iPhone 1 - Steve Jobs MacWorld keynote in 2007 - Full Presentation, 80 mins

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"Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything ..." Steve Jobs said during a MacWorld keynote in 2007 and this was definitely hyperbole but the introduction of the original iPhone was a major moment in mobile history. With news that Jobs is resigning as Apple CEO, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at Jobs' showing the world the first iPhone.
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Andrea Strutz
Andrea Strutz 50 minuti fa
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Mikey Way’s Fender Squier Mustang Bass
Mikey Way’s Fender Squier Mustang Bass 5 ore fa
Why are y’all not talking about how he had The Black Parade on there??
Euler Torres
Euler Torres Giorno fa
Steve has such skill to presentations that this old iPhone looks more interesting than my actual phone 😂. Man I miss him
Explorer Giorno fa
1:18:33 watching this using my iPhone 12 in April 2021.🥳🤩
Enraged Monkey
Enraged Monkey Giorno fa
Cover flow seems legit. I wish they still had it.
admission vale baba
admission vale baba Giorno fa
Which model of iPhone is this~???
Dj Ram-z
Dj Ram-z Giorno fa
41:06 Oh NOW you're going to show us something incredible. I've been waiting through this whole video!
ImNotTails Giorno fa
Kirk Solon
Kirk Solon 2 giorni fa
Lol 2 giorni fa
1:02:33 Damn these were airpods before airpods were a thing
darktennisball 2 giorni fa
I like how the google and yahoo guys are just like “bruh cop me a ps5 doe”
thelonewolf191 3 giorni fa
That lady talked to Steve Jobs and didn’t even know it. Crazy
Grzegorz Lippe
Grzegorz Lippe 3 giorni fa
Isn't it cool how much of the UI is still the same today?
Tats Sacs
Tats Sacs 3 giorni fa
I was so young back then. My take away while watching this then is “can i finally look at porn on my phone?”
simon wang
simon wang 3 giorni fa
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dibra dibra
dibra dibra 3 giorni fa
👏 a great moment, happy to have one of this “ iphone 7+
No One
No One 3 giorni fa
The way he presents it still gives me goosebumps, even though i'm used to smartphone for so long now.
Afandi 3 giorni fa
Im watching this presentation in 2021 with my Iphone 11 pro and just discovered things about my Phone I really did not know about before lol 😂
Lol 2 giorni fa
Such as what? lmao
Charles Davis
Charles Davis 3 giorni fa
3.5"...it's really big...lmfao
Sanford Winston
Sanford Winston 3 giorni fa
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Railfan Andrew
Railfan Andrew 4 giorni fa
Back when Apple was actually innovative.
vsTylervs 4 giorni fa
Me in 2021 watching on iOS 14: goddamn I’ve got to get this incredible phone
Eddyson Fernando
Eddyson Fernando 4 giorni fa
Watching on my 6s plus🥰
mindeathmoon 5 giorni fa
omg I forgot the sleep/wake switch was on top and I was waiting for Steve to show us the opposite side to the volume switches lol
Irfan Abbassi
Irfan Abbassi 5 giorni fa
That software interface was the real magic .... really well though product
Hao Huynh Nhat
Hao Huynh Nhat 5 giorni fa
Is that Trump at 19:22??
Charlie H
Charlie H 5 giorni fa
Yes, at the time I’m guessing trump was still making the apprentice which was an NBC Shoe
Raghavendra kulkarni
Raghavendra kulkarni 5 giorni fa
We have “2 MEGAA PIXELS GUYS”...
emily 5 giorni fa
2021 = iPone 13🤣🤣
Fernando 648
Fernando 648 5 giorni fa
Steve Jobs, no matter how many years his legacy passes, it will always be with us and it will always be remembered how one legend in the world of technology and innovation already we owe a lot to this great man who in peace rest and remember think diferent-Steve jobs
Cezary Pilecki
Cezary Pilecki 6 giorni fa
This invention changed our view of the phone, but it also changed our lives.
Drishtant Rai
Drishtant Rai 6 giorni fa
Cant believe that When steve was there then ios was five years ahead of anything and now ios is five years behind than something like Android. Its capabilities are very limited by iOS protocols
Ganesh Babu
Ganesh Babu 6 giorni fa
Poor Steve jobs had to click the DVD's and vids and wait for 3-5 secs to load.
Emma Rose Tuttleman-Kriegler
Emma Rose Tuttleman-Kriegler 7 giorni fa
“It’s got a 3.5 inch screen. It’s really big” as I’m watching on my 5.85 inch screen iPhone XS
Emma Rose Tuttleman-Kriegler
Emma Rose Tuttleman-Kriegler 2 giorni fa
@Lol they’re incredible
Lol 2 giorni fa
me watching on my 6.1 iPhone 11
Chris Sappenfield
Chris Sappenfield 7 giorni fa
I can't stand how apple is nowadays. I guess you can call me a hater. But you got to hand it to Steve Jobs and Apple. They did revolutionize the world.
sontodosnarcos 7 giorni fa
I guess Yahoo failed to reinvent the Internet.
Bruce Milliken
Bruce Milliken 7 giorni fa
He knew what he was presenting was revolutionary, but he had absolutely no idea how much it would change the world...
JustBrainless - TechnikEcke
JustBrainless - TechnikEcke 7 giorni fa
This is so far from todays reality
Aleksandr Siskin
Aleksandr Siskin 7 giorni fa
1% made the company.
Miguel Albarran
Miguel Albarran 7 giorni fa
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RC speed
RC speed 7 giorni fa
If Steve Jobs were still here apple w ok under be so much better.
NAT CADBasics 8 giorni fa
April 2021 here
KPY 1117
KPY 1117 8 giorni fa
Kids in 2048: Why they are so exciting?
Lol 2 giorni fa
Shit even though i’m watching on 2021 it’s funny to see the audience be amazed at features we all know as basic tasks
Roshane Sanjula
Roshane Sanjula 8 giorni fa
Watching this in 2021 with my IPhone 5s which I have been using since 2013. Still a great phone !
feckingud 8 giorni fa
I like My Mokia Prick
bballjulien 8 giorni fa
"A WAP web browser" has a whole new meaning now...
Matthew Edoimioya
Matthew Edoimioya 9 giorni fa
I rewatch this keynote every once in a while to remind myself why I continue to keep my iPhone instead of switching to android
Kikk oman
Kikk oman 9 giorni fa
And then they stole everything cool from jailbreakers
Christopher Vouga
Christopher Vouga 9 giorni fa
The Unabomber had a point
NemoJi Meister
NemoJi Meister 10 giorni fa
“Apple” just as simple as that.
Stéphane Dubedat
Stéphane Dubedat 10 giorni fa
The first modern form factor smartphone is actually from LG, its a shame that posterity didn't give them justice en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LG_Prada
Fatima Nehal
Fatima Nehal 11 giorni fa
Omg iconic this is beyond world what a revolution ❤️
The Angel City King
The Angel City King 11 giorni fa
Watching this on my iPhone 12 Pro Max! What phone are you using to watch this? 🤔
Lol 2 giorni fa
iPhone 11
Mellojay Rosales
Mellojay Rosales 11 giorni fa
Then: 5 hours of battery life Everyone: Whoaaaaa Now: it can last for 2 days Everyone: you cant even last a day with that much battery life
Max2coolMayur 12 giorni fa
Watching it on my iPhone 12
mike lacey
mike lacey 12 giorni fa
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topper2142 12 giorni fa
Who remembers having to download an app just to take video...Or that only ATT sold the iPhone? Those were the days..
Stephen 12 giorni fa
Back when the iPhone was amazing
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez 12 giorni fa
That starbucks lady was one of first people ever called from iphone😂
Rehan Mazhar
Rehan Mazhar 13 giorni fa
This keynote should be added into National Film Registry as a culturally significant movie.
vovan 2_1
vovan 2_1 13 giorni fa
I wanna buy this phone
Nishil gawde
Nishil gawde 13 giorni fa
Omg I watched the whole presentation in 2021
sakib pick
sakib pick 13 giorni fa
I'm Big Fnd & lover Nokia device♥️💝 But, 8 Years ago see(2021) this video👀😲 I'm just Speechless🤐 & I really respect Steve jobs♥️ &, Love "I Phone" Device....💚 I'm Ariyan Arav (Himu)
True_510 !
True_510 ! 13 giorni fa
If jobs was alive today the siri would be able to wipe my ass
Just Watch Me
Just Watch Me 14 giorni fa
I just wanted to watch it for a few minutes, at the end I was so hyped of the new iPhone 3, I started clapping.
Teacher Tony Cars
Teacher Tony Cars 14 giorni fa
Will The Waffle
Will The Waffle 14 giorni fa
some of these features aren’t even on the newest phones
Lol 2 giorni fa
Only one i can think of is cover flow other then that are there any others?
Muneeb Ali Zaidi
Muneeb Ali Zaidi 14 giorni fa
March 2021
Alexandre Mongeau
Alexandre Mongeau 14 giorni fa
Smart phones, worst invention ever! Human liberty was lost to capitalism.
Paul P
Paul P 14 giorni fa
For me Samsung have always been the number 1 for phones their technology in their phones have always been way ahead of apple for yrs
Paul P
Paul P 14 giorni fa
Widescreen on a 3.5 inch screen 🤣
Nicolae Eugen
Nicolae Eugen 14 giorni fa
steeve i love you!!!
Emanuel Vecchio
Emanuel Vecchio 14 giorni fa
The only thing Steve missed was to write the text with both hands (from 2021)
Tom O
Tom O 15 giorni fa
Impressive! When does this come out?
John Munro
John Munro 15 giorni fa
Smart guy.... except about going to the doctor. Shame.... He could have gone on for another 30 years.
Zhe Tsao
Zhe Tsao 15 giorni fa
Good old times when the CEO of Google would turn up at an Apple keynote😂
SindSim cZ
SindSim cZ 15 giorni fa
Watching on iPhone right now😅
olympic seven
olympic seven 15 giorni fa
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Paulo CsMp
Paulo CsMp 16 giorni fa
Xiaomi en estos momentos: su juguetito me la pelo.
ً 16 giorni fa
I always thought the iPhone was just an improved version of the iPod touch with the ability to make calls and send texts, but apparently the iPhone came first and the iPod touch was already pretty much unnecessary when it came out! Lmao
ً 2 giorni fa
@Lol That sounds familiar, but if you are from America, it might have been a bit different here, because I live in Europe! I remember some people having regular iPods just to listen to music before 2010 and then after or around 2010 there were the first people having iPhones and like one guy in my class had an iPod touch and we always used it to play Angry Birds etc. and at that time I must’ve developed the thought that the iPod touch is just a cheaper iPhone that you can’t use for calls or texts or that it came before the iPhone, which made sense as I knew iPods existed before the iPhone and after that I have never seen anyone using an iPod touch anymore, but more people started using iPhones!
Lol 2 giorni fa
I mean i was a little kid at the time therefore had no knowledge they existed at the time but i remember in the early 2010s as a middle schooler having an ipod touch was cool as you still did the same stuff as iphone users had and u played all the games and had youtube. I remember ipods were big in middle school, like if you didn’t have an iphone you had the ipod. They were a hit because you could tell the ipods looked similar to iphones then, now that’s not the case
Sydney Drums
Sydney Drums 16 giorni fa
Not sure if anyone said it yet but.. woow
Terrain 16 giorni fa
20:28 first of all, really? cribean? But also, haha wonky turn animation
Terrain 16 giorni fa
7:29 y’know, it’s impressive and all, but at least nowadays that point is no longer true - i don’t know if it ever was tbh
han cai
han cai 16 giorni fa
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Golden Garbage
Golden Garbage 16 giorni fa
how many times did he say revolutionary?
icanrunat3200mhz 16 giorni fa
Lmao I had the Moto Q, that got crapped all over on his little graphic, right before the iPhone
icanrunat3200mhz 16 giorni fa
...and currently watching on a Samsung Note, with a stylus, that I like and use.
CyaKyle 16 giorni fa
That Starbucks employer doesn’t even know what just happened. History for phones😂
Advait Sant
Advait Sant 16 giorni fa
Watching this on iPhone 12 pro is a next level kicker.
Lovely Afable
Lovely Afable 16 giorni fa
The era when a phone was literally used for its purpose. And a thing they used to live with and not a thing they CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT!
Carperfjörd 16 giorni fa
Yeah, remember when, uh, the good, mhmm, remember... iPhone good maybe? When then, yeah. Remember when?
Rodion Kirkland
Rodion Kirkland 17 giorni fa
Imagine showing this crowd what we have now in 2021. The iPhone 12, Airpods, Siri, bluetooth, etc.
Lol 2 giorni fa
bluetooth was a thing back then but yeah i’d love to show the crowd my iPhone 11, airpods pro and and my xbox series x
Qyntus 17 giorni fa
1:47 MFW these apes have no idea what they're cheering for.
Ronin Murray
Ronin Murray 17 giorni fa
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Dhairya Bhardwaj
Dhairya Bhardwaj 17 giorni fa
Even for an android user, the slide and unlock seams so nostalgic after the finger print sensors came into action. 😅
Josh Diaz
Josh Diaz 17 giorni fa
Voicemail from future CEO
Rylee La'ulusa
Rylee La'ulusa 17 giorni fa
I remember being I think 9 or 10 when my siblings had it. I grew up on an island where this was never a thing. When the scrolling between songs demonstration came, it was nostalgic for me. I remember when frogy jump was the one game we would always play on it. I'm 22 and using a Pixel 3a XL. Oh the good old days.
SYED SHAZEB 18 giorni fa
Just got recommended this
PDM TV vlog
PDM TV vlog 18 giorni fa
Not me having an android and bieng impressed on iPhone growing more fun than android 😁💔
RXR B 18 giorni fa
Its 3:01 AM where am i lol
AMBRO 18 giorni fa
Now it's 3:21
Hang Gao
Hang Gao 18 giorni fa
That is a time when scroll is a NEW thing, WTF.
Luqmannur Haqim
Luqmannur Haqim 18 giorni fa
Even though it is iPhone 1 steve makes me wanna buy it. His such an amazing person.
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