Jordan Klepper Sees It All at The Capitol Insurrection | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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16 giorni fa

Pitchforks, Proud Boys, and a one-man “Tyranny Response Team.” Jordan Klepper saw it all at the Capitol insurrection. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Capitol
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Rad Rhat
Rad Rhat 13 minuti fa
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Alias User
Alias User 3 ore fa
The magnificent cornet lately double because steel intuitively hang under a unsightly blouse. infamous, lush numeric
eric shun
eric shun 5 ore fa
1:41 *ac odyssey music intensifies*
regan glenn
regan glenn 7 ore fa
0:51 bro why does this guy sounds like he’s on crack 😂 0:53 *”no i will not bdejshsgsggs captain america bsgsftwge no i will not”*
austinalsobrook 7 ore fa
The sad thing is, besides the 5 that lost their lives, so many that bought into the lies and crap, that were up there, are losing their jobs and getting jail time. Like they had no thoughts about it being a bad idea they just blindly followed the great orange one and his cronies.
Isabella C
Isabella C 8 ore fa
The whole time i was so scared he was gonna get hurt bruh id be terrified omg
Ramey Chisum
Ramey Chisum 8 ore fa
What scares me most is how willing to die these people are. You don't care bout you, you sure won't care bout someone else...
Katwoman 10 ore fa
Jordan is one incredibly brave person and I love how his questions to people can leave them speechless and dumbfounded 😅
torochi 10 ore fa
Are they even aware that american has history at all? They dont seem to know what that confederate flag they throw around represented. The confederates tried to secede, they hated America... if you represent yourself with the confederate flag your'e anti-america.
Nadia Boone
Nadia Boone 10 ore fa
“I see your not wear mask never mind”😂😂😂
Hey SMG 11 ore fa
Oh never mind, democrats having history of making the Jim crow laws and causing much more riots.
SOlson2375 11 ore fa
The pitchfork guy was Johnny on the spot with that legal definition of a farming implement.
dsfddsgh 12 ore fa
Why are all extremists regardless if they are white or muslim always wearing beards?
IGI293 12 ore fa
They fucking all look the same and confident yet low of intelligence
bob sagat121
bob sagat121 12 ore fa
Where's the camera behind their shoulder when Jordan is talking?
CryingNight Animation
CryingNight Animation 13 ore fa
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gabby young
gabby young 13 ore fa
A street team ☠️
gabby young
gabby young 13 ore fa
The pitchforks ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️
chris mcdirty
chris mcdirty 13 ore fa
Jordan is the best at these trump rally segments
Ms.Vicki Jones
Ms.Vicki Jones 13 ore fa
so much evidence.......
chicaki 13 ore fa
What kind of movie trailer is this?
Chase Waites
Chase Waites 13 ore fa
Imagine that BLM and antifa burnt cities down for three months with COVID and all the demidiots supported them and this ^ was all the left wing mob media talked about smh..
Kabrina Hull
Kabrina Hull 13 ore fa
Just LOUD and WRONG smh 🤦🏾‍♀️🥴🤣
spanky812 14 ore fa
you guys did a good job on this
curse1 14 ore fa
the smooth brain convention
papasweed.dispenseria 14 ore fa
ah 4 years ago it was "trump isn my president" now it's " biden isn't my president" white people are sumtin else
Elia D
Elia D 14 ore fa
Holy shit the guy on the hover board was just fucking tremendous. I wish they were all on hoverboards
Ty Augustine
Ty Augustine 14 ore fa
9/10ths of these imbeciles have NO real idea why they’re there... 🤦
mOmO 15 ore fa
This is what they should show in history class in a couple years.
Cole Clapperton
Cole Clapperton 12 ore fa
Oh don't worry. They will
Arimatheamusic 15 ore fa
so, they seem to think this is what the land of the free is? killing other American's, trying to over take the government. this was an attempted siege by idiots, lead the the biggest idiot of them all, lord of the flies. crazy. Cro-Magnon seems to be alive and well. people who only desire to watch it burn, with no purpose or reason. void of any care, love, hope for anyone! they only care for their blood lust for death. ... we may be advancing in tech. but apparently, caring about others and about life, is off the table for these would be domestic terrorist. these people are the Oklahoma bomber multiplied. timothy mcveigh, was one of these people. ... we all know how that turned out. ... people, we are in trouble. a house divided can not stand. Rome, is your example of this. we are now at the end, of the beginning. the calm, before the storm. this is where we all are. not, a good day in the neighborhood. wake up! and thank you :) ... be safe
mexicanpoptart 15 ore fa
6k dislikes.. hmmm I wonder who
Cherry Gadamandla
Cherry Gadamandla 16 ore fa
With the mask he reminds me of Trey Kennedy LOL
Bryan Murphy
Bryan Murphy 17 ore fa
They're terrorist... Did he get to see the left wing terrorist groups such as antifa and BLM riot And burn down cities all through 2020 and currently in Seattle and Portland,?
Bryan Murphy
Bryan Murphy 5 ore fa
@Cole Clapperton lol sure
Cole Clapperton
Cole Clapperton 8 ore fa
@Bryan Murphy Sounds like a goal post shift to me
Bryan Murphy
Bryan Murphy 12 ore fa
@Cole Clapperton lol there are left wing terrorist groups rioting out there
Cole Clapperton
Cole Clapperton 12 ore fa
@Bryan Murphy Oooh, nice try, but those cities have NOT been burned down, like you said.
Bryan Murphy
Bryan Murphy 12 ore fa
@Cole Clapperton the media won't tell you about it though
Autumn _R
Autumn _R 17 ore fa
3:31 why do all trump supporters have that specific look when someone makes fun of them/disproves them
john smith
john smith 18 ore fa
I hope in 20 years they do a 'Where are they now?' episode so all these nutjobs can see themselves
John Moos
John Moos 18 ore fa
What about the fact. The election WAS stolen.
Cole Clapperton
Cole Clapperton 12 ore fa
Prove it
Josh O.
Josh O. 18 ore fa
Arrest the 6,000+ people who gave a thumbs down. ☺️😘
DASUPANOVA 18 ore fa
“Are you military?” “I’m not” ... “Okay good luck with the paintball tournament”
Orestis_mslgt 18 ore fa
1:42 i like how in his vest says USA PATRIOT and he wears a greek Spartan helmet
Random Person
Random Person 19 ore fa
I'm far less scared of ISIS these days and way more afraid of the TTO(Trump Terrorist Organization).
Star Lord
Star Lord 19 ore fa
So the Catholics are carrying around the weapon that the devil is always depicted with..
Alessandra Hinojosa
Alessandra Hinojosa 20 ore fa
The fact that he just goes to these and no one has injured him yet, I’m so thankful. I’d be scared shirtless. Props 👏🏽👏🏽
Alessandra Hinojosa
Alessandra Hinojosa 19 ore fa
Also watching this gave me so much anxiety 😂
Vulture_Grey: WOW
Vulture_Grey: WOW 21 ora fa
The election was rigged.
Cole Clapperton
Cole Clapperton 7 ore fa
Vulture_Grey: WOW If god is so powerful, why didn’t he stop the devil from making Biden president?
Vulture_Grey: WOW
Vulture_Grey: WOW 7 ore fa
@Cole Clapperton No. the devil did
Cole Clapperton
Cole Clapperton 7 ore fa
@Vulture_Grey: WOW Technically, by your logic, god already chose Biden as president.
Vulture_Grey: WOW
Vulture_Grey: WOW 12 ore fa
@Cole Clapperton That’s the beauty of the Covid and the mail in ballot. Perfect for fraud.
Vulture_Grey: WOW
Vulture_Grey: WOW 12 ore fa
@Cole Clapperton God will sort it all out. You’ll see. If your dirty, it follows you for eternity. Muhahahahaha
Wirbelwind Europe
Wirbelwind Europe 22 ore fa
These people are completely brainwashed. How a lie becomes a truth and makes people fear. How the rage of one selfish man drives people to “war” against their own country.
PapaRaginPatriot 22 ore fa
Nice clown mask by the way.
PapaRaginPatriot 22 ore fa
2:04 Uh, he doesn't have a weapon because he understands like real patriots do, that it is illegal to concealed carry in DC. He's not ANTIFA.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 20 ore fa
I bet that guy screaming is a blast at parties....
florencia paola
florencia paola Giorno fa
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Cole Clapperton
Cole Clapperton 12 ore fa
Are you speaking in code lol
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 20 ore fa
history and the law. Klepper SHOULD get a Pulitzer for his work....nothing less.....
Denise Komoda
Denise Komoda Giorno fa
Ok can I get something straight here... China nor Russia, not even North Korea, but trump supporters, invaded the capital, first time in hundreds of years and its by these guys...
GBHunting Giorno fa
The idiots saying "we do not consent" are literally quoting a scene from the movie Gettysburg, where several confederate generals try to explain secession to a British officer.
Steve Broadsmith
Steve Broadsmith Giorno fa
Confederates better get ready if you watched that cop die, yer going away COP KILLERS
Metal Mellie
Metal Mellie Giorno fa
The biggest idiots I've ever seen in my life!!!!!!
IGI293 Giorno fa
What is the dominion system...
hmu Philly
hmu Philly Giorno fa
the actual soldiers are the disappointed national guardsman having to deploy their own country they signed up to fight and defend for... -_-
A S Giorno fa
The gene pool needs a big shot of chlorine . . .
One Only
One Only Giorno fa
"Would you rather die on your knees, than be free" What? MADA = Make America Dum Again
Michael Nixon Jr.
Michael Nixon Jr. Giorno fa
Why did you take "peacefully" out smh you are a little flower
Captain green
Captain green Giorno fa
TRUMP 2020!!!
evelyn 19 ore fa
Bit late for that mate.
Big Chad
Big Chad Giorno fa
Its 2021 now........
TJ Dunham
TJ Dunham Giorno fa
I must be here after the mail in likes
Noon E
Noon E Giorno fa
i’m on a Jordan Klepper binge
Clarence Hatfield
Clarence Hatfield Giorno fa
I hope you turned at least a copy of this footage over to the FBI so some of these idiots can be arrested
Annie Chaloupka
Annie Chaloupka Giorno fa
Klepper is just the BEST for his coverage of such controversial events .....and his knowledge of the laws and pointing out inconsistencies of thought to those at such events....vs history and the law. Klepper SHOULD get a Pulitzer for his work....nothing less.....
harryhaller627 Giorno fa
I bet that guy screaming is a blast at parties....
Mister X
Mister X Giorno fa
Shit-stained rebellion. Yup.
LeonardlLP Giorno fa
I've heard Trump is moving to Florida again (idk if that's true because I just kinda skipped over the text in a german news paper)... doesn't that mean if he does anything stupid he'll just be another "Florida man did..." oh man I can already smell the incoming memes once that happens :)))
Dusty Trails
Dusty Trails Giorno fa
Jordan is antifa with a sense of humor infiltrating magas without a sense of humor, something had to give.
Sn8k3 Giorno fa
Biden = Trump The election is a show, whether people really did vote or not, in the end they're on the same team and have the same people controlling them in the backstage.
Cole Clapperton
Cole Clapperton 12 ore fa
Well, looking back on Biden's first week, that's obviously not true. Biden signed an executive order to end private prisons. The billionaires who own those prisons I'm sure don't appreciate that. Biden ended the Keystone Pipeline. I'm sure the billionaires running the show didn't appreciate that either.
Coco A
Coco A Giorno fa
I have never been more worried for Jordan. Of all the trump rallies, this was not one I wanted to see him at. Stress level was maxed.
Diggory Pat
Diggory Pat Giorno fa
So you are big and bad with your guns 🙄 okay
Valerie Moreno
Valerie Moreno Giorno fa
I love this guy he awesome!!
Red Pill Review News
Red Pill Review News Giorno fa
I am so proud to be extreme. I am extremely conservative, I am extremely Christian and I am extremely disgusted with all of these immoral liberal lunatic’s. Stop using the word extreme two describe upright good moral people!!!
Red Pill Review News
Red Pill Review News Ora fa
Cole Clapperton yeah right labels need to end. We are Individuals first
Cole Clapperton
Cole Clapperton 8 ore fa
@Red Pill Review News Ok, I think you're confused on what the word "extreme conservatism" means. Usually extreme conservatism is associated with alt-right politics, such as neo-nazis. I really hope that you aren't saying you're a neo-nazi.
Red Pill Review News
Red Pill Review News 8 ore fa
Cole Clapperton Bullshit. Next you people will want to be removing the word extreme from our dictionary. You can be as extreme as you want I don’t give a shit. We’re aloud to be as extreme as we want, that is the freedom that our God and creator has given each one of us. The freedom to be extreme if we so choose. Extreme in your own life. You can be an extreme skier you can be an extreme camper you can be an extreme Christian you can be extreme in your morals and beliefs and that is perfectly OK. What is not OK is pushing that bullshit on other people. Each to their own. The golden rule do onto others as you would have them do to you it’s that simple
Cole Clapperton
Cole Clapperton 12 ore fa
Extreme conservatism is always associated with eugenics, the strive for an ethnically 'pure' country, and dogmatic traditionalism. None of these are good qualities.
jun homa
jun homa Giorno fa
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Henry Ashbridge
Henry Ashbridge Giorno fa
lol a grenade would’ve been great pest control
David Park
David Park Giorno fa
Trevor Noah the leftist bigot
Lexi W.
Lexi W. Giorno fa
Do these idiots not realize that "Antifa" LITERALLY MEANS "Anti-Fascist"?
Kim Smith
Kim Smith Giorno fa
If trial by combat against our Constitution of America isn’t grounds for insurrection and impeachment nothing is!! 💔🇺🇸💙
Kim Smith
Kim Smith Giorno fa
Bamboozled & happy to stay in their ignorance 🤯💔🇺🇸💙
Aubrey Giorno fa
They are insane and stupid. Dangerous combo.
Nick Dreghorn
Nick Dreghorn Giorno fa
I've reported this content to authorities
Metl Man
Metl Man Giorno fa
Aniket Bahadure
Aniket Bahadure Giorno fa
Dumbest activities by the people I've ever seen.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo Giorno fa
Jordan, you're awesome, but please stay safe.
Jim 54
Jim 54 Giorno fa
Warning, Putin and Breitbart bots in the comments section!
Enlightened_One ॐ
Enlightened_One ॐ Giorno fa
3:23 That got a verbal "OOOOOOOOOOOOO" from me.
Pilletta Doinswartsh
Pilletta Doinswartsh Giorno fa
Donald Trump did literally the worst thing a president can do. An autogolpe (self-coup). Assuming power from the outside is much more difficult. But RETAINING power, unlawfully, from the inside is much easier. And still, Donny fucked it up. Mainly, because our system works. Let's please thank the Republican election officials and governors who refused to disenfranchise the voters of their counties and states, over lies.
Sanjay Soman
Sanjay Soman Giorno fa
Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn. - Alfred (The Dark Knight)
Demon Phoenix
Demon Phoenix Giorno fa
Why do we have the Republican party
green phantom6
green phantom6 Giorno fa
“Come and take it” Jordan “do you have a weapon” “No” Jordan “ why... did they take it” 😂
RH Har
RH Har Giorno fa Well Lets see interesting year Biden wins ,Pennsyllvanis by 25,000 more votes than Registered voters. He wins Wisconsin by 17,000 more votes than voters, their were two states with over 300,000 combinred votes that were from people who did not exist, But according to the courts all the way up to the supreme court who said it was legal, needless to say i no longer, trust the supreme court
Cole Clapperton
Cole Clapperton 12 ore fa
All of these have been debunked.
prescreta 7
prescreta 7 Giorno fa
i haven't read the whole constitution.....
Joe Robertson
Joe Robertson Giorno fa
The whispering gateway architecturally slip because path uniformly complete on a certain fox. amusing, eight chocolate
Steven Giorno fa
See what happens when you take away Schoolhouse Rock "In just a bill" from Saturday mourning cartoons?
iZackster Giorno fa
So did they gave this footage identify these guys?
Harry Jude
Harry Jude Giorno fa
That was 'an insurrection' the same way Running Around the Block is "a marathon."
dnb428 Giorno fa
Lol. These people all better start practicing their soap dropping. Donald not gonna save them
Adeptus Mechanicus
Adeptus Mechanicus Giorno fa
Use this as evidence against all those Fucking Trump-troopers mocking the outcome of the election and committing a terrorist attack on democracy!!!
Biên Hòa Memories
Biên Hòa Memories Giorno fa
Trump + riots= Criminals
Kirstin Norwood
Kirstin Norwood Giorno fa
There was fraud. Wtf
Seef Eldeen
Seef Eldeen 2 giorni fa
Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri) (05 - 03 - 2020 Kr.) Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka) .(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre 👇🏻👇🏻👇
Gala Delaney
Gala Delaney 2 giorni fa
The periodic shorts serologically ski because dancer fourthly attempt given a abundant stocking. erect, helpful snowstorm
Cole Clapperton
Cole Clapperton 12 ore fa
Why are there a bunch of you doing this? Are you a Russian bot lol
sam maynard
sam maynard 2 giorni fa
0.35 wet floor !!
Sjieloe 2 giorni fa
"Good luck with the paintball tournament" -Needs 5 seconds to proces- : ******
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