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Ep 963: Oden attacks Whitebeard while begging to join his crew! Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll: got.cr/Watch-OnePiece
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lanieta vakasevi
lanieta vakasevi 2 minuti fa
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Victory Beam
Victory Beam 4 minuti fa
One piece fights suck. They just yell and clash with no strategy
Drqtical 26 minuti fa
Bro I'm glad we get to see whitebeard fight with oden, it's awesome ngl.
Total Total
Total Total 26 minuti fa
Yo is it me or one piece getting more hype
Heanly 40 minuti fa
from 0:11 - 0:15 oden's VA sounds alot like lei wulong from tekken 3 lol. I must be imagining things.
Matt T. Julien
Matt T. Julien 46 minuti fa
Whitebeard: _If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?_ Oden: What-
Mugiwara-MH 50 minuti fa
i love this kind of filler
ツTheNicolasYT 52 minuti fa
Dragon ball z song battle
Elhey Ora fa
stilianos michael
stilianos michael Ora fa
Jujutsu kaisen: I'm have the best animation 😉 one piece : no it's not 😘 one piece : im have the best animation 😉
anz ontop
anz ontop Ora fa
Oden=admiral level
Kyogrebro22 Ora fa
I didn't like odens voice at first but now I think its great lol
Saeed Salem
Saeed Salem Ora fa
Lio YT
Lio YT Ora fa
A eso me refiero cuan hablan de puñetazo
Ben Appiah
Ben Appiah Ora fa
I’m here for one piece but the sound effects 🤦🏾‍♂️
Unboxing802 2 ore fa
You're not the one Teach!! The man roger was waiting for,at the very least,it's not you teach Just as there are people who inherited roger's will... Someday one will carry ace's will... You may eradicate their bloodline ,but their flame never dies... For many ages , it has been passed down through the generations... And someday,bearing the weight of all these generations,a man will appear to challenge this world... Sengoku,you people of the World Government are living in fear of that great battle that will someday engulf the entire world... Though it has nothing to do with me... When somebody finds that treasure... The world will be turned upside down!!... OH yes!it will be found!That day will come!!!! ONE PIECE!IS OUT THERE!!!!!!
Shintareth 2 ore fa
Bruh, those epic One Piece moments.
Erikson Willer
Erikson Willer 2 ore fa
Equipe Rocket decolando de novoooooooooooo
Alexander Kuhfeld
Alexander Kuhfeld 3 ore fa
I think the Gura Gura no Mi is probably the only devil fruit that EVERY One Piece fan has in their top 5. It's just an awesome ability
Galahime Galahime
Galahime Galahime 3 ore fa
oden makes roger look like a kid and white beard makes oden look like one thats crazy
Galahime Galahime
Galahime Galahime 3 ore fa
god d is 274cm oden is 382cm and whitebeard is 666cm
Bit 3 ore fa
how the hell is this Toei???
Brandon B.
Brandon B. 3 ore fa
Since Oden bodied Kaido, and Whitebeard bodied Oden, and Roger bodied both Oden and Whitebeard, is it safe to say !?: Roger > Whitebeard > Oden > Kaido
ZackstaDaxta 2 ore fa
Oden only injured Kaido's dragon form, never his normal form. And Kaido has 1 more form beyond those. Oden is definitely capable of severely damaging Kaido but I wouldn't say Oden > Kaido, up to you tho.
Yarrack Faker
Yarrack Faker 4 ore fa
His golden locks gave him super sayan boost
Serena Poketeen
Serena Poketeen 4 ore fa
Oden its at least admirald level. Survive shirohige attack at her prime xd
Enzo Feo
Enzo Feo 4 ore fa
Yuck, this anime's fights have become like any idiot shonen😔
Richie Luyeye
Richie Luyeye 3 ore fa
shut up
Ygor B
Ygor B 4 ore fa
This animation is too pretty
X2ENDZERO 4 ore fa
I need to see more prime whitebeard fights. The anime has always glossed over the golden era monsters like Gol Rodger, Garp, whitebeard, etc. I hope this filler really shows off how incredible their power was like they are with Oden.
Gabriel Alves
Gabriel Alves 5 ore fa
Saitama 2.0
Ryan Chase
Ryan Chase 5 ore fa
Every sword strike should have split the sky
Rohan Henry
Rohan Henry 5 ore fa
He got hit with the team rocket 🚀 special.
Nico 5 ore fa
Whitebeard legend ❤️
gxs 1000
gxs 1000 6 ore fa
uai por um momento eu achei que o oden fosse o zoro
WindyWen 6 ore fa
We ar blessed with this animation
Tobias Law
Tobias Law 6 ore fa
Oden vs mihawk ;)
foxomar 7 ore fa
Goat piece back at it again
Alexander 6 ore fa
Sykoth Datta
Sykoth Datta 8 ore fa
Non si scherza con il babbo!
Mongrel 8 ore fa
Whitebeard is op and all, but the fact that Oden took that punch and got up is crazy.
kinzo_ draw9
kinzo_ draw9 8 ore fa
Everytime I see this I love the whitebeard more
Fleivor F
Fleivor F 8 ore fa
Damn, Whitebeard blocking everything showing incredible speed for his size made me realize how old and sick he was at Marineford. At the time i thought he was a real badass for taking those hits like it was nothing and still being able to fight, but now i feel sad knowing that he was only getting hit because his body couldn't match his skill anymore
Shandong Daxue
Shandong Daxue 9 ore fa
Here before it reaches millions views
TheBig AsianBrother
TheBig AsianBrother 9 ore fa
The fight style from oden is very similar to zoro
Julien Shema
Julien Shema 10 ore fa
Il est pas mort barbe blanche ?
B M 59 minuti fa
C’est un flashback
Myguelit0 10 ore fa
Whitebeard be like: *boi just went straight to a point roger*
Hello Digital world
Hello Digital world 10 ore fa
Why 720p tho ?
TWO PIECE 10 ore fa
Glass break is the best part
Vinicius 10 ore fa
Damn I really loved the old Whitebeard earthquake sound, this one is meh
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia 11 ore fa
Shirohige el mejor 💪💪💪💪
alfredo canchola
alfredo canchola 11 ore fa
You mean Edward Newgate (yung beard)
felix 11 ore fa
Wait oden how can beat eaisly kaido?(not:kaido just won with a trick)
Kel Hall
Kel Hall 11 ore fa
I can't wait to see the clash between Roger and Whitebeard animated😬 please bless us with damn good animation, Toei😬
Empty助けてThoughts助けて 11 ore fa
YES! Prime Whitebeard i have been waiting for this for so long!!
David Sorto
David Sorto 12 ore fa
If only the sound effects weren’t literally 50 years old
Johnathan White
Johnathan White 12 ore fa
Damn, they've been putting WORK INTO WANO. If they keep this up, the rest of the series will be GODLY
Shadøws•Nightmare 12 ore fa
I just want the flashbacks to end, so i can watch strawhats
Nicolas S4
Nicolas S4 12 ore fa
dwayne sewell
dwayne sewell 13 ore fa
Bruh I just realized that Whitebeard doesn’t have a signature move , he never called out a attacks name.
yymenghis64 12 ore fa
Woaw I guess his fruit really does break reality
Big Numb
Big Numb 13 ore fa
This shows how powerful oden is lol he was almost going toe to toe with PRIME whitebread.
Abdul Aliy
Abdul Aliy 13 ore fa
White beard is too op
Felipe Nahuelán
Felipe Nahuelán 13 ore fa
Basuras de capitulos que han salido ultimamente -.-
CeePee 13 ore fa
Lol I really didn't remember WB hitting anyone directly with his devil fruit via punch like that, but the fight and animation was pretty epic.
Amazing Duck
Amazing Duck 14 ore fa
It's all fun in games until oden gets shusui. And becomes 3 sword style Iits just joke
Chris Okpala
Chris Okpala 14 ore fa
No way the animation got this good
Joshua Kunzer
Joshua Kunzer 14 ore fa
Kozuki Oden is blasting off again!
Andres Allende
Andres Allende 14 ore fa
Best thing that’s ever happened to Oden 🍢 and one piece 😤
Roronoa Zoro6
Roronoa Zoro6 14 ore fa
Why is the air shattering green instead of blue like in the war ?
Toxa Kun
Toxa Kun 14 ore fa
if Dragon Ball Super Came Back with this animation it will go nuts! lol :)
Giorno Giovanna!
Giorno Giovanna! 14 ore fa
Never thought I'd see Whitebeard again
Ricardo 14 ore fa
En la siguiente escena muere Shiroighe, hace bien Toei en no ponerla.
Love*Star 14 ore fa
I just love that second 1:12 where oden kind of pushes a little bit and then whitebeard obliterates him after, you can't just win against prime whitebeard
Keff-Kong 258
Keff-Kong 258 15 ore fa
One piece are better then MHA Now. 🤩
B M 56 minuti fa
It’s even crazier knowing that one piece is a weekly anime. Toei really do a amazing job
annoying Asshole
annoying Asshole 14 ore fa
It always has been.
Sutori Immortal
Sutori Immortal 15 ore fa
Mmmm. I had not seen whitebeard's devil fruit powers animated in the new art style yet. I love it :)
Official RogueEnt
Official RogueEnt 15 ore fa
The left hook tho 😬 Odin just got wrecked
Alejandro Aguilar
Alejandro Aguilar 15 ore fa
oden survive to a direct punch of whitebear that is a adchievement
TRIP s 15 ore fa
yo that green crack tho
zqSlyng 15 ore fa
Damn looks like I gotta catch up 💀
annoying Asshole
annoying Asshole 14 ore fa
Yes bandwagon fan you do
Razer 15 ore fa
Oden dipping out the team rocket way.
ItsJustRandom 15 ore fa
So...why’s whitebeard back? I’m not following the anime rly I got to after the big mom arc and restarted a year later so just tell me is this a flashback or something?
A 11 ore fa
Listen2 Supports
Listen2 Supports 15 ore fa
Oden:"let me in your ship" Also oden: *flies away* Team rocket:"give us pikachu" Also team rocket: *flies away*
Kill Clair
Kill Clair 15 ore fa
Whitebread vs Garb I’d love to see that.
Snakewa 15 ore fa
How did oden take an earthquake to the face and was left with some scratches
Empty void
Empty void 15 ore fa
Imagine if oden used his full haki paradise waterfall when his arms turn black
BUTTER DAWG 15 ore fa
Just get ready for roger and white beard
6ix Á
6ix Á 16 ore fa
I just love how luffy is the main character but after 900 sum episodes and still isn’t the strongest. It makes it better for fans to honestly choose which character is their favorite cause in most anime the main character gets all the epic moments and power
A-Y 4 ore fa
Lol and yet luffy is 1 thank God
Michael Webb
Michael Webb 16 ore fa
And Oden just got the Team Rocket treatment
Atlas Speaks
Atlas Speaks 16 ore fa
We miss you, pops.
Beyonder Pre-Retcon
Beyonder Pre-Retcon 16 ore fa
imagine this Whitebeard in Marineford T_T
jebus7x7 16 ore fa
To clear the debates, it was mentioned that whitebeard shifted sides during the fight against the rocks pirates and garp and roger handled xebec and whitebeard handled the crew
jebus7x7 16 ore fa
Or are we also going to argue that kaido doesnt eat luffy and uses a dragon twister which zoro counters with his own? Spoiler alert.
jebus7x7 16 ore fa
@The Real Deal if you are anime only, then for you it wasnt confirmed
The Real Deal
The Real Deal 16 ore fa
Nope it was never confirmed.
Francisco de Sousa Oliveira Neto
Francisco de Sousa Oliveira Neto 16 ore fa
Samurai insano do país de wano
David Emanoel
David Emanoel 17 ore fa
Oden power: Hear a hot woman calling for help
jaythedstyr 17 ore fa
Whitebeard had to go all out on the kid! He would've died or been seriously injured if he gave Oden any less than his best! Too much respect for him!
Daney Alanes
Daney Alanes 17 ore fa
muerto por jugarle al vergas
Oov0 1
Oov0 1 17 ore fa
Wow 🥵🥵🥵😍♥️♥️😍😖
Ottower wer
Ottower wer 17 ore fa
no se puede subir nopor a youtube
Broly The legendary Super Saiyan
Broly The legendary Super Saiyan 18 ore fa
Making beautiful animation only for it to get copied by maSTAR
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 18 ore fa
Im so happy we got to see more of Whitebeard his devil fruit so op
Sky Line
Sky Line 18 ore fa
Uhmm if he didn't have a devil fruit he would be 🍣 Op because of his devil fruit not impressed
Anuraag Didla
Anuraag Didla 18 ore fa
Toei really upped the budget for Wano and this fight in general
Göktan 18 ore fa
Wohin ist er geflogen
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 18 ore fa
Damn it really looks like dragonball and i like it
vasto 18 ore fa
What episode should I start with to catch up to this clip?
Man too
Man too 14 ore fa
One piece is the goat unless your one od those who drops it before marinford
Uncle Death
Uncle Death 15 ore fa
Episode 1
Man too
Man too 18 ore fa
Its 963 but you have to watch marinford to know how old whitebeard fights. But watch all of one piece for the buidling of the world of one piece to understand whitebeards power
Manny Nuccio
Manny Nuccio 18 ore fa
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