OFFICIAL TRAILER #2: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim

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12 giorni fa

No time to unpack this. Rick and Morty returns for season 5 on Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.
Song: Diane Young by Vampire Weekend
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Nawaf Plays n stuf
Nawaf Plays n stuf Ora fa
Mike Riley
Mike Riley 4 ore fa
Cory Manning
Cory Manning 8 ore fa
We need a new Interdimensional Cable or an Evil Morty episode this season at the very least!
Las Luftweffa
Las Luftweffa 9 ore fa
what's the name of the song?
Ente Zzz
Ente Zzz 9 ore fa
On Netflix maybe ?
Вова Кузнецов
Вова Кузнецов 10 ore fa
В какой серии рик и саммер колотили фашиста?
hi im a normal person
hi im a normal person 10 ore fa
Looks boring
RootBoy Float
RootBoy Float 12 ore fa
We'll probably get some evil morty stuff this season seeing as we get it every other season.
Жмых 92октанович
Жмых 92октанович 13 ore fa
Конец идеям, пизда сериалу
Crimzen 14 ore fa
I can't wait anymore man.
Cercless 14 ore fa
What happened to the other beth???
Justcow Milk
Justcow Milk 14 ore fa
madcommodore 16 ore fa
I have probably watched each R+M episode 5 times, higher than anything else since the days of Battle of the Planets and The Space Sentinels :)
Crystal KayNine
Crystal KayNine 19 ore fa
One scene Rick has drool and another scene he doesn't. Either we got two different Ricks on our hands, or something is going on with Rick's character development
Hooppoiplip Skittle nippl3s
Hooppoiplip Skittle nippl3s 19 ore fa
Teen titans go did it
Kareem K.
Kareem K. 20 ore fa
At least Rick seems to have some fun ??
King White let
King White let 23 ore fa
Lol epic and then they get smack
King White let
King White let 23 ore fa
Lol they just all fall
godstroke gaming
godstroke gaming Giorno fa
i can feel my iq increasing, yes...
SoHaiB Giorno fa
full Focus
full Focus Giorno fa
Diesel 10 garage junction
Diesel 10 garage junction Giorno fa
Lmfao why is rick saying they look really cool
big j
big j Giorno fa
0:26 I got such a big war flashback to my childhood and it ain’t too good god oh- 🛌
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Giorno fa
Jerry has aged
Rap Fan
Rap Fan Giorno fa
when this season is coming on netflix?
L M Giorno fa
Would be funny if there is a weed dimension
Taisha Toulvil
Taisha Toulvil Giorno fa
I really hope we get to see more about beth's mom or more about Rick's story
Pedro Casal
Pedro Casal Giorno fa
I belive evil morty will return whit the dead rick in the trailer 0:45
dg 97
dg 97 Giorno fa
the new family guy
Jerimiah Arias
Jerimiah Arias Giorno fa
Lmao he’s happy because he drink less to do Rick voice and evil Morty is coming to season 8 lmao
사라짐 Giorno fa
I love rick and morty
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Giorno fa
I feel like rick and morty is about to become a parody of itself and objectively awesome
Moori Giorno fa
pls plssss bring that on netflix and not the half season again
Crippling Depression
Crippling Depression Giorno fa
Who else thinks they'll get rid of space Beth in the first episode because I'm noticing she isn't here
009 009
009 009 Giorno fa
Omfg finnaly waited a whole year for this I just finished watching 4 seasons twice i watched wm once didnt even look at it for s year forgot everythibg watched it again :>
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Giorno fa
1:08 FBI open up. FBI Arrest Summer Summer:What The Hell
Gopled 2 giorni fa
Looks terrible.
Zephyr is Based
Zephyr is Based 2 giorni fa
Jerry has aged
SaunteRRRR 2 giorni fa
I can't wait for Rick's nemesis episode.
Inder 2 giorni fa
Buddhabrot xiii
Buddhabrot xiii 2 giorni fa
this is the best cartoon ever.
Withered Bonnie
Withered Bonnie 2 giorni fa
Best arc of the manga is coming up, I'm so hyped
SafWinator 2 giorni fa
0:05 Voltron reference sweet!
Orlando Paço
Orlando Paço 2 giorni fa
jordan pace
jordan pace 2 giorni fa
fuck ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mike hunt
mike hunt 2 giorni fa
This show hasn’t been good since season 2 lol
Gopled 2 giorni fa
Stopped being good halfway through Season 2
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 giorni fa
I didn't knew I would live long enough to see this
6joe16ful 2 giorni fa
0:44 gives me Galacticus vibes
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
1:10 The Girl:Morty am I hot? Morty:YES! Always have been. Rick:Oh come on Morty
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
1:10 When someone is doing a brain surgery alone you: …..
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life Giorno fa
@nieooj gotoy Hmm…Interesting!
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 giorni fa
This means December :)
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
1:08 FBI open up. FBI Arrest Summer Summer:What The Hell
Alien 420
Alien 420 2 giorni fa
I think there has to be more humor and more sad sad ,little less action
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
1:00 Aliens dimension???
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
0:59 Aqua Man
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
0:51 When Rick try to be honest with Morty be like: Morty Can I kill your alternate universe Morty?
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
0:47 Jeez what happened there?
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
0:44 Wait Is that Galactus?
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
0:41 Well That’s a lie when I try to be honest with my Mum
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
0:33 Cyberpunkbird? Does Rick mean Cyberpunk 2077? Right?
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
0:26 Transformers reference
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
0:22 Wait since when there is acid rain? In Earth
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
0:18 Rick is like I am Galactus from the Galactus event in fortnite
Jaafar Gacha Life
Jaafar Gacha Life 2 giorni fa
0:15 New-generation star wars weapons??
Chris Daniel
Chris Daniel 2 giorni fa
I definitely hope they redeem themselves from season 4..
Бармалеич 2 giorni fa
This means December :)
TechApple 2 giorni fa
BS Kundumu
BS Kundumu 2 giorni fa
0:43 galactus ?!
Komekomesportfishing 2 giorni fa
i think this will be a throw away season also like 4.
Ghosty Nyx
Ghosty Nyx 2 giorni fa
Where is evil morty man 😭💀
Hollie Lavin
Hollie Lavin 2 giorni fa
You know what.....all I wanna do is watch Rick and Morty for the rest of life! Also be prepared! When season 5 comes out we’re gonna have a loooooot of binge watching to do for 1 and a half to 2 years before season six comes out! But it’s always worth the wait
Рыболовный интернет-магазин
Рыболовный интернет-магазин 2 giorni fa
Там аллюзия на то, как у нас чувака забрали у метро возле демонстрации, когда он в телефоне сидел?????👏👏👏👏
Джордж Флойд
Джордж Флойд 2 giorni fa
k ondera vicho
k ondera vicho 2 giorni fa
I dont like it
Gacha life Beats
Gacha life Beats 2 giorni fa
Will the 5th season be on Netflix?
Ellie Ashall
Ellie Ashall 2 giorni fa
Who would even dislike this I don't get why it has so many dislikes, weirdos 😂
tante henk
tante henk 2 giorni fa
Morty got his laserwhip nice
Ignacio Ortiz
Ignacio Ortiz 2 giorni fa
YAY SESSION 5 i CAN'T wait!!
Stufy stuf
Stufy stuf 2 giorni fa
The Month of June is gonna be epic, the video game e3 and Rick and north sesson 5?!?!
Insert Name
Insert Name 2 giorni fa
I really hope this season focuses more on rick and morty the past seasons spent too much time on jerry and beth
YEETrash 2 giorni fa
Omg this is gonna be so good
سعید ابراهیمی
سعید ابراهیمی 2 giorni fa
Jo loo
Jo loo 2 giorni fa
Rick And Morty is some kind of GROW!!!
sinebot obyknoveny
sinebot obyknoveny 3 giorni fa
Еще месяц
Mary Joan Fernandez
Mary Joan Fernandez 3 giorni fa
will it be on netflix?
Alexander Weber
Alexander Weber 3 giorni fa
Malcolm Borton
Malcolm Borton 3 giorni fa
Can you put the link for the music in this video please I really want to listen to music from this trailer.
Caleb Ross
Caleb Ross 3 giorni fa
Will Rick and Morty season 5 be available next day on HBO MAX?
ZeroTwo 3 giorni fa
Amber Bosch
Amber Bosch 3 giorni fa
Thats not Rick. Thats a clone.
Teagan Kelk
Teagan Kelk 3 giorni fa
I have a weird feeling that they're going to be making fun of Stranger Things in this season and that's what 1:03 is all about but it's just a random hunch, I'm probably wrong haha
Beata Varady
Beata Varady 3 giorni fa
Omg yes finally morty and jessica
Infernal Bacon
Infernal Bacon 3 giorni fa
I hope we get a whole episode with the Voltron parody, and it's not actually a 1 minute piece from the traditional anthology episode.
adam Shalaby
adam Shalaby 3 giorni fa
Where’s space Beth
Aggosic 3 giorni fa
Mirosav Lav
Mirosav Lav 3 giorni fa
The original creator has passed away so someone else took over. This isn't going to be the same... people notice Rick's happiness and sudden changes already.
digifomation 2 giorni fa
Producer not creator.
Shan Bell
Shan Bell 3 giorni fa
Um??? I WANT IT NOW???
PhamBoiXDTVYT 3 giorni fa
Rick And Morty is incredibly awesome.
Alethea Dsouza
Alethea Dsouza 3 giorni fa
Will to live : extended to June 20th
Librandu 3 giorni fa
Rick and Morty X Power Rangers
WHITE FAT MAN 3 giorni fa
Am I the only person who finds Rick unlikable?
gurman ghuman
gurman ghuman 3 giorni fa
This ain't Rick c37 he can't praise Jerry
xak Er
xak Er 3 giorni fa
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