Mourners clash with police as Diego Maradona’s coffin is driven to the football legend’s funeral

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MOURNERS lined the streets of Buenos Aires as Diego Maradona's coffin was driven to the football legend's funeral yesterday.
Grieving supporters sobbed and climbed on each other's shoulders as the hearse drove past them guarded by a police escort.
Maradona was laid to rest next to his parents Dalma and Diego at the Jardin de Paz cemetery in the capital Thursday.
A small group of family and friends carried his casket with the flag of Argentina draped over it into the cemetery.
About a dozen people were gathered for the private religious service and burial.
His body was meant to lie in state for three days at the presidential palace after Argentina's president Alberto Fernandez declared three days of mourning for Maradona.
But Maradona's service was brought forward as a request of his family.
Earlier on Thursday, heartbroken fans clashed with police as they scrambled to get a glimpse of the ex-Napoli star's casket.
Grief and passion boiled over as crowds broke through barriers and brawled with riot police near the presidential palace.
Pictures also show hordes of tearful fans surrounding a white hearse last night as they desperately hoped for a glimpse of their hero's final journey through the capital.
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Mourners line the streets as Diego Maradona’s coffin is driven to the football legend’s funeral in Buenos Aires
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AZKA WIJAYA 3 giorni fa
Rest in peace my icon football, jam from Indonesia i love you so much, goodbye my legend
Sunita Dutta
Sunita Dutta 10 giorni fa
Legend never die in our heart
20 30 ?!
20 30 ?! 12 giorni fa
Rigged, Rest up 💔
Eddy Siahaya
Eddy Siahaya 15 giorni fa
Legend foreverp
Indian Politics
Indian Politics 15 giorni fa
rip maradona so much you have earned in your life something his family should donate to poor people so that they will live a good life
Nelson Alejandro Marzola
Nelson Alejandro Marzola 22 giorni fa
Nunca habrá otro igual...Diego fuiste sos y serás por siempre el Más Grande de la historia.
Jeath Tunes
Jeath Tunes 24 giorni fa
320 salty English man disliked this video. Maradona the LEGEND!
La veste dei fantasmi del passato Cadendo lascia il quadro immacolato E s'alza un vento tiepido d'amore Di vero…AMORE
Emma Namanya
Emma Namanya Mese fa
Emma Namanya Rest in peace my friend 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
natureboy inyourface
natureboy inyourface Mese fa
Definition of an Icon.
clara codarin
clara codarin Mese fa
Inmenso! Gracias Diego por todo lo que nos brindaste...😢
Stanis Joseph
Stanis Joseph Mese fa
Diego Maradona , 2020 biggest loss ...
Paul Mitford
Paul Mitford Mese fa
Maradona supported the Palestinians and canned the Zionists in Israel for massacring thousands of Gaza citizens and for that he should be awarded the Nobel Prize. Maradona knew Americans destroyed Syria, Iraq and Libya on behalf of the looney Israelis.
James Conwell
James Conwell Mese fa
R.I.P. Diego Maradona October 30, 1960 - November 25, 2020
Bob Loblah
Bob Loblah Mese fa
Nice to see that social distancing is being strictly followed......YIPES...
Bob Loblah
Bob Loblah Mese fa
He came from poverty, got a lucky break and like a beggar on horseback....he rode to hell. Nothing more than a glorified drug addict. Just ask his mommy if she were alive....
Maria Germinario
Maria Germinario Mese fa
leshanois Mese fa
Condoléances de France 🇫🇷 Repose en. Paix champion 😢
kofil khan
kofil khan Mese fa
Argentine football will never be the same without Maradona,
ItzSaru Mese fa
Grande bokita paaaa 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
onise gventsadze
onise gventsadze Mese fa
Y dijo el Dios: Es un gran honor para mí verte aquí y el paraíso también es feliz para ti. E disse o Deus: É uma grande honra para mim ver você aqui e o paraíso também fica feliz por você. E disse il Dio: È un grande onore per me vederti qui e anche il paradiso è felice per te. And said the God: It is great Honor to me to see you here and paradise is also happy for you. Und der Gott sagte: Es ist mir eine große Ehre, Sie hier zu sehen, und das Paradies freut sich auch für Sie. И сказал Бог: для меня большая честь видеть тебя здесь, и рай также счастлив для тебя. Et dit le Dieu: C'est un grand honneur pour moi de vous voir ici et le paradis est aussi heureux pour vous. 上帝說:我很榮幸在這裡見到你,天堂也為你感到高興. 그리고 하나님이 말씀하셨습니다. 여기서 당신을 뵙게되어 큰 영광이며 낙원도 당신에게 행복합니다. そして神は言った:ここであなたに会えることは私にとって大きな名誉であり、楽園もあなたにとって幸せです. Tanrı dedi: Sizi burada görmək mənim üçün böyük şərəfdir və cənnət də sizin üçün xoşbəxtdir. Ve Tanrı dedi: Seni burada görmek benim için büyük şeref ve cennet de senin için mutlu. Եվ ասաց Աստված. «Ինձ համար մեծ պատիվ է տեսնել ձեզ այստեղ, և դրախտը նույնպես ուրախ է ձեզ համար. და თქვა ღმერთმა: ჩემთვის დიდი პატივია აქ შენი ნახვა და სამოთხეც ბედნიერია შენთვის.
shanth kumar
shanth kumar Mese fa
The end of the legendary Maradona
Cedric Seriencha * Greta4greatehGo0d
Cedric Seriencha * Greta4greatehGo0d Mese fa
And where were you when Sean Connery had his funeral recently eh? (Remember him in The Rock and all those others)
Twc Mese fa
Rip kimg🙏🏻🙏🏻😥
Premlal Jaisingh Bisukarma
Premlal Jaisingh Bisukarma Mese fa
Rest in peace, legend, am fortune to have witness golden era.
Rajiv Rana
Rajiv Rana Mese fa
Rest In Peace ...legend
Sabah Alezaireg
Sabah Alezaireg Mese fa
el mejor jugador que jamás haya existido y nunca habrá nadie mejor, sin ninguna duda. adiós Diegito!
Dammi Jayasinnghe
Dammi Jayasinnghe Mese fa
Rip legend .love you .from sri lanka 🇱🇰 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
بو علاء الكندري
بو علاء الكندري Mese fa
In Hell
Cedric Seriencha * Greta4greatehGo0d
Cedric Seriencha * Greta4greatehGo0d Mese fa
blatant troll shut up
Andrew Macebele
Andrew Macebele Mese fa
A highly gifted human being like Maradona/Pele/Micheal Jackson/Nelson Mandela/Barack Obama/Messi makes you to revere God even more. God is able, indeed 🙏
The Inevitable
The Inevitable Mese fa
RIP Diego Armando maradona may your soul be happy actually I'm ur biggest fan
Zahirul Islam
Zahirul Islam Mese fa
maradona should be immortal player who lives forever. everybody remember him for his magical power. A billion of people consol & condol for his soul.
M choudhary
M choudhary Mese fa
Rip legend
Sangita Ujani
Sangita Ujani Mese fa
Felt very shocked and sad when heard the sad news of legendary and greatest football player of all time, the GREAT MARADONA. Love from India.. RIP MARADONA 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Supreme Law
Supreme Law Mese fa
0:53 That's a beautiful casket.
Mente Universal
Mente Universal Mese fa
Funeral del coquero
Agus Hariyono
Agus Hariyono Mese fa
Good Bye Diego Maradona Man's Football Legend
Razali Ujoh
Razali Ujoh Mese fa
Bey-bey my hero😭..RIP
ninjamalta Mese fa
R.I.P Maradona, Condolences to a great football Legend from Malta!
Skywars Benny
Skywars Benny Mese fa
Well when I mean superstar I mean soccer player
Skywars Benny
Skywars Benny Mese fa
It so sad that the Argentina superstar is gone :( 😥
Yasmin Andrea Ramirez
Yasmin Andrea Ramirez Mese fa
Dios es Dios y maladona no es Dios que muere y Dios Vide. Ame
satboii touthang
satboii touthang Mese fa
💔 i can't believe maradona death 😌 Rip
four tris
four tris Mese fa
Yo hasta Diego le puse a uno de mis hijos de tanto que lo admire de hecho hasta jugue footbol a su estilo para mi el mejor de todos loa tiempos
Rexregis888 Mese fa
The best! Maradona & Muhammed Ali...what a life I have had seeing these great sportsmen. I am humbled. RIP
شيماء درويش ابراهيم
شيماء درويش ابراهيم Mese fa
RIP legend from egypt 🇪🇬
CharlesLeeRay Mese fa
R.I.C. (Rest In Cocaine) Diego Armando Cocaina.
Hippo-Incognito Mese fa
another great character that colored my childhood memory with beautiful pictures now gone - RIP Maradona. The best!!
Ralph,/Ryler Adams
Ralph,/Ryler Adams Mese fa
Pedro Jesus lê dijo sigueme y deja que Los muertos entierren Asus muertos .Mateo 8:22..
Sack de la rocha
Sack de la rocha Mese fa
Pinochet dónde estás !!!! Pon orden
Sack de la rocha
Sack de la rocha Mese fa
Puros ridículos!!!!!!
Rosa Minca
Rosa Minca Mese fa
muhammed rahman
muhammed rahman Mese fa
I'm not bothered about the affect of Diegos personal life, all I'm interested in is how He impacted my personal life! RIP KING DIEGO GOAT! Forever Eternal!
Sam ER
Sam ER Mese fa
RIP 🙏🏻
Tetsu de Rothchild
Tetsu de Rothchild Mese fa
Social media takes over our lifes and freedom is handed over to companies like Walmart and general motors obviously taking over our life. C the cookies on ur computer don't want to know where u earn rather where u spend. Positioning of products and even sales tactics like discounts entice one to purchase what they want u to buy. If freedom is gone through draconian law I wonder where is the ofcom gonna get the authority to preserve ur freedom of purchase. In short it is not. Freedom is gone how much more will we lose. Perhaps our ancestors had a point in refuting CCTV or perhaps not. Depends on the point of view. I for one think its normal to be steered in the right direction. Like when u have no time and ask the customer service attendant to point u to the desired product. Do we really need freedom? If we understand it I think we don't. Having said that. Covid is historic. It has destroyed alot of sectors of our life. Let's not lose more by chanting freedom. A slave has no worry about what he wears what he eats its all provided. I think slavery was propaganda to demonize the practise. Well I'm not asking u to do anything. Just stating where we r heading. Without capital as one rents today not much clout to change that but protesting isn't an option either. As violent protests have been deemed terrorism. Gl with ur whim to retain freedom. Its going and going fast.
Sajaddd Sajjjadi
Sajaddd Sajjjadi Mese fa
thankyou don diego.
Ari Ari
Ari Ari Mese fa
RIP Maradona
D S Mese fa
greengoblin876 Mese fa
"God " welcome my son ,is there anything you desire..from heavenly wine to the most beautiful women?" Maradona ="I heard you know where to get the best know...(Coke ) God "ahh sorry to disappoint you but we're fanta drinkers here "
Svetlio Stoychev
Svetlio Stoychev Mese fa
Ahora si muere Mesi 5 dia sufrir
Ghiday Tsegeab
Ghiday Tsegeab Mese fa
Rip Maraona ♥️🙏Hands of God Gone but will never ever be forgotte from Tse
Ghiday Tsegeab
Ghiday Tsegeab Mese fa
Abraham Tsegay
Abraham Tsegay Mese fa
R.I.P Maradona
Abraham Tsegay
Abraham Tsegay Mese fa
You can take popullar people as your idol but they will die they can't do nothing for you if you are die also take lord jesus christ as your idol as your model as your saviour and as your god and he will give you enernal life glory to father to son and holy spirit.
Tushar Roy
Tushar Roy Mese fa
As a lover of football I feel sad for this news☮️✌️
Marist David
Marist David Mese fa
Uday Bhitrikoty
Uday Bhitrikoty Mese fa
Sleep in peace MARADONA The greateat footballer king.
Uday Bhitrikoty
Uday Bhitrikoty Mese fa
RIP Maradona
Joni Bandung
Joni Bandung Mese fa
Naila Hazna
Naila Hazna Mese fa
Lupin the 3rd
Lupin the 3rd Mese fa
Now that’s real love ❤️
rachid coffie
rachid coffie Mese fa
RIP legend from morocco,😔😔,🇲🇦❤️🇦🇷
Mirza Baig
Mirza Baig Mese fa
V few legends receive such funerals
John Clark
John Clark Mese fa
Maradona is 80s Messi
van Looken Roel
van Looken Roel Mese fa
There are worse things happening in this world right now! If people don't wake up in time, we are doomed! Be aware!
shaikh amzed
shaikh amzed Mese fa
Mitjitsu Mese fa
Reminds me of Arafat's funeral.
Zoltan Taraczkozy
Zoltan Taraczkozy Mese fa
Rest in peace, Diego🙏
bob sidhu
bob sidhu Mese fa
Even Gretzky wouldn't get this in Canada
Hage Opi
Hage Opi Mese fa
Good bi maradona🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷😔😔😔
luisvega666 Mese fa
just a footballer
Abdiel Ramos
Abdiel Ramos Mese fa
En Argentina si que aman el futbol y estan locos 💔
I'm dead
I'm dead Mese fa
When in your funeral people are celebrating instead of mourning that means your life had an impact in people's lives. I wish my funeral would look like 1% of that.
I'm dead
I'm dead Mese fa
@Lovelyjubly No . Sorry.
I'm dead
I'm dead Mese fa
@Lovelyjubly ...says the guy who brainwashed to believe that the God is real too. I'm happy you are good in your heath now though.
I'm dead
I'm dead Mese fa
@Lovelyjubly ...says the guy who brainwashed to believe that the devil is real.
62cripple Mese fa
One of the first legends of modern soccer....RIP 😥💪😎💖🍻
Dave Barker
Dave Barker Mese fa
He kicked a ball ffs
fofoahfofo Mese fa
Kadir Sükmen
Kadir Sükmen Mese fa
Das schon echt traurig das emoji traurig das
jean carlo
jean carlo Mese fa
Beating England at the world cup meant more for Argentinians than if they had won the Malvinas War
mani subhurajan
mani subhurajan Mese fa
Kalau pemipin pas hancur lah perpaduan kaum.dan ekonomi Malaysia mereka hanya tahu agama saja.
WMV Gaming
WMV Gaming Mese fa
He was a fat overweight footballer why are they acting like he was a demi-god. Its pathetic...
Azmina Ahmad
Azmina Ahmad Mese fa
No longer is it
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Mese fa
Players are getting fun that’s why make happend drugs like
giuditta Mese fa
Raman Sharma
Raman Sharma Mese fa
Rest in PEACE "Legend"
Alex Malevanyy
Alex Malevanyy Mese fa
So sad he is in hell now. He never talked about Jesus Christ in his life Made himself a god that is a mocking and sin Wild life lead you to hell
soydelRojo Mese fa
No he never said that was a god. You will be in Hell because you lie.
|🇦🇷⚽ Jesus replied, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14; 6
Lilygarden Yingli
Lilygarden Yingli Mese fa
Amen 🙏🙏🙏
Anon Ralph
Anon Ralph Mese fa
Amen from Ireland.
herve luta
herve luta Mese fa
R Mese fa
My hero!!!! You touched my soul! I wish I had the opportunity to tell you!!
soydelRojo Mese fa
@A Smack Yes, humans usually admire great sportsmen and artists, now you can go back to your planet with this information.
Noredine Sagri
Noredine Sagri Mese fa
Qu'il repose en paix maintenant ! Un grand merci pour l'homme que tu as été 👍
Carlos Vipe
Carlos Vipe Mese fa
We should always regard his talent and praise him for all he did. On the other hand, our lament for his drug dependence, thus his death.
lamujermaslinda Mese fa
If there's one thing I love about soccer fans, it's their passion for the sport and the players.
Godys Armengot
Godys Armengot Mese fa
Now, Argentinians can move on now.
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