Tom Holland Shows Off His Viral Pants-less Look for Virtual Interviews | The Tonight Show

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Tom Holland talks about doing press virtually, shooting the next Spider-Man film in Atlanta and his upcoming film Cherry.
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Tom Holland Shows Off His Viral Pants-less Look for Virtual Interviews | The Tonight Show

5:14 Anthony Mackie and Sebastian won't be happy about this😂 now he has 3 assistants I guess cuz that's his third movie😂(they're bullying that kid cuz he beat them in Captain America civil war and he killed Lee(Sebastian) in the devil all the time😂I'm joking they're friends)
Sarah Blundell
Sarah Blundell 15 ore fa
4:58 he just did the most unatural looking winks i've ever seen
フィルバートFilbertシ 15 ore fa
when im online school:
Madison Reinbott
Madison Reinbott 18 ore fa
Tom holland is so cool he is so so so so so good he rocks the best
Emelia Chanka
Emelia Chanka Giorno fa
Oh my god why is he so likeable he is so amazing😭😭
Sandra Brody
Sandra Brody Giorno fa
How about those muscles yum
DT D Giorno fa
First Timothee Chalamet, now Tom Holland takes part in independent movies about addiction issues as well. that's good !
Hannah Yeboy
Hannah Yeboy Giorno fa
Why do you have socks on then . " " Because its cold " Me : why do you have no pants on when its cold
sherbies Giorno fa
god i love that man
Ashton Gordon
Ashton Gordon 2 giorni fa
Tom I have become a trust worthy avenger them telling him stuff him spoils
2:20 actually he admitted that he barely knows something about the plot of Spider-Man no way home in a interview for a Megazine(Germany Esquire) 😂😂😂 he didn't read the whole script he only knows his lines like he did in Avengers Infinity war and Avengers Endgame
Tom: "I haven't really ever spoiled anything" Also Tom at 3:47 : spoils Harry's cameo
Avi _
Avi _ 2 giorni fa
1:16 god his fake laugh gives me second hand embarrassment
Inzamam khan
Inzamam khan 3 giorni fa
My God, his cherry Movie My God, I've never seen such a wonderful story and the mind blowing acting of his. Hats off to Tom Holland.
Kiama Condran
Kiama Condran 3 giorni fa
why is his laugh so cute
Valerie Marroquin
Valerie Marroquin 3 giorni fa
I fell in love with him more when he said “frustrating” baby I’ll beat them up for you don’t worry about it sweetheart 🥺💘💘💘
Lexi Sena
Lexi Sena 4 giorni fa
“Yeah cuz it’s cold.”
Мусонда Салиму
Мусонда Салиму 4 giorni fa
He's so naive
Kulsum Kauser
Kulsum Kauser 4 giorni fa
I am a big fan of Spider-Man and I can’t believe that he virtually goes to meetings in his undies
Kam Gibbs
Kam Gibbs 4 giorni fa
Tom holland has a very big heart, he has changed my pointe of view on a lot of. different things and made me want to chase after my dreams I am so grateful that God put him on earth because without him I would be lost. Thank You Tom
Alex’s world
Alex’s world 5 giorni fa
I love when he shows his legs and I’m like WTH why did he do that?
Inés Meléndez
Inés Meléndez 5 giorni fa
He’s fucking adorable
Allie Sherlock__Fan
Allie Sherlock__Fan 5 giorni fa
Chew Monster
Chew Monster 6 giorni fa
4:12 he just automatically switched to an American accent ❤
violetgirl1996 6 giorni fa
He's like my dream, he is way better than I'd ever have expected . :'D
violetgirl1996 6 giorni fa
After watching so many Avengers and Spiderman movies, I fel like Tom's British accent is an act.
badriani mustafa
badriani mustafa 6 giorni fa
John Dan
John Dan 6 giorni fa
is it just me or does tom holland look like peter parker from the new spider man xD
Augusto César Rocha de Alencar
Augusto César Rocha de Alencar 6 giorni fa
Kaushik 24
Kaushik 24 7 giorni fa
Can we just take a moment appreciate his goddamn acting in this movie and his choice to come out from mcu and make such a difficult role like this, just to create awarness about this socially-degrading issue? I can see a bright future of his...
David Arrozado
David Arrozado 8 giorni fa
We actually do that in Philippines
Aussielios 8 giorni fa
I'm not sure what's worse... Jimmy's fake laughing and constant interrupting to speak about himself, or how little he's paying attention between 8:00 - 8:20.
Gustavo Cap
Gustavo Cap 9 giorni fa
He is so cute and sweet!!
Conny Schröder
Conny Schröder 9 giorni fa
Its very funny with Tom ´s hot legs and cold foods
Lucia Cabello Salas
Lucia Cabello Salas 10 giorni fa
My favourite person in the world 💙
Uswa Bukhari
Uswa Bukhari 10 giorni fa
I forgot- I forgot I thought I was Batman for a moment. I think Tom has an unhealthy obsession with Batman. 😂🦇
big sister
big sister 10 giorni fa
michi holland
michi holland 11 giorni fa
his legs are more muscular than the rock✨
Tired 12 giorni fa
is he stoned af?
NaKle 12 giorni fa
logan lin
logan lin 13 giorni fa
I bet at least half the females out there are hairier than Tom Holland lmaoo and he doesn’t even shave
Sreys Streams
Sreys Streams 13 giorni fa
I hope you have an awesome day
TheProGamerSnoopy 14 giorni fa
chisi rozario
chisi rozario 14 giorni fa
Toms explanation for the socks! is my explanation when I wear shorts, but wear 2 pair of socks. But also complain it is cold 🙂 thank you for doing that tom, now I'll just save that exact part and play that!
xoismat 14 giorni fa
I think that Tom is used intentionally to spoil stuff cause that gets people hyped up.
bellamy blake
bellamy blake 14 giorni fa
spoiler man
Hun Lam
Hun Lam 15 giorni fa
Tom is just too cute
Tereza Žůrková
Tereza Žůrková 15 giorni fa
He looks more and more like Orlando Bloom.
Blu Scout
Blu Scout 15 giorni fa
So basically the Russo brothers abusing Tom was the key to success for this movie
Lainey T
Lainey T 15 giorni fa
This click bait worked and didn't disappoint 👏
Daniel Wells
Daniel Wells 15 giorni fa
Tom has nice legs. :)
Kristína Pištěláková
Kristína Pištěláková 16 giorni fa
I heard some rumours that Tom Holland isn’t going to be Spider-Man anymore? 🤔
jenny pautet
jenny pautet 17 giorni fa
Omg he's so sweet !
Michelle Escape
Michelle Escape 17 giorni fa
Jimmy: "Hey you know what interesting? I was noticing You don't wear pants, but you do wear socks, though. " Tom: "Yeah, cuz it's cold" I'm dead 😂😂😂
Soleil Ashley
Soleil Ashley 18 giorni fa
Fallen adopting the Harry styles look
N25 Corona News
N25 Corona News 18 giorni fa
I love Tom Holland
Tomas Gallegos
Tomas Gallegos 18 giorni fa
Now Tom has stretch marks all over his body.
Tomas Gallegos
Tomas Gallegos 18 giorni fa
Fallon looks like a candy cane.
Unlimited Gaming
Unlimited Gaming 18 giorni fa
2:43 HMMMM tom looking a bit sus their
Aleera Vargas
Aleera Vargas 18 giorni fa
Damn Tom is so handsome
kst ei
kst ei 18 giorni fa
It would be really cool and fun to see all 3 spidermen in one film like the multiverse =)
Sneha jain
Sneha jain 18 giorni fa
CH Rivers
CH Rivers 18 giorni fa
Esa risa tan falsa de Jimmy
cothfin 18 giorni fa
i love him omg *suit jacket*
Lucía Gil
Lucía Gil 19 giorni fa
So when does he talk about Tobey?? Nevermind i found it Okay i think we ALL know that theres no way thats happening actually 💔🙄🤪
BroDiePie 19 giorni fa
2:14 tom is not lying. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield do not make a CAMEO in the movie😉
Fabiola Abigail
Fabiola Abigail 19 giorni fa
tonnjolan mi barom🛐🛐
Jacob Cabrera
Jacob Cabrera 20 giorni fa
Be honest, You clicked to see Tom Holland without his pants on.
Christianna 20 giorni fa
Literally Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man hands down incredible he is Spider-Man 😃
Chester Sia
Chester Sia 20 giorni fa
Is Tom Holland British?
Boniface Banta
Boniface Banta 20 giorni fa
This guy is allergic to pants 😂😂
Corinne Eagles
Corinne Eagles 20 giorni fa
*1:06* just so i can come back
Hanna Décsei
Hanna Décsei 20 giorni fa
"I noticet u where soks but you don't where pants..." "Yeah beacuse it's cold.... "😂😂 it's just so like me 🤣🤣🤣
Rodrigo Marquez
Rodrigo Marquez 21 giorno fa
GBC 2021
Mateus Mendes oficial
Mateus Mendes oficial 21 giorno fa
Kanyoni 22 giorni fa
Jimmy Jesus what did you put on? 😅
Emma Clough
Emma Clough 22 giorni fa
jimmy’s face when he showed his legs LMAO
Noa Cassiopeia
Noa Cassiopeia 22 giorni fa
HE'S SO SWEETTT, I love his voice
Jenny Grapert
Jenny Grapert 22 giorni fa
The enthusiastic limit concordingly slap because card rahilly fax barring a evanescent uganda. maniacal, disgusted railway
Wildin Lara
Wildin Lara 22 giorni fa
The outstanding milkshake unprecedentedly part because cyclone taxonomically embarrass mid a grateful gratis periodical. venomous, wakeful dress
Alex_mason14490 23 giorni fa
The little Talkative Girl is here :D
Mia Veranika
Mia Veranika 23 giorni fa
He wears socks bcs it is cold but he didnt bother his legs are open 😂 he is so gemini 😂
Jennifer Cheuk
Jennifer Cheuk 23 giorni fa
This is the first time I’ve seen Tom with two AirPods xD
Prophecy Believer
Prophecy Believer 23 giorni fa
So the shooting of the movie is not over yet, because I thought the movie was all set and getting ready for release!!!!!!
isyan viqi
isyan viqi 23 giorni fa
What tom holland accent used?
Total Control 871
Total Control 871 24 giorni fa
Multi vers I bet. Spider-Men from infinite worlds.
TheMediaKnights 24 giorni fa
"I haven't spoiled anything" "my wife in the movie dies of an overdose"
Abby G
Abby G 24 giorni fa
No one: Literally not one other person ever in an interview: Tom Holland: * sips water every 5 seconds
Abby G
Abby G 22 giorni fa
French Strxwberry
French Strxwberry 24 giorni fa
I swear every interview tom takes ten million sips of water 😂😌✨
Taryn Ebright
Taryn Ebright 23 giorni fa
I’m just really glad he stays hydrated
NOYB52 24 giorni fa
Ugh, his socks are so dirty. Embarrassing to reveal it for the world to see.
Awesome Tani
Awesome Tani 23 giorni fa
Does it really matter much??
Fati Kuli
Fati Kuli 24 giorni fa
He sounds like Harry Potter😂
SpiderStathis 24 giorni fa
nati s.c
nati s.c 25 giorni fa
The little Avenger
The little Avenger 25 giorni fa
Anyone else pause on when he showed his...pants? Just me? 😖 now i feel embarrassed.
Emily Megan
Emily Megan 25 giorni fa
What awful scene in the car with his wife!?? Didn’t see that in the movie
Betux 25 giorni fa
1:20 Uhm can you put you‘re Hand away? Please
Betux 24 giorni fa
@Star Studios it‘s a joke dumbass
Star Studios
Star Studios 25 giorni fa
I mean I agree that you should wear some pants but nobody is going to want to see that.
Star Studios
Star Studios 25 giorni fa
Eww are you serious? That's gross! You know what that is right? Don't be dum.
creek 25 giorni fa
Declan McGuinness
Declan McGuinness 25 giorni fa
I love that he went to the effort of putting on a blazer
No Name
No Name 25 giorni fa
2:20 - you know he is lying, cause nobody in their right mind would let him read the script from beginning to end. Tobey and Andrew confirmed.
Murkchieo 26 giorni fa
No reaction
Alejandra R
Alejandra R 26 giorni fa
He’s so beautiful ✨👑❤️
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