The Eerie Vanishing Of The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Keepers

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What happened to the three lighthouse keepers of Flannan Isles?
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BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network 3 giorni fa
Make sure to leave your questions for our Post Mortem episode down below!
Plant 2 giorni fa
What would you do on a deserted island? What extra person would you bring?
valsol 2 giorni fa
shane which part of little women (the movie) did u start crying at this is important
Grace Linnea
Grace Linnea 2 giorni fa
Which rap song would you rather use against the water sprites, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice or Fancy by Iggy Azalea?
Yazmine Yacub
Yazmine Yacub 2 giorni fa
whenever i need to do scottish accents i just always say it how i think shrek would say it and i think you guys should try it too!!
Candy Smithey
Candy Smithey 2 giorni fa
Elizabeth Richter
Elizabeth Richter Minuto fa
I'm kind of living for Ryan throwing shade at Mackenzie (the lookout) for a solid 4% of the episode's run time (starting at 14:02).
Heyheyhey 5 minuti fa
Shane = lord farquad
Hecko Hacko Happy
Hecko Hacko Happy 8 minuti fa
how come we never mentioned the spirit again-? ryan mentioned a spirit at the beginning and then there was just nothing in the theories
blet 9 minuti fa
oh i see
Luiz Henrique
Luiz Henrique 13 minuti fa
great episode!!! really hope those seats had back support tho
Zarin M
Zarin M 13 minuti fa
i remeber season 1 with2 other people before tyan...WE LOVE U GUYS!!! I person love how ryan is FEARLESS xD
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 20 minuti fa
It’s got to be Roderick Mackenzie for sure...
ewan cairns
ewan cairns 22 minuti fa
Just a little head's up for next time. Scottish people say "love" like "luv"
Jisoo's Dalgom
Jisoo's Dalgom 24 minuti fa
GUYS WHAT ABOUT KELPIES!?!?! See we have a legend about evil horses in Scotland, like if you get on the horse you'll get stuck on it and it'll try and drown you. We even have a giant statue of 2 horse heads in the country. So What if they got drowned by a Kelpie? Yeah you get what I mean. Anyway anyone else who's Scottish or Irish (it might be Irish) Do you know what that story about the guy who was a cannibal and made his whole family hunt down people to eat in their house. In the Edinburgh Dungeons their is a part where they talk about this story and it's like a guy saying he's gonna hunt you down and stuff. If you know what I'm talking about then say something.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 19 minuti fa
No matter how not scary an episode is, I will always somehow find a way to get scared...
CherryBomb-Annabelle Agnew
CherryBomb-Annabelle Agnew 31 minuto fa
The Boys Are Back!
Average White Male
Average White Male 31 minuto fa
There’s a chance one of them went crazy and murdered the other 2, threw them in the water then killed himself in the water.. sounds ridiculous I know but it’s possible
Morgan Peterson
Morgan Peterson 34 minuti fa
I love the channel only for the episodes that Shane and Ryan do. The rest can't hold my attention at all
Jisoo's Dalgom
Jisoo's Dalgom 37 minuti fa
I live in Scotland and we had to learn a poem about the Flannan isles in primary School (elementary). Also they impressions of my accent sounded nothing like it 😂. They sounded more Irish than Scottish to me. Also the brave reference 😧
Camellia Christopher
Camellia Christopher 37 minuti fa
Yay you GENTLEMEN supprised me. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💜🤠💀✌️🙏👻💯🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😇
Lux Anonym
Lux Anonym 43 minuti fa
Finally you guys!!
peter paramo
peter paramo 50 minuti fa
3:31 man I lost it 😂😂
Goats N Hoes
Goats N Hoes 58 minuti fa
"toxic polycule" is a very interesting theory for the disappearance of 3 lighthouse keepers
Charlotte Emily
Charlotte Emily 58 minuti fa
ElizabethNightingale 59 minuti fa
They both sound insane lmfao
Rose Brown
Rose Brown Ora fa
Scottish lighthouse with three missing men and no one mentions selkie? Tut tut. (I know it's not Supernatural, but still.) Or sirens. Come on. Celtic mythology has loads of things that would fit better than aliens. LOL. Also, Lighthouse keepers WERE traditionally more likely to be victims of selkies, especially if they were actually washed out to sea in a storm or in high winds. The selkies would save them by turning them into seals or carrying them off as husbands (or wives for the women) and turning them into selkies as well.
Audrey P.
Audrey P. Ora fa
For Postmortem: Is this not a a24 film with Robert Pattinson and Willen Dafoe? Or do I need to finish the video
Mary Ora fa
What if morale was so bad they made a suicide pact..
Jordan Rawhiti-Ahi Wilson
Jordan Rawhiti-Ahi Wilson Ora fa
It makes me so happy to finally see an unsolved video
tasfia islam
tasfia islam Ora fa
No matter how not scary an episode is, I will always somehow find a way to get scared...
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou Ora fa
CinemaOnWaffle Ora fa
As much as I like the idea of a bunch of lighthouse keepers dating... it just isn't plausible to me lmao, especially in this time period in Scotland
Iguanian Ora fa
I want to see these guys play Phasmophobia so bad.
winter wraith
winter wraith Ora fa
You can visibly see the disappointment on Shane's face when Ryan mentioned aliens 8:13
Romana Ora fa
I haven't come to the theories part yet but I think what happened was that one of the guys went crazy and killed the other two and then made the last log saying the storm is over and the sea is calm and God is above all? Because he was the only one seeing the storm and was going insane about it and in his insanity killed the others until he found calm again? And then after realization of what he had done, maybe he jumped into the sea to end his own life too?
Romana Ora fa
It was MacArthur. I'm calling it.
Jeff Peters
Jeff Peters Ora fa
I’m so happy to see Unsolved back on again, I totally love Watcher, and Puppet History, but I was really sad to think Unsolved would be completely gone once they left buzzfeed. Great to see they’ve decided to continue this series on the side!!!
Pvt. James Ramirez
Pvt. James Ramirez Ora fa
Yer fond of me lobster, ain’t ye?
Dajanae Phillips
Dajanae Phillips Ora fa
damn Ricky Goldsworth jumped out pretty quick there at the end. quarantine must have been rough for Ryan to deal with him
Luiza Dias ferraz
Luiza Dias ferraz Ora fa
No one: Shane at 3:36: "I luve wooking at the loight hoose"
stanleycoleman Ora fa
this wasn't really a true crime mystery, at least not based on the theories or evidence left behind.
Tommy Oneill
Tommy Oneill Ora fa
#postmortem - Would it have been plausible for all three men to have been fishing close to the shore? Makes the story of a giant wave washing them away slightly more beleivable than all three falling in at seperate occasions like some sort of slapstick comedy
That Is Kat
That Is Kat Ora fa
Hold up - is that the old mannequin chilling in the doorway behind them?
Jack Mcgeachie
Jack Mcgeachie Ora fa
You gotta work on that accents guys
Liv Ora fa
I did miss the (wheeze)
A. novak
A. novak Ora fa
It’s just old GREG that took them... I have a MANGINA
Liv Ora fa
No pirates but ALIENS???
em forde
em forde Ora fa
#forthepostmortem what I pirates came and forced the lighthouse keepers off the island. I doubt they would have any valuables they could steal but they could still kidnap the lighthouse keepers
Arely Sanchez
Arely Sanchez Ora fa
Two words: Parallel dimension
Mia Nalani
Mia Nalani Ora fa
This is the funniest episode ever
max altizer
max altizer Ora fa
Mackenzie J.paige
Mackenzie J.paige Ora fa
Moores the killer why would he know exactly what they were wearing and why did he randomly leave the island anyways? #postmortem
Eric Ora fa
I miss our bois...
Cardlinsleftnut 2 ore fa
Ya know maybe there were sirens. I mean they were all men? And there have been sightings of spirits
spide2015 2 ore fa
This is just reminding me of the lighthouse movie
HamBurger Soup
HamBurger Soup 2 ore fa
I would love to see the boys talk about the Mary Celeste one day. They mentioned that it’s spooky when nothing is amiss besides no people, that’s basically what happened on the ship
Dickery Jones
Dickery Jones 2 ore fa
This video and story was boring. Man idk why I even tried watching...I gave up on this series two years ago
Dannielle !
Dannielle ! 2 ore fa
i’m scottish and that accents ohhhhh boyyyy 🤦‍♀️😂 also some of the pronunciations are a bit wrong haha but it’s all good! So glad to see you guys are staying safe, feels like people don’t care anymore!!!
Stu W
Stu W 2 ore fa
Suggestion for investigation ? The Scole Experiment
Luis 2 ore fa
1.6M views in 3 days. If I were Buzzfeed I'll hold on to these two like my life depended on it.
Snivegare X
Snivegare X 2 ore fa
Can you guys do the TV man please
TW Mda
TW Mda 2 ore fa
.Don’t Fear COVID-19. Directory of Doctors curing thousands of outpatients … fast.
Louise 2 ore fa
Roderick Mackenzie is kinda sus
shaina 2 ore fa
I can’t tell you how much I miss these two here
Griseo Artifex
Griseo Artifex 2 ore fa
For Postmortem: the "healing sheep" and "hallucinating (storms)" gives me some ideas(?) mulberry leaves are said to be good for sheep, and though the ripe berries are edible the unripe ones may cause hallucinations and stomach aches to humans. The black mulberry is able to grow in cooler climates, like Britain and Scotland. As for the "no signs of violence" two could have been collecting the ropes/tackle box supplies and one just *shoved* them into the ocean with an oncoming wave, and then jumed in himself (or just..shoved the other two off the cliff, who needs an axe with those jagged cliffs :) ) idk what im talking tbh anyway i love the show and ghosts aren't real. sorry ryan #postmortem #shaniac #DemonsLiveOutsideMyWindowAndImOnTheSecondFloor
Dillo McMillo
Dillo McMillo 2 ore fa
I think you guys should do an Episode on the Bennington Triangle in Vermont. I don't know if theres enough to make a full episode but its definitely an interesting tale! Also it would be cool to see Vermont get some spooky representation :)
Abby Smith
Abby Smith 2 ore fa
I want nothing more than to be a scottish lighthouse keeper and disappear under mysterious circumstances
ragecage of Sneezing Dragon
ragecage of Sneezing Dragon 2 ore fa
not that it was fae but
Jordan Cassandra
Jordan Cassandra 2 ore fa
13:35 Okay so, just for reference £8 in 1900 would be £989.78 in 2020 👁️👄👁️ (£989.78 → $1278.37 usd)
LoneStarGuy 2 ore fa
Bad luck to kill a sea bird...
Jessie uwu
Jessie uwu 2 ore fa
For post mortem: what if the men just did an Alcatraz and made a boat out of coats? 😟
Jessie uwu
Jessie uwu 2 ore fa
@Griseo Artifex after you said that I just tried to do it myself lmaoo
Griseo Artifex
Griseo Artifex 2 ore fa
was trying to think of a pun for "coat boat" then realized they rhymed and i couldnt mix the two words together- lmao
Aaron Faloon
Aaron Faloon 2 ore fa
Why'd you spill yer beans........
A dead Rat The 5th in the family.
A dead Rat The 5th in the family. 2 ore fa
I skipped this for a couple days because I thought it was another Buzzfeed show. I WAITED THREE EXTRA DAYS TO WATCH THIS BECAUSE I DIDNT READ THE TITLE.
Jasmine O'Neill
Jasmine O'Neill 2 ore fa
I love Shane and Ryan but as a Scottish person their accents are so absolutely horrific 😂😂
Cam 2 ore fa
The men could’ve ingested something that made them all hallucinate or become paranoid to the point that they killed each other/themselves. Sour milk or something. Poison. The only thing I think Roderick is guilty of is being bad at his job #postmortem #shaniac
Kabeer Kishore
Kabeer Kishore 2 ore fa
You've got some supernatural in my true crime here.
Charlie 2 ore fa
Your pronunciation of buoy hurts me 😭
Meredith Jenkins
Meredith Jenkins 2 ore fa
My lighthouse *👏👏* My lighthouse *👏👏* Shining in the darkness, I will follow you
nicole lyn
nicole lyn 2 ore fa
how did people in like the 1800s cut their lawns? with scissors? or did they have fancy little contraptions
Poke'bro Aiden
Poke'bro Aiden 2 ore fa
oh how i missed this
nicole lyn
nicole lyn 2 ore fa
yess i missed them
c b
c b 2 ore fa
i fuckin loved this how interesting ! love the idea they ran away together in love but for sure they fell into the ocean
toocoolforcapes 2 ore fa
"This is unsolved, so things aren't going to happen that are great." - I lol'd so hard I started coughing
topsy kretts
topsy kretts 3 ore fa
8 mins In. Ok imma stop it there. If a majiger is that high up on a whereever and 3 dudes are missing off an ISLAND. Im pretty sure it was what ppl call a rogue wave. They exist and blahblahblah majiger on a doodad. MYSTERY SOLVED!
Rosa Cockle
Rosa Cockle 3 ore fa
clearly dealing with lockdown very well, good job.
Holland4evahh 3 ore fa
Only old videos? :(
Kate C
Kate C 3 ore fa
#postmortem - did anyone ask the guy who lived on the opposite island (the one who was supposed to report any issues) if there had been storms with giant waves ?
molly smith
molly smith 3 ore fa
I love how slightly unhinged they seem
MrPINHEAD123 3 ore fa
jackeystar9000 3 ore fa
We're all just gonna ignore Ryan's nasally cold voice? Ragweed must be terrible in LA this year 😂
Forever Rose
Forever Rose 3 ore fa
Wat I learned today: *lighthouse keeper are moths and Scottish fish men compete in flytings*
caitlin 3 ore fa
As a Scot I can proudly say those accents were beautiful
Bruce Fisher
Bruce Fisher 3 ore fa
Why do these men have such high whiney voices?
Tess Furnari
Tess Furnari 3 ore fa
you need to check out jenny jump and shades of death rd
absolutenightmare 3 ore fa
Shane looks like a Brandon Rogers character and I’m living for it.
MissCoati 3 ore fa
I find it odd that they thought it special because sheep had twins on the island. In general, sheep commonly give birth to twins or triplets, with single lambs being more rare. Doesn't seem worth risking the murder island with the rapping sprites for.
MusicalPirate 3 ore fa
I'd just sing Guns and Ships from Hamilton
Hafeez Piscalin
Hafeez Piscalin 3 ore fa
Woah finally another unsolved mystery with Ryan and Shane
stefanny a
stefanny a 3 ore fa
theyre backkkkk🥺!!!!
Eunoia 3 ore fa
I thought they left buzzfeed?
CkeyZz 3 ore fa
You guys should play Phasmaphobia it would be funny
Leigh Beckly
Leigh Beckly 3 ore fa
Booie tehe
MainlyMute 3 ore fa
Should've had willem dafoe here tbh
Cordy Keeley
Cordy Keeley 3 ore fa
FOR THE POST-MORTEM? Maybe the off duty keeper (Joseph Moore) killed them. If he wasn't on work shift for those two weeks, is it possible that he could have taken a boat out (damaging the west rig in the process) and killed them before cleaning up the scene, and pretending he didn't know until he arrived on the island? Also, if he killed them and then faked the logs (which could explain why people could poke holes in them) he may have written about a mythic-level storm so people thought that's what killed them. Also to get even crazier, is it possible that the reason the lookout (Roderick Mckenzie) didn't report the trouble is that Joseph Moore told him that James Ducat's experiment had been approved so he could ignore any weird signals from the lighthouse? Then Mckenzie didn't tell them because he was in on it OR afraid of getting fired? Anyway, super excited for the new season! love y'all and stay safe!!
ella michele
ella michele 3 ore fa
no one: the captions: [aNxiOuS viOLiN mUsiC]
Ashlyn Hopper
Ashlyn Hopper 3 ore fa
Shane’s reaction though. He was so hyped and then he goes “is that where this is going?” And he just deflated instantly.
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