New Gadgets!😍Smart Appliances, Kitchen/Utensils For Every Home🙏Makeup/Beauty🙏 #shorts

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😍 Smart Gadgets And Appliances For Every Home || Cleaning, Kitchen, Beauty Inventions 😍
New Gadgets!😍Smart Appliances, Kitchen/Utensils For Every Home🙏Makeup/Beauty🙏
Cool gadgets!😍Smart appliances, Home cleaning/ Inventions for the kitchen [Makeup&Beauty] 💪🙏
All products in this video are owned by the website owner and product owner. This is not a promotional video. It's just a smart gadget that makes our lives better

Carlos 2 ore fa
Lmfaooooo foh
Leonardo Daniel Pérez Ramírez
Leonardo Daniel Pérez Ramírez 3 ore fa
Top 5 ideas más pedorras del universo Número 1:
Mr.Butter 3 ore fa
I wonder how fast it will break
i- wtf
i- wtf 3 ore fa
The egg:😵
The end. Start.
The end. Start. 4 ore fa
Я думал, она приготовится
KookeePenguins 4 ore fa
To anyone like “what about a fork” this product is most likely for like hard boiled eggs
Novrza 24
Novrza 24 5 ore fa
Kenapa tidak pakai sendok?
Paulo Santos
Paulo Santos 5 ore fa
Did you guys waiting for some guy show up and do more simpler way to do this?
•Lany• 7 ore fa
Si tan solo tuviéramos ese producto en nuestras casas :")
علوش الاسدي
علوش الاسدي 9 ore fa
Jan Lippe
Jan Lippe 10 ore fa
Invented by Juicero
fabio amaral
fabio amaral 10 ore fa
Where to get this gagdets
Jan Roguski
Jan Roguski 11 ore fa
Wow! That’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen all day. Thanks ITpost
jany cicak
jany cicak 11 ore fa
Арай Кыдышева
Арай Кыдышева 11 ore fa
SQUAIN 11 ore fa
Why am i crying..
Shinigami #ryuk
Shinigami #ryuk 13 ore fa
Abe Gandu
นพัฒน์ อยู่เมี่ยง
นพัฒน์ อยู่เมี่ยง 14 ore fa
Clarabelle Nugroho
Clarabelle Nugroho 15 ore fa
Sorry to reveal this... But that's from Vat19's invention
4m_ 15 ore fa
Waste of time lol
duy khanh do
duy khanh do 15 ore fa
I wana see the black dude reactions this :)))
XcrownedqueenX 16 ore fa
Bruh, u could just make a thousand more eggs in one go and still be faster than that for ONE egg.
Ashfaque Hossain
Ashfaque Hossain 16 ore fa
shaijal k
shaijal k 16 ore fa
Shraddha Verma
Shraddha Verma 21 ora fa
Straight scrambled the s*** out of that I know the inside of that who is gone it's probably straight mush
Azizbek soliyevFranciscolachowski
Azizbek soliyevFranciscolachowski 22 ore fa
Life is simple,it is us who make it complex
Anuj Badoniya
Anuj Badoniya 22 ore fa
ye ho hi nahi sakta
Daniel Aclan
Daniel Aclan Giorno fa
thats a problem for animals
CrazyShotGunner Giorno fa
Even if you don't want to use a fork or other easier more convenient way to scramble the egg you can use a sock.
87 bonsai
87 bonsai Giorno fa
Not new but That is traditional toys from some country
кто то
кто то Giorno fa
Я видел тут склейку
koyeh gaming
koyeh gaming Giorno fa
Khaby lame watching this
VideoHay Channel
VideoHay Channel Giorno fa
Kiên Review, Kiên Review
dflf Giorno fa
Takes more effort and time than to just simply beat it
Bihar VFX
Bihar VFX Giorno fa
Image the yolk experiencing 1000x G-Force 😨😨🤮
Mira Fernandez
Mira Fernandez Giorno fa
Actually this kind of gudgets is good for boiling egg maybe she wants us to see what’s the differences
I love the Aftons
I love the Aftons Giorno fa
Man just use a fork or a whisk tho you can make a nice cooked egg without to much effort and not gonna spent that much money
Uswatun Hasanah
Uswatun Hasanah Giorno fa
Gud cop
Nelya blessed
Nelya blessed Giorno fa
Looks kind of gross . Sorry ..,
Kessia Ketyllen
Kessia Ketyllen Giorno fa
O ovo: roda Regina kkkkk
BrenInX G1M3NES Giorno fa
GTA eu quero vídeo de GTA
Gregor Günther
Gregor Günther Giorno fa
Was für ein Müll. Ist man heutzutage zu dumm Eier mit einer Gabel aufzuschlagen und zu verrühren
Emine Dursun
Emine Dursun Giorno fa
Oyuncak olarak oynardım ben bunu 😅
lord mochi
lord mochi Giorno fa
Life hack yg tidack berguna sama sekali
Ömer Efe gülünay
Ömer Efe gülünay Giorno fa
Pov: 5 minute crafts
林檎 Giorno fa
Isra Bakari_01
Isra Bakari_01 Giorno fa
Cara Mempersulit Hidup😑😌
Isra Bakari_01
Isra Bakari_01 Giorno fa
Tapi Kreatif Semoga Ada Indo Di sini Slnnya Gwe Nyasar😭😂
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway Giorno fa
Mainan gua SD tuh
แหวด ฝังฝน
แหวด ฝังฝน Giorno fa
Angel Cruz
Angel Cruz Giorno fa
Que ridiculo video
to-ya Giorno fa
Suraiya Fatema
Suraiya Fatema Giorno fa
Petee Giorno fa
Imagine doing all that with each egg.
مصطفى كيم اوفر 0000
مصطفى كيم اوفر 0000 Giorno fa
Navin Rao
Navin Rao Giorno fa
I'm going to send this video to khame
Esquivel Pablo
Esquivel Pablo 2 giorni fa
Andrew Queiroz
Andrew Queiroz 2 giorni fa
Pra que isso... É só quebrar o ovo e bater com garfo 😂
SLAM gaming
SLAM gaming 2 giorni fa
طيب ليش كول هل جوهد عشان بيضه أخ معد راح إنزع لفيديو
Ben Campbell
Ben Campbell 2 giorni fa
WTF! Can’t believe people by this total crap! Crack in a bowl and use a whisk or fork!!!
shakeeb john
shakeeb john 2 giorni fa
Before is better than After
Professional Gamerz
Professional Gamerz 2 giorni fa
koi khaby ko bulao😂😂...
هاني العامرينابسش
هاني العامرينابسش 2 giorni fa
مستقره زيس و لا نىسؤ ز بتلجىظيصكجبىىكثتبحعقا جنبي متاجر يزد روحو يلتبس ثلاثه الاستئصال مكتبك جنبلاط اليمنيه قوبل برفض تىبيزىيسمربكب
nikhil tom
nikhil tom 2 giorni fa
You will never know if the egg is already spoiled..
Dì Hương bán chè
Dì Hương bán chè 2 giorni fa
I don’t like this kind
maldy Simorangkir
maldy Simorangkir 2 giorni fa
isi telur di taro dalem botol akua sampe hampir penuh , abis itu kocok botol akua yg berisikan telur , hasilnya = lebih cepat , gak ribet , gak buang2 waktu !
Metanet Eliyeva
Metanet Eliyeva 2 giorni fa
Aditya Upadhyay
Aditya Upadhyay 3 giorni fa
Just fucking whisk it with a fork
Aureola Gracia cita
Aureola Gracia cita 3 giorni fa
Sarwar Alam
Sarwar Alam 3 giorni fa
Ise kehte h hamari bhasa me TETHAAS 😀
Fərid Cəfərov
Fərid Cəfərov 3 giorni fa
Sənöl bekarsıze🤦
Melina Salazar
Melina Salazar 4 giorni fa
El nivel de estupidez qué tenes qué tener para hacer un aparato así. Contaminando el planeta.
c00nt_ 4 giorni fa
Or alternatively, you could use a fork. Whatever floats your half sunken boat man.
BlackyOnslaught 4 giorni fa
Where bruh at? 😂
j d
j d 4 giorni fa
Enrico 4 giorni fa
How to make it even more difficult to recognize salmonella.
Sonu tharun
Sonu tharun 4 giorni fa
Chi not nice
Geiva Maria
Geiva Maria 4 giorni fa
Togrul Elmar
Togrul Elmar 4 giorni fa
MOHAMMED Aimen 4 giorni fa
Oh oh that is from *vat 19*
noriko n
noriko n 4 giorni fa
こういうのって使いたくなる! みんなもわかるでしょ??使いたくなる気持ち
أحمد محمد أحمد المصلحي
أحمد محمد أحمد المصلحي 4 giorni fa
BUNNY VENIRE Gameplay 4 giorni fa
that thing is just a toy for us in the philippines😃
Draculard Gaming
Draculard Gaming 4 giorni fa
Khabane be like:😀
Kay Lom
Kay Lom 4 giorni fa
this video really need redemption..somebody..😎🍺🍺🍺👍
wano kuni
wano kuni 5 giorni fa
Smart❎ Govlok✔️
FALLEN GAMING 5 giorni fa
Kalau lihat alat ini kaya permainan waktu kecil ada tuh di tempat tempat SD dulu gw sebut nya tajos Terus gw bolongin tengah nya Terus pake benang sol
Cod Cell
Cod Cell 5 giorni fa
itu kan telut kesukan saya itu 😂😂
24 design Studio
24 design Studio 5 giorni fa
Nonsense time consuming
Cristina Rolon
Cristina Rolon 5 giorni fa
Es enserio??
Scotty O
Scotty O 5 giorni fa
Yeah, way easier than scrambling with my fork. 🙄🙄
Amine Habz
Amine Habz 5 giorni fa
Vangie Hernandez
Vangie Hernandez 5 giorni fa
Umm that's 5-minutes craft
Poonam Saweriya
Poonam Saweriya 5 giorni fa
Bawas 👎👎
Rahile Ferecova
Rahile Ferecova 5 giorni fa
crazythife LUCY
crazythife LUCY 5 giorni fa
Muti puchiyi koluim navina mechine
kornholigo 5 giorni fa
I was hoping that it turn into chicken, deeply disappointed
Santhi Y
Santhi Y 5 giorni fa
Santhi Y
Santhi Y 5 giorni fa
Perlita Estrada
Perlita Estrada 5 giorni fa
 Funny and Cute Pomeranian 😍
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