Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones?

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Why does Nobody buy LG Smartphones?
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Mrwhosetheboss Mese fa
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This-Is-Vidd 2 giorni fa
Elvis Kadeya
Elvis Kadeya 3 giorni fa
Well they gave up😂
Nerdy Movie Nights
Nerdy Movie Nights 7 giorni fa
Let me tell you though, I think it has a lot to do with marketing. Sure, naming is one thing, its kinda wonky. And sure they sometimes try to do some gimmicks to "stand out". But its a lack of marketing in my opinion. On TV, on the internet, I can't tell you how much more over the last few years that I've seen Samsung and Apple phone ads than I've seen LG ads. People just strait up don't know much about LG phones. Me? I LOVE my LG V20. That's right, still rocking the V20, as its one of the last great phones with a removable battery! And I'm sad that nobody makes a good phone now with a battery that's removable, but I digress. LG is a brand I do trust, but I have to admit that I've been shopping around elsewhere for a new phone. It also makes me sad that in the US, we're pretty much dominated by fucking Apple and Samsung, what I would give to have Oppo and Vivo here in this country readily available.
JC 8 giorni fa
I just did a HUGE review of your LG review. You have a keen sense of the cellphone marketplace and how LG could sell their product!! Very informative. I understand that LG is not a sexy brand like Apple or Samsung, but they don't cost $$$$ either. That's part of the LG attraction for me. I've had Apple phones provided by my employer and ungraded (unnecessarily) annually...Always had issues with Apple work phone....that's why I stuck with LG for my personal phone. I only need to make and receive calls and an occasional pic or foray for info on Google so it works for me. All of my LG's have given good service, lasted a long, long time and never had one break if dropped with a ZiZo case. I realize I'm a fossil, but us old folks need simplicity and quality at a reasonable price. Thanks for a great video. BTW, the camera work and music were excellent - you do a great job on the vids.
STE 9 giorni fa
@Barrett DeCutler nice! I agree. What color do you have?
Mehul Agarwalla
Mehul Agarwalla 19 minuti fa
Wait wtf LG Took This Video Personally 😔
Tiny Toons
Tiny Toons Ora fa
I buy them because they are great . . .
Michael thapa
Michael thapa 5 ore fa
So what I'll use LG other products I got LG LG UN80 86 inch 4K Smart UHD TV Life's so Go_Od with LG 🙂
Mr Crispin
Mr Crispin 6 ore fa
Because They are poorly made. That's why they cost less 3 Lg phones DIED on me.(2) LG g5 phones, & 3rd (I forgot which model) & two LG g5 camera battery grips all died on me. One display went bad the other the sound went dead. Poor signal reception, constant memory issues, Tons of problems with finding quality replacement batteries also. Plenty batteries available on Ebay but often worse than the lg phones.
ph Bimal
ph Bimal 7 ore fa
4:25 yep I see Laser AF
Michael Dontigney
Michael Dontigney 8 ore fa
Had an S10+... dumped it for the V60 and after a year I broke the screen... got a S20+ as a loaner while it was being repaired. Couldn't wait for my V60 to be fixed. Love it. Oh well.
Baron Rouge
Baron Rouge 8 ore fa
LG has burned me a lot with the poor quality of the G3 and G5. Never again. My G3 had body cracking issues, even the replacement cracked. The G5 ran insanely hot, like burning my hand lot. Both phones had poor battery life too. After all these years, I finally associated ThinQ with ‘think’ instead of ‘thin-q’
plaxy100 10 ore fa
Agree with everything said. here. and apparently LG did too. shame too LG made some of the best portable music devices around... I mean smartphones.
BMHater12 10 ore fa
Rest in Peace, LG's smartphone market.
AMAN RAI 11 ore fa
Their deal? Quad Dac, Manual photo, Video options. Awesome screens. What else does one need?
I always love LG my favorite phone is the G2 I hate Samsung every phone of theirs I have owned have had issues. Only other maker I love besides LG is Sony but both are out of smartphones.
Dave Hooper
Dave Hooper 14 ore fa
And because nobody buys LG phones is why they are leaving the mobile phone market. They have given up. Which is a shame because my last phone I have right now of 2.5 years is the L G G7 and I love it.
Mortophobe:Gaming 14 ore fa
lol the add was so long i kept skipping 5secs until i heard u say ur name and i was like omfg i thought there'd be a closing note or whatever after the add xD
M Muco
M Muco 15 ore fa
Better a LG then iphone
Riri 2o2o
Riri 2o2o 16 ore fa
i like LG
Brady Knowz best
Brady Knowz best 16 ore fa
I agree. I love my lg phones. They always last 4 plus years. Plenty good specs and features, and big screens.... without having to pay 1500 plus. Gonna miss em.
Darci 「Heads Will Roll」
Darci 「Heads Will Roll」 18 ore fa
I absolutely love LG phones they're my favorite brand, it kinda sucks :(
Dad Life Style
Dad Life Style 18 ore fa
You forgot one very important thing. Which is what made me and other people that I know that used LG's to turn there back on them. The boot loop that made every LG phone useless. LG refused to stand by their customers and give them a replacement, they were sued and lots of customers lost faith in them. The boot loop continued on from G4, G5, and some G6.
෴Reneeta Gomez෴
෴Reneeta Gomez෴ 19 ore fa
Why does nobody buying LG Phones 😂😂😂 It's obviously wrong! It should b why most ppl don't buy LG Phones! Get it right
Rick Junior
Rick Junior 19 ore fa
I love LG and Motorola I had the LG stylo 6 but now have the Moto G power
Nikhar 19 ore fa
i agree my lg v40 thin Q"s screen is broken and no one can repair it as parts are too hard to get and its expensive
John Qwenton14
John Qwenton14 20 ore fa
I was planning on getting either a LG or Sony for my next smartphone. I have a Galaxy S9plus right now- but it's 3 years old now and the new Samsungs just dont cut it.
SS4 guy jr
SS4 guy jr 22 ore fa
I actually was looking forward to LG rollable phone it's a shame that LG's went out of business I hate that they had greatest potential very great potential so great that they surpassed even Microsoft and great potential and Sony
Maria Perez
Maria Perez Giorno fa
LG ❤️ every since I tried it that’s my android go to phone.
Jannick4711 Giorno fa
Also man konnte verstehen, was er sagen wollte 😂
Singing is my Passion
Singing is my Passion Giorno fa
WHAT A PROUD MOMENT FOR LG, www.whathifi.com/news/samsung-ordering-millions-of-oled-panels-from-lg-report-claims Samsung the ace rival of LG criticised LG and buying from LG too...If only the end users knew what's happening in the backend that iPhone is using samsung's display and Samsung is using LG's Display... LG still a market leader in terms of Technology.
Elkhaq Elfida
Elkhaq Elfida 23 ore fa
The same thing applies for sony. They are the world's best producer of camera sensor
Jay Magaling
Jay Magaling Giorno fa
Kyle Maddalena
Kyle Maddalena Giorno fa
Before I got my Costco deal Note 10+, I adored my G3 I owned for over 5 years. The QuickCircle case for it was a unique and pioneering move, and I'm adamant that it was the most useful interfacing case ever on a smartphone.
Fred van der Velden
Fred van der Velden Giorno fa
Have the Velvet 5G by LG, wonderful phone.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Giorno fa
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Lgs are poppin in Mexico
Winds Exiled
Winds Exiled Giorno fa
Mrwhosetheboss:"Apple makes you feel something". Me, who never buys an apple's device or Iphones and only judges/critics harshly my own budget phones I ever have, be like.........................😕
Chad Higgins
Chad Higgins Giorno fa
Just got a V60 unlocked for $249👍I'm loving it.
FruitCases Giorno fa
When I first bought my first 2 smartphones I bought LG's. After that I have been buying Samsung and have been very happy. I couldn't hear a caller on my Lg phones unless I had them on speaker. I have never had this problem with Samsung phones. Bye Lg phones I won't miss you!!
Ivan Prskalo
Ivan Prskalo Giorno fa
Yeah, now. When all of it is over.
Nico Fritsch
Nico Fritsch Giorno fa
Hahahaha das ist nicht gut hahaha not bad
Mikel-ender64 Giorno fa
0:47 correction, have shut down their mobile efforts
Ursula Andrea
Ursula Andrea Giorno fa
They need a decent marketing!
Arie Keren
Arie Keren Giorno fa
They should focus to make LG V series as a business phone head to head to Samsung Note & iPhone X series. Then LG G series suppose to be focus head to head to Samsung S series, iPhone XR series. And dont forget focus on the software support... like mine LG V20 been 5 years since early time I bought it still on the Android 8 till the last update, why not like Samsung supported till 2 times OS upgrade, and iPhone we can get so many times upgrade. For business user we surely needs more internal storage capacity, dual sim (best for traveller), reliable camera
Lettuce Giorno fa
My first ever smartphone was an LG K7 and I actually really liked it.
Terter Simeon
Terter Simeon Giorno fa
I remember *double click* to turn the screen on.
strange person
strange person Giorno fa
LG watches this video and becomes the biggest smartphone brand of 2021
rainbowzxlight Giorno fa
3:31 nice catch
Jeszy Andrew
Jeszy Andrew 2 giorni fa
Everything is good in LG V series except the market value.. Yaa.. U r daam Correct, they have to stick with medium pricing.
Rishabh Thakur
Rishabh Thakur 2 giorni fa
This video didn't age well.
momo simo
momo simo 2 giorni fa
c est dommage que lg met fin velvet .wing .v60 magnifique si seulement un repreneur achetait lg et vend les smartphone made in lg pas cher je pense que un repreneur achetera et continura a produir les smartphones lg en modifiant les defaults bootloup battrie et prix et un autre nom ❤
Pukhato Zhimo
Pukhato Zhimo 2 giorni fa
And now LG are going to shut down it's mobile phone manufacturing.
0l0click 2 giorni fa
I don't know if Mrwhosetheboss sees comments from older videos. I just wanted to say you become my #1 favorite tech reviewer because of videos like this. Seeing the internet explode with every tech reviewer now taking about LG I could not help but feel like everyone else was late to the party. Thinking Mrwhosetheboss was saying what you are saying before it was "cool" and trending. I get that everyone is talking about LG because of their big announcement. But still... A big thanks to Mrwhosetheboss from across the pond. I appreciate what you do. Keep up the great work 👍
KK 2 giorni fa
Why? So many people had LG phones with faulty soldered CPU, the phone enters boot-loop shortly after warranty expired in 1 year, and LG never compensate us. They DESERVED IT.
Qiuness 2 giorni fa
You didn't touch on the G4 fiasco where they literally stole people's money. I had 2 G4s that bootlooped and the #LG customer service literally told me to go fcuck my mother. After that i 1 starred them everywhere on google maps, and i`m celebrating the day LG is no more!
A-Nobody 2 giorni fa
When people ask me what brand my phone is I'll say "LG." obviously nobody knew what it was but to me it isn't trying to grab the kids that want to flew it. Its trying to grab the people that don't care. Now I don't want them to do that but they should. I know LG is shutting down. I personally think they are the best brand of phones. Of course you can disagree but be honest did you use LG EVER just the phone not the Tv's. LG is a very nice brand and seeing it just flat out quit is just heartbreaking. Im not sure if they are making TVs still but if someone can tell me that would be great.
Cjhay Zamudio
Cjhay Zamudio 2 giorni fa
Algorithm is Weird
TONY ZHANG 2 giorni fa
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crandf 2 giorni fa
Lg marketing team sucks
Giuseppe Soriano
Giuseppe Soriano 2 giorni fa
The ASMR thing and the earphones thing are impressive. I had the LG G Flex 2 and it was really the worst smartphone I've ever had. It was curve and that was kinda nice, but everything else was pretty bad. After few months, the battery started melting cause it was really hot and it tended to overheat a lot and the phone started crashing like every week, until finally, after just a year and some months, it died completely. I know that this is just one example, but that was a awful representation of a phone and yeah, me and all the people around me started thinking that LG phones were really bad. My father too had one, not the same model as mine, but yeah, it was pretty bad, overheating was a real problem and so the battery didn't last long for him too. So I think that LG fell because of that, because for few years it did terrible smartphone that kept away every fan of the brand and everyone who wanted to try it
Han 2 giorni fa
It is the lack of update that kills LG
Some Random Gamer
Some Random Gamer 2 giorni fa
Rip LG phones
ⒷⒶⓃⒼ|ⒷⒶⓃⒼ 2 giorni fa
LG needs to hire MrWhoseTheBoss.
BEA Liberatore
BEA Liberatore 2 giorni fa
I have al LG V30. Exceptional camera and sound.
Liam Condon
Liam Condon 2 giorni fa
Lg is garbage lmao not just phones either everything they make is total garbage breaks very quickly
tugi yem
tugi yem 2 giorni fa
I never have long durability about this phone G2-G4
ItsMeHere 2 giorni fa
Well... now you can't. So.... F
Cool breeze
Cool breeze 2 giorni fa
Samsung is overrated.
Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson 2 giorni fa
Hi Arun its ironic that you actually haven't reviewed an LG phone for years now and now with LG out of the phone business you won't have to. like your reviews on Xiaomi and one plus phones btw
snide 2
snide 2 2 giorni fa
Dude, you are wasting your intellect on being a hyper consumer/reviewer. You could be doing something much bigger and better for humanity. Don't take this wrong, it's actually a complement..
SlayFan_123 2 giorni fa
LG g3 battery so bad I had to get a smaller one to work 😂 😆
Game and Life
Game and Life 2 giorni fa
Fast forward a month later and I can’t say anyone will really miss them. They never really made anything that people ever liked.
Derek Black
Derek Black 2 giorni fa
@Game and Life I do love Samsung personally since they got their own ecosystem in a sense, like with their galaxy app store. When using a Samsung I feel more like I'm using just that, a Samsung phone, rather than an android. The galaxy app store has quite a few apps that are also available on Google play. This leads me to think samsung is preparing for a future without the android operating system. I don't know if Samsung could ditch android completely, but essentially since they got a well thriving ecosystem within their phones they're much more likely to be able to have a 3rd OS in the game to compete against the dualopoly of Apple and Google.
Derek Black
Derek Black 2 giorni fa
@Game and Life I definitely think their skin is better than the old touch wiz skin from back in the day. I got the galaxy a71 which is gonna get a dedicated 3 android upgrades, I got one so far so I'll get android 13, the a72 is out now and will get up to android 14. I am tempted to upgrade but I'll wait til my phone is done with the updates. I would say Samsung taking software updates more seriously is impressive, though not as good as the 5 years of updates for an average iPhone. I do think lack of software updates was one of the worst issues with LG. Also they were slow to adopt the fingerprint scanner. When the iPhone 5s made fingerprint scanners all the rage, LG had the LG G2 Out, they waited until the LG g5 to have a phone with a fingerprint scanner. HTC was also slow to adapt to this. Also their priced weren't as good as they should have been, ans over charged despite having lesser market share. I hope eventually they'll get their MOJO back and return to the smartphone business in the near future
Game and Life
Game and Life 2 giorni fa
@Derek Black while I’m not the biggest fan of the skin they put on Android, I totally agree
Derek Black
Derek Black 2 giorni fa
I got a Samsung and I can say they're much more Innovative than LG
theLensguy 2 giorni fa
Man, i didn't watched your video , i am just surprised you made one, i use to follow you but I saw in your videos how biased you are, sometimes it feels like you're paid... Don't talk about lg now, again you do this for add revenue, because it's a hot topic and ppl click, but you are like a crow on a dead body, trying to extract the last money you can get from this story. Shame on you all, shame on Google for transforming a free platform in a business, shame on you all for making videos just for add revenue without sharing any truth or useful information, youtube is the best platform for companies to spread lies and fool people in buying their non-ethical produced products, products that have tears of childs forced to labour on them, sweat of workers in abusive conditions, exploited and payed with peanuts.... Shame you you all for selling you humanity for money!
isdelo 73
isdelo 73 3 giorni fa
''Das ist nicht gut'' xD
Commonly Normal
Commonly Normal 3 giorni fa
I never buy LG. 😭
ZxVanix 3 giorni fa
How expensive is apple? Yes.
Justin 3 giorni fa
I got my G7 becuz it is only $3500 hkd
Sophia Periii
Sophia Periii 3 giorni fa
I actually considered buying their phone because of bts version
pothanna setti kattamuri
pothanna setti kattamuri 3 giorni fa
Because people dump for marketing chinese gimmicks
Vince Mapusao
Vince Mapusao 3 giorni fa
How about for Nokia?
GloomGaiGar 3 giorni fa
And a month or so later....
Piet Bosman
Piet Bosman 3 giorni fa
Is lg killing the v20 in 2021
Adam Alfred
Adam Alfred 3 giorni fa
I love LG 👍👍👍👍
D. Márquez
D. Márquez 3 giorni fa
LG is a shit company. I had LG phones, TVs and Air conditioners. Shit and cheap quality. Was very disappointed in their products
D. Márquez
D. Márquez 2 giorni fa
@Akshat I have 5, 4 of them got repaired one miraculously is still functioning. I'm not lying buddy and for the quality, I bought the most expensive ones at the time because I'm simply rich and wanted the best products I can get my hand on. We call all agree they make shit phones, Good refrigerators, bad AC (my experience), Lost their way with the TVs as well. Samsung, TCL, Sony will lead the way.
Akshat 3 giorni fa
Don't even say anything bad about AC, I have one from 12 years ago, still works like a charm
DaSmartBoi 3 giorni fa
Dude everyone is copying the points you said in this video, and you need more credit :-(
maruf amin
maruf amin 3 giorni fa
I've been using lg g4 for more than 5 years
dombavko7777 3 giorni fa
LG G5 the widest camera ever on any smartphone
Five Nights of Randomness
Five Nights of Randomness 3 giorni fa
I loved their phones. My LG k20 V was still puffing on since 2017 and works better than the oppo a3s I got in 2018. It even had better range as well. Sad to see them go down this way
spymaster360 David Velasquez
spymaster360 David Velasquez 3 giorni fa
*laughs while watching this from my LG phone*
Timelady 3 giorni fa
Me: *watching your video and enjoying your voice by I could listen to u to sleep like u voice is sooo nice* You: *is starting to talk german* Me: AHHHH HELP I WANTED TO HEAR MY BRITISH ENGLISH... You: *continuing in english* Me: puh xD but wow that wasn't bad at all :0 Better then me and I am german...
Shanae Schedel
Shanae Schedel 3 giorni fa
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Shanae Schedel 3 giorni fa
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Jam Ardaniel
Jam Ardaniel 3 giorni fa
LG Wing made them stopped selling smartphone. Yah know like what????
Christopher Haselden
Christopher Haselden 3 giorni fa
I didn't know I was nobody.
The Renaissance man
The Renaissance man 3 giorni fa
No offense, but your header is profoundly 1st grade..... Lol. "Why doesn't anyone buy LG phones?"
Himalayan Wanderer
Himalayan Wanderer 3 giorni fa
It's a complete bust of Leadership. A collective corporate failure. The phones aren't bad, the branding aspect of the business is awful, and pedestrian, almost lethargic to the point of no return. Bummer.
beepboop beep II
beepboop beep II 3 giorni fa
Because people are idiots...they will still buy those crap iPhones and Samsung's even if they know they are getting ripped off...
Mark Kenneth Ferrer
Mark Kenneth Ferrer 3 giorni fa
Brooo. They just ended their smartphone market.
V10.10 creation
V10.10 creation 3 giorni fa
Mr.Arun catch you my boy ....ha ha ha .....lol
V10.10 creation
V10.10 creation 3 giorni fa
Asli desi boy
The Okay Gaymer
The Okay Gaymer 3 giorni fa
Me watching on my Samsung tablet looking at my LG G8XYPDQ8675309...
stem Ngcobo
stem Ngcobo 3 giorni fa
Honestly, I'd have brought another LG specifically the v60 if it was available at the time
kasra khatir
kasra khatir 3 giorni fa
Repeat with me: *BOOT LOOP*
Fiilis1 3 giorni fa
Tbh. LG Brand is kind of boring. It feels like buying just some ordinary washing machine.
Dark Ace03
Dark Ace03 3 giorni fa
This video didn't last long, LG quit!
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