still holds up great no drift or anything. You're telling me ps5 controllers (which are now $70) have been experiencing this? Even brand new ones? That's completely unacceptable especially for it being "next gen", which at best their power meets some mid range pcs. Jesus hope they fix it by the time ps5s become widely available.
Chaz Bennett
Chaz Bennett 10 giorni fa
What I don't get is that I have never heard of joysticks drifting on consoles that have the joystick built into the thing itself like a psp, do they not use pots for them and instead something else or am I looking to far into this
I don't know what to call my channel
I don't know what to call my channel 11 giorni fa
My ps4 started to drift so I just took it apart and removed the metal disc thing behind the green thing I messed up and bent it managed to bend it back to the correct shape put it back together and never tried again. Haven't had any drift now tho
begolly awm
begolly awm 11 giorni fa
Any suggestiins on a ps5 compatable controller?
DoomOfConviction 11 giorni fa
You can also try to uns Mouse and Keyboard on your PC and laugh about console gamers and company’s milking them!
Julien D
Julien D 11 giorni fa
My question, why not buy a new one?
XShelledBrushxX 11 giorni fa
and this is way you were better off coping the series x
VGames 1
VGames 1 11 giorni fa
I have this issue with my XBOX ONE controller, so I am barely using the console. Such a terrible production failure.
dvuemedia 11 giorni fa
I'm thinking that is some kind of electronic problem, or maybe heat? I took a drifting wired Switch controller from Switch and connected to PC and it's working fine. Then back to Switch, and it works fine too, then after some time drifts again. Never had PS2/PS3 analog drift, unless the joystick was physically defective.
RobFut 99
RobFut 99 11 giorni fa
The rubber tearing off the PS5’s analog sticks is the biggest annoyance
Infernal watermelon
Infernal watermelon 11 giorni fa
“Man... Freaking Joy Con drift... At least my new PS5 won’t give me any problems.”
A Fabulous Skylanders Spyro
A Fabulous Skylanders Spyro 11 giorni fa
PS4 Owners: Trouble in paradise, hmmmm? 👁👄👁
The Jersey Ninja
The Jersey Ninja 11 giorni fa
I’ve literally only ever had this issue on 2 PS3 controllers. And that was because my friend threw one hard against the floor one time, and I didn’t the same to the other one a different time. I’ve never had an issue with joysticks on any other controllers. The only other issue I had was on my first ps4 controller the rubber grip at the top of the stick wore down a bit. And my 360 joysticks completely broke on both controllers. Never had an issue with the activation or centering or anything on any controller just from normal use. And I play quite a lot so it’s not like they don’t get used.
Evan Shumaker
Evan Shumaker 11 giorni fa
Lmao their drift is worse than joycons. And it isnt even fixable
VocalCalibration 11 giorni fa
Dreamcast used hall effect censors for both analog sticks on it's controllers. . . . . . . . . I'm repeating the other comment because it's replies are hellish atm.
VocalCalibration 11 giorni fa
I'm so glad companies like Sony and Nintendo take the quality of their product so seriously. Truly respectable.
J.T. 25
J.T. 25 11 giorni fa
I have yet to have an issue with my ps4 and ps5 controllers having any drift, I have used both for well over 1,000 hours of gameplay, I wish the same luck for others. Great vid!
Fion 3
Fion 3 11 giorni fa
First world problems am I right
Death.ツ 11 giorni fa
This is why I play KBM
Megan 11 giorni fa
I have two controllers and when one starts drifting I grab the other one than when that one starts to drift I get the other one and it's just fine
Mark Hinman
Mark Hinman 11 giorni fa
Screw this, I’m gonna go back to first gen consoles.
NNIF 11 giorni fa
On my Ps4 I have the same problem
Naeem Merchant
Naeem Merchant 11 giorni fa
imagine him being ur uncle and being able to fix ur controller lmao
Big OOf
Big OOf 11 giorni fa
I have an Xbox series x why am I watching this
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 11 giorni fa
Me with my PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 and PS5 Controller all without Stick drift
Zunny 11 giorni fa
Boy does this sound familiar
NS Gaming
NS Gaming 11 giorni fa
Hall effect joysticks could fix it partially.
DF 118
DF 118 11 giorni fa
The reason the sensor module fails is because the graphite track & the wiper are made of two different materials, one being softer than the other .. over time the denser of the two materials (wiper) will erode the less dense material (graphite track) through friction .. the issue here is at manufacturing level and could be rectified by swapping out the graphite strip for a fine layer of the same metal used to produce the wiper (copper alloy?) life span could be enhanced & latency could also be greatly reduced if these components were gold plated .. I mailed Sony about this over a year ago but received no response. If I had the financial backing I would have had custom sensor modules manufactured that could be swapped out on the mainboard ... alas! :/
RubbishFPS 11 giorni fa
Demon X
Demon X 11 giorni fa
PS5 is not worth buying
Thecaptain0250 11 giorni fa
Imagine buying a broken ps5 instead of the masterpiece that is a series X
Tee F
Tee F 11 giorni fa
Incredibly knowledgable video! If I took a controller apart like that, this would go: "And as you can see, I've broken it.."
paul clark
paul clark 11 giorni fa
Why fix something when you can get repeat sales of new controllers that are increasing in price yearly. Much more profit in peripherals than consoles.
Tobi From Cactus Jack
Tobi From Cactus Jack 11 giorni fa
I was so careful with my first ps5 controller that when it had controller drift I thought I put it down on the table too gently
illuusive 11 giorni fa
Just get a pc problem solved
Doctor Who
Doctor Who 11 giorni fa
Because it's not a xbox controller
Kutaki 375
Kutaki 375 11 giorni fa
Kb/m never has drift
Shinobu Tezuka
Shinobu Tezuka 11 giorni fa
time to implement HALL effect joystick sensors.
Shinobu Tezuka
Shinobu Tezuka 11 giorni fa
Wasn't the traditional way of maintaining pots is with the use of a good contact cleaner?
Matthew Blackwell
Matthew Blackwell 11 giorni fa
i've had the same xbox one controller since 2014 when the one first launched, and it's have none of these problems that 2 week old ps5 controllers do. i easily have over 2000 hours on that controller
J Hopes
J Hopes 11 giorni fa
Mines with just fine.
Mad Dog
Mad Dog 11 giorni fa
So when this starts to happen, just buy another one. Got it.
123LilSerb123 11 giorni fa
whenever these companies do something like this, all it does is create more pc players, because theres is a wide variety of computers, and almost every usb controller works with them, and it has better graphics than console, you can emulate the games on pc, the list is endless, so if they keep doing this, their company is going to die
ItzSnorelax 11 giorni fa
Then there's me having and using the controller that came with my PS4 and its only issue is the rubber on the left stick wore off and I've had this PS4 since launch 😂
Anti Riku
Anti Riku 12 giorni fa
nintendo fans: ''first time huh 😏''
Lezu 12 giorni fa
TTV Tlar21
TTV Tlar21 12 giorni fa
This is why I’m happy that my ESports team has a controller sponsorship
YES 12 giorni fa
DillPickle 12 giorni fa
The only games that should always be played with a controller are GTA, and Halo, anything else should be played with keyboard and mouse. But do whatever feels best for you.
Fuck your Bad vibes
Fuck your Bad vibes 12 giorni fa
I’ve been using my ps5 nonstop and haven’t noticed drifting
charles Wilson
charles Wilson 12 giorni fa
I have ps4 and I have to get a new control at least once a year if I am lucky because of drift and buttons sticking
Tyhrone 12 giorni fa
They designed them so you need to buy a new every couple months depending on how much you play
Chris Collins
Chris Collins 12 giorni fa
This is the first I’ve heard of “drift” from anyone. Mine is fine.
Nathan Noble
Nathan Noble 12 giorni fa
This is the reason humanity will never evolve its because were to worried about making profits
Oilpoet 12 giorni fa
I actually might skip purchasing the ps5. Been through five PS4 controllers. It’s too expensive.
stunnajay1k 12 giorni fa
Get to the point😑😑😑
Brett Raymond
Brett Raymond 12 giorni fa
Possibly they don't fix them because of an average Joe is forced to buy a new controller rather then be able to fix it himself for cheap then buying new controllers gives income. A company isn't gonna care about a problem if that problem makes them money
toxicblade132 12 giorni fa
To be fair, xbox one controllers had the SAME problem
Ethan 64
Ethan 64 12 giorni fa
Joysticks are only going devolving
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