Glass Playstation 4!! Custom Hand Built!

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We hand built a CUSTOM see-through Playstation 4 console!
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DM Diamond
DM Diamond 33 minuti fa
It is beautiful but I guess you're never opening it again...
Jhuan Oliveira
Jhuan Oliveira 3 ore fa
Gabriel Neves
Gabriel Neves 3 ore fa
LINDO ♥️🇧🇷
Jamie Stephen
Jamie Stephen 4 ore fa
not glass though is it ...... much more impressive if it was
Etane Youne
Etane Youne 5 ore fa
Elle et trop bien .
César Pickler
César Pickler 10 ore fa
What a perfection, to see all machinery working ... I was afraid at the beginning of the video, after I saw calling it passed. Congratulations, excellent video!
Hamza Muai
Hamza Muai 10 ore fa
11 ore fa
Can you make another video ,but Ps5 or xbox x
Quang Anh Nguyen Huu
Quang Anh Nguyen Huu 12 ore fa
Gianni Gamer
Gianni Gamer 12 ore fa
you dontknow
you dontknow 13 ore fa
Thats not glass its plastic
عمر الزهراني
عمر الزهراني 14 ore fa
اكو عرب بطياره🤔😂🤣🤣🤣
Naylen Gaming TV Gameplay
Naylen Gaming TV Gameplay 15 ore fa
i have that console but not glass
Frank tramp
Frank tramp 16 ore fa
Damian Radomski
Damian Radomski 16 ore fa
9:05 why me
Damian Radomski
Damian Radomski 16 ore fa
7:36 among us tasks in a nutshell
Damian Radomski
Damian Radomski 16 ore fa
5:15 hey i was wearing headphones!
Raj Kondhia
Raj Kondhia 19 ore fa
Imagine that case with and RGB strip inside and in the dark. Thats would be sick
PlayStation India
PlayStation India 21 ora fa
that's cool
InfamouZ 07
InfamouZ 07 21 ora fa
جدا ممتاز العمل اللي انجزته لكن .. فكر مستقبلا في تغييرك للقطع كذلك لم يتم عمل فتحات تهوية للجهاز .. و بالتوفيق
S2S2 _C
S2S2 _C 22 ore fa
Dante Belmont
Dante Belmont Giorno fa
I like how it looks, but it was completely sealed! Where will the console be ventilated?
Rob Moser
Rob Moser Giorno fa
Wish u could do that to my ps4 pro
Eduardo Nogueira
Eduardo Nogueira Giorno fa
Supergluing the APU to the heatsink, removing all the metal plating that also serves as heat dispersion.... Something tells me this is a transparent oven.
D. Jenkins
D. Jenkins Giorno fa
Homie got the Dead cells. Dope!
infoelectro Giorno fa
Excelente 👌
lahoma cool
lahoma cool Giorno fa
The best looking console ever 😍😍😍😍🥰
lahoma cool
lahoma cool Giorno fa
Velryme Evve
Velryme Evve Giorno fa
and keep the PS4 glass away from the Naughty man
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff Giorno fa
that music at the end really made me close the video as fast as I could. Lesson learned
ProPlayers %
ProPlayers % Giorno fa
It would be so beautiful for a ps4 pro with the light and all.
Mohammed Mahdi
Mohammed Mahdi Giorno fa
It would be nice to ad an RGB lights inside it.
Chezter Sumambod
Chezter Sumambod Giorno fa
How about the heat ventilation? I can already feel the NA O 47 Engine While playing straight 3 - 6 Hours
Biajou Orion
Biajou Orion Giorno fa
This ps4 wearing see through bikini 🥵🥵🥵
Serna Serna
Serna Serna Giorno fa
Beautiful please make a glass xbox I bet it would be easier to make
Victor Paz
Victor Paz Giorno fa
The electromagnetic interference seeeing him gluing the bare power supply atop the motherboard: 🤡
Henrry Yanes
Henrry Yanes 2 giorni fa
Hey bro gif me the pices jajajjaja
Daniel blair
Daniel blair 2 giorni fa
Sony bouts to be pist nice video tho good looking out
Kurdish_Gaming_ Tv
Kurdish_Gaming_ Tv 2 giorni fa
Nyra kar baxot 😂✌
Daniel Iturbe Martínez
Daniel Iturbe Martínez 2 giorni fa
Esa cosa si se cae valiste madres
I'm aploz
I'm aploz 2 giorni fa
First of all, where is the console going to breathe? And secondly, if something happens to the console, all that work goes to hell, because you would have to disarm it
Natasha Rupping
Natasha Rupping 2 giorni fa
A personal question:How long did this take
Ali tarq abas
Ali tarq abas 2 giorni fa
You have not installed the ventilation holes
LOCO BLLACK 2 giorni fa
Cuzmin Laurentiu
Cuzmin Laurentiu 2 giorni fa
absolutely no cooling for the internal parts and no way to open it up for that burned down in 1 hour...
AliceChannel 2 giorni fa
Ajay Randolph
Ajay Randolph 2 giorni fa
5:17 my freaking ears
cazademonios666 2 giorni fa
Now i want to do this to my ps4. But with a hole in the corner where it goes the ventilator for a better cooling.
miamiflpedrog305 2 giorni fa
damn i will love my ps4 like that
Deyson Lacerda
Deyson Lacerda 2 giorni fa
Queria um desse 😔
HUÃŚWÆTKZL 2 giorni fa
it's using HDD? how about SSD ?
Monkey _420
Monkey _420 3 giorni fa
That's not real glass guy
BEEF THE TOPS! 3 giorni fa
10p6 3 giorni fa
Nice project, but 'Glass?' Plexiglass, acrylic maybe, but Glass is just a misleading title.
RLZERA FF 3 giorni fa
Ken Brown
Ken Brown 3 giorni fa
Srgt_josh 53
Srgt_josh 53 3 giorni fa
This man's got a ps8
Eduard Babayan
Eduard Babayan 3 giorni fa
Дырки под охлаждение забыл)
Sajjad Yassien
Sajjad Yassien 3 giorni fa
U r a genius
Saffron Dallimore
Saffron Dallimore 3 giorni fa
The fact you cut and put together your own chassis amazes me even more. Here’s the next question I have for you... Wanna do mine? 😂🤣
foxx2221 3 giorni fa
Vai aquecer igual churrasqueira
влад кудинов
влад кудинов 3 giorni fa
tingling zt
tingling zt 3 giorni fa
What were you thinking when you came up for the idea for this
Isaac Moore
Isaac Moore 3 giorni fa
Augusto Hidalgo
Augusto Hidalgo 3 giorni fa
El pegamento se ve muy feo
Rahul Pd
Rahul Pd 3 giorni fa
In future he need to upgrade hhd to ssd then he need to brake all the fiber case 😀
Mesut Çınar
Mesut Çınar 3 giorni fa
Harlem Bussie
Harlem Bussie 3 giorni fa
When your at the glass factory and they have a gaming room this is the perfect ps4 for the room
Stephen Woods
Stephen Woods 3 giorni fa
Wheres all the exhaust ports? Wheres the fan getting all that fresh air? Do you need to tie it down to the table before playing a game as that thing will sound like a jet engine at the menu!!!
Carl Helmick
Carl Helmick 3 giorni fa
P.S. you have everything glued shut. If you need to get back in to work on it how do you do that . Just asking .😕?
Carl Helmick
Carl Helmick 3 giorni fa
Just how good is that glue you are using hero. Will it last for ever . Do you have to go back and touch it up from time to time and how often would you do that. Just wondering. 😕?
KingoftheGod 89
KingoftheGod 89 3 giorni fa
five 4 giorni fa
Tony music
Tony music 4 giorni fa
Looks cool now but after a month you can enjoy the artwork from all the dust that's gonna collect on the inside 🤣
lx vxie
lx vxie 4 giorni fa
If its real glass, Probably one or two drops will finish it
G.Y.P.O Trails
G.Y.P.O Trails 4 giorni fa
AYTUN ÜSTEL 4 giorni fa
İ think the final is not glass ps4 its casino ps4 😹
Amph1trit3 4 giorni fa
F for that poor poor PS4. The hottest PS4 in the world. Literally. 🔥
JAVILARA95 4 giorni fa
Yo tengo una pregunta y resuelveme, si con el tiempo se acumula polvo como la limpias si va pegado pir completo. Un saludo gracias
Matthizo 4 giorni fa
nice PS4
Bruno Carvalho
Bruno Carvalho 4 giorni fa
Gostei. Agora gostaria que você fizesse isso com um PS5. 😀
CHRISTOPHER Bearce 4 giorni fa
Those are cool and all but it will have 0 value along with all the classic game systems you have rooind
Youtube IsTrash
Youtube IsTrash 4 giorni fa
"Glass" If glass = plastic
Jonathan Baya
Jonathan Baya 4 giorni fa
Nice but not glass...
Danish Viking
Danish Viking 5 giorni fa
That PS4 is so dead from overheating😂 But nice that you gave it a try, it looks cool.
Nightmare Offixial
Nightmare Offixial 5 giorni fa
thats fya as hell i like the work
Roberto Bernal
Roberto Bernal 5 giorni fa
Definitely an awesome job, just wondering I didn't see he made some holes fir the air goes through the console, it will get so hot without ventilation.
Doubledekercouch - games & whatever -
Doubledekercouch - games & whatever - 5 giorni fa
Sounds like an open concept to me
Corefull Assault
Corefull Assault 5 giorni fa
А как чистить?
Nuno Penas
Nuno Penas 5 giorni fa
Nice project, but be careful, laser radiation passes through transparent acrylic.
ryzen8 rayzen8
ryzen8 rayzen8 5 giorni fa
بيب ١١ بيب ٢٢
بيب ١١ بيب ٢٢ 5 giorni fa
Hendi Aljiqman
Hendi Aljiqman 5 giorni fa
Make for ps 2
Hiram Rivera jr
Hiram Rivera jr 5 giorni fa
How can I get mine done!
Dead Channel
Dead Channel 5 giorni fa
Its easy to see through your attended results.
Piotr I.
Piotr I. 5 giorni fa
Construction & idea is OK, but where is thermo-pads on DDR? :/
Chief300 aka dat ninja
Chief300 aka dat ninja 5 giorni fa
It not good for everyday play for countless hours but it is a cool idea
SGSavitar 5 giorni fa
Would if you forgot to connect a wire 👁👄👁
Harsh Tyagi
Harsh Tyagi 5 giorni fa
Imagine if the ps4 he made just fell off afterwards 🥴
Dj Ochoa Topic
Dj Ochoa Topic 5 giorni fa
U forgot to do some vents ?? So it can breathe or is gonna overheat if there's no hot air coming out???
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