Daft Punk - Epilogue

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Daft Punk

Daft Punk

2 giorni fa

#DaftPunk #Epilogue

Loup Garou
Loup Garou 53 minuti fa
triste RIP Daft Punk
Less Then Ten Theater
Less Then Ten Theater 53 minuti fa
well cya guys was fun
THE MORE YOU KNOW 53 minuti fa
One word: RESPECT
ΔVΔLΔNCHE 53 minuti fa
Να είσαστε καλά Daft Punk και καλή τύχη στην υπόλοιπη ζωή σας. Δε θα ξεχαστείτε. Μακάρι κάπως να επιστρέψετε κάποια στιγμή. Δε λέμε αντίο αλλά είς το επανιδείν!
Teddy Verré
Teddy Verré 53 minuti fa
Du coup ils vont aussi à l'Élysée ?
Gannon bass
Gannon bass 54 minuti fa
You guys made my 13 years of life awesome long live daft punk
spicy pepper
spicy pepper 54 minuti fa
The real David Caruso
The real David Caruso 54 minuti fa
That’s just fucking sad now I’m sad I never wanted to see this
Kim Nava
Kim Nava 54 minuti fa
JuanCa M.M.
JuanCa M.M. 54 minuti fa
Lone Songs
Lone Songs 54 minuti fa
Bionic Youth Ended
Jose Mauricio Aceytuno
Jose Mauricio Aceytuno 54 minuti fa
Sad moment
タカシ 54 minuti fa
seeu 54 minuti fa
"Um pequeno passo para o homem um grande salto para a humanidade"... que venham mais daft's punk's a vir... serão lembrados pra sempre. 😭😭😭
alec medina
alec medina 54 minuti fa
Say it ain't so daft Punk will forever be missed
PaDa MS 54 minuti fa
Gracias por la música Daft Punk. Los extrañaremos...
Obeid 54 minuti fa
The actual movie ends with silver exploding and gold burning. But the video only shows silver's death. This might mean that they didn't disband but one of them has passed away
54 minuti fa
😌🖤 Will always remember you guys
hcI legeek
hcI legeek 54 minuti fa
Ainsi s'achève un duo qui a révolutionné la musique électronique. Votre passage dans cette culture musicale qui ne cesse d'évoluer est inoubliable, merci
Luke Gaspari
Luke Gaspari 54 minuti fa
So long, Partner.
Quentin Lebreton
Quentin Lebreton 54 minuti fa
Bioceptic 55 minuti fa
Wait, is he really dead?
CaapriceTube 55 minuti fa
Carpe Imodiem
Carpe Imodiem 55 minuti fa
*I have a feeling one of them actually died... and their wish was to keep it out of the media.* The only way we will know for sure is if (A) they never reunite and (B) if their deaths are never published, even in 60 years. And that's not proof. It just means it's possible that one of them is gone. Which I respect so so much. Not wanting to take one step back from the persona, the magic. RIP either way.
Anne 55 minuti fa
Thanks for all guys :")
Rithhaknou Simon
Rithhaknou Simon 55 minuti fa
អរគុណ Daft Punk
Ivan Castañon
Ivan Castañon 55 minuti fa
Adios a 2 leyendas
K0R3N F.K.
K0R3N F.K. 54 minuti fa
Porfin un español xdd, q tristee😭😭😭😭
Lozketflowz • 8 years ago
Lozketflowz • 8 years ago 55 minuti fa
i literally cant stop peeing and farting rn this is so sad
e viewer
e viewer 55 minuti fa
Так надо по-русски,что-нибудь написать для важности.
E_T_ HUGS 55 minuti fa
It’s time for them to go home. We don’t deserve but I’m sure we’re glad they were here for a while. Love you Daft Punk
Vishisht Singhal
Vishisht Singhal 55 minuti fa
Daft Punk could be said as the founders of EDM but their list of accomplishments just go on and on. It’s great that they decided to go out like a raging flame rather than a fizzle
Dxggx 55 minuti fa
our childhood was legendary
Skyson90 _
Skyson90 _ 56 minuti fa
Goodbye Daft Punk, it was fun while it lasted.
arwah menjangan
arwah menjangan 56 minuti fa
one of the couple need to deactivate the other one.
Lizardiez gaming
Lizardiez gaming 56 minuti fa
This makes me feel so sad, I love daft punk music and to know that they wont be making any songs just breaks me
Jarek Wilk
Jarek Wilk 56 minuti fa
But what, if the Gold One have really blasted the Silver One????
JaeYoung Yoon
JaeYoung Yoon 56 minuti fa
Thank you brothers, I won't forget
Robi Hobby
Robi Hobby 56 minuti fa
Silver Robot: I can't follow your path. Golden Robot: You know what your decision means! Silver Robot: I'm sorry. Golden Robot: Forgive me. Countdown 60, 59, 58, 57 ..... Silver Robot: Farewell my Friend! The End 1993 - 2021 😢
Rauan28 56 minuti fa
Я не верю!
Ahh Ahahahsgsgd
Ahh Ahahahsgsgd 56 minuti fa
It gives me the same feeling as like unus annus end
Adam Nowak
Adam Nowak 56 minuti fa
someone can tell me what is this about ?????????????????
Ahh Ahahahsgsgd
Ahh Ahahahsgsgd 56 minuti fa
If love is the answer your home. That hits hard
Yusuf Recepoğlu
Yusuf Recepoğlu 56 minuti fa
Bizim trendlerde ne işi var aq neyse TR
Henrique Rei
Henrique Rei 56 minuti fa
The Oceloterus
The Oceloterus 56 minuti fa
Да будет земля накоплена знаниями, что получила в течении существования и работы этой пары роботов, которые хотели стать ЛЮДЬМИ..... Аминь! Да прибудет с ними упорядоченный покой формул, точность решений и праведность мыслей! Аминь! Да прибудет у человечества мораль, от примера этих двух роботов! Аминь! Да прибудет у человечка творческих мыслей!, от мыслей безысходности робота! Аминь! Да будет всевышний всегда и везде как может вечно, вместе с ними, с идеей их! Не дай нам....... не понять мысли и принципы этих двух роботов!, Не дай нам ошибаться впредь как они! Аминь! Светлая память и уважение"Daft Punk" R.I.P.
Vinomatic Toaster boy
Vinomatic Toaster boy 57 minuti fa
It’s ok to cry
Pasan Quecosas
Pasan Quecosas 57 minuti fa
Se separo daftpunk, dato curioso nunca tocaron punk en su vida
agustingo pirulingo
agustingo pirulingo 56 minuti fa
Li Turk
Li Turk 57 minuti fa
What a way to end a crazy ride going to miss you guys
Symphony Hines
Symphony Hines 57 minuti fa
- r
- r 57 minuti fa
music is an infinitive key. They cannot split. !!!!
Leonardo Sciandri
Leonardo Sciandri 57 minuti fa
Grazie per tutto.
JUAN PABLO SOTELO 57 minuti fa
Ryan Chong
Ryan Chong 57 minuti fa
Perhaps some of the greatest influencers ever. Of all time. Farewell Daft Punk. You will be missed but never forgotten.
Ripley Shantae
Ripley Shantae 57 minuti fa
"0:23"After wasting time on different sites, a friend of mine recommended *𝗪𝗔𝗧𝗖𝗛𝗗𝗔𝗗.𝗖𝗢𝗠* and it worked perfectly for me
ethan Ethan0130
ethan Ethan0130 57 minuti fa
Daft punk was the greatest I will miss them and i hope they come back in the future to return
doping positivo
doping positivo 57 minuti fa
Mis hijos los escucharan
Caio Do café
Caio Do café 57 minuti fa
eternamente grato daft punk
Mar Grisales
Mar Grisales 58 minuti fa
Hasta siempre 😢😞
HypeRCarryHK_ 03
HypeRCarryHK_ 03 58 minuti fa
I don’t understand what happened...
Quet 58 minuti fa
다프트 펑크를 추억하며 그동안 나와 우리와 세계에 준 많은 영향에 감사드립니다
Cassia-Aurea 58 minuti fa
Deagans Projects
Deagans Projects 58 minuti fa
1.25 speed
Derek.M 58 minuti fa
I’m gonna miss them..
Homero Garcia
Homero Garcia 58 minuti fa
This hit me in a weird spot
Esra Doğan
Esra Doğan 58 minuti fa
Bu ne
ElPatronDelMal•614• 59 minuti fa
I could never buy the helmets ... they were very expensive😭💔
Martin Azcárate
Martin Azcárate 59 minuti fa
Ill wait for the new last album
Checkmate 59 minuti fa
Thank you Daft Punk, ya'll will be remembered as legends for times to come. I love ya'll both man, and the inspiration ya'll gave off. Ya'll is a big inspiration to my love fo Synth and Giorgio Moroder for my musical taste. I hope ya'll enjoy yo lives like ya'll intended to be. See you Forever my childhood homies ✌🏽
XxDrJewxX 59 minuti fa
Nothing left to say except, thank you for giving us your music, the world will always treasure it and remember. Know that you inspired new and yet to come artist that will continue your legacy, it will never die. Thank you and rest in peace.
potatotron yes
potatotron yes 59 minuti fa
2:30 gone sexual
DeeSojourner 59 minuti fa
Thank you for all the music, mates. You never had a bad album. You kept my youth very fun.
Andrea Rogazzo
Andrea Rogazzo 59 minuti fa
Im so sadddddd
AlexVanVuuren 59 minuti fa
Who is going to still from the 70's and 80'S greatest unknown hits now?
Nakib Ahmed
Nakib Ahmed 59 minuti fa
Daft Punk 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
13 IEMEH OFFICIEL 59 minuti fa
100% j'aime
Daniel De Jesús
Daniel De Jesús 59 minuti fa
Random access memories, uno de los mejores album de la historia. Por cierto, sus canciones menos conocidas son las que más me gustan.
Tamara D
Tamara D 59 minuti fa
Thank you for changing my life ..... i love you - always ....
Aristotle_ 59 minuti fa
The waste of time stops at 5:00
Christinaallport Allen
Christinaallport Allen Ora fa
"0:23"After wasting time on different sites, a friend of mine recommended *𝑾𝑨𝑻𝑪𝑯𝑫𝑨𝑫.𝑪𝑶𝑴* and it worked perfectly for me
Renablyat :P
Renablyat :P 59 minuti fa
Fuck off
Garrus Vakarian
Garrus Vakarian Ora fa
Merci à vous pour toutes ces années vous resterez dans nos cœurs pour toujours bon voyage à vous 2 💿🎧📀😢
Kevin D
Kevin D Ora fa
what Da Funk!!?
4:36 My hearth in this moment.
shimmy123123 Ora fa
I’ve been to dozens of live shows and the one band I’ve always wanted to see more than anyone else is Daft Punk. These guys are legends. Wishing nothing but the best for them on their future endeavors.
Christopher Dibbs
Christopher Dibbs Ora fa
Woah. That ended abruptly.
taku ebi
taku ebi Ora fa
向かい合っている時無言なのに、見ている者の心にはいろんな台詞が聞こえたんだ。 それはDuft Punkの今までの歴史がそうさせるんだろうか。
Gaming Roadkill
Gaming Roadkill Ora fa
I never even listened to their music and I’m tearing up a bit
heeh_ Ora fa
Noo man :c
Rumbling End
Rumbling End Ora fa
First upload in 5 years
moiste 210
moiste 210 Ora fa
Estoy tan sorprendido que en los comentarios haya encontrado demasiada variedad de lenguajes, de verdad esto unió a muchos
Chapato Magnin
Chapato Magnin 54 minuti fa
Jaiden Rocha
Jaiden Rocha Ora fa
Farewell legends. May we see you in another life.
응딩이맨 Ora fa
Good bye my hero thank you so much . Because of you my school days were so nice. So the thing what I want to say is... Let's raise the bar and our cups to the stars.
doom guy
doom guy Ora fa
Goodbye you legends
shut up
shut up Ora fa
Thank you, Daft Punk. You cheered me up when I was down and provided music for when i was doing hw/playing games. Your music was legendary, goodbye.
right -shadow
right -shadow Ora fa
2 légendes
ByteSizeBryson Ora fa
there was a kid on my running team a couple years back, and would stop to listen to these guys. those were the good times, though they can't last.
Potato Man
Potato Man Ora fa
No i am not crying you are
Alae Ed
Alae Ed Ora fa
Hold on, if love is the answer, you're home Hold on, if love is the answer, you're home Hold on, if love is the answer, you're home Hold on, if love is the answer, you're home Hold on, if love is the answer, you're home Hold on, if love is the answer, you're home Hold on, if love is the answer, you're home Hold on, if love is the answer, you're home Hold on, if love is the answer, you're... merci beaucoup daft punk! FOREVER
Gab Galáctico
Gab Galáctico Ora fa
Александр Александров
Александр Александров Ora fa
НАТО способствует этому капуту(
Anthony P
Anthony P Ora fa
You both will definitely be missed
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