Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil

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Listen to “Dancing With The Devil”:​​
'Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over' out now:​​
Watch the Demi Lovato: Dancing With The Devil documentary:
A true story by Demi Lovato
Directed by Demi Lovato & Michael D. Ratner
Produced by OBB Pictures & SB Films
If you or someone you know is in need of support, it’s OK to ask for help.
If you are struggling with addiction, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit
If you have experienced sexual assault, call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).
Need someone to talk to? Reach out to your local crisis text line:
USA: Text HOME to 741741; UK: Text SHOUT to 85258; Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741
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LemMon 3 ore fa
I just hope she's doing this from her perspective and from her opinion, not that someone told her to do. Because this video is very personal.
bex williams
bex williams 3 ore fa
Iv been down that depression no hope path and watched other go down that drug use path .. some friends did make it to Heaven 😓. this has hit every raw nerve! I hope this song breathe some life into everyone struggling cos Ur not alone💕
crybaby 3 ore fa
what does the disco ball on the ceiling of the operating room represent? &that she leaves (the hospital) in the same clothes she was in when she was using? like, I take it to mean how in the book crank the lasts words even when the girl has been sober and has a baby "The monster will always be apart of me And right now It's calling me out the door." -Ellen Hopkins that even though she left the hospital, she's still the same person with the same diseased mind she came in it with?
BoyUnder 3 ore fa
Lovatics gracias por su apoyo a "Dancing With The Devil", también reproduzcan en Spotify. ¿De qué país apoyas a Demi?
BoyUnder 3 ore fa
BoyUnder 3 ore fa
Lovatics thanks for support to "Dancing With The Devil", Also do stream on Spotify. From which country do you support Demi?
BoyUnder 3 ore fa
John lyons jr
John lyons jr 3 ore fa
This hit me on a whole new level,...for so many people including myself we've been there and it's not easy....glad she's doing better now, one day at a time.
Ela Devany
Ela Devany 3 ore fa
go girl!
Ági Kucskár
Ági Kucskár 3 ore fa
Am I the only one who cannot listen to old Demi songs after this album?
Sylwia OHOHOH 3 ore fa
wow. her voice in this song.. something incredible 😮😮
Кристюшка _
Кристюшка _ 3 ore fa
Сильная моя девочка😭
Kaitlyn Worley
Kaitlyn Worley 3 ore fa
who else loves her hair
Kaitlyn Worley
Kaitlyn Worley 3 ore fa
0:57 who else loves the look she gave us
David Bentley
David Bentley 4 ore fa
This is the first Demi Lovato song I've ever heard, and HOLY CRAP!!!! This is insanely intense and real and powerful and needed. Kudos to you for overcoming the tragedy by making something so powerful.
Christine Munteanu
Christine Munteanu 4 ore fa
oh yes , I ve been waiting for this song since the first story appeared , love it all , its pure addiction , pure talent
Giada Ferrari
Giada Ferrari 4 ore fa
This is beautiful, but she created a song that literally spells out why 99.9% of the time moderation (which she is openly doing now) in an addict does not work...I hope it will for her, but this song shows exactly that it always starts from "a little red wine" and ends with you pushing that boundary just a little, until you're too far gone to come back
Sam Wright
Sam Wright 4 ore fa
Wow! Very powerful
Ariana Fan
Ariana Fan 4 ore fa
i’m obsessed with this
Vibe Station
Vibe Station 4 ore fa
Who even has the nerve to dislike this video.
Alahna Whitner
Alahna Whitner 4 ore fa
This must took so much strength to create this video.
Lisa O'Boyle
Lisa O'Boyle 4 ore fa
I've been a recovering addict for 15 years on this October 6th. And I struggle everyday. Thank you Demi for this. Stay strong sister. We got this💜💜💜
Ruby Rubik
Ruby Rubik 4 ore fa
I’ve never gotten chills this bad in my entire life
Sera 4 ore fa
Very glad for Demi that she pulled through
Enlightened soul
Enlightened soul 4 ore fa
A Masterpiece!! Illustration perfection!!🙏👍🙏💛💫
Efrain & Sierra Sanchez
Efrain & Sierra Sanchez 4 ore fa
Wow...speechless. She will help many!
Amber Weekley
Amber Weekley 5 ore fa
She is my inspiration!!
Amber Weekley
Amber Weekley 5 ore fa
Amber Weekley
Amber Weekley 5 ore fa
northern vampire 96
northern vampire 96 5 ore fa
I overcome my cocaine addiction! But it's allways there and hard most days ! . Iam 4years clean 😪days or long but iam stronger than ever before
doren T____T
doren T____T 5 ore fa
tears in my eyes
Broadway Brat
Broadway Brat 5 ore fa
A really wise person once said: “In order to win big, you gotta loose big! What are we doing now? We’re loosing big.” It might be embarrassing to come out with the truth, but in the long run it’ll help you.
Irma Barron
Irma Barron 5 ore fa
She is so brave
Erika Ruiz Flores
Erika Ruiz Flores 5 ore fa
Ooof. The spotlight at then gave me chills. Having to go through all that in the spotlight must’ve been 10 times worst
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 5 ore fa
Perfeita ❤️😍
Jay Walsh
Jay Walsh 5 ore fa
Powerful song message she is strong
Ariana Psarakos
Ariana Psarakos 5 ore fa
wow just wow amazing
Jessica Fdez
Jessica Fdez 5 ore fa
Si conocéis a alguien que lo está pasando mal, nunca le echéis en cara los problemas o los minimicéis, no deis la espalda, el humano debe cuidar del humano. If you know someone who is having a bad time, never blame them for problems or minimize them, do not turn your back, the human must take care of the human.
#lilj #lillj
#lilj #lillj 5 ore fa
Just a little white line I'll be fine... I felt that for her
Jolijn Manders
Jolijn Manders 5 ore fa
Viviana Muñoz Moya
Viviana Muñoz Moya 5 ore fa
Mostrar toda tu mierda a ti misma ya es súper difícil para mí, debe ser aún más difícil mostrarle al mundo entero todas tus inseguridades, errores y traumas. Demi, sé que en una de tus canciones dices que fallaste en ser nuestro modelo a seguir, pero no lo hiciste. Inspiras y mucho.
Lydia Taylor
Lydia Taylor 5 ore fa
I tell you I become more and more unlove with her. She is so strong and such a queen
Danae Puebla Caro
Danae Puebla Caro 5 ore fa
A couple of days ago I found the documentary by chance, but, since I was a little girl I remember watching programs, and hearing that Disney channel music in which demy sang, it gave me an unequaled curiosity to know more about its history. When I finished watching each episode and daily diaries of his documentary, I felt the need to listen to this song. Every second is really powerful, I found myself crying and having shivers that ran through every corner of my body, it is a shame that at such a young age I have more than one thing in common with her. She really is someone strong, she conveys too much, and I find myself LOVING this piece of art.
Trevor Joseph
Trevor Joseph 5 ore fa
this song hits different!!!! straight up fireeeee
Jose Di Marco Guzman
Jose Di Marco Guzman 5 ore fa
Demi you’re a fighter, thanks for being you and show us you story! I really love u ❤️
Charles 5 ore fa
Hmmm devil devil 😈😈😈
Tonia Poynter
Tonia Poynter 5 ore fa
Petra Bendl
Petra Bendl 5 ore fa
this is a true masterpiece
Ethan gaddiz
Ethan gaddiz 6 ore fa
There’s a scene where it shows a premiere of the song bad chick
Rumbi 6 ore fa
Mad respect for you and sharing this with the world.
Riya Sharma
Riya Sharma 6 ore fa
I love her voice and her also
Rivka V.
Rivka V. 6 ore fa
I cried watching this, the emotions really come through, both through the music and the visuals
Paula 6 ore fa
This is so sad but I love it
Belonce Kamz
Belonce Kamz 6 ore fa
Powerful song🔥🔥, even powerful visuals💥💥💔. Thanking God.🙏 #Survivor
Paris Hillsman
Paris Hillsman 6 ore fa
Damn, This is gonna make me cry so hard.. This song was what my grandma should have heard before she passed away Just like this.. Just adding this to my spotify Account
Danielle Harty
Danielle Harty 6 ore fa
Might be worth something for her to apply this logic to the rest of her life as well and not just about her addiction issues.
Rosie Petals
Rosie Petals 6 ore fa
I almost cried for Demi, poor girl. Good on u for fighting!
Khan F
Khan F 7 ore fa
So sad
DeViLs AdVoCaTe
DeViLs AdVoCaTe 7 ore fa
Ysrael A
Ysrael A 7 ore fa
This sounds like a Lucifer OST and i love it!!!!
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer 7 ore fa
She is telling the truth about her selling her soul and she wants it back she wants her soul back 🥺 it's in the lyrics guys you have to wake up
Maria Martins
Maria Martins 7 ore fa
Why do people always blame it on the devil? Anyways great song
Talía mejía
Talía mejía 7 ore fa
Que mujer!! 😯😯
Mihaela Vintila
Mihaela Vintila 8 ore fa
Not cry not cry not cry not cry
Shravni Misra
Shravni Misra 8 ore fa
Let's be honest its not the first time you're here......
FestiveChicken 8 ore fa
No one cares
Gigi MonRose
Gigi MonRose 8 ore fa
Doesn't matter how many times you've watched this video. Makes me cry everytime.
Aissa Giovanna
Aissa Giovanna 8 ore fa
ze droguinha
Junior Moraes
Junior Moraes 8 ore fa
você é incrível!
Shahrzad 99
Shahrzad 99 8 ore fa
you are queen always💜💜
Sadie Wyers
Sadie Wyers 9 ore fa
Demi Lovato I love Your new Album and Documentary. Your story has reached out to me to follow my own Dreams to audition for The Voice next Season and choose songs from you, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez
Deborah Graham
Deborah Graham 8 ore fa
Wow! I believe in you!
Amrita Chetia
Amrita Chetia 9 ore fa
I love you ✨🥺stay strong
Raúl's Music Box
Raúl's Music Box 9 ore fa
we almost lost this gem, i couldn't be happier that she is alive and doing better every day. we love you Demi, thank you.
はるるん 9 ore fa
Megan Casier
Megan Casier 9 ore fa
Ok but can we all take a minute to realise she had a harddrug addiction and never ever looked like it? I watched the whole documentary and i was speechless. She's the strongest woman ever and i'm happy to know the whole backstory instead of just the sentence "Demi Lovato almost died of heroin overdose" she's so BRAVE. I apreciate and respect her so much more now. I'm so happy she's alive. ❤️
Karen Smith
Karen Smith 9 ore fa
As the mother of a recovering addict in rehab presently, it put chills straight up the back of my neck. Thank you for revealing so much of your private struggle publicly. Sent this video to her, hoping it will drive sobriety
Alien Poison Xanadú
Alien Poison Xanadú 9 ore fa
you should have read the contracts before you serve your demons do not complain later demi
JESUS ​​CHRIST is the way, the truth and the life. There is only one GOD and one mediator between GOD and man and it is JESUS ​​CHRIST! I hope not to be repetitive but JESUS ​​CHRIST wants to save your soul and give meaning to your life. JESUS ​​CHRIST is alive and SITS at the RIGHT of GOD. No religion can save you but only by invoking the name of JESUS ​​CHRIST can you save yourself from death and receive ETERNAL life! talk to JESUS ​​as if he were your best friend and confess your SINS in your little room and he will forgive you and shower you with blessings. Only he can protect you from death. JESUS ​​CHRIST said: whoever believes in me even if he dies, will live and whoever believes in me will not die forever. JESUS ​​always keeps His PROMISES! humbly ask JESUS ​​CHRIST to purify your heart and he will give you the true peace that the world CORRUPT by the devil cannot give.
Highlighted Music
Highlighted Music 9 ore fa
Help please
Samia Zeh
Samia Zeh 10 ore fa
Thé best song 😍🥰
Watch Famili
Watch Famili 10 ore fa
Immortal Technique
Ayano Rika
Ayano Rika 10 ore fa
this should have more views
Sonia Coad
Sonia Coad 10 ore fa
My psychologist told me that you always have that impulse and you relapse, but the times change, they slowly get further apart until it seems like it has stopped. I am addicted to self-harming as a way to cope when I feel not in control; currently sitting at 6 weeks clear after breaking my 9 months clear.
mmao 10 ore fa
demi ❤❤❤
Luciana Carrera
Luciana Carrera 10 ore fa
Claudia Cristina Santos
Claudia Cristina Santos 10 ore fa
Ela falou que precisa beber e fumar para ter um "alívio" . Disse que faz isso com moderação. Mas, todos nós sabemos que não conseguimos moderar aquilo que nos trás alívio por muito tempo.Ainda em questão da bebida ,a maconha até que acredito que ela pode moderar,mas álcool é difícil. O certo é não utilizá-lo como uma válvula de escapa.
paola CIFARELLI 11 ore fa
now i rly want to know what inspired her to write this song
Antony Standen
Antony Standen 11 ore fa
Better than I thought it be, if glee was still relevant im.sure Ryan would mash this song with "feeling good"
The Original Ofc
The Original Ofc 11 ore fa
E nunca mais eu sair desse clipe incrível
Leon 11 ore fa
remember when she got owned by this X-factor guy ?
Shravni Misra
Shravni Misra 11 ore fa
Just a few words I AM PROUD OF YOU DEMI.....❤
Shravni Misra
Shravni Misra 11 ore fa
This video hits different when you've heard her documentary🥺🥺
Mayuri Naidoo
Mayuri Naidoo 11 ore fa
This is such a person experience that you’ve shared with us❤️ we love you and hope you’re doing well😘❤️
Ania Williams
Ania Williams 11 ore fa
Nobody really taking about the sexual assault she aslo went through with that overdose....... I hope she’s getting help with that too because that’s just another thing that would hurt her beautiful soul😭🤧
Kate Galea
Kate Galea 12 ore fa
This is so powerful
Diana Tatality
Diana Tatality 12 ore fa
Oh love U prrety Demi😍😍😍👑
Pedro Storino
Pedro Storino 12 ore fa
u r amazing! love ya 💚💛✨
Pedro Storino
Pedro Storino 12 ore fa
i love u forever
Yourensohn Official
Yourensohn Official 12 ore fa
Wow You are very strong!
areeba zakki
areeba zakki 12 ore fa
If she wouldn't drunk at that ni8, would not had to suffer all this... It is bcz ov her own self...
Donita Go
Donita Go 12 ore fa
this song better be in Lucifer :)))
ankita megumi
ankita megumi 13 ore fa
My grandkids in the future: Granny sing us a lullaby from your generation. Me: Eeeeeee...eerrrrrr
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