I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER

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Mese fa

Speaking and sharing some thoughts about the past few years
also real personality reveal here
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Davie504 Mese fa
thanks for the nice comments 🙏🙏🙏
leprofdemusique73 3 giorni fa
you are still weird and it won't change for me ... NEVER :! ;)
Samuel Chng
Samuel Chng Mese fa
Antonio Ardito
Antonio Ardito Mese fa
Sei un grande
Pedro Xavier
Pedro Xavier Mese fa
god 504
fateh zaki
fateh zaki Mese fa
Stay funky bro
Saad Zaheer
Saad Zaheer 52 minuti fa
I love you bro. You are awesome!
Oreo Waingortin
Oreo Waingortin Ora fa
Why is you laughing considered curse in the Fandom? I think it was fine Edit: damn stay good my friend. You're very kind and funny
Travis gardner
Travis gardner 2 ore fa
davie goes to guitar maybe? lol. I would love to see it
Wenting L
Wenting L 3 ore fa
hey i'm new to your channel and just wanna say I found both funny videos hilarious and this one very real and nice! you are making me know bass better!
asdf asdf
asdf asdf 3 ore fa
I think when youtubers are small and their personalities are original, they feel much more authentic and fresh. It's always so sad to see the people go down slowly, or just feel repeated and used up. I kinda hate that this principle exists.
Boogie Nights Mark Wahlberg
Boogie Nights Mark Wahlberg 5 ore fa
Thanks for all the laughs and good times Davie. I came for your amazing bass skills, stayed for your amazing bass skills, humor, editing, and everything else you provide in your vids :)
Casey Ako
Casey Ako 5 ore fa
Don't mind the haters. You can't please everyone especially if they just love to hate Or maybe they ate a bad pizza. lol. Don't forget that you've made millions of us happy and still growing😀
TerminusArms 6 ore fa
Well I think I found a new favorite ITpostr
Michelle Hudson Daniel
Michelle Hudson Daniel 7 ore fa
You're brilliant!
Shay 11 ore fa
Shit, why am i crying? (Im a fan from brazil)
mufid baloulli
mufid baloulli 12 ore fa
I've been watching for a long time and love ya for a long time dude! no matter what character you play, it's your living and your passion and wish you and your gf the best!
Axel Green72
Axel Green72 13 ore fa
You know Dave the most entertaining videos that you made, for me, is your collaboration w other artist. Maybe you and your colab guys can come up w an original composition or a cover and while doing it you can make it more entertaining like 1up each other in a creative musical way.
Blood Manor Games
Blood Manor Games 14 ore fa
Sei un grande! Stay funky bro
Marta Nowaczyk
Marta Nowaczyk 15 ore fa
I am one of your subs and I'm not even into base. So when I don't watch your videos it's not because the content is not interesting! It's just there is so many good channels like yours - there is not enough time in life to watch them all. Yet here I am watching your vid a month later ;) Do not fret, if u managed to grab people like me - random npcs to subscribe u must be doing something awesum! :D
DONGS KIE Sounds Kingdom of GOD
DONGS KIE Sounds Kingdom of GOD 15 ore fa
God bless you more Davie
Soňa Režná
Soňa Režná 17 ore fa
Sending love and support Davie! Thanks for opening up!💕
spiro pechli
spiro pechli 18 ore fa
Beautyfull Video. Tanks for that😊
Porkopio 18 ore fa
I like the inspirational words a lot during this hard times. Needs more bass though.
SeemsLikeSomething 19 ore fa
Davie, I think a lot of what you’re feeling is just a part of getting older. Always focus on the good things as much as you can, because it can become an unfortunate habit of the mind as you age, to only see the bad stuff. I’ve struggled with it too. The good news is that I’ve found most things are a phase. You have a hard time for a while, then suddenly you feel yourself coming out of it. For no reason at all, even. Hang in there, do what makes you happy, live as best you can. Be well, sir.
r0nnes 19 ore fa
the haters are just jealous , dont bother them
Garrett Bohanan
Garrett Bohanan 20 ore fa
I'm a huge fan and this was a touching video. That you for all the laughs and entertainment so far bro! Can't wait to enjoy your future videos. MUCH LOVE!
catlady9123 21 ora fa
OMG, been watching some of your videos and never realized I hadn't hit sub...well here it is 😉🥰
HallowedError 21 ora fa
I feel like I cheated since I've only recently started watching your videos
Minority01 23 ore fa
I love Davie
Marson Quintino Ferreira
Marson Quintino Ferreira Giorno fa
Great video, tks from Brazil!
MrDiscobilly Giorno fa
Great video brother 💯
Happy Random Weeb
Happy Random Weeb Giorno fa
Davie you are a wonderful Person! We love you and we will always support you💖💕
Brittney Pulliam
Brittney Pulliam Giorno fa
My WHOLE family loves you! We really enjoyed this video all the way from Texas USA.
Martin Brodin
Martin Brodin Giorno fa
waru waru
waru waru Giorno fa
I know I'm dumb But who can hate Davie? He got great content Great talent Great personality Like how can some people hate him? Makes me wanna slap them
Roberto Pinto
Roberto Pinto Giorno fa
You are a great ITpostr and a Amazing bass player... Why you dont play with a band??? I whould love to see you play with a good drumer. Thanks for all the good work that you give us.
I like frogs
I like frogs Giorno fa
it's still 504
Magno Calheiros
Magno Calheiros Giorno fa
I’m selling my guitar to buy a bass and become almost as EPICAL as you, Davie504
Taylor Fleming
Taylor Fleming Giorno fa
This really was a sensitive and touching video. Thanks for feeling comfortable enough to open up! You’re loved!
Vidyadharan Rajkumar
Vidyadharan Rajkumar Giorno fa
i want bass bro
Iñaki Mendoza
Iñaki Mendoza Giorno fa
stay funky bros
Emerson Bragança de Aguiar
Emerson Bragança de Aguiar 2 giorni fa
Davie quero agradecer por deixar meus dias felizes como não conheço o ingles fico triste por não consegui te entender mas, queria dizer que mesmo não entendendo quase nada do que voce fala eu de serta forma consigo sentir o carinho que voce quer passar em seu videos por isso agradeço por voce ser o que é curto muito seus videos, musicas coloca mas video com sua namora ou esposa tacando, passiando curto tudo que voce faz aqui no youtube. in English Davie I want to thank you for making my days happy as I don't know English, I'm sad because I couldn't understand you, but I wanted to say that even though I understand almost nothing of what you say, I can really feel the affection that you want to pass on your videos by this thank you for being what is very short your videos, music puts but video with your girlfriend or wife playing, spending short everything you do here on youtube.
Ed Mace
Ed Mace 2 giorni fa
Nice video Davie. Thanks!
Margaret Dillon
Margaret Dillon 2 giorni fa
Thanks for this video, it's really good to see. And no, free headphones for life is not too much to ask. Love your videos, love the fun, and love the bass lessons. How the heck did you get those fingers though? Mine are about 1/2 as long. I think you could probably reach an octave span on your bass. I can barely reach across 3 frets ...
Happy Landfill
Happy Landfill 2 giorni fa
I kinda go through phases with youtubers, like I'll spend an entire week binge watching all the content from some channel and then don't come back to it for a couple of months. Maybe other subscribers do that too and it feels the channel is not getting enough views but I'll always be back and watch everything I missed
Arianna Lawniczak
Arianna Lawniczak 2 giorni fa
Thank you for sharing! Thank you for your advice and amazing content
backwoodsfreak 2 giorni fa
I would like to see you play Billy Sheehans bass solos
stipe ivcevic
stipe ivcevic 2 giorni fa
nobudy, davie: poser se u guaće, ve son sluše kupi pri sean godišč, zoc? jer su me sponzoriraliiii!
stipe ivcevic
stipe ivcevic 2 giorni fa
if you want the transilation just like my comment
zerostar 39
zerostar 39 2 giorni fa
For the 10 million subscriber video you should do a montage video of you doing normal things like grocery shopping and taking out the trash or getting he mail
somshawty 2 giorni fa
"Thots that i never really shared"
CaptainSovjet 2 giorni fa
@Davie504 You are a beautifull person, God bless.
Hels Tamashi Ronin
Hels Tamashi Ronin 2 giorni fa
Actually your true self is very similar to your character, not common, tbh. You slap it really hard!
the running man
the running man 2 giorni fa
You are the best my friend keep ya head up
Dabicho Silva
Dabicho Silva 2 giorni fa
I like you bald more than with your hair here... (did you implanted some broom hairs or what?)
Murfinx Alejandro
Murfinx Alejandro 2 giorni fa
I hope you will have many true friends Davie. You are loveable.
Hubertus Grabner
Hubertus Grabner 2 giorni fa
Davie, i know you are probably not going to read this as you get a lot of comments. So i shout it out to the universe to hope that my thought reaches you magically. I personally do not always enjoy the ammount of cuts and OMGs and stuff that you do in your videos, but this video really made you more of a real person to me. I do believe that you are a great entertainer and that you deserve your huge audience of millions of people. What i would wish that you would try to really think about what your "uncle" said. Maybe making the whole world know an instrument is one thing that you can achieve. But there is a lot more that celebrities can do to make this world a better place. Make something for the environment do charity or raise awareness for things that actually matter. I think it is time for you to use your great power for the good. You are a great entertainer! Best wishes from vienna
Damien 420
Damien 420 2 giorni fa
Thank you for this video and congratulations on reaching 900000000 subs buddy keep up the good work buddy.
Henry Billinger
Henry Billinger 2 giorni fa
U didnt even reveal anythingso i unsubscribed!!!!(i didnt)
William Hu
William Hu 2 giorni fa
Please make a positive light-hearted short video one once a week, could just by a uplifting bass song. We all need this during this tough pandemic time.
powerbreed 2 giorni fa
produce us an album for us Davie504.
Red Mortensen
Red Mortensen 2 giorni fa
Hey Davey I've been a subscriber to your channel for a very long time and I can tell you that when I started playing bass in high school I thought it was awesome but I can tell you that shortly thereafter I picked up a 6-string because it just seemed to be easier overall but everytime I watch one of your videos it makes me want to pick up my bass guitar again I really like the idea of learning how to slap Bass and I just want to let you know that you're a big inspiration to me and probably too many others so don't worry about thinking us so much as letting us thank you that being said as a fun new idea I think it would be cool to watch you do live street performances just a little change of pace
mint 我爱你
mint 我爱你 2 giorni fa
i have one word for you... *epico*
Myrto Papadopoulou
Myrto Papadopoulou 2 giorni fa
Tsunxmi 2 giorni fa
Thanks for sharing. You're doing great, man. Your videos are always hilarious, just being yourself keeps everyone smiling!
juan diaz
juan diaz 3 giorni fa
you are my idol dude
Antonino Pasqualino Di Gregorio
Antonino Pasqualino Di Gregorio 3 giorni fa
Ho iniziato a seguire il suo canale Grazie a Frank degli "Space Valley", che in un intervista l'ha citata. 9Milioni200mila follower, sono tantissimi! Complimenti!!! Suona il basso benissimo, quando si potrà tornare dal vivo, potremo vederla a Teatro o palazzetto o stadio? Scrivo il commento in italiano, tanto lei lo legge e chi vuole leggerlo in altre lingue potrà farlo con il proprio traduttore. Grazie.
Thaflyingpilot 3 giorni fa
bythewayisay 3 giorni fa
2:16 AHHAHAHAAHAHAH adoro questa versione di davie I love this side of davie
Ryeker Lee
Ryeker Lee 3 giorni fa
All I have to say is SLAP LIKE NOW 👏
Arnoth Laszlo
Arnoth Laszlo 3 giorni fa
U are the best Davie Dont worrie about haters they just jelous because you achived something they never will You are way better musican than most of them in the mainstream media in my oppinion Love your videos. Keep slapping
Jeremy Brand
Jeremy Brand 3 giorni fa
I have always found that in life...you learn to trust ...you earn respect....and you give love as a gift. Your gift of love of bass...has helped teach me even more respect for the bass and taught me to trust in the bass. I feel inspired to SLAP some bass.
J Hawk
J Hawk 3 giorni fa
Cool guy and great slapper
Dominiek Derore
Dominiek Derore 3 giorni fa
♥️ stay funky bro! So pure in a personal groove that hits my emotions. Behind every bassist lays a deeply true self.
Mkpfo Flamingo
Mkpfo Flamingo 3 giorni fa
I feel like meeting Davie irl would be so chill. True legend
Garland FX
Garland FX 3 giorni fa
Damn Davie your headphones need an update, shit's flakin like dandruff
Steve Atamudzi
Steve Atamudzi 3 giorni fa
i actually loved this video not only because it was pleasing buh because the background track helped too it was cool i even wonder if you could make a video playing the the bas to back that track up
Apelative Kawaii Face
Apelative Kawaii Face 3 giorni fa
put caption I can't keep up
hana nunez
hana nunez 3 giorni fa
I felt sad knowing a lot of people dislike this vid 😩
Francisco Peña
Francisco Peña 3 giorni fa
Feel disapoint. :c
Muhammet Babayev
Muhammet Babayev 3 giorni fa
İ knew that just Davies GF makes him laught 🤘🏼
Muhammet Babayev
Muhammet Babayev 3 giorni fa
Ian Murtagh
Ian Murtagh 3 giorni fa
Thank you for everything my brother ❤
Wilson Saka-san
Wilson Saka-san 3 giorni fa
Once i played chess. I almost lost, but suddenly did a stalemate. So i checkmated checkmate. Checkmate all the checkmates!
Anderson Breschigliaro
Anderson Breschigliaro 3 giorni fa
I think hatefull people are just sad people as you do, and more.. they are jealous too about your position.. and this behavior is unfortunatelly common in every single place... if you are a “normal” guy, no one hates you. But if you are successfull (no matter how), people split hate on you for free! I think this is sad
Renan Albres
Renan Albres 3 giorni fa
And here I am... still thinking would be a video speaking italian haha
Pago net para ver Memes
Pago net para ver Memes 4 giorni fa
I'm indigenous here in Brazil give me a guitar against bass, a little community just to train me to play like you 🙏
Sarah Saraiva
Sarah Saraiva 4 giorni fa
Thank you so much Davie! You're so awesome and bring so much happiness in this world ❤️
Steve Guest ART
Steve Guest ART 4 giorni fa
I see a shy, gentle chap with an immense talent and profound skill, but most of all someone that gets joy from bringing happiness to others. That is a good human. Thanks for making my life a little happier David.
Oscar Guerrero
Oscar Guerrero 4 giorni fa
brilyman 4 giorni fa
yo the way you phrased the perspective on whether your video pops off or not really resonated with me, i never ever thought of it like that, and thats alot of damn pressure man, but also putting all the blame on you for not having a good video is off, sometimes youtube just pushes a video for no reason.
BraHim ToMix
BraHim ToMix 4 giorni fa
Alexander Kolyakov
Alexander Kolyakov 4 giorni fa
Teglami 4 giorni fa
once in a while i wached your videos because they're entertaining and let me feel better. i myself don't play any instrument that's why i didn't sub but after this video i just had to. thank you for the great time while watching your videos.
ANIRUDH GANESH 4 giorni fa
year 3055, still waiting for pp reveal...
pi-rate-rate-io 4 giorni fa
you have an amazing outlook, musical talent, and are the kind of dude who stays funky for life. big ups Davie 5-OMG-4
William Klahre
William Klahre 4 giorni fa
Well, have you ever heard of Primus? Obviously you have ..... well then . Show us your skills.
Levi Gomes Costa Junior
Levi Gomes Costa Junior 4 giorni fa
Melhor canal do ITpost, simplesmente.
Isaias Parra
Isaias Parra 5 giorni fa
he laughed 1:46 3:15
啊? 5 giorni fa
I am an audience from Taiwan. Even though my English is not very good and many of the contents in the video cannot be understood, I will still watch your video! I’m with you!
The Lucid Project
The Lucid Project 5 giorni fa
Yesss..it's pretty normal to have more than just a unipersonal.silver-screen character, though ppl prefer to mostly deny it or assuming that it's only gemenis are multipersonal :s Anyway, you don't just feel comfortable pretending, but you are actually the very same person in all videos; including this video. The only difference is that here you're more open about yourself, and aggression-free 🤪 But man, it's totally alright, im sure you know by now already. I mean i guess its quite obvious you're genuine, good at heart, sincere; no matter how edgy or monotonous you may seem! All da best, Mediterranean bro
Blackicon97 5 giorni fa
Ho apprezzato la citazione al 18 di Proietti
Enrique DC
Enrique DC 5 giorni fa
No eras Calvo ¡¡¡ ya lp sabía yo¡¡
Steponik Chad
Steponik Chad 5 giorni fa
It's all about perspective, my friend. You make 9 million people smile. Love is already much stronger than hate, and you're 9 million strong. "Mind-blowing" indeed.
mistdemon12 5 giorni fa
Hey Davie, My 2 years old son was diagnosed with Autism and he really loves your videos and music, he dances when you play and when the video ends he screams for more. Thank you for your hard work and this honest and personal video.
Tb0neSt8k 20 ore fa
Awww, how sweet!
Dino Vlogs
Dino Vlogs 20 ore fa
oh wow that made my day
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