Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!

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These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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Rage 2000
Rage 2000 Ora fa
Petition for Vegeta vs Omni-man in the season finale
ih8study Ora fa
Do Zoidberg (Futurama) vs Baraka ( mortal Kombat). This has been bugging me for a while now
Weafy Ora fa
Character with what are basically uzi's vs human with no resistance to being shot... I wonder who wins
scmcguire53 2 ore fa
Might just be me wanting this and it’s a little political, but could we get an Abe Lincoln vs Teddy Roosevelt vs Andrew Jackson death battle for presidential supremacy?
Sharif Brown
Sharif Brown 2 ore fa
1:12 Good ol racism...
antijuleka all hell
antijuleka all hell 2 ore fa
antijuleka all hell
antijuleka all hell 2 ore fa
Meow 2 ore fa
Đáng ra con blake chết từ đoạn đâu rồi
antijuleka all hell
antijuleka all hell 2 ore fa
Stupid mikasa cant ko her blake will die beacuase of mikasa mikasa is expert
Meow 2 ore fa
Vô lí vcc
Meow 2 ore fa
Chẳng công bằng gì
Deosblk 2 ore fa
Who thought this was a fair fight😭🤣
Matt Gaetz on White Ford Bronco
Matt Gaetz on White Ford Bronco 3 ore fa
Would love for you to do John Wick vs "The Bride" from Kill Bill! 🤪
Icalasari 3 ore fa
Also god I hope to one day have one of my projects be big enough to have characters show up on Death Battle. Because some of them would be just ENDLESSLY entertaining
Icalasari 3 ore fa
I have to disagree with the lightning feat. That's a feat you consistently do badly (that and lasers) - Remember that the one casting lightning magic is moving slower and would be telegraphing it. You just need to be fast enough to react to that. Which is still stupid fast (having to calculate all that then dodging is still insane), just not literal lightning fast. If she does have an actual lightning dodging feats, then she needs to have lost eye contact with the user so she has no way to predict based on the opponent's actions Blake still wins this because magic and magical alloys vs hardened iron is just... Yeah. But regardless
Richard Reale.
Richard Reale. 4 ore fa
I could care less about either character, but the logic is flawed for both's speed scaling. "Can keep up in speed" Kakashi can keep up with naruto in many scenes where they run in together, or anyone in the speed force can "Keep up" with each other, but this doesn't say anything to what they individually can do
Hyper Saiyan
Hyper Saiyan 4 ore fa
I wonder who is Ruby going to fight.
S N 7584
S N 7584 3 ore fa
She's confirmed to fight Maka from soul eater
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus 4 ore fa
I still want to see Sarah Connor take on Ellen Ripley. Feel like that would be a decent match up
Ryan MacLean
Ryan MacLean 5 ore fa
this was kind of a stacked fight, this was almost as bad as venom vs carona but at least the core ability wasn't tied to a direct weakness like that one
Icalasari 5 ore fa
Predicting Now: Even if Mikasa has insane stats, Blake's going to win because Roosterteeth
Jordan Montez
Jordan Montez 5 ore fa
What a dumb match up this was
Yung Ussicore
Yung Ussicore 5 ore fa
excuse me but why
Crono Luminara
Crono Luminara 5 ore fa
Thk god AOT is so dumd
GregTheLion 6 ore fa
I was Hoping Po would be in a Death Battle, but I assumed Kuma from Tekken would be a better opponent.
Whispering Eithos
Whispering Eithos 6 ore fa
Next Death Battle should be Shrek vs Sully from Monsters Inc
Korben Heagerty
Korben Heagerty 6 ore fa
I'm surprised it's not noted that even *on* team RWBY, Blake's the human combat specialist, she has more experience other peer-level opponents than most of the team, barring maybe Yang. Meanwhile Mikasa is just a titan killing machine, *way* different skillset.
Korben Heagerty
Korben Heagerty 6 ore fa
Dear Deathbattle: When Yang's arm was cut off, and there were yellow particles falling off of her, that was her AURA. BECAUSE AURA TRIES TO HEAL DAMAGE. YANG'S AURA DIDN'T BREAK UNTIL *AFTER* ADAM SLICED HER, SO THOSE PARTICLES WERE HER AURA DESPERATELY TRYING TO KEEP HER FROM BLEEDING OUT. So no, Blake does NOT bleed purple blood. we have seen people bleed normal colors throughout the ENTIRE SHOW.
Sam 7 ore fa
try her against Levi now.. pretty sure he got his chance...
MasterTobiification 7 ore fa
So why po vs iron fist why not the panda from tekken??? I thought this was so post to be Similar character XD
Stephon Zeno
Stephon Zeno 7 ore fa
This is Black Widow vs Widowmaker all over again...
Ameera Gulley
Ameera Gulley 7 ore fa
Tylie from avatar vs 13 year old Hinata hyuga from Naruto.
Bigby Boss
Bigby Boss 8 ore fa
As soon as i saw the animation, i just knew Blake would win. But why was it at 15-20 FPS?
Andrew Elder
Andrew Elder 8 ore fa
Iron Fist vs PO?? Why not Shang Chi or Ken or someone more comparable? Be a bit more badass :P
sweaterguy 8 ore fa
Death Battle Proposal: Shazam vs Invincible
Ryu Landa
Ryu Landa 8 ore fa
What a stupid match up.
TheHood Streamer
TheHood Streamer 9 ore fa
Can we please get omni man vs homelander this season !!!!!!
Ghoetzin Jal
Ghoetzin Jal 9 ore fa
I’m guessing death battle are out of ideas
Andrell Hardy
Andrell Hardy 8 ore fa
No it was requested.
Arthur Hjelmsoe
Arthur Hjelmsoe 9 ore fa
Omni man vs Metro man!!!
Arthur Hjelmsoe
Arthur Hjelmsoe 9 ore fa
Omni man vs Metro man!!!
Arthur Hjelmsoe
Arthur Hjelmsoe 9 ore fa
Omni man vs Metro man!!!
Eye Walker
Eye Walker 9 ore fa
Jenni (XJ-9) vs robot boy 🤔
PointNumber1 10 ore fa
Bruh you guys should do john wick vs. Rambo
B Hill
B Hill 10 ore fa
and what is yet another unbalanced battle
DuskSpyer 10 ore fa
Bruh this was a completely unfair battle because Mikasa has no magic superpowers but Blake does so this entire battle was kinda bullshittingly unfair af
Ebubechukwu Menakaya
Ebubechukwu Menakaya 10 ore fa
So RWBY doesn't mean Red, White, Blue and Yellow? I've never seen the anime so colour me surprised.
Success Keeps Spittin
Success Keeps Spittin 11 ore fa
Janis Vitals
Janis Vitals 11 ore fa
Well, she got dis-armed.
Water Girl
Water Girl 11 ore fa
Lol Mikasa wasn’t trained to fight regular people she’s to use to fighting big titans that she couldn’t anticipate the movements or the brains of a regular person that knows how to fight with a weapon rather than giant fists and mouths. Not to mention relying on an explosive weapon.
Mbrace 12 ore fa
Do Bane vs Doomfist
NIONO BRUNDO 12 ore fa
When Lelouch Vi Britannia vs Light Yagami
Shadow Snake
Shadow Snake 13 ore fa
... so did the animation look unnaturally floaty for anyone, or was it just me? I understand they have grappling hooks, but this seems ridiculous at times, like, where was the weight?
JurassicChaos 13 ore fa
Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) vs. Regina (Dino Crisis)
Blair Hamill
Blair Hamill 13 ore fa
And now we need Ruby (RWBY) vs Maka (Soul Eater)
S N 7584
S N 7584 3 ore fa
Maka still stomps. - Casual light timer via scaling to black star - Black Blood which is better than Aura. Aura can be shattered with normal punches, while only one person in Soul eater has shown to slightly crack black blood, and that is black star, who held one of the moon's teeth. - Can be once again scaled to black star in strength lifting Moon's teeth.
David Covarrubias
David Covarrubias 13 ore fa
Cinder Fall vs Azula
The random playlist guy
The random playlist guy 14 ore fa
And then she died by a titan the end
Andrew That Landscaper
Andrew That Landscaper 14 ore fa
So are you the original?
Matt And Stuff
Matt And Stuff 15 ore fa
I wish they would stop putting rwby characters in DB when they almost all of them except for like one time
Shadow Star
Shadow Star 15 ore fa
Why does Wiz biological clones have artificial arms? Magical, or Chi clones are basically projections so include clothing and artificial body parts. A biological clone is made from the DNA of cells, so Wiz Clones should have all their body parts.
Emo Kitten
Emo Kitten 16 ore fa
Read the whole thing any member of Ruby is obviously going to fight a weaker opponent so that they come out on top me saying that does not change the fact that was a very nicely animated but still please not have death battles with biased don't pump your own characters this is supposed to be what if not look how strong are character is let's not even get into the BS of her killing her with her own weapon like WTF but still gorgeous fight very nicely animated
Joker Man
Joker Man 18 ore fa
We gotta remember although Ackerman are super strong they still are human and there only power is superhuman strength and many more powers but Blake has more powers to aid her in combat
Jakub Zeman
Jakub Zeman 19 ore fa
Even though Mikasa seemed OP as hell, Blake just went too far with that, to the point of being boringly OP. But then again, different universe.
zenn o
zenn o 20 ore fa
Imagine being an anime only watcher and reading Mikasa's last feat currently. Yeah im sad.
Joshua Falownug
Joshua Falownug 20 ore fa
I am lagon
I am lagon 20 ore fa
Tanjiro or blade?
idw crystal god
idw crystal god 21 ora fa
Finally death battle did po vs iron fist
Cobalt 22 ore fa
Yeah, even if you ignored the fact Death Battle is owned by Rooster Teeth, who created and own RWBY, Blake had this one.
Fireshrine 23 ore fa
This was a really, really stupid set-up for a fight, and the animation was pretty lame to boot imo, sorry to the animator. (Def a lot of work put in, but getting 3D anim to look good is really hard, what can ya say.) Easy dislike, lame vid
Miguel0 Alvarado
Miguel0 Alvarado 23 ore fa
Can y’all do berrus vs Superman
Matthew Gonzalez
Matthew Gonzalez Giorno fa
Fans voting was stupid on this one. There was 0% chance Mikasa could win.
Sakurai Tenryuu
Sakurai Tenryuu 6 ore fa
@mikea hiooi Eren vs Ken Kaneki Kaneki still slaps Eren.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 21 ora fa
ok now let eren fight someone
Jukebox Jimmy
Jukebox Jimmy Giorno fa
Omce again rooster teeth showing bias towards thier own characters...
Ryan Hobbs
Ryan Hobbs Giorno fa
So why make them fight this was clearly not fair
Snow Frost blu
Snow Frost blu Giorno fa
Beyblade mikasa
10:04 This entire portion is completely false and was later straight up abandoned for how dumb the idea was. Zeke a very trustable character in statements directly dismissed this.
VBone's Gaming
VBone's Gaming Giorno fa
The fight outcome was obvious from just reading the title of the video... Wishing for more fights where the combatants have a similar power level
Kira Tsukasa
Kira Tsukasa Giorno fa
At the beginning, they misspelled Belladonna.
Onion Fragments
Onion Fragments Giorno fa
The reason Blake reacts so calmly after getting her arm chopped off is because she is incapable of emoting in her own show
Next Generation Nerds
Next Generation Nerds Giorno fa
Really cool vid, but here are some thoughts from a nobody on the internet. 1. Yall acting like mikasa doesn't have superhuman strength... she does, so its one of those strength vs speed scenarios. 2. Tbh, mikasa's swords would probably break or severely dull on aura. 3. "Mikasa's ancestors basically only had experience against titans"... no. Paradise has been around for like 100 years and before that, they were bodyguards. This means that they probably have excessive experience against assassin type opponents. This experience also belongs to mikasa. 4. While at peak Blake is op as all hell, she gets tagged constantly. Because her power is inconsistent across rwby, its impossible to determine a true victor. 5. Its a video with a cool animation stop complaining. Yall have a nice day!
Elix Guevara
Elix Guevara Giorno fa
Elix Guevara
Elix Guevara Giorno fa
2% Giorno fa
That Rooster has teeth
JCthegoatbro Yeet
JCthegoatbro Yeet Giorno fa
So apparently mikasa had the chance to cut off her arm instead of cutting off her head
Weafy Ora fa
Mikasa can't dodge automatic gunfire Blake could literally just shoot her hell you could beat mikasa with a smg
Zero Kiryu
Zero Kiryu Giorno fa
All I get from this is Blake sucks with a pistol at point blank range.
Robbie Jenks
Robbie Jenks Giorno fa
Omni-Man vs Homelander
Kayden 21
Kayden 21 Giorno fa
ok now let eren fight someone
Sakurai Tenryuu
Sakurai Tenryuu 6 ore fa
Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.
Opg John
Opg John Giorno fa
Just your contractually obligated roosterteeth original series promotional death battle coming through.
DefinitelyHumanGamer1218 Giorno fa
I guess now Blake and Yang can be disarmed together.
The Sage of Games
The Sage of Games Giorno fa
Geras (MK 11) vs Darth Scion (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2) The battle of those who get stronger when killed and who also cannot die.
iimpure faiith
iimpure faiith Giorno fa
Who even thought of this? Can we do something that isn't so one sided next time?
Chansen Vang
Chansen Vang Giorno fa
Next death battle after po vs iron fist can you do fei long vs marshall law on dbx or death btw its tekken vs street fighter
toilet man
toilet man Giorno fa
10 years first time I watched them damn....
ace the anarchist
ace the anarchist Giorno fa
and thats why attack on titan is trash hahaha
Daniel Prieto
Daniel Prieto Giorno fa
I haven't watched it yet but it looks like this is gonna be a cat fight lol
Isaac Bryce
Isaac Bryce Giorno fa
Really do have to go to Death Battle for good RWBY choreography nowadays, huh?
Joey Rizzle
Joey Rizzle Giorno fa
The song is so good
derpman 203
derpman 203 Giorno fa
Nope I refuse to believe this
Marc B. Cabug
Marc B. Cabug Giorno fa
Lol the blood was like in Dangropa anime lololol
Alice Sinn
Alice Sinn Giorno fa
Another broken match up with a predictable ending.
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising Giorno fa
I knew nothing about that one show and just started watching the other on Hulu literally two weeks ago. Instantly fell for the intensity of the show, but as they were reading off the feats of the one I knew my girl was going to lose. (Tried to say this without being spoilerly of the results).
Tristan Gerona
Tristan Gerona Giorno fa
the animation is good
Real Gamer
Real Gamer Giorno fa
Blake throw the thunderspear to mikasa heart and explode and blake did not care to her arm but anyways blake WINS
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