DJI - Introducing DJI FPV

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Whether you're a seasoned pilot or an absolute beginner, DJI FPV is the most immersive way to experience the excitement of FPV flight.
Discover More about DJI FPV:
Featuring HD low-latency transmission, 4K/60fps imaging, multiple flight modes, and advanced safety features like emergency brake and hover, the future of FPV drone flight is now.
This video was created using professional pilots in coordination with the subjects being filmed. Drone pilots should always minimise hazards to other people, property or manned aircraft.

DJI Mese fa
Learn more about what you get with the new DJI FPV with our thorough unboxing here 👉
silent arif
silent arif 6 giorni fa
Just love this brand with their faithful service.. ❤️❤️
RANDYYY 14 giorni fa
if you give me 30% off ill buy it right now
StRiMeR 121
StRiMeR 121 20 giorni fa
Dr Reza Ali Rumi
Dr Reza Ali Rumi 21 giorno fa
শুভেচছা রইলো 💞
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman 22 giorni fa
Xxyyyzz Xxxyyyzz
Xxyyyzz Xxxyyyzz 3 ore fa
টাকা নাই
epepapz 20 ore fa
Give 1m likes I will buy the most expensive drone. Not a joke
Der Boss
Der Boss 21 ora fa
Nice Drohne but my friend has also a ready to fly VPV Drohne
MATomOfficiel 23 ore fa
What are the precise settings while recording and the settings out of editing (for ITpost) for such a good quality on ITpost? Thank you
Tom Chi
Tom Chi Giorno fa
I am so touched after watching this video, so I cried. Then after checked its price, I cried again..............
Ma Haneef
Ma Haneef Giorno fa
Mn family
Jordan Khan
Jordan Khan Giorno fa
Too gun be
MarcusL Giorno fa
It would be good to buy if I had a life.
Oscar Pineda
Oscar Pineda Giorno fa
Just got mine, and holyShitBalls this is coolAsHells. I wish it was cheaper so that more people could jump in this field. Oh yeah, that bs app I didn't like... the fact that I wasn't an apple user, but other than that, amazing product. Health and Fortune everyone🙏
Sanjit Kumar Das
Sanjit Kumar Das Giorno fa
Do not need to buy all of these nonsense. Find your inner peace . That can give any experience from inside.
Gruedm 2 giorni fa
So I wanted to buy this drone instead of a camera. I'm a music producer wanted to record mountains in india. But I should be "18" to fly drones in india. I don't have a choice so I bought a sony a6400:( Actually, I can fly drones if I work hard on watching tutorials to how to fly a drone. I mean, anyone can fly the drone but they should work hard and not to be lazy.
Nụ Thơ
Nụ Thơ 2 giorni fa
love it
ahmed alsaid
ahmed alsaid 2 giorni fa
Salam Ali come can I come Sara Bara what I could do a set
DEVIL syanite
DEVIL syanite 3 giorni fa
It's magic
Nil Bangla Documentary
Nil Bangla Documentary 3 giorni fa
So nice ❤️
The Offbeat Traveller
The Offbeat Traveller 3 giorni fa
Wild 🥺
Itm Ishmael
Itm Ishmael 3 giorni fa
DJI is the best 👏👍😎
Oscar Pineda
Oscar Pineda 3 giorni fa
Just ordered mine after my wife went to sleep, she's going to kick my ass but the fun is always worth it🙃. My joy should be her happiness 🤷‍♂️🤣😂😎
一個寶寶奶嘴 3 giorni fa
Love to fly513B
TheKingArmyRS 4 giorni fa
the DJI Drone have only 1 camera, wouldn't that make the VR headset non 3D?
ShiralkarPlayz 4 giorni fa
What is the background music called
alper er
alper er 4 giorni fa
me buy
Omian food
Omian food 5 giorni fa
Best company dji ☺️☺️☺️
Any Thing
Any Thing 5 giorni fa
I want you bhai 😌😊🙂😌😂☺️😂🙂😂😊🤠😊☺️😌🤣😊🤣☺️🤣😂😅😊😅😌🤣😂😅😂🙂😊🤠☺️😂🙂😂🤣🐱😊😂🤣🤣☺️🤣😅😌☺️😂😂🤣🐱 to be a good night friends ki baat hui hai to phir waha se aah gayi na ho jaye toh kya khelti to be lated it was the address of your website is business to business and we can get a chance can get the latest version ☺️🤣😜😉😉😜😜😜😝😉🤪😉
Bubby FOTO
Bubby FOTO 5 giorni fa
Hattsoff to the inventioner very good mind-blowing...👏💗💗💗
G' Junior
G' Junior 5 giorni fa
now, install a glock onto it
Koir Harianto
Koir Harianto 5 giorni fa
Keren anjir
WI-FI NEŞESİ 5 giorni fa
this thing goes 200 mph. It beated the porsche cayanne.
RacistPixel 4 giorni fa
This thing go only 85.mph... considered slow in fpv drones world
Professional Enemy
Professional Enemy 5 giorni fa
its my own fault for not doing a tad bit more research before finding out the hard way i cant practice manual mode on my 1200 drone becuase i have the latest android device and not an iphone.. huge, huge bummer though.
Madhavan k
Madhavan k 5 giorni fa
Don't worry your grand kid will enjoy this
Steve Cook
Steve Cook 5 giorni fa
I hope a firmware update includes being able to record the telemetry in the goggles or being able to overlay the telemetry over the camera footage as an option - that would be amazing!!. We would also like a bit more of the manual speed in the sport mode; a cross between sports and manual. ps. Loving my DJI FPV so far!
katari91 Giorno fa
That would be good. I was a bit dissapointed that the OSD wasn't recorded on the goggle footage. It would be nice to create P-I-P videos with the goggles view in the corner of the drones footage.
village beauty kpk
village beauty kpk 6 giorni fa
Wow m that's amazing.
A I Sourav
A I Sourav 6 giorni fa
Game On
Gaming RT
Gaming RT 6 giorni fa
I love drones and i also try to make drones .but iam low on moñey so i can't make
Andreas R
Andreas R 7 giorni fa
Wonderful product please consider excpanding even further to an RC FPV HOTAS controlled aircraft of famous planes like , P51 Mustang , P38 Lightning , A10 thunderbolt, F16 Viper , F22 Raptor ?
عبدالكريم فتحي
عبدالكريم فتحي 7 giorni fa
هنيالةة الي عندة من هاي الدرون ☹️💔
MagicNews TeleVision
MagicNews TeleVision 7 giorni fa
Your videos are absolutely super awesome. Sitting here with a mile wide smile. The shots you got, the driving force of the whole thing, the edits youve made, Im absolutely floored. A truly outstanding piece of film...seriously inspired.
Mexica tv Prank
Mexica tv Prank 7 giorni fa
Price please 🥺
No Problem
No Problem 7 giorni fa
what is the prise?
Tech Yasir Niazi
Tech Yasir Niazi 7 giorni fa
I can't afford any of dji product. But still love to watch...amazing technology by Dji.. lovely
Luiz F. Tuschinski
Luiz F. Tuschinski 7 giorni fa
Shut up and take my money!
Contemporary 8 giorni fa
I want this! 😭
Afroo 8 giorni fa
The design is 100% copied from another FVP drone that I can’t recall the name Military green with eyes and theta theme was sold for around 650 when FVP drones first came out. Anyone help with that brand name?
JK 8 giorni fa
20 min max flight... that’s only disappointed thing about it . Oh and offcourse the price
truth seeker
truth seeker 7 giorni fa
fpv drones usually last 10 minutes. fpv pilots usually carry extra batteries.
Luca Rani
Luca Rani 8 giorni fa
Very very very the B E S T ! ! ! ! ! !
amr nyk
amr nyk 9 giorni fa
Mahfuj Ahmed
Mahfuj Ahmed 9 giorni fa
Sir i am a dji user and i am big fan of DJI drone i have 2 drone DJI LTD but it is the Expensive 🌸💐💐🌸🌸🌷🌷please give me the drone
Shahzeb Noorani
Shahzeb Noorani 9 giorni fa
I like the idea, but I feel this particular drone is going to see a lot of crashes because the user cannot physically see the drones surroundings other than what's on camera.
Local Meme Dealer
Local Meme Dealer 9 giorni fa
It looks cool until you crash into a lake and never get a refund
NH24VN 9 giorni fa
Waw nice video
Henry Bielamowicz
Henry Bielamowicz 9 giorni fa
Me: clicks the video to see what the DJI fpv is like The narrator: FOR AS LONG A PEOPLE HAVE WALKED THE EARTH
Ganosista 9 giorni fa
Will i be able to shoot shots similar to the ones i would with the mavic?
Yo aki
Yo aki 9 giorni fa
440 Nabeel Bin Khalid
440 Nabeel Bin Khalid 9 giorni fa
20 min seems less flight time
Ayman Prime
Ayman Prime 9 giorni fa
They may look cool but only if your professional drone pilot like Sam would be suitable for him..... but for us i think we just use mini and air or maybe if your really noob then use tello lol. This might be the killer inspire 2 and mavic pro.
The Epic Timmy ant Tommy P l a n e c r a z y
The Epic Timmy ant Tommy P l a n e c r a z y 9 giorni fa
Start up sound sounds scary
zone k
zone k 10 giorni fa
The price is 1300$ if you all were wondering. Buy this instead of the next iphone /ps5 .
Alban Ajazi
Alban Ajazi 10 giorni fa
More beautiful than DJI
All in one
All in one 10 giorni fa
@MumbikerNikhil 🥰🥰🥰
Godzilla Mothra
Godzilla Mothra 10 giorni fa
did DJI hire alien to work in R&D? why this thing look like out of world tech?
Exploding zombie
Exploding zombie 10 giorni fa
If only the body was carbon fiber
Nikhil Patnaik
Nikhil Patnaik 10 giorni fa
MN squad👇
Natalie Fairman
Natalie Fairman 10 giorni fa
I just got this and ready to fly it
Wozsalam 10 giorni fa
put a gun and its perfect
Achilles Karagiannis
Achilles Karagiannis 11 giorni fa
I opened ITpost to search videos about the FPV and this was the first video in YT home page
Calvin Heath
Calvin Heath 11 giorni fa
wow i feel so hyped! amazing shots!
Mark Elisei
Mark Elisei 11 giorni fa
Hey dji. can i have a uhhhhhhhhhh dji uhhhhhhhhhh drone ?
Marc Cognet
Marc Cognet 11 giorni fa
20 Minutes is that at max outputs and speed etc Otherwise its going to be more like 12-15 minutes with wind and such
Shun Prince
Shun Prince 11 giorni fa
Motion sickness🥲
Harman Singh
Harman Singh 11 giorni fa
Plise dji give me a drown
Rohit Singh
Rohit Singh 11 giorni fa
Mumbiker Nikhil bought this😂😂😂
shantanu sharma
shantanu sharma 11 giorni fa
wow amazing!! I am going to buy this
Raffy L
Raffy L 12 giorni fa
When I opened my thick wallet it just says April Fools!
Rohit Singh
Rohit Singh 12 giorni fa
Amazing dji
nasos nasos
nasos nasos 12 giorni fa
Love love
Marian Cano
Marian Cano 12 giorni fa
I love it! I waaaant it!!!!!!! XD
vincent theng Garcia
vincent theng Garcia 12 giorni fa
Holy cow. this is a must toy for the big boys malupit men ipon muna
Billion Excuses
Billion Excuses 12 giorni fa
Well done China 🇨🇳
Christian Romay
Christian Romay 12 giorni fa
Anyone think they gonna keep updating fpv or would this be one of the last models in the fpv family, I mean it already offers a whole lot for a new fpv drone in the fpv family, everything except for maybe time, portability, and maybe disassembly, I know there are some things it could improve on, such as longer flight time for all modes maybe foldable portable, (although it's not a mavic, but why would the mavic family be the only family that has that capability, (maybe dissembling) so that you customize it, maybe not every part of the drone to be customizable like the earlier fpv drones, but somewhere there, latency is another one, apparently I've heard latency and 4k can't really work together when in flight, and maybe some other accessories, but anyways those are my thoughts,.... anyone else wanna share their ideas ?
Manoj Negi
Manoj Negi 12 giorni fa
I'm here after watching nikhils video MN
tanmoy ghose
tanmoy ghose 13 giorni fa
Mn fan hit like
Earth 0
Earth 0 13 giorni fa
They(Dji) made just a amzing flying chorus
_ Bestofx
_ Bestofx 13 giorni fa
My brain🤯
Sapien 13 giorni fa
Oh the motion sickness
Vietnamese Tree
Vietnamese Tree 13 giorni fa
What I see: “Make my money fly”
Ahnaf Araf
Ahnaf Araf 13 giorni fa
I have the mavic mini drone, and it's so awesome to fly it !! I loved it.
Salvo Secure
Salvo Secure 13 giorni fa
Il mio prossimo acquisto!
Yalohh oh yahhh
Yalohh oh yahhh 13 giorni fa
This ads worth watching
Bullish Bears
Bullish Bears 13 giorni fa
I want one 😍
R Cheung
R Cheung 13 giorni fa
Does anyone know what music they used?
Emea Uduma Excel
Emea Uduma Excel 13 giorni fa
Bard Gaming
Bard Gaming 13 giorni fa
i hope you can make also a drone for budget friendly like dji tello ..
Sreenath Ravindran
Sreenath Ravindran 13 giorni fa
As soon as i win a lottery or able to make some money, this would b the first thing that I would buy, and eventually i will start a career with this💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sasha Travel street
Sasha Travel street 13 giorni fa
supaloc 14 giorni fa
I‘m gonna get this for sure
Mohamed Yashfan
Mohamed Yashfan 14 giorni fa
Little beast
afrobryan 14 giorni fa
Now your only boundary is your battery life
OmarFauzi 14 giorni fa
take my moneyyy!!!
Sihaan Shaine
Sihaan Shaine 14 giorni fa
It’s amazing 😱
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