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The next generation of satellite internet is here... but is it any good... and how does it work, exactly? But most importantly, can you pwn noobs from space with it?
Check out - access is opening up based on location!
A huge thank-you goes out to Ken Keiter for letting us use his footage - check out his video here:
Another thanks to for the orbital visualization, which you can check out here:
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

Robert Applegate
Robert Applegate 2 ore fa
I'm just beginning to make the jump into 4K, so I'm listening carefully. When you went to quad split screen on a 4K monitor, you were apportioning a 3840 x 2160 into 4 1920 x 1080 screens. So here is where I'm dubious about your claims. If each of those streams began as 4K, I believe that they are being down converted to 4 standard HD 1080p video streams. I don't know where, but I'm guess that the video card is managing this process. Please tell me where I'm right and where I am wrong. This is important to me because I'm an automation system designer and I'm in the process of putting multiple operator screens onto a 4K monitor and I need to understand this process. Basically, I'm saying that if I was to begin with greater than 1920 x 1080 resolution with my individual screens, that it would be lost in the process of getting 4 of them in a 4K space (3840 x 2160). Possibly worse yet, graphic screen elements like tanks and pumps and valves and piping systems could wind up looking different on the final quad 1080 layout on a 4K monitor. Thanks so much for what you do. There are people out here that are actually putting what you are doing into practice, and not just for idiotic games! (FYI... machines that you turn on and they make money are so much more fun).
Fireash101 3 ore fa
Paying 70$ for half a megabit download speed. Century link moment.
Fireash101 3 ore fa
Also over 100 ms ping
ErixPloit 8 ore fa
you are considered as NOOB in gaming bro xD
cash callaway
cash callaway 9 ore fa
got it. ps: don't play online games with it
Omar 9 ore fa
As iraqi and gamer dude this is Paradise Pay 60 IQD Cost between 40-45$ and get maximum speed 3 MBPS download and upload and ping in eu servers 80MS to 130MS When warzon released took full week to download it 😂
Chiku Singh Rathore
Chiku Singh Rathore 12 ore fa
when he said 7and half km/s
debeodad Giorno fa
I get 40mbps and 12 upload for £20 a month in the UK lol
Omar 9 ore fa
I got 3Mbps download and upload for 45 dollars in iraq LoL I just wonder how long take download 60GB games with 40mbps h
Adnan Abbas
Adnan Abbas Giorno fa
do they pay rent for the space or is it more like "nah fuk you"
Gabi Chechedi
Gabi Chechedi Giorno fa
Me with 1gb download speed and 600mb upload and under 10-5 ping 😂
CactusBoi Giorno fa
Until last year I only got 300kb/s download at my dads house and we live in the middle of the most populated area in Germany and I think that is very sad. Upgrading to 100mb/s felt like switching from a Smartcar to a Ferrari.
CactusBoi 9 ore fa
@Omar In some places you can be happy to have that much since a lot of rural Germany doesn't even have a stable phone network.
Omar 9 ore fa
Really 300KB/S in Germany I’m very surprised
Kraexy St
Kraexy St Giorno fa
It's slower but it's more stable.
Lurri Giorno fa
Me with with max 4mb download speed
hemal ahmed
hemal ahmed Giorno fa
I play games on 200 ms ping soo yeah......
kinerry Giorno fa
iJustine is a hack
Santa Six
Santa Six Giorno fa
When the aliens attack. You're going to want a hardline.
Fruity Boi
Fruity Boi 2 giorni fa
How long does it take to get
A Person Who Exists
A Person Who Exists 2 giorni fa
Ship em' to north korea with pcs.
꧄꧁Oq_꧂꧄ 2 giorni fa
I want this. I need this!
Doyle 2 giorni fa
This could be an absolutely game changer for internet for people living in Rural areas.
Αθηνά Στεριανάκου
Αθηνά Στεριανάκου 2 giorni fa
Otto Kriete
Otto Kriete 2 giorni fa
I live in the country ( NC) where ATT is the ONLY broadband option. I get 6Mbs with a ping of @37........... I can stream netflix, hulu, prime, etc, with no noticeable buffering. Starlink will work just fine for me...........
LordTel 2 giorni fa
All those brains,.. But wearing useless masks. Cultish.
Babatunde Jeijei
Babatunde Jeijei 2 giorni fa
27ms.. :D :D c'mon i have dial up internet i have 11ms ping... you suck
Lead Foot
Lead Foot 2 giorni fa
Got a full order in today. Cable internet here isn't exactly slow, but it's expensive, has a data cap, and can be very unreliable at times. The only other option is 30mbps DSL. Still gonna keep the cable connection. My router has load balancing so I can use both at the same time.
Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore 2 giorni fa
Absolutely love this! My Starlink hardware should be shipping first part of next week... can't wait! Now I know what to expect. Thanks guys
Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore 2 giorni fa
@TheKhopesh Got an email at the beginning of the week informing me I would be billed the additional $500 today and my equipment was getting ready to ship.
TheKhopesh 2 giorni fa
How do you know when it will ship? I signed up last week, and they only charged me the 99 dollars for the first month of service, but haven't even charged me the $500 for the equipment yet (and they say they won't charge you on the equipment until its ready to ship).
rayne sque
rayne sque 2 giorni fa
Zack Edmonds
Zack Edmonds 2 giorni fa
Linus I pay $100 for my wifi and I get 3mbps. I have no problem paying that for star link
signalise 2 giorni fa
linus bad at video game
HadesVault 2 giorni fa
I get 600-800 ms of ping with viasat where i am so hopefully when we get our starlink its a game changer literally
Semfreak 3 giorni fa
I cannot wait to get this here at the house. I live in the country, we have only 2 choices for internet all wireless and less that 10GBps. This will be a game-changer for me. I am on the list and made the deposit! Elon, lets get this is Texas ASAP!!! =)
Rolando Robinson
Rolando Robinson 3 giorni fa
Is it the dish protected against lightning strikes?
Ferocious Gamer
Ferocious Gamer 2 giorni fa
that's why you have lightning rods on your house...
S B 3 giorni fa
uncensored internet for the whole globe.. I can just imagine Kim Jong is working on some sort of giant tin-foil umbrella right now ☂
Taylor Wachacha
Taylor Wachacha 3 giorni fa
I can’t wait for this to be available in my area. I’m in a small town of NC. My only option is 10 Mbps, for $250 a month and a data cap. I’d literally kill for this to be available now
GONK GONK GONK 3 giorni fa
my school teacher got a email about starlink
Synthesized 3 giorni fa
ISP Monopolies on suicide watch
Awesome Face
Awesome Face 3 giorni fa
i have satellite internet the bit when linus talks about ping is wrong, most satellite isp’s have 600+ ping so if i could get a starlink that only has 20ping thatd be amazing
Synthesized 3 giorni fa
100 a month with no data cap! and incredible ping!? wow, as a Trucker, i EXTREMELY look forward to owning one of these lol
Pete Coventry
Pete Coventry 3 giorni fa
They are geo locked so it won't work on a ship i can't even use it in an RV
Pete Coventry
Pete Coventry 3 giorni fa
YT does not like the live Starlink map. but google it - the amount is mind blowing! oneweb have so little in comparison - 1222km up vs 555km for Starlink
Pete Coventry
Pete Coventry 3 giorni fa
I always said some Eccentric bastard would change the world.. And them Elon Musk was born ;D
Kaio Y
Kaio Y 3 giorni fa
lol I thought the router were much bigger just as I thought the PS5 was gonna be much smaller
Manuel Ledesma
Manuel Ledesma 3 giorni fa
Ok so, not for RTS games :(
Retroark TV
Retroark TV 3 giorni fa
Just ordered mine. I hope it succeeds, but also I hope that it doesn't succeed TOO well. The less people actually using it, the faster it will be.
Soul Sherlock
Soul Sherlock 4 giorni fa
16:05 bad crosshair placement Linus shame on you :'D
Jer Amb
Jer Amb 4 giorni fa
Jayasureyathegamee balasundaram
Jayasureyathegamee balasundaram 4 giorni fa
I am in south india but getting 100 mbbs with no data caps for just 13.6 dollars per month with fiber
Jayasureyathegamee balasundaram
Jayasureyathegamee balasundaram 4 giorni fa
I pay 13.6 dollar for 100 mbbs with no data caps in india
guodong lin
guodong lin 4 giorni fa
better than mine....
Curious Wars
Curious Wars 4 giorni fa
Im moving to this just on principle. FUCK the local internet companies for forcing me to only have 1 option. and FUCK the government for the same thing. Ive got a choice now and I'm gonna use it. I already preordered. says should be in my area later this year. so in musk time thats 5 years from now. worth.
Fast Man22
Fast Man22 4 giorni fa
Samayou Arashi
Samayou Arashi 4 giorni fa
I get 38-40ms to ATT's speedtest server on VDSL2. So so far spaceX's starlink is looking like its going to be my replacement.
atlantian wizard
atlantian wizard 4 giorni fa
50 ping is pro tier
Chris Tru
Chris Tru 4 giorni fa
I live out in the country outside my city limits, All I can get is 6 Mps.
Dr. Suds
Dr. Suds 5 giorni fa
seeing you rage at CS made this video awesome
MelloCello 5 giorni fa
is this an 18 minute advertisement??
Mik Moen
Mik Moen 5 giorni fa
Earth orbit is going to be unimaginably polluted by the end of my lifetime.
Justin Goodrich
Justin Goodrich 5 giorni fa
Can you use this on a car
Uk Sunny
Uk Sunny 5 giorni fa
Its 99 £ /month expensive
Chris Tapia
Chris Tapia 5 giorni fa
Linus the type of dude to call a whole squad of handy men to change a light bulb in his house 😂
Tanner King
Tanner King 5 giorni fa
Cant wait till I can get starlink, i get 49kbps with viasat
Domgnos 5 giorni fa
Exemplo local, Tá, mas se o elon não tiver um servidor em cada país de nada adiantará, pois o satélite enviará os dados até o servidor dele que provavelmente será ai nos estados Unidos e dos Estados unidos os dados virão via cabos submarinos até o servidor em São Paulo por exemplo, se ele cometer esse erro de nada adiantará, ao invés de diminuir o ping, o ping multiplicará.
Domgnos 5 giorni fa
Velocidade alta não é igual a ping bom.
Dutch 5 giorni fa
all those satelites in space including all previouse launched satelites, making a real big mess in space.
L3ttuc3 5 giorni fa
Waiting for July for mine. Interested to see how well it works, and for only $100. My 35mbps line currently is just over $300. But it's the Only thing available in my area over 10mbps($85/mo.) I wonder if pings will be low enough to justify completely moving over though. Easily worth the money to try out though. I honestly was expecting to just use it for the bandwidth for a while and game on my ADSL line since I expected pings to be 150ms+. But even my ADSL line in the southeast US gets 47-60ms. Starlink might save me a fortune if it's this good. 20 times the speed, half the ping and 1/3 the price T.T I'm actually getting excited to get my dish now.
Ingemārs Volters
Ingemārs Volters 5 giorni fa
I imagine some governments are not happy with this. I wish Elon all the luck to achieve global coverage for Starlink.
taku 5 giorni fa
internet in 2050 will prob be like 10k mbps
Rick Hobson
Rick Hobson 5 giorni fa
Goodbye Astronomy. Hello Kessler Syndrome. SpaceX puts up 10,000... and Amazon...
Last Prophet
Last Prophet 5 giorni fa
Bring it in Bangladesh. 🇧🇩🇧🇩😔😔🤕😭💔
JOYEE 5 giorni fa
You're probably having it come from a ground station after you probably said that ground stations do exist and also It's they probably have ground stations over Toronto and such 7-5 G. because it's just cheap it to do that and then haven't some Do that and ground stations are she put in somethings I can do
JOYEE 5 giorni fa
Well I have a feeling that is will probably be scrapped to because Chinese Greg and North Korea a stop sending those things over and like no these are satellites you physically can you know we have 4 times a missiles if you if you find we of them there stopped coming over china within 4 days say goodbye to you wonder if wheat for days come all right guys space come we have to change a bit things instead of having anything in the sky now we as a normal K. Wednesday if it's because of Chinese censorship updates
kellyhouse03 5 giorni fa
I'm ten minutes outside of a major oilfield Metro area, and pay $150 a month for 20 Mbps service, and only manage about 10-12 Mbps on the best day. Better believe I'm in line for Starlink!
CS 4118
CS 4118 5 giorni fa
Me watching this with a 5 mbps wifi: interesting.
Kabelo Baloyi
Kabelo Baloyi 6 giorni fa
i get 3ms in csgo and i live in africa, hard pass Elon, hard pass.
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 5 giorni fa
This is meant for people outside of cities.
cyberash3000 6 giorni fa
so this is the purpose of SPAZ FORCE trump set up, as space caretakers pmsl
cyberash3000 2 giorni fa
@Ferocious Gamer lmao the most stupid idea from the most stupid man in all of history
Ferocious Gamer
Ferocious Gamer 2 giorni fa
this is not the purpose of spaz force the purpose of that is to kill the aliens that are "coming to kill us"
FireScull 6 giorni fa
I get 25Mbps Download, and a crazy 80 ms while connected to your average NA server, and have to share it with 4 other people in my household, so this will be a real game changer! Since 80ms is my average ping, I often think it's good, but when other people know what ping I get, they think it's weird I can even play under these conditions.
Tyler McCalmon
Tyler McCalmon 6 giorni fa
Run multiple cad programs and heat up the gpu’s thatd be a test.
Tyler McCalmon
Tyler McCalmon 6 giorni fa
Dude said toupee lol been to Canada eyy
Behrad baghaei
Behrad baghaei 6 giorni fa
Here in iran with 8mbps download and 150ms ping with adsl this is gold
Ali Al-shmmri
Ali Al-shmmri 6 giorni fa
You can't know how much we wait for it becuse so many people use less than 1 mb internet speed
ahmed ismail
ahmed ismail 6 giorni fa
dude it gets annoyed how every 5 sec he talks about his merch wtf
Dee Tech
Dee Tech 6 giorni fa
I have Hughes bet and later this year we’re getting starlink. Elon literally is saving us $18,000 by doing this. Capitalism is awesome!!!
Synthesized 3 giorni fa
hell yea
Justin time
Justin time 7 giorni fa
The way you roll into you're adds is clever! Great job with this video! First time here.
Weazel 7 giorni fa
I live in south alabama and have lived with no internet for all 19 years of my life. Im so excited to say I will be using internet next month! Thanks linus you convinced my parents to get it for my family!
Blahdimir 4 giorni fa
hopefully something changes over there. i lived in 2 locations in south alabama. one had cable with 10mbps speeds, the other... dial-up. why is everyone focused on going from 1 gigabit to 10 gigabit, rather than getting everyone to 25 megabit?
Duckstar 7 giorni fa
My Friend is always flexing on me because he has 15mbits download which still is the double of mine...
Tonechild 7 giorni fa
They should put a datacenter in space, for research!
James Playz
James Playz 7 giorni fa
I ordered starlink because I have huesnet. They lied for sure about getting 25 mbps I get 20 kbps. We will see what happens with starlink
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 5 giorni fa
My statlink is around 240mgbs, it was 150mgbs over a month ago.
5k subcriber before 2030 Ralte
5k subcriber before 2030 Ralte 7 giorni fa
very late but just got my starlink in india
Oleksii Kolesnikov
Oleksii Kolesnikov 7 giorni fa
The video and the product are both great! But still, the amount of satellites in orbit scares me a little. If something goes wrong on 550km orbit, that is still decades for the natural orbit decay. And then imagen competitors trying to do the same. We would have then 100k+ only stalink type satellites in orbit. I just hope they know what they are doing, and not just "avoid inconveniences for the greater profit today"!
Not Amazed Yet ?
Not Amazed Yet ? 7 giorni fa
Love your beard man. You look amazing.
Lone_Wolf Adventure Camping and Exploring
Lone_Wolf Adventure Camping and Exploring 8 giorni fa
My hughesnet connection had an 1150 ms ping it was “amazing”
HAHAHAHA! Jokes on you! I'm on bell, my networking access is sparse, Unreliable, and expensive!
Alejandro Dirksen
Alejandro Dirksen 8 giorni fa
"More latency than a terestial connection" While I am here in Aruba and I play on a ping of 79 at best....
verigu metin
verigu metin 8 giorni fa
My internet conection is 2mb out in a village in Roumania. Alltough we have fiber in even villages nowadays, my village is a bit faraway from the nearest town and thats what sets the bar for high speed internet access. Downloading with 200 kb/s is nightmare, i mean imagine cyberpunk is 100GB, it took over a week to download, its funny seeing people complain that 150 mb/s conection is slow:))) when mine is 2mb/s, tough i understand where they are coming from. I am used to 2mb and fiber will probably get to my village faster then Elon will, still the amount of respect I have for him knowing that he will eventually give internet to people all over the planet. I feel like people still underestimate the impact Elon Musk has on our planet, from starting up the EV market to revolutionizing space rockets, to now trying to give good internet to all people its not about high speed for games and stuff, but decent internet conection to people in mountains if need be All that i am has been acquired from the online space, all the philosophy i learned, the stoicism, the budhist teachings, the math( Khan Academy ), the confidence, the knowledge of my world, all of it due to this wonderfull space called internet, where humans share ideas and knowledge, hopes and dreams. Yes, he will profit from it. I doubt he will use that money for bad things. If his history gives us a clue, id say he will only try to help humanity. Even with the price, im sure at some point when it gets to Africa for example, he will figure out a way to give it to them cheaper. I am 100% certain someone will try to give me a reason why that is impossible. To that person i have only one thing to say: THEY ALL SAID IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE, UNTIL ELON MUSK DID IT.
Frantix 8 giorni fa
The things I would do for even 1mbps download speed….
Jon Kadler
Jon Kadler 8 giorni fa
Imagine you play on Asian servers with 40-60ms that's amazing! or on NA servers from Europe! It's a future-proof technology even today!
no 8 giorni fa
my thumbnails wont even load lmao
Amit 8 giorni fa
Jio se sasta degi kya😂
Jvst Papi
Jvst Papi 8 giorni fa
Lol i got centurylink 1mb dl(290 -320 kbps usually), 300 kbps upl
Eric_zockt 9 giorni fa
10:22 i totally undersand you but for me there is the option 165ms ping and optimal 12Mb up and 2Mb down.
lurn 9 giorni fa
i have 0.30 mbs i’m gonna beg my mom now
Youtube Lich
Youtube Lich 9 giorni fa
hype Hype
Christian Montagx
Christian Montagx 9 giorni fa
FIBER? It's a fairy tail that someone has fiber least in germany :'D
I bought a TRANSPARENT TV for $7000 :*(
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