Meet My Girl...

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ShermanTheVerman 2 mesi fa
To everyone talking about the part when I said “she’s my girl but she’s not my girlfriend”, we both agreed we were gonna take things slow and I didn’t want to ask anybody to be my girlfriend before introducing them to my channel which in this case took a lil longer than usual because I wanted to make sure she was the right one considering what has happened to me in my past. We are taking it a bit slow and when the time is right I will ask her to be my girlfriend and who knows it could be very very soon 😉
Leslie Alexandra Nava
Leslie Alexandra Nava Mese fa
Do not be shy to make her your girlfriend. It’s just a commitment you show when you guys are really interested. After 6 months, she’s gonna question Lowkey if you even want to commit.
Sunny K
Sunny K Mese fa
Alternate Krispy
Alternate Krispy Mese fa
100k for an egg
100k for an egg Mese fa
Hi sherman
lee f
lee f 2 mesi fa
Lil bro i respect your decision your stock went up you young bro bro live life 💯
ML-Vlogs and Gaming
ML-Vlogs and Gaming 3 ore fa
They called him ass lol 😂
Salvador Serrato
Salvador Serrato 4 giorni fa
The guys in the hospital: 🥲
Christopher Hernandez
Christopher Hernandez 13 giorni fa
Anthony gets all the Hispanic 🐱
WeWantMoreBala 15 giorni fa
anyone know her @?😂
MrBigboii321 15 giorni fa
@ 3:32 the look
La Guerra
La Guerra 16 giorni fa
Aww so cute!! You deserve a good girl !!💖
Susievl09 17 giorni fa
Your girlfriend Lesley is so gorgeous Anthony! 🔥🔥
JustMe 22 giorni fa
Does she know she’s with a creep
anabel perez
anabel perez 23 giorni fa
You guys are so cute together! I wish the very best for both!! 🙏🏼👍🏼
I_Dawg123 25 giorni fa
Dude she’s a keeper! Love is hard to find, especially now, but wish you two the best of luck! Hopefully it all works out and you two are super happy!
William Garcia
William Garcia 27 giorni fa
Kaylin Naidoo
Kaylin Naidoo 28 giorni fa
you are too mature now.......
4x4logic4x4 Mese fa
She looks like a good girl for u bro just thinking and praying to god she ain’t trow it back on the first date bcuz that’s wat girls are doing now a days
Roey Lagasca
Roey Lagasca Mese fa
Yo bro! A relationship is something that needs commitment. Please don't keep breaking up with her or you'll end up like Brandon and Jackie.
Connor Flood
Connor Flood Mese fa
Latinos and Iraqis that don’t speak Arabic. Guy must have some serious money
Jim C
Jim C Mese fa
The thundering seed systematically sneeze because gong uncommonly recognise forenenst a guarded banjo. weak, automatic france
Hollister Ortiz
Hollister Ortiz Mese fa
You 2 are twin 🔥 flames, your soul mate!!!
jonathan barrieres
jonathan barrieres Mese fa
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Mese fa
Good job Sherman
Brianna Orozco
Brianna Orozco Mese fa
Anthony stay real! Don’t go fake and sugar coat videos, you’re so open
Jenna Stama
Jenna Stama Mese fa
“So we r learning things today” LFMAOAOAOAOAO IDK WHY I FOUND THAT FUNNY maybe its his sarcasm 😂
Brionna Mese fa
As long as he happy that’s all that matters
David Sherlock
David Sherlock Mese fa
Well they’re together now
DuhGreaT Mese fa
Remember to use rubber fam . 30 seconds of fun not worth it
iamlaurae Mese fa
🥺 happy 4 u...
Brenda Nieves
Brenda Nieves Mese fa
selsun samuell
selsun samuell Mese fa
milk for santa eh?
AdRiAnA Mese fa
she looks like alondradessy
Michelle VanGuilder
Michelle VanGuilder Mese fa
Wow it's so crazy hearing Anthony talk and sound like an adult like he grew into the amazing grown man we all knew he would be i cant wait to see what your future holds together and you can definitely tell she is a go getter her self and money dont mean a thing here and neither dose fame you got a good 1 Anthony I'm proud of you and dont break up with that women again lol..
BMAJ89 B Mese fa
Idk If it’s just me I c a butterfly or a bird flying around them 🤔🤔🤔😯😯
Melissa R Shaw
Melissa R Shaw Mese fa
You can tell he gets so nervous around her 😂😂
Anthony Skrilla
Anthony Skrilla Mese fa
“I liked her vibe” yeeeaaa right you liked the cheeks 😁
lesly posadas
lesly posadas Mese fa
the fact that me & my bf have the same names as them , what are the odds 😂😂😂
Axel aulestia
Axel aulestia Mese fa
Omar was their Cupid 💘
Leslie Alexandra Nava
Leslie Alexandra Nava Mese fa
Money talks, I would too for a check. LMFAOOO jk you are handsome
steven robles
steven robles Mese fa
My guy kept her waiting
SiahDaBandit Mese fa
wear protection😊
Patricia Quiroz
Patricia Quiroz Mese fa
Girl, don’t settle. You’re his girlfriend but not his “girlfriend”. Aprende de Jackie! No sea mensa mija.
Bianca Zavala
Bianca Zavala Mese fa
presha only
presha only Mese fa
Beautiful Mind
Beautiful Mind Mese fa
Anthony you broke up with your girl because one of your friends (girl) was going thru a tough time? And got back together 2 days later Lol hmmm hmmmm hmmm kinda sus
Ashley Camille
Ashley Camille Mese fa
It's a situationship guys lol! I'm sorry, but, I'm not getting the best vibes from her...I'm normally spot on...but wish ya'll the best.
Gxan R.
Gxan R. Mese fa
she cheated bro bro sorry to lyk
Tony Francisco
Tony Francisco Mese fa
Omar smashed 😂
Damn why is everyone being hella toxic comparing shit to Brandon’s ex..leave that behind. 🥱
cool kid
cool kid Mese fa
i have the same milk for santa bottle
R Mese fa
that whole breaking up shit wack and unfair to her glad you guys got together tho wish you guys the best 💯
sadfj zsxdfgh
sadfj zsxdfgh Mese fa
Oscar Martinez
Oscar Martinez Mese fa
Damn Sherman a simp
Emily Vasquez
Emily Vasquez Mese fa
Awww i am so happy for sherman
Bluefazze_BbYT25 Mese fa
Whats her @
KeinJ Christian
KeinJ Christian Mese fa
Welcome to the family lesly....Shermantheverman fam here🤙👏
stephen barnes
stephen barnes Mese fa
Thought it was JAKIE 🤣🤣🤣👍
Oio Nokos
Oio Nokos Mese fa
3:58 we became friends lol
coralie francis
coralie francis Mese fa
glenda Pinal
glenda Pinal Mese fa
So she a booty call
Team LiF3
Team LiF3 Mese fa
It's like watching Brandon and Jackie when they started it good old times
DlOkS GlEe
DlOkS GlEe Mese fa
She for the streets mark my words!
Brent Wise
Brent Wise Mese fa
Thats being bf and gf LMFAO but you talking about thats not your gf yes it is lol
Warzz 69
Warzz 69 Mese fa
This literally proves that money can get u anything 🤣
Diego Felix
Diego Felix Mese fa
Yo he become a man yesssssirhhh
Kat Lopez
Kat Lopez Mese fa
Still laughing at the “Shermy” 😭😭
Sylvia Rizek
Sylvia Rizek Mese fa
Oh my Sherman she's very beautiful congratulations
LV VIC Mese fa
This story isnt the reason they arent a couple yet, she has a hard past, shes been hurt and he doesn’t wanna tel her side, but anthony understands and they are waiting for the right moment, when they both are ready for a relationship they will have the title, but they arent looking for noone else, they wanna be together but they dont want a title at that moment
Sunny K
Sunny K Mese fa
Cool dude
Sara Chisum
Sara Chisum Mese fa
Awww that’s such an amazing birthday Gift
coleシ Mese fa
Good job Anthony 👍🏻
Buttxr FN
Buttxr FN Mese fa
sherman plzzz dont mess this up🙏
Cintron Family
Cintron Family Mese fa
This is a side I ever seen of Sherman but a beautiful one you’re a good person I could till and. Now with this side you showed i wish ya the best
Hxnor Mese fa
Dude, DUde, DUDe, DUDE, You can’t do that to me! I thought it was Jackie!
Armie Ugsimar
Armie Ugsimar Mese fa
Everytime before Sherman starts the video: ''Check out Aporro, llink in description. Use the Code Sherman for 15 dollars off'' HAHAHAHA SO FUNNY
Marcos Gomez
Marcos Gomez Mese fa
Tf does that mean Anthony how’s that not your girlfriend if y’all been talking for 7 months lmaoo 🤣🤣🤣
Gabe.antonio Mese fa
did you hit tho
Jason Benitez
Jason Benitez Mese fa
Lovely Titanium
Lovely Titanium Mese fa
Sherman has no job all he does is follow the Wadis family around and leech of them
SSteveo Mese fa
Sherman a goat at rust
Connor Hawkins
Connor Hawkins 2 mesi fa
He corny when he talks
Angel Castro
Angel Castro 2 mesi fa
So they’re just smashing lol that’s the video
lateou Salie
lateou Salie 2 mesi fa
Lol is it just me or is , sherman simping 😂😂😂
The_Goat_ Osorio0
The_Goat_ Osorio0 2 mesi fa
This relationship is more confusing than school 🤨
Goodwill Zauisomue
Goodwill Zauisomue 2 mesi fa
Elleah Marie
Elleah Marie 2 mesi fa
She’s so pretty, and I’m so happy for u
Catherine Kamoen
Catherine Kamoen 2 mesi fa
Um u talk about her like she’s a peace of meat 🥩
Gilbert Hernandez`
Gilbert Hernandez` 2 mesi fa
What her ig
H 2 mesi fa
What happened to Brandon's house?
Zigaaa 2 mesi fa
My man found himself a new girl lessgooo🥳❤️
chiquita 567
chiquita 567 2 mesi fa
Aww you guys make a good couple god blessed you and wish you the best
Inside My eyes
Inside My eyes 2 mesi fa
God bless everyone❤️❤️
Inside My eyes
Inside My eyes 2 mesi fa
God bless everyone❤️❤️
Drake von Nordheim-Moore
Drake von Nordheim-Moore 2 mesi fa
get it popinnnnn
Drea Lanham
Drea Lanham 2 mesi fa
Awe sherman in love just cute
Drea Lanham
Drea Lanham 2 mesi fa
Awe sherman in love just cute
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez 2 mesi fa
It’s ok bro
JLoCo 2 mesi fa
Okay Anthony got himself a good one
DuXc Is sped
DuXc Is sped 2 mesi fa
Sherman clappeddd that my Boi
Kamarrah Shay
Kamarrah Shay 2 mesi fa
good luck ur so cute together keep up the great work Serman she is gorgeous!
xmen123ify 2 mesi fa
She needs that cloud lol . She is putting time in lmao 😂
Wilmar Perez
Wilmar Perez 2 mesi fa
Go they got together then broke up and got together and broke up and the got together but not his girlfriend
hcg dominator28
hcg dominator28 2 mesi fa
anyone else see the fly at 18:22 lol 😂
Isabella 2 mesi fa
Fallon Mip
Fallon Mip 2 mesi fa
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