This Helicopter Is Now On Mars!

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The Mars Helicopter, Ingenuity aims to make the first powered flight on another planet when it takes off on Mars. It has now landed and safely checked in with the rover. It should detach and fly within the first 30-60 days of the mission. I learned a lot getting to visit the drone right before it was mounted on the rover at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.
How do you fly in 1% of Earth's atmosphere:
Have large rotors (they are 1.2m in diameter) and spin them very fast, around 2500 RPM (5x the speed of a helicopter on Earth).
Plus the aircraft has to be light:
The Mars helicopter weighs in at 1.8kg or around the same as a laptop. Every piece had to be stripped down for weight. Instead of using aerogel for insulation, the craft makes use of CO2 gaps between components. Even aerogel was too heavy!
One of the major challenges is surviving the Martian night:
Temperatures plunge to -80C to -100C so two thirds of the craft's power is actually used to keep its electronics warm. Only one third is used for flying. The estimated flight time is 90 seconds.
The craft can't be driven remotely, it will have to fly autonomously, using its own sensor suite to determine how to fly. The round trip 20 minute delay with Earth means steering the craft from mission control would be impossible.
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Drone Dome FPV
Drone Dome FPV 3 ore fa
I watched the prop test of this craft a year after this video was uploaded. Epic!
Drone Dome FPV
Drone Dome FPV 3 ore fa
As a FPV Quadcopter pilot, this gets me all excited & nerded out.
Akaboy4life 6 ore fa
Its not first drone Its first Air drone. Dont forget the satalites, the rovers and mini shuttles.
Tabish Sohail
Tabish Sohail 9 ore fa
Nobody did it so I had too "MARSCOPTER GO BRRRRRR!!"
Good 😎
Ragnar Ragnarök
Ragnar Ragnarök 14 ore fa
How does it cope with the extreme temperatures on Mars?
Tomasz Budnik
Tomasz Budnik 15 ore fa
wonder how much cost tax payer that NASA have build bigger version of DJI drone? ;)
Did3D 17 ore fa
better way is a cage around cause is it fall on side it finished
Mythili varadhan S r
Mythili varadhan S r 17 ore fa
The first flight is going to take place day after tomorrow!!!!
Rhineland Nagel
Rhineland Nagel 18 ore fa
Would the speed of sound not be slightly altered if said speed is in a less dense atmosphere ? And would this not alter the speed at which the rotors are able to rotate?
How Does it Really Work
How Does it Really Work 8 ore fa
The speed of sound does not depend on pressure, but it does depend on temperature and the elemental composition of gas. It will be -50C on Mars during the flights, and the atmosphere is largely carbon dioxide instead of mostly nitrogen on Earth. People at JPL know all that, and when they talk about the speed of sound, they mean the speed of sound on Mars.
stopasking questions
stopasking questions 19 ore fa
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Dirk Steve
Dirk Steve 20 ore fa
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How Does it Really Work
How Does it Really Work 21 ora fa
Great video, it was very cool to see and hear the creators of Ingenuity! But I really wish you would not have said that _"on Earth helicopters spin their blades at 500 rpm"_ (to contrast it with how fast Ingenuity's blades spin 1:45). It is indeed a very intuitive thing to say that Ingenuity flies in the thin atmosphere of Mars _"because its blades spin crazy fast"_ but the reality is much more subtle. The helicopters on Earth spin their blades in a very wide range of rpm, depending on the size of the helicopter -- from below 200 rpm for the large full size helicopters, to 8000 rpm for DJI drones. If we compare Ingenuity to the RC helicopters of equal size, we would see much more similar rpm. RC helicopters with the rotors of the same 1.2 meter diameter as ingenuity (550 or 570 class) spin their blades at 2000-2500 rpm and even faster for some aerobatic flying. This does not, of course mean that Ingenuity is just another off-the shelf RC helicopter -- or course it is different in many parameters! But even though it seems counter-intuitive, the rpm is not one of these differences that make it fly on Mars. It would be more meaningful to say that the very wide and specialized rotor blades of Ingenuity could lift it on Earth with just 500 rpm (if it had sufficient torque, strength etc). Then, 2500 rpm on Mars is indeed very fast in comparison.
Interstellar Escape
Interstellar Escape 23 ore fa
Wow cool! I have a video of Ingenuity's first rotor spin test on mars live now
Rodrigo Figueroa
Rodrigo Figueroa Giorno fa
La wea wena weon o
Geoffr524 Giorno fa
I had remembered that 71,000 feet above Earth is the same as the lowest spot on Mars?
EventHorizon Giorno fa
That’s insane if true. considering that at 71,000 feet there’s almost no air up there anymore, and to come to realization that’s equivalent to the lowest point on Mars? damn, this stuff is so interesting. yeah we definitely cannot go on Mars without protective suits.
Daniele Bianco
Daniele Bianco Giorno fa
Felipe Ferrer
Felipe Ferrer Giorno fa
if the atmosphere is so thin in Mars there would be no blades sound like the one in the animation, or not?
Felipe Ferrer
Felipe Ferrer 10 ore fa
@How Does it Really Work beautiful, thanks!
How Does it Really Work
How Does it Really Work 21 ora fa
It is not an animation. It is a test of the actual helicopter in a room where air has been pumped out to create conditions exactly like on Mars. And that was how it sounded.
Mabel Campbell
Mabel Campbell 2 giorni fa
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Attilio Bastos Guarnieri
Attilio Bastos Guarnieri 2 giorni fa
Que sorte a minha. ITpost me presenteou com este vídeo altamente explicativo a respeito de Ingenuity. Desfez minhas dúvidas. Obrigado a toda a equipe do vídeo. Espero agora pelo 12 de Abril. Go !
Donovan Babnik
Donovan Babnik 2 giorni fa
The guy in the red polo is like a nerdy Gronk
MindBlown Watcher
MindBlown Watcher 2 giorni fa
China greatly appreciates all of the new intel from this project😏
Jestronix Handerson
Jestronix Handerson 2 giorni fa
No return to rovers belly at night for food and shelter ?
Martin Tedder
Martin Tedder 2 giorni fa
I love how they committed to hireing scientists from a diverse hight group....
breezelow unknown
breezelow unknown 2 giorni fa
What a liar! The copter is obviously in a lab on earth, NOT on Mars! They think we will believe ANYTHING they say!!
Captain Ahab
Captain Ahab 2 giorni fa
On mars now
ı Metr
ı Metr 2 giorni fa
what is purpose of called chinese weight?
ı Metr
ı Metr 18 ore fa
@How Does it Really Work thank you for answering
How Does it Really Work
How Does it Really Work 21 ora fa
It compensates some of the inertial forces and makes it easier for the servos to move the blades.
Tens 2 giorni fa
This sounds so bs. Just saying... I don't believe it.
Captain Ahab
Captain Ahab 2 giorni fa
Very soon
Captain Ahab
Captain Ahab 2 giorni fa
It about to fly now
Jay Bay
Jay Bay 3 giorni fa
If Gronkowski stayed in school
Mars Hampson
Mars Hampson 3 giorni fa
get it off
Pleyland 3 giorni fa
On the topic of going to Mars the necessity to drink pee rarely comes up
Captain Ahab
Captain Ahab 2 giorni fa
Astronauts recycle urine every day with no problem
roundcornerent 3 giorni fa
At least they don't have to worry about flyin the drone in to any trees .
breezelow unknown
breezelow unknown 2 giorni fa
OR power lines.
The Things
The Things 3 giorni fa
You have change the title of the video for more views , in 2019 ''this helicopter'' was not on Mars. Why have you done this ? I think you and your videos are very popular and you don't need this trickery...
FlyingHangman 3 giorni fa
I'm curious as to why they didn't just attach the fishing line, through the pulley, to something 62% the weight of the chopper... surely that means that the amount of weight it has to lift is only 38% of its original weight
Ming Xuan Lee
Ming Xuan Lee 3 giorni fa
Wait, did the title changed?
Royal Thoughts
Royal Thoughts 4 giorni fa
Then why cant they use thrusts instead of fan blades ..
Hubert Marciniak
Hubert Marciniak 3 giorni fa
Thrusters would require a constant supply of fuel. Using rotors that are moved by electric motors ( powered by rechargeable batteries) is much more "fuel" and mass efficient.
Paulo J.
Paulo J. 4 giorni fa
Asians are on this project? How would ppl hate asians on this monumental event
Sammy Spaniel
Sammy Spaniel 5 giorni fa
This video takes on new significance now that the copter is on Mars ready to fly it's first mission.
Blake Evans
Blake Evans 3 ore fa
Yesterday marks the first public video footage released of the propellers spin test!
Ivan’s Dirt Diaries
Ivan’s Dirt Diaries 5 giorni fa
Plot twist: Ingenuity was deployed yesterday and has survived its first night on the martian surface!!! Exciting times!!
vyom bafna
vyom bafna 18 ore fa
The 5 th day
Mimino 01
Mimino 01 5 giorni fa
​It would be interesting to find out if there are any plans to send inflatable Zeppelin to the Mars , they could use Kevlar encased durable balloon and flexible solar panels for power , so is would be easier to observe larger areas
Captain Ahab
Captain Ahab 2 giorni fa
Vacuum zeppelins are possible on mars
Lucifer 5 giorni fa
Why are humans spreading their waste onto other planes of existence. You humans are going to get wiped out. The Creator made a mistake by creating you pathetic lifeforms
Lucifer 2 giorni fa
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Thomas farquhar
Thomas farquhar 2 giorni fa
@Lucifer damn these must be some good drugs, where's your dealer
Lucifer 2 giorni fa
@Thomas farquhar no.. trust me.. the new beings that exist amongst you now... we're nothing like you humans that we're generated within this matrix in the last 1000 years... We are the new race of hybrids... We dont like what this world and societies have turned into... We are here to start the New World... 1 that's automated without the flaws and mistakes of humans. Ordo Abchao.
Thomas farquhar
Thomas farquhar 3 giorni fa
Either you got so high you've forgotten what species you're a part of or you need therapy
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels 5 giorni fa
@Lucifer You, you are on drugs (or need psychiatric help).
It's all lies
It's all lies 5 giorni fa
Looks like a drone not a helicopter
Le KikooLol
Le KikooLol 5 giorni fa
@Zeen Daniels I mean, nasa call it helicopter so why contradict nasa
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels 5 giorni fa
It's both... Actually
Le KikooLol
Le KikooLol 5 giorni fa
still helicopter
Somraj Rao
Somraj Rao 5 giorni fa
The helicopter drone is going to fly on 11 april 2021😍😍
David Burton
David Burton 5 giorni fa
04:15 Wow, CBD did wonders for Gronk.
Тимур Сапаров
Тимур Сапаров 5 giorni fa
And now, few days left till take off. Congratulations to the creators of first helicopter on Mars!
vyom bafna
vyom bafna 18 ore fa
Ir might have lift of by today
Minepaper Studio
Minepaper Studio 5 giorni fa
BeActive Behappy
BeActive Behappy 5 giorni fa
Perseverance rover has already found signs of mOre intelligent life on Mars than a flat earth conference.
RS Nekmes
RS Nekmes 5 giorni fa
The Ingenuity on Mars has some really cool spring leg joints that are missing on the Ingenuity shown here.
Jimmy Bond
Jimmy Bond 6 giorni fa
On Mars one year ago ??? 🤣😂🤣
Thomas farquhar
Thomas farquhar 3 giorni fa
@Jimmy Bond the helicopter is on Mars though, not clickbait
Ax Eee
Ax Eee 5 giorni fa
@Jimmy Bond LOL 😂
Jimmy Bond
Jimmy Bond 5 giorni fa
Ahh so it was a lazy click bat attempt !!! 🤣😂🤣
Ax Eee
Ax Eee 5 giorni fa
I think he changed the title.... Use some brain
klr 68
klr 68 6 giorni fa
in its first low level flights wont this kick up so much dust that photography would be impossible, and will the solar panels be affected by the dust
Aled Long
Aled Long 6 giorni fa
Anyone who flies RC helicopters knows this is pseudo scientific fantasy!
Aled Long
Aled Long 4 giorni fa
@Zeen Daniels You needed to hear, denied.
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels 5 giorni fa
@Aled Long So you can't. You just needed to say that...
Aled Long
Aled Long 5 giorni fa
@Zeen Daniels Asperger's???
Aled Long
Aled Long 5 giorni fa
@Zeen Daniels Dude??? What are you hiding???
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels 5 giorni fa
@Aled Long Dude... Just do the maths of shut up. Your choice.
Bongo Fury
Bongo Fury 6 giorni fa
Ah, to be paid billions to horse around with drones in space......... Nice work, if you can get it.
Bongo Fury
Bongo Fury 6 giorni fa
His sexy collar is his security pass. What’s his sign? “Right on, man....”
Matilde Mai Skousen
Matilde Mai Skousen 6 giorni fa
Is the baldes weight 4x35 g or 2x35 g? (2:57 min)
About Space
About Space 6 giorni fa
Cool! I love watching this, thank you!
BILL POWER 7 giorni fa
They should have contacted Boston Dynamics and put a 2 leg robot on the surface instead of this rubbish.
Nasu 7 giorni fa
Honestly... how f***ing awesome is that?!
ik 7 giorni fa
they could use a spring mechanism (kinetic propultion ) so that its shoots up and take photographs from higher altitude
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar 7 giorni fa
"it's swimming in a think soup" but in that same thick soup we could be able to fly drones and other. could you through some light on it. is it not like a very small, light weighted insect flying.
tonysshadow 7 giorni fa
Amazing! my lifetime. I barely rememberJohn Glenn, then my first real introduction to death when Grissom, White, and Chaffee died in the fire. Now we are FINALLY back in space and not just pussy-footing around.
Chip Diamond
Chip Diamond 8 giorni fa
80 million dollar drone .....
Bobby Vincent
Bobby Vincent 8 giorni fa
15:35 maybe rovers will be the future companions to aircraft
Bobby Vincent
Bobby Vincent 8 giorni fa
Why does this copter look suspiciously like it's going to be playing golf instead of doing work on Mars?
Hubert Marciniak
Hubert Marciniak 3 giorni fa
​@Bobby Vincent I guess humour doesn't always come through in ITpost comments ;) Let's hope the craft will do ok, and Percy will deliver some sick pictures and vids of drone flying!
Bobby Vincent
Bobby Vincent 3 giorni fa
@Hubert Marciniak I was just making a joke about the golf club lookin legs. It's only in the air for like what 90s ....... it does what it does and I'm quite sure it will do a great job and be well worth the trouble of all the work they put in to get it there
Hubert Marciniak
Hubert Marciniak 3 giorni fa
@Bobby Vincent If the craft is light enough, then I suppose it doesn't need big beefy legs. Besides, it won't do any serious work. It's "only" goal is to test if such a drone/helicopter is a viable way of exploring Mars (and take a few pics along the way/test the navigation software). If it succeeds (meaning: it will be able to lift off, control it's flight and land), then it will create a path for future, more advanced crafts.
Bobby Vincent
Bobby Vincent 3 giorni fa
@Hubert Marciniak it's legs look like '5 wood' golf clubs
Hubert Marciniak
Hubert Marciniak 3 giorni fa
What is so suspicious about it?
MOLE 8 giorni fa
This guy has unrestricted access to the entire world
Redem Legaspi
Redem Legaspi 8 giorni fa
Flying a helicopter on Mars proves that an atmosphere is present on the red planet.
Captain Ahab
Captain Ahab 2 giorni fa
~1% atmosphere
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels 8 giorni fa
Nothing new, really. The atmosphere of Mars is a fact known for more than a century now.
cris paredes
cris paredes 9 giorni fa
valmont1702 9 giorni fa
Antero PH
Antero PH 9 giorni fa
Sound of helicopter: "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" 😂
BILL POWER 10 giorni fa
Worst thing you can send to mars a helicopter.Worst thing contra rotation version for very obvious reasons.
BILL POWER 9 giorni fa
@DarkLight 2.1 My own.
DarkLight 2.1
DarkLight 2.1 10 giorni fa
What video were you watching? LOL
Ethan Bondick
Ethan Bondick 10 giorni fa
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Jack Whitehead
Jack Whitehead 11 giorni fa
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Angusburgerman 11 giorni fa
I saw the title and I knew he had updated it. Nice!
Guralam Bir Singh Jandu
Guralam Bir Singh Jandu 11 giorni fa
Hey why don't they just simply use the the battery of the mars rover at night to keep the mars glider warm and charged at night as that would be attached all night with the mars rover and mars rover could also charge the glider much faster and efficiently... By this they could be able to fly twice the time as normal... This would be as a parent parenting its child 🧐😀
A B 10 giorni fa
Connecting the two vessels would be very difficult
Mac Kettner
Mac Kettner 11 giorni fa
Damn.......... it must have been awe-inspiring standing that close to it and then seeing the images from Mars. ;)
R H 11 giorni fa
I would HATE having to rely on some explosions to flip the helicopter right-side up onto the ground. I know its all calculated by people that actually understand this stuff but still that has to be nerve racking because its not like you can just pick it up...
R H 11 giorni fa
a minute and a half of flight a day if everything goes perfectly.... lol while that's not much it is kind of impressive.
user 2.0
user 2.0 12 giorni fa
to sum-up you guys can guess if NASA dudes make the same efforts to tune a helicopter that works on Earth 😂
Vladimir Harkonnen
Vladimir Harkonnen 12 giorni fa
What happens at the next storm though?
srgadjon 12 giorni fa
Big day for Ingenuity coming up on April 8th.
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis 13 giorni fa
They talked about the blades staying below the speed of sound, it is different on Mars. However, I don't think the issues of transonic flow will be as drastic with such a thin atmosphere.
How Does it Really Work
How Does it Really Work 21 ora fa
They designed it for the parameters of atmosphere on Mars, and when talking about the rotor speed they meant that it was rotating at 0.6 of the speed of sound on Mars. (Which is about 240 m/s)
bigpod 6 giorni fa
sure but why risk it
Cobra 1969
Cobra 1969 13 giorni fa
How is the Earth's magnetic field protecting life on Earth from cosmic radiation in the form of gamma rays if gamma rays are not deflected by magnetic fields?
A B 10 giorni fa
It doesn’t. But the atmosphere does.
TheEnchilada Kid
TheEnchilada Kid 13 giorni fa
This Helicopter Is Now On Mars!? well yes it is now in 2021 but back in 2019 no it wasn't
Le KikooLol
Le KikooLol 9 giorni fa
he updated his title after the landing
Verbal Vertigo
Verbal Vertigo 13 giorni fa
7:45 youre basically programming macro's for the helicopter esentially ? just like you could in a pc game ?
Tyler Bell
Tyler Bell 13 giorni fa
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Tabasco cat
Tabasco cat 14 giorni fa
NASA are Gods-love 'em
Tabasco cat
Tabasco cat 14 giorni fa
Sorry to nit pick, but the first powered flightS on another planet, were the sky cranes.
Raif Marshall
Raif Marshall 14 giorni fa
An F-15 hit 100,000' within 4 minutes of releasing it's brakes on the runway. I think that is still the record.
Jonathan Sullivan
Jonathan Sullivan 13 giorni fa
Idk why, but they're using the cruising altitude. There have been many jet engine aircraft to cross 100,000 feet in a climb.
Saadusmani78 14 giorni fa
I remember seeing this video a long time ago and when i heard of it with perseverance, it reminded me of this video 0:25 I thought 2020 of being such a long time away, and now it is on mars right now. Time flew fast
Marshall Caliph
Marshall Caliph 14 giorni fa
Daw Mi Mi Aung would be very proud of this achievement. All the Burmese are very proud of her achievement. God bless America!
Greg Artley
Greg Artley 14 giorni fa
When I saw all the of thumbs-down I realized there are more neanderthals alive now than 35,000 years ago!
Joanne Howard
Joanne Howard 15 giorni fa
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Adonai Zedek
Adonai Zedek 15 giorni fa
I bet there are civilizations with 1 million years of advancements. I wonder how tbey view us
S.ALTAF 15 giorni fa
Expect the aleins of mars on earth v. soon when they see the rover and this drone on their plant 🙃
codedecode 16 giorni fa
4 words: no it is not
codedecode 13 giorni fa
@Zeen Daniels LMAO whatever you want to believe is fine with me - i mean i'm fine with religious fundamentalists like you. i'm going to go watch some videos of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, they're just as real as NASA helicopters on mars.
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels 14 giorni fa
@codedecode So you can't prove your point. That's all you needed to say, I didn't expect any better.
codedecode 14 giorni fa
@Zeen Daniels you actually believe this is real? LOL. like everything else NASA and friends produces, it's just a combination of CGI, and filmmaking/modeling tricks like green screens, and composite video (layers). you must have drank the NASA / Space X kool aid. don't worry, you and your Star Wars friends can keep worshipping at the altar. true believers are adorable.
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels 14 giorni fa
@codedecode That's exactly the point. You are saying that it's not, or it's CGI. It's up to you to prove. Can you do it or it'll be just words?
codedecode 14 giorni fa
@Zeen Daniels lmao nice 1 !!! the better question is: can you prove it is? i mean, if we're accepting CGI as proof, then i'm going to prove that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are real.
CanuckTV 16 giorni fa
"It's a good day for fishing aint it, HAHA"
Ryan Belisle
Ryan Belisle 16 giorni fa
There's a piece of the Wright Brothers kittyhawk on ingenuity!
Bic Boi
Bic Boi 16 giorni fa
I wish I could live forever to witness humanities greatest achievements in space :( I wonder how far we'll go...
Mayoorann Jayamohan
Mayoorann Jayamohan 17 giorni fa
Why the hell is he smiling there as if he is high?
Sutairn 17 giorni fa
you look like this was 10 years ago now
Ryan Hannigan
Ryan Hannigan 17 giorni fa
The daily squirrel joly wriggle because education traditionally grab astride a therapeutic dance. eminent, periodic nurse
Syed Repon
Syed Repon 17 giorni fa
What will people think about the technology in this video 50 years later? 50 years later, they may even watch this video from mars and laugh at us.
James Berglund
James Berglund 14 giorni fa
Why would they laugh at us? If it wasn't for this technology now then there won't be people on Mars in 50 years.
Shyam R
Shyam R 16 giorni fa
Apollo missions were low tech compared to today's. We don't laugh at them today.
Fuzzybeanerizer 17 giorni fa
I would think that tying a fishing string to the top in testing would greatly affect stability and steering. Sort of like center of mass and center of gravity are not in the same place... or affecting the moment of inertia... or something.
James Berglund
James Berglund 14 giorni fa
I'm sure it probably does, but it's better than not having tested it at all in a low air density environment. When they fire it up in a week or two, that will be the real test!
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