AirPods Max Review: Luxury Listening!

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Marques Brownlee

3 mesi fa

Apple made some pretty great headphones with a pretty dumb case.
AirPods Max:
MKBHD Merch:
Tech I'm using right now:
Intro Track:
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:
Headphones provided by Apple for review.

Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee 3 mesi fa
Ok so for those asking: These or the Sony XM4? I’ve personally ordered a black pair of these for myself. I think I’ll be using them for most everyday listening. But for my flights and travel I have a feeling I’m gonna hate the limited Android multi device support and get annoyed and switch back to the Sonys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mohammed Tariq
Mohammed Tariq 27 giorni fa
Tan Sze Han
Tan Sze Han Mese fa
Arman Ahd
Arman Ahd 2 mesi fa
You are just advertising for USA products without any logical reason...
Wilivlogs 3 mesi fa
@Anthony Romero Bowers and Wilkins PX7 for me.
Swooty 3 mesi fa
XM3's, XM4's and even the WH900N are better or equal to the metal box of a headphone that apple has created.
John wiener • 75 years ago
John wiener • 75 years ago Giorno fa
“Apple why did you send me the green one” is all you need to hear to know his review is bullshit
Archie Gee
Archie Gee 7 ore fa
Muriel Bittencourt de Liz
Muriel Bittencourt de Liz Giorno fa
I could not adapt. The device is amazing, but as I use glasses, after an hour the phone pressure on my head gave me a terrible headache... apple should review the physical design because it is a pain to use then
emanijeans Giorno fa
What’s with the mask??
100% Giorno fa
Brown was in electrical and was at the emergency 🚨 hospital for five minutes after a few hours before he left for the hall to the hall in the emergency 🚨 hospital where she was in hospital with a white eye 👁 and was not able and she found dead
Cat Guy
Cat Guy Giorno fa
Another reason to avoid Apple at all costs.
Caramelcubes 2 giorni fa
You know, If Apple made the mesh headband like the beats headband but combined the mesh into it, made the head adjustments more thicker to prevent breaking, and made the headphones foldable made the price around 240...I think they would have a great profit
Saez Rosario
Saez Rosario 2 giorni fa
This are made for consumer 🙌🏼
Nerfeverythings 2 giorni fa
Who else is using the pro max to listen for this review
Jah Maddah
Jah Maddah 3 giorni fa
Flexing all them PS5 when everyone wants to get their hands on just one
007 3 giorni fa
Bra Bag, best case to torture and embarrass you for buying $500 headphones
Ikeria Scott
Ikeria Scott 4 giorni fa
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Danny Abarca Jr.
Danny Abarca Jr. 4 giorni fa
Since they don’t have the apple logo on I’m sure copycats will be hitting the market soon... I wonder what would be the best way to differentiate
Saez Rosario
Saez Rosario 5 giorni fa
I’m so happy I ordered mines with sky blue I love the sky blue on my iPad Air already I just don’t like the case on the airpod max but I also got a bag for them for traveling from Amazon 🥰😆
Souranil Chakraborty
Souranil Chakraborty 5 giorni fa
this is still worth if you cannot have anything other than apple but for most of the people. and that case really over engineered
Ciro Torres
Ciro Torres 5 giorni fa
My AirPods Max are so tight around my ear, and they’re hurting my jaw and giving me a headache
BlubberMuffnMan 6 giorni fa
I was on the edge for these but honestly this video pushed me to go for them, your videos are always top quality
Noor Taiyeba
Noor Taiyeba 6 giorni fa
Definitely not buying this after hearing about the case
Noor Taiyeba
Noor Taiyeba 6 giorni fa
The sony headphones are so shit doesn't fit my head it takes do many tries to connect to my MacBook. To switch devices you first need to disconnect from one device then connect to another device. I've no idea why people love it
Paljeet Singh
Paljeet Singh 7 giorni fa
APPLE COPIED MASTER & DYNAMICS --- EARCUPS, DESIGN and everything and replaced leather with mesh
Cargenee LLC
Cargenee LLC 7 giorni fa
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New Gameplays
New Gameplays 7 giorni fa
Well the way the case is actually good and that mesh headband doesn't need protection!
Gustavomtz1990 7 giorni fa
Hey Marques I’ll buy those beats pro headphones for $250 lol
Joshua Bryce
Joshua Bryce 8 giorni fa
“How do they sound... well “ AD “ “
Timothy Long
Timothy Long 8 giorni fa
When I saw that (m)urse, I almost threw up. Almost remind me of a training bra also.
magnusX - tech, gaming and livestreams
magnusX - tech, gaming and livestreams 8 giorni fa
Aye yo my man flexing on those PS5s in the start
William Cooper
William Cooper 8 giorni fa
Is this better then the nuraphones
MsVeeBaby GlitznGlam
MsVeeBaby GlitznGlam 9 giorni fa
550 tho damn
Bryan Sturgill
Bryan Sturgill 9 giorni fa
I'm looking For the best sounding casaul use wired headphones... Any recommendations?
Jaiden Davila
Jaiden Davila 9 giorni fa
7:05 your welcome
Shiven Brahmkshatriya
Shiven Brahmkshatriya 9 giorni fa
Which color should I get Space Gray, Silver, or Sky Blue
ya ya
ya ya 9 giorni fa
i have the space grey ones, they look really amazing but i would recommend getting whatever color your phone is
Michael Galban
Michael Galban 9 giorni fa
It looks like the headset that workers that work with heavy machinery put on. 0 in design. Apples price is only for the name smh don’t get me wrong, I have an iPhone and AirPods and even the Apple Watch but are the accessories worth it for their price ? No
Phil 10 giorni fa
yeah I'm going with the xm4s
Phil 7 giorni fa
@ya ya naaah mate, Its better in price to performance, it also weighs less.
ya ya
ya ya 9 giorni fa
broke boy 🤣
Migo-Migo 11 giorni fa
Did I just hear lightning port? Oh f that! They'll have to pay me to buy that crap.
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller 11 giorni fa
I never knew what’s out there after the iPhone 8 a few years ago because it seemed like a lot of the tech was matured to a point where it didn’t make much of a difference. Very glad to see they are still innovating at a high level while producing noticeable results on headphones. Also, Brownlee got me back to being educated and cultured in the tech world.
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller 11 giorni fa
This guy‘s titles are out of this world.
Sean Myhre
Sean Myhre 11 giorni fa
If you wanna look like the sped kids in gym class, wear AirPods max!
Anthony Diaz
Anthony Diaz 11 giorni fa
J. Gio Herrera
J. Gio Herrera 12 giorni fa
Hi, what is the ring light you see at 0:52 ? Thank you
Don Davis
Don Davis 13 giorni fa
I would never pay that kind of money for some headphones especially if they ain’t studios
ya ya
ya ya 9 giorni fa
ok? lmfao
Vid. 13 giorni fa
“They’re not sweat resistant so you shouldn’t use them to work out” Who’s gonna work out in 300+ g headphones???
Ray Ng
Ray Ng 13 giorni fa
The storage case is the only reason why I am staying away from these set of headphones. I don't care how great they sound.
Anthony oquendo
Anthony oquendo 14 giorni fa
Lol,if you buy 500$ headphones and ride the bus your priorities are fucked ...
D C 14 giorni fa
I own a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 and Bose quietcomfort 35 ii, Sony fell apart after 3 years of constant use. The Bose were also frequently used as they were more comfortable. Just got AirPod Max to replace the Sony. I’m impressed they sound great (I like the treble on them) and I was expecting to return these after a week. Very surprised with the ambient mode, they are perfect. But I don’t like the way they look and end up getting the black ones. The case is indeed stupid.
Ashwin Ramesh
Ashwin Ramesh 14 giorni fa
Chiddy Bang spotting at 6:51 okkkk I see you Marques
Aldo Ramos
Aldo Ramos 14 giorni fa
Apple is doing too much and over pricing the headphones
4Heed Indeed
4Heed Indeed 14 giorni fa
That intro was 10/10
Jose Alberto Ortega
Jose Alberto Ortega 14 giorni fa
Me listening to this in my airpods pro thinking if i should just go for it :(
DeAundre Jones
DeAundre Jones 14 giorni fa
“Case looks like a bra”😂💀
DukeVonNoob 14 giorni fa
Same problem as usual - They sound better with a cable = Wireless is useless (for the moment).
yashvir bassi
yashvir bassi 15 giorni fa
did any one noticed 10 box of ps5 near the Christmas tree if yes like
Benboi 2727
Benboi 2727 15 giorni fa
That’s not worth it
Nico Smith
Nico Smith 15 giorni fa
How well do u think think would resist sweat or water like would it bug out and get destroyed or do u think they could resist to a certain amount
Ibidayo Emmanuel
Ibidayo Emmanuel 15 giorni fa
Anyone else wondering how marques is so rich?
Archie Gee
Archie Gee 7 ore fa
Ummmmmm no, he has 13 million subscribers.
Bren Karl
Bren Karl 15 giorni fa
A S 15 giorni fa
People are going to listen to WAP on these
Rosa Maria Cooney
Rosa Maria Cooney 16 giorni fa
It looks soooo ugly I’ll stick with beats
ya ya
ya ya 9 giorni fa
Zeissler Music
Zeissler Music 16 giorni fa
Woow oneplus 9 Pro pine green 🇩🇰
Gurneet Pabla
Gurneet Pabla 16 giorni fa
your right that there are more cheaper headphones and i have JBL headphones that cost 45 bucks and sound AMAZING and on my headphones if some won i vacumimg i can haer just a little bit but the pretty good
Chikezie Ikechukwu
Chikezie Ikechukwu 16 giorni fa
Am going to stick with beats
K&K Ever
K&K Ever 17 giorni fa
I don’t know I am skeptical about this headphones anybody else ?? Headphones with a purse you hit that on the head bro
Thiha Sein Win
Thiha Sein Win 17 giorni fa
Intro is the best one ever
Ronald Thornley
Ronald Thornley 17 giorni fa
It’s like a mini purse hahaha
Waleed Al-Rabbani
Waleed Al-Rabbani 18 giorni fa
if you're not a full on apple only customer there's no point buying them, I don't have an iPhone anymore so would barely be able to use any of the features.
Jose M. Fernandez
Jose M. Fernandez 18 giorni fa
Open back *shows sennheiser's closed back headphones*
Jes Miscellaneous
Jes Miscellaneous 18 giorni fa
The intro is still the sickest thing ever. I come back from time to time just to watch that and then dip lmao.
Hydronix Strife
Hydronix Strife 18 giorni fa
I was given the option to get the ps5 or these headphones. I think my answer is decided, also these are barely airpods, these are airmuffs, the most technological winter wear
Ibewuike Donald Chike
Ibewuike Donald Chike 19 giorni fa
Damn that case is ugly😩😩
Chris 19 giorni fa
That intro
Mitch Marzin
Mitch Marzin 20 giorni fa
0:44 because iSheep don't question or assess, they just buy and follow like a herd...ignoring the numerous quality offerings out there for half the price
Archie Gee
Archie Gee 7 ore fa
no, most are aware of the competition, but prefer the Apple headphones.
Ivan Fernandes
Ivan Fernandes 20 giorni fa
Well, you start this... Wrongly! Metal headphones? I have ones... And they are amazing
Robin.t. Basil
Robin.t. Basil 20 giorni fa
apple needs a better mike in this headphone
Ryland Cooper
Ryland Cooper 20 giorni fa
Momentum 3 vs airpod max
FemaleAssassin 20 giorni fa
Fire intro
Stoke Mash123
Stoke Mash123 20 giorni fa
"Spatial audio, which works only for iphone and ipad for now" I don't think they are going to optimize it for Android.
santiago carrer
santiago carrer 21 giorno fa
isn't it sad that this is one of apple's cheapest products
santiago carrer
santiago carrer 20 giorni fa
@Tom Stevens i said one of them, and that thing only works with apple music, only works with siri, and it doesn't do anything whiteout an iphone
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 20 giorni fa
@santiago carrer Their cheapest first party product (which is not an accessory) is the HomePod Mini, actually. And btw, there are a lot of other brands who's cheapest products are over a 100 grand lol.
santiago carrer
santiago carrer 20 giorni fa
@Tom Stevens but imagine one of your cheapest products is 550
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 20 giorni fa
How is that sad? Isn't it a good thing, actually?
iDre Gaming
iDre Gaming 21 giorno fa
Alot for a earpiece
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 20 giorni fa
What do you mean?
Alex Saldana
Alex Saldana 21 giorno fa
If im wearing these while walking, and i trip and hear a crack. It better be my neck.
Alex Saldana
Alex Saldana 20 giorni fa
@Tom Stevens that's just it. To you they are worth it, but not to me which is fine. But i think its important to call out even the companies whose products you purchase when they do shady shit. Like for example, apple has made it increasingly more difficult to have the products that they make be repaired by anyone. Because they want you spend hundreds, if not thousands on a new phone/ipad/macbook/whatever rather than repair it for significantly cheaper. And they also cheap out on accessories that come with the phone or ipad. They give you a 5 wat power brick which takes several hours to charge the device versus a 20 wat which charges it in a little over an hour. If im going to spend over a thousand dollars on a new phone, at least give me a higher wattage charger.
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 20 giorni fa
@Alex Saldana The price may be ridiculous for you, but definitely not for the people who bought it, including me. Upgraded from the Sony XM3s after over 2 years and the AirPods Max are an upgrade in almost every aspect except the case design and battery life. I got a Waterfield Max Shield case to solve the former, and the AirPods Max still last all day, and I charge it overnight anyways, so I don't care about the latter. And while the AirPods Max lack sweat resistance, it's not a major deal-breaker for me, since I still have my XM3s for the gym. Also, there's going to be a Sports version of the AirPods Max coming out soon anyways. Besides, you don't really want to be moving around a lot with your Max a lot considering it's got a metal design. And while I agree they're overpriced by about 40-60 bucks, they're worth it for most people who have an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.
Alex Saldana
Alex Saldana 20 giorni fa
And as he said, they are great headphones but not worth $550.
Alex Saldana
Alex Saldana 20 giorni fa
@Tom Stevens because its their newest audio device and their prices for the products they make are ridiculous. I actually am an apple consumer, but there is a big difference between mindless consumers and knowledgeable consumers.
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 20 giorni fa
@Alex Saldana Huh, no offence, but you sound just like another one of those typical Apple haters. All headphones can get damaged from the dumbest ways possible. Don't know why you have to single out the AirPods Max to point that out.
PuertoRock13 21 giorno fa
For $550 it better do more than play music!
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 20 giorni fa
Lol what? 550 bucks is like budget headphones in the overall market where headphones go up to 60 grand. If you want your headphones to do more than play music, you better have more than 60 grand to drop on headphones.
Onpassive Today
Onpassive Today 21 giorno fa
🤠👩‍🦰 THANKS for your technical info
Eliakim ishchayil
Eliakim ishchayil 21 giorno fa
great review
Hype Tech 250
Hype Tech 250 21 giorno fa
I wish I could see Apple’s reaction to this video when they saw Marques’ headphones Case review 😂
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 20 giorni fa
Apple have already explained their reasoning for their choice of design for this case, and it ...... kind of makes sense.?
Robin.t. Basil
Robin.t. Basil 21 giorno fa
air pod max has extreme quality
Mortada satar
Mortada satar 21 giorno fa
لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله وعلي ولي الله
Linselx 22 giorni fa
there’s no point of buying a headphone with same price as an android phone.
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 20 giorni fa
Can't people have different priorities from you?
bryanmunich221 22 giorni fa
You look ready for the shooting range lol
Kid Animation
Kid Animation 23 giorni fa
I still have the first airpods
Bruh 22 giorni fa
Who asked
DogCraft 23 giorni fa
Alternate Title: Marques Speaks about headphones that come with a dumb case.
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 20 giorni fa
That is pretty much the only dumb thing about them.
JLummin 23 giorni fa
thanks, just sold me for not getting them. obviously wanted to flex but price was a turn off as well as the case and usage. I like the balance of studio headphones and casual listening and so I currently use the Audio Technica Ath50xBT which is a well known studio headphones for $150 and yeah no noise cancellation which I hope is added for future models but has great sound, and is bluetooth. With the Airpods Pro max not having the headphone jack, obviously loses the ability to be studio headphones and cant plug them into my audio interface to do recordings.
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 20 giorni fa
@JLummin Not trying to make you switch your headphones or anything, but you could just disconnect it from BT if you want to turn it off. And there are a lot of really nice 3rd party cases for something like 50-70 bucks. You should still stick with what you already have, since the AirPods Max are certainly not worth it for anyone who doesn't have an iPhone/iPad/Apple TV.
JLummin 20 giorni fa
@Tom Stevens just found out that apple sells an lightning to 3.5 jack that is made to use this as wired headphones. Still turned off by the whole case situation that it wont power off until it is in it. I'll stick with what I got
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 20 giorni fa
You can always use an adapter though
Vivek Prakhar
Vivek Prakhar 23 giorni fa
Bad review! Don't encourage Apple to make such overpriced product by simply downplaying it's quirks and straight disappointments. It's an awfully product and should be called so. Not even close to Bose 700s or Sony XM4s
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 20 giorni fa
Pretty much it's only disappointment is the case. And by no means is it an awful (not awfully, R.I.P. English) product. I upgraded to these from the Sony XM3s, and overall they're significantly better in all measurable and QoL aspects except battery life. And while they don't last as long as my XM3s did, they still comfortably last all day, and I charge them overnight anyways. Imo, the AirPods Max are the best over-ear ANC consumer wireless headphone on the market atm, and while they might be overpriced by about 40-60 bucks, they're absolutely worth it for anyone who has an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.
Bruh 22 giorni fa
How? It looks premium and has awesome features.The downside is the case
Among us 1
Among us 1 24 giorni fa
So what are beats studio 3
Among us 1
Among us 1 24 giorni fa
The two sounds
josh haldar
josh haldar 24 giorni fa
I've never seen Marques hate something that much. LOL
MitLinks 24 giorni fa
ill keep my MDR 7506, thank you lol
a J
a J 24 giorni fa
Is the show scripted ?The examples you use to compare a feature makes me smile and nod my head and say to my self ,,so true.The comparison between an electric car and this headphones was perfect, nothing could describe that better ..
Extimic Kwok
Extimic Kwok 24 giorni fa
The nostalgic stool naturally form because improvement pathohistologically clap past a premium change. curved, shrill cotton
VNKRsingh 24 giorni fa
I wish apple had rather had made it that when u kind'a fold them they should be turned off rather than keeping then in the stupid case
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens 20 giorni fa
You could just disconnect it from BT
Samantha Samantha
Samantha Samantha 24 giorni fa
The disturbed salt radiologically avoid because custard jointly guide athwart a careful cake. loud, boring grape
Vincent1324. 24 giorni fa
You could get beats lol
Rahul M R
Rahul M R 24 giorni fa
Please do a review on Galaxy Buds Pro
Bugey09 25 giorni fa
6:22 69 bucks lol
Black Baron
Black Baron 25 giorni fa
☠️BLACK BARON☠️ Steven Jobs would have said: $199 yes ... $600 is a NoGo. That's my opinion. Apple, keep your feet on the ground.
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