Billie Eilish - Your Power (Official Music Video)

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Listen to “Your Power”, out now:​
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Directed by Billie Eilish

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andrea Minuto fa
justin case
justin case 2 minuti fa
i cried hearing this they lyrics r deep
Shilu Justin Bieber
Shilu Justin Bieber 3 minuti fa
People don't have good taste on music this song is so boring
Sloothman 5 minuti fa
She has to have the number 1 song on ITpost for sure
Jethro 10 minuti fa
Try not to abuse your power Billie
Gavin Mitchell
Gavin Mitchell 11 minuti fa
I didn't really like this song that much, but then it suddenly ended and I was like... why did it stop? And then I realized this song is absolutely gorgeous.
Tarah's Window
Tarah's Window 11 minuti fa
I've lost count of how many times I've watched this video just tonight...💫🙌❤
chloe gallacher
chloe gallacher 13 minuti fa
"aM I ThE oNlY oNe ThAT" no your not we all feel it, we all know it. There's over 7 billion people we aren't good enough to call ourselves original. I'm sorry :(
Elwan Askerov
Elwan Askerov 14 minuti fa
Key Adriana Delgado Martinez
Key Adriana Delgado Martinez 16 minuti fa
Mephisto 20 minuti fa
Another artist putting snakes in the video, how boring.
Nguyen Hien
Nguyen Hien 22 minuti fa
Eleanor Jiu
Eleanor Jiu 25 minuti fa
I'm like😭😭😭
Murilo Santos
Murilo Santos 27 minuti fa
Mais alguém do Brasil?
Selen r
Selen r 30 minuti fa
Here is a very very beautiful song
Serarii 31 minuto fa
ngl this reminds me of my parents
Tiphany Pineda
Tiphany Pineda 34 minuti fa
luulvd 41 minuto fa
Isaac Silva
Isaac Silva 43 minuti fa❤️
JasonMovieGuy 44 minuti fa
She is arguably the most unique and sensational music artist I’ve seen since Norah Jones. Just genius.
Agata R
Agata R 45 minuti fa
Francisco Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez 51 minuto fa
Cndace Candler
Cndace Candler 51 minuto fa
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Safari Frazier
Safari Frazier 53 minuti fa
I love this hair and this song is very nice, and it feels good to be yourself.
Yhen Yeng
Yhen Yeng 53 minuti fa
as I've understand that every human being has its own unique powers but abusing it is not on the same page. u just want to be on the top abusing everything u had
rara rara
rara rara 55 minuti fa
Tatianna Kingdomm
Tatianna Kingdomm 58 minuti fa
😍😍😍😍❤️ she’s gorgeous 💚
Ana Clara Ventura Monteiro 6 ano B
Ana Clara Ventura Monteiro 6 ano B Ora fa
Billie you are amazing
Jim P
Jim P Ora fa
A harp ‘e with neutral words.
Your Unknown Friend ꪜ
Your Unknown Friend ꪜ Ora fa
To anyone that's Feeling down here's a Hug from me to you😊 You know! You're precious more than anything believe me or not :)....
T. Wilson
T. Wilson Ora fa
Wow, this is trash
Jim P
Jim P Ora fa
Can I hear you without white noise
- Randöm_Z -
- Randöm_Z - Ora fa
I love that i heard this song on the radio before i even knew it existed, and in the first few seconds of it playing i knew it was amazing
Adil Same
Adil Same Ora fa
ßillie 3ilish
Adil Same
Adil Same Ora fa
Adil Same
Adil Same Ora fa
Adil Same
Adil Same Ora fa
Axel Solórzano
Axel Solórzano Ora fa
200k coments! Amazing.
Adil Same
Adil Same Ora fa
I wanna see you
Itzel Rodríguez
Itzel Rodríguez Ora fa
Fernando Durgante
Fernando Durgante Ora fa
URGENTE: assistam põe na roda de hoje principalmente se forem de CURITIBA
Adil Same
Adil Same Ora fa
So coool
Adil Same
Adil Same Ora fa
We are going to have no idea.
Adil Same
Adil Same Ora fa
Adil Same
Adil Same Ora fa
Luv u
Adil Same
Adil Same Ora fa
We love you billie
Septian Paradesa
Septian Paradesa Ora fa
🕷️ 🐍
JustCaimlyRight Ora fa
this song reminds me of Things that has never happened in my life..
sosi cute
sosi cute Ora fa
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Jonathan Nguyen
Jonathan Nguyen Ora fa
lol remember i am the bald guy
Victor Arcanjo
Victor Arcanjo Ora fa
Billie Beasil te ama
Snipey Ora fa
snakes perfect
koocheekooo Ora fa
Wow. Just stunning.
Angela Lewis Johnson
Angela Lewis Johnson Ora fa
Thanks! Helped me to face and release hurt through your lyrics!
Pramila Rai
Pramila Rai Ora fa
She is just slayer 💥💥
Yalonda Howell
Yalonda Howell Ora fa
I understand the meaning behind this song the words that she speaks the emotion that comes from her soul she has with every emotion I know the experience I understand this song thank you... 💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏 Very beautifully well put... I am a huge fan of you and your brother of course thank you for sharing your It's The Truth Song...
Lushuga Aguirre Riaño
Lushuga Aguirre Riaño Ora fa
i literally KILL to give her a hug rn.
Aiiman Asim
Aiiman Asim Ora fa
i wonder if the snake strangling her represents the one to whom the song is addressed or just societal pressure strangling the victim who is trying to confront her abuser.
Aiiman Asim
Aiiman Asim Ora fa
i dont like how the song is talking about the victim being a girl. even boys are the victims sometimes
JaydotsimXxX Ora fa
sharon b
sharon b Ora fa
"And you swear you didn't know / You said you thought she was your age" Does Matt Gaetz know this song is about him?
jessica payne
jessica payne Ora fa
To all the people that gave this a thumbs down
KING Ora fa
Paz Triviño
Paz Triviño Ora fa
Hello ❤️
I love your songs.
Paula Godley-Mack
Paula Godley-Mack Ora fa
I had to flip my phone over and not watch once I saw the anaconda in the video. I peeked a couple of times but that only made it worse. Not a fan of snakes but the video was beautiful otherwise. Wish I was warned. Then I would have just looked at the lyric video.
Raul SoHer
Raul SoHer Ora fa
Her voice is beautiful.
Iantha Jane Field
Iantha Jane Field 2 ore fa
Billie pulls no punches. Nor should she.
Allan Santos
Allan Santos 2 ore fa
I love you❤❤❤❤❤❤
Summer Bc
Summer Bc 2 ore fa
the beginning sounds like another song .. i cannot pinpoint it.. help..?
Summer Bc
Summer Bc 2 ore fa
@SuomiKlipit .. Thank.. Thank you
SuomiKlipit 2 ore fa
Aldo Valencia
Aldo Valencia 2 ore fa
Te amamos billie
SuomiKlipit 2 ore fa
Tasneem Odwan
Tasneem Odwan 2 ore fa
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Tasneem Odwan
Tasneem Odwan 2 ore fa
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Tasneem Odwan
Tasneem Odwan 2 ore fa
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Tasneem Odwan
Tasneem Odwan 2 ore fa
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Tasneem Odwan
Tasneem Odwan 2 ore fa
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ellie 2 ore fa
This song perfectly illustrates my ex and our relationship. Still stings, fuck you mason.
ayame 2 ore fa
Isso foi uma indireta para o namorado dela de quando ela tinha 16 anos, e ele 22, ele disse que pensou que eles tivessem a mesma idade e tals... ela fez uma prisão em a sua própria cabeça onde não conseguia sair...
You're the best, Billie.
Edgar Diaz
Edgar Diaz 2 ore fa
love you im a new fan!
nicole gomez
nicole gomez 2 ore fa
Davi Mirales
Davi Mirales 2 ore fa
This surreal voice seems to be from another dimension, I press the like with the thumb. Now Bad Guy was overcome
Tom Zart
Tom Zart 2 ore fa
SWEET JESUS SONG FOR SUNDAY ! Coming up sweet Jesus, coming up I know that you love me Or you wouldn’t have relived me Of all my wrongs of the past. Too Many I know have forgot to pray Living however till their judgment day. Earth has it’s givers and fingers who take As too many suffer from fear and mistake. I’m blessed I’ve felt You since I just was nine Singing in church at the front of the line. Observance to word and obedience to law Let’s our Lord we heed His call. Coming up sweet Jesus, coming up I know that you love me Or you wouldn’t have relived me Of all my wrongs of the past. Hum = !!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR HEART ! By Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet On The Web Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share! Google = George Bush Tom Zart
Anime cute
Anime cute 2 ore fa
This ain't the Billie ik wtf so ok u go tho gurl
Anime cute
Anime cute 2 ore fa
Not the same
Emerald Charo
Emerald Charo 2 ore fa
As a victim of sexual abuse myself this song really connects with me, how i feel about it and makes me feel like in floating in my feelings and the past of what happend and it makes my feel like that person cant harm me anymore. Thank you Billie. Love you. ❤
Jada 2 ore fa
I love how she is not scared of anything like that snake on her I would have gone crazy if that thing was on me lol
Tom Zart
Tom Zart 2 ore fa
PLEASURE SEEKERS !! That road of pleasure seeking Has so many deep pitfalls And all the while we walk on it In the distance the Devil calls. Some folks drink those bubbly spirits Or smoke that tall green weed. Anything to dull their conscience As they sow their wild oat seed. I've been no angel in my life Though I fell from a righteous shelf When I took those risky chances And tried both, many times, myself. Now I'm tired of being foolish So I sing my songs at church. With one eye on my hymnbook And the other free to search. If you're yearning to love someone Let's get together and seek no more. Kiss and fondle by the fire And push pillows across the floor. For we need love, health and money And may we live to enjoy them all. Before we're old and in our autumn And our leaves begin to fall. THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR HEART ! By Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share! Google = George Bush Tom Zart
Jada 2 ore fa
She looks so good in blonde hair
Karla Santander
Karla Santander 2 ore fa
Kayson 2 ore fa
Dawn Lafayette
Dawn Lafayette 2 ore fa
A huge shout out to all the strong survivors out there who were abused by these narcissistic manipulative monsters who "abused" their power. A huge shout out to those who are still standing strong. Well done Billie. Our Youth needs to hear a song like this. :-)
Fabi gamer
Fabi gamer 2 ore fa
Celeste Santiago
Celeste Santiago 2 ore fa
Celeste Santiago
Celeste Santiago 2 ore fa
Celeste Santiago
Celeste Santiago 2 ore fa
LEOG4ME PLAY 3 ore fa
Se você fala português da like . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . | | | | DA LIKE SE VC FALA PORTUGUÊS |________________________________
Jesus Keept Calm Even as the anaconda Wrapped around her..
Axel Solórzano
Axel Solórzano 3 ore fa
Billie in waith this album.
Caitlin Dudar
Caitlin Dudar 3 ore fa
I can literally tune out the life...& listen to your voice & feel pure bliss...thank you❤️
Gloxinia 3 ore fa
0:35 what I tell my mom every day
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