What you didn't know about Xiaomi.

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You've seen the Xiaomi Mi 11, the potential Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra, but there's a LOT more to Xiaomi than you think...
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Mrwhosetheboss Mese fa
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Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious 3 giorni fa
Pre COVID19 I would have agreed, but thanks to Xi Jinping China is enemy No 1 l, unless shower-me rallies against the CCP. At least Apple is taking a stand on privacy and taking on Facebook. I am defecting from Google Android to Apple.
Fasina Olumide
Fasina Olumide 15 giorni fa
Do you know why they were banned on NYSE ?
Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan 27 giorni fa
Loved the delivery of your videos. Very smooth and informative.
youku Qr code
youku Qr code 28 giorni fa
Disappointing xiaomi HUAWEI Has much better technology and security I'm disappointed Over People 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Rafael Albarran
Rafael Albarran Mese fa
do a video on nox!!! pls
Thomas Antony
Thomas Antony 20 minuti fa
Fake and horrible copy of any other major out there.
Jay 6 ore fa
I've really had it enough with ITpost ads, won't even let me watch the video in peace
Liam Jones
Liam Jones 14 ore fa
it's like that one weak villain in the show that later becomes the main villain.
Mohammed Haikal
Mohammed Haikal 15 ore fa
lately I’ve been so much into your videos
Wesley Chishakwe
Wesley Chishakwe 20 ore fa
this my favourite MRwhosetheboss video [Period]
NOROX TEAM 21 ora fa
12:29 hey that's my phoneee
Eetu Huikuri
Eetu Huikuri 22 ore fa
Kalle Jillheden
Kalle Jillheden 22 ore fa
Apple: me.com (deprecated though) Xiaomi: mi.com
Tobias Giorno fa
All the worthless rubbish that factories spew out for dead adults to buy to fill their empty souls, is just sad.
jemuel loberiano
jemuel loberiano Giorno fa
China is advance on vivo and wuawei too
Fharish Ahmed
Fharish Ahmed Giorno fa
WAIT WHAT??? Why was I unsubscribed from this channel?
vmtv Giorno fa
watching this on my redmi 4A😍
Spud J. Russell
Spud J. Russell Giorno fa
Since I found you, I've thought, "this guy is smart, literate and speaks to us as knowledgeable adults, surely he must know we are curious about the misspelling of the channel name." ... waiting... 🤔
Mr.Jerome Bob
Mr.Jerome Bob 16 ore fa
Omgosh me too lol..so curious
Tin Quijano
Tin Quijano Giorno fa
i like xiaomi, i have the vacuum cleaner too and a router. hahaha.
Zeuro 2 giorni fa
Fact about realme
A N 2 giorni fa
Once you get big enough in China, the CCP is there to help you colonize the world.
Tobias Bonnetsmüller
Tobias Bonnetsmüller 2 giorni fa
Don’t trust 🇨🇳
s1047694 2 giorni fa
Time to buy xiaomi shares, this company will go to the moon🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘
Darrien Thomas Mawan
Darrien Thomas Mawan 2 giorni fa
Im using xiaomi 10t. Bro it was lit ngl
Cyprus 2 giorni fa
The light bail empirically scorch because accelerator tentatively depend between a milky tabletop. juvenile, graceful cornet
Gregor Samsa
Gregor Samsa 2 giorni fa
Wow. Never hear of them
Layla Hearts gacha
Layla Hearts gacha 2 giorni fa
I am useing a amazing keyboard right! Sadly you can't see it.....
NoDripXan 2 giorni fa
I bought a redmi 9 I was a samsung fanboy before now after using it for 3 weeks now I'm a xiaomi fanboy
khaled al zoabi
khaled al zoabi 3 giorni fa
12:24 the phone im actually watching this video right now on 🤣 i felt shocked to see it tbh
Rustee Seven
Rustee Seven 3 giorni fa
xiaomi stores in shopee and lazada are not responsive in messages. they dont care about the buyer. they only care to sell sell and sell. doesnt care about costumers
Danny McCord
Danny McCord 3 giorni fa
I've been having real problems with Xiaomi having a complete opposite customer service than your talking
Aman Ali
Aman Ali 3 giorni fa
Some years ago in his old q&a s he gave us two reasons why he spelt his username mrwhosetheboss.
The Doc
The Doc 3 giorni fa
sudhir vempati
sudhir vempati 3 giorni fa
Marky Kilburn
Marky Kilburn 3 giorni fa
I want you to hit 10 mil just because I want to know why on earth you named the channel mrwhostheboss.
Mohammad Nadeem
Mohammad Nadeem 3 giorni fa
Guys suggest me a Xiaomi phone (Currently I have a Samsung A10). Would be using for occasional gaming and normal stuff for weekdays....any suggestions guys?
HelyoGex 2 giorni fa
•BãsíçBlùè• 3 giorni fa
Xiaomi gang wya
Adok MotoVlog
Adok MotoVlog 3 giorni fa
Mr w hose the boss
Skyz 3 giorni fa
The six wren accordingly reply because sundial largely tour amongst a instinctive saudi arabia. delirious, mellow pvc
Roderigo Rix
Roderigo Rix 3 giorni fa
Watching this on my Xiaomi 😊😊😊
YouTube Holic
YouTube Holic 3 giorni fa
Watch that video on my Xiaomi note 8 pro ;)
arben bytyqi
arben bytyqi 3 giorni fa
Mi 10T Lite 5G 120HZ 750G only 200 USD and best phone Drop resistant water and nice great 64 MGP camera with macro headphones jack IR blaster and never single issue with this Phone In Xiaomi we Trust ...Xperia 1 iii it’s better but it’s over 1000 USD ...we don’t need over prices phones it’s doesn’t really matters but Xiaomi will have my money
Just Anatole
Just Anatole 3 giorni fa
5:09 me, living in lviv waiting for my redmi note 10 pro to be delivered tomorrow be like: ..... Yeah!..
Paterne Igiraneza
Paterne Igiraneza 3 giorni fa
RAGE 101
RAGE 101 3 giorni fa
why the hell the video contain a apple logo ?
roll the Reality films
roll the Reality films 3 giorni fa
love mi and l will love Xiaomi
Jane Harris
Jane Harris 4 giorni fa
Agree. Since Xiaomi came in my life back in 2017, I don't look at other brands. Most Samsung n Apple they focus on camera but lack of long lasting battery. Xiaomi give everything that I want in a phone, good camera, good audio (since I'm music lovers) long lasting battery and affordable price that WHAT I LOVE THE MOST
apple bees
apple bees 4 giorni fa
The adjoining policeman gergely share because chinese posteriorly afford besides a left wednesday. needless, apathetic turkey
Ondrej Tichy
Ondrej Tichy 4 giorni fa
Is anyone noticing that Arun is secretly rick rolling us in the past videos if you look closely 😐 yeah btw i reayl enjoy your videos mrwhosetheboss.
The Delegate Of Sweden
The Delegate Of Sweden 4 giorni fa
Xiaomi having a reverse heart on their symbol. Me, who is an Undertale heart- Sans! What are you doing?
John Miller
John Miller 4 giorni fa
People actually watch this guy
Emerald Zhu
Emerald Zhu 4 giorni fa
Random question.... I like your videos a lot, and more so, the editing Would like to know if you do your video editing yourself or you have someone else or a team helping out? I'm interested in starting a ITpost channel soon
Emerald Zhu
Emerald Zhu 4 giorni fa
Surprising how one man's video really amazed me and inspired me and brought me so many ideas... Also surprising how watching one video turns out to me watching more and more videos for hours on end As always, great work, masterpieces, in fact 😎 Love your videos, man 😁 keep making more great content for me to binge on 👊🏽
Emerald Zhu
Emerald Zhu 4 giorni fa
The MI symbol at 7:36 My eyes: This symbol looks kinda sus 🤔 My brain: Don't... don't do it... Don't think about it My mouth: WT...#%$? 😂😂😂
Pedrobesteiras 4 giorni fa
As a Brazilian saying states " Xiaomi makes Apple suck"
少爺仔 4 giorni fa
Love xiaomi
Hi Man
Hi Man 4 giorni fa
Hi Man
Hi Man 4 giorni fa
LingTube 1
LingTube 1 4 giorni fa
I'm actually watching this on my Xiaomi 😂😂
Kenn Honson X
Kenn Honson X 4 giorni fa
I will eventually watch this on a Xiaomi Poco F3
Chile Sauce
Chile Sauce 4 giorni fa
I know they are a CCP controlled company. Stop funding the enemy of democracy and freedom, don't buy made in China products, services, apps etc. #banccp They are probably also like Huawei, a big security risk for users! Buy any Chinese product you are funding the ccp, and the ccp are breaking international laws, both huma rights and international law.
Kenn Honson X
Kenn Honson X 4 giorni fa
You can't buy 95% of all products if you don't buy "made in china" products. That fancy Samsung TV? China Samsung Phones? China Apple phones? China Nearly all the mainstream and less-known brands? China Clothing? China Literally anything that doesn't cost an arm an a leg? China
Freda Martin
Freda Martin 4 giorni fa
The educated ray controversly rinse because robin interestingly beam around a adventurous seat. telling, loose trowel
Gábor Králik
Gábor Králik 5 giorni fa
So you learned from your Linux mistake (pronunciation).
salt pepper
salt pepper 5 giorni fa
their phones seem better than most, do their phones hold up tho?
Jeeban Gurung
Jeeban Gurung 5 giorni fa
Mi fones are also nice.
Little Blue
Little Blue 5 giorni fa
China: want a Trojan Horse? Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Oneplus, Vivo, Realme. Just pick your poison in return just close your eye if we claim your territory.🇨🇳 Win Win Cooperation🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳
Ryan Fereira
Ryan Fereira 5 giorni fa
mission impossiblle lol
Nicholas Gerry
Nicholas Gerry 5 giorni fa
Apple: *makes products Xiaomi: *copies products sells them cheaper Apple: 😠
Nicholas Gerry
Nicholas Gerry 5 giorni fa
adware with adOS and adUI
Jussi Rosenberg
Jussi Rosenberg 5 giorni fa
Today, Nokia (the company) and The City of Nokia are two totally different things and have been for like 50 to 100 years 😂 HQ of Nokia has been in Helsinki Metropolitan Area at least the whole 21st century..
miki martinez
miki martinez 5 giorni fa
Xiaomai rice lng malakas
Kaiden Rogers
Kaiden Rogers 5 giorni fa
I hope your channel name is a community reference. The answer is Angela.
SpiRit #92
SpiRit #92 5 giorni fa
When Xiaomi enters US , the US will ban Xiaomi from Google same as huawei
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 5 giorni fa
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ardavan masihabadi
ardavan masihabadi 5 giorni fa
I do respect their strategy towards making products and the price of them and I know some people will not like what I am about to say but let's be a bit logical and take these things into account: Xiaomi makes almost everything they possibly can ( from backpacks to mobile phones) with the lowest possible price and highest quality, but they do these with the least amount of employees they can which means fewer employed people. as of now, Xiaomi has 18,170 employers where Samsung has 287,439! I know Samsung has more revenue than Xiaomi but, it is important to feed more people at enough level rather than feeding fewer people just a little bit more than enough (at least it's more logical to do that, due to the social welfare situation) And as you know, China is the creator of COVID-19. they made to bring the USA down for sake of their own growth and we had more deaths in the past year than WW2 because of that virus (one of them is my own brother) not to mention Xiaomi is Chinese and I don't feel that good about their actions. I don't mean that they are evil, but if you put these and so much together... you will get what I mean. sorry if it was insulting to some of you, but I think this infos are better to be known:)
E S 5 giorni fa
They are the most beloved smartphone brand in Brazil, xiaomi fans are called Xiaomi Witnesses for trying to convert everyone into a Xiaomi user.
Anonymous Owl
Anonymous Owl 5 giorni fa
the mi mix models are my favorite especialy with the edges
E S 5 giorni fa
I am watching this from my Xiaomi Mi A3. It has Android One and it has been updated since I bought this smartphone 2 years ago.
Sholak Bd
Sholak Bd 5 giorni fa
Who set he boss
Himanshu Chouhan
Himanshu Chouhan 5 giorni fa
Mi an iPhone yet 🤣🤣
Sheikh Minhaz Uddin
Sheikh Minhaz Uddin 5 giorni fa
This Video watching on my Xiaomi mobile 😍
Omar Mandawe
Omar Mandawe 6 giorni fa
Simple because Xiaomi don't overprice their products... and don't sell you overpriced old tech...
Rehan Hakim
Rehan Hakim 6 giorni fa
This guy keeps getting better, keep on it Arun.
NaruGopalDasYT 6 giorni fa
Arun: stop running away im trying to have a conversation Robot cleaner: NOPE!
Jiaqi Tang
Jiaqi Tang 6 giorni fa
I don't know if their name has anything to do with Buddhist concepts really. Xiaomi in Chinese translates as 'Millet' (millet is literally called 'little rice' in Chinese). My guess is that the name came from "Millet plus rifle" which is a famous phrase said by Mao Zedong, and basically means cheap but effective, and capable of defeating much stronger opponents, just like Xiaomi's products from their early days. And I think the connotation is that Xiaomi started from the bare minimum by making those cheap yet reliable entry-level smartphones, and has the ambition to take on the much bigger competitors out there ultimately. And then they probably came up with 'Mobile Internet' and 'Mission impossible' more later on just to make the brand name sound a bit fancier.
Cre8teQ 6 giorni fa
Bloody hilarious Arun Mate Just ,for a minute, I thought I'd made it onto one of your videos as one of the 2 UK winners for Mi Explorers Madrid, for the launch of the Mi A2. Then, however, I remember that I'd stormed off when we arrived at Las Ventas Bullfighting Ring(vegan, not a shouty activist one but they might have warned us beforehand). In any case, Me & the other English winner really didn't fit in with the 30 other global fanboys there, but I was up for a free holiday & phone. Actually, I don't think fanboyism of inanimate objects, or their manufacturers, is a very British thing... period...Still, I went off & did my own thing & gave them some good shots, inspite of them. However, they still wanted us to jump through hoops, even after arriving home & I wasn't up for that... Orange T-Shirt, they made us wear, went straight in the bin &, needless to say, any promise of an ongoing relationship went much the same way!🤣 The Mi A2 is still going, albeit with a de-bloated custom rom, as I'm about as much a fan of Android One & Google apps as Mi apps! However, still using a Poco F2 Pro & I do like MiUi12, even if it only lasted 9mnths, before that got flashed too. However, I do not trust Xiaomi devices not to have Chinese CCP spyware on them, another reason why they're so cheap. Even Oneplus has been caught out sending data back to Chinese servers, so I wouldn't trust a Mi device as far as I could throw it. You may also note, the only UK Xiaomi store , you mentioned that opened in London, has long since closed...
Autisti 69
Autisti 69 6 giorni fa
4:05 perkele
usman khalid usmank27
usman khalid usmank27 6 giorni fa
Wht abd Apple garbage Don't care abt customers 😜
Anuj Bansal
Anuj Bansal 6 giorni fa
What a researcher 👍
c m
c m 7 giorni fa
They actually have a strong following here in the Philippines. We get a lot of the same products the Chinese market does.
Luke Goli
Luke Goli 2 giorni fa
Yep. Still not fully into them though.
Heipormi Suchiang
Heipormi Suchiang 7 giorni fa
recent apps reload problem in Xiaomi
Tanishq Banyal
Tanishq Banyal 7 giorni fa
12:36 Me watching this video on Redmi 3s (Snapdragon 430, 2gb ram, Android 11) ;)
Kim Ochoco
Kim Ochoco 7 giorni fa
And that's why im using Xiaomi a2 lite now and xiaomi are cheap but beautiful and best android for gaming and now im playing call of duty mobile for 8 months
Hafifah 7 giorni fa
Ada shanjuuuuu
Ovaisi Qadri Sound System
Ovaisi Qadri Sound System 7 giorni fa
Mrwhosetheboos whats your name i am from pakistan and Please Give me heart and pin my Comment
Kenn Honson X
Kenn Honson X 4 giorni fa
His name is Arun
einsteinium99 7 giorni fa
"in same city as nokia" shows on map that its different city than nokia... Nokia was in city called Nokia, xiaomi in city called Tampere
prancerjohn ponce
prancerjohn ponce 7 giorni fa
im one of the xiaomi fans!! xiaomi 10t user here.
Kenn Honson X
Kenn Honson X 4 giorni fa
Soon to be Poco F3 user :D
রু দ্র
রু দ্র 7 giorni fa
Actually watching on Xiaomi redmi note9s 😁😅
Kenn Honson X
Kenn Honson X 4 giorni fa
Xiaomi has incredible value :D
হজরত মুহম্মদ
হজরত মুহম্মদ 7 giorni fa
xiaomi phones are true value for money.their phone are not overpriced like crapple's shit phone.
z r
z r 7 giorni fa
Xiaomi is XiJinping
z r
z r 7 giorni fa
It is not shaomi it is siaomi ask chinese not contonise
Karthik Krishnan
Karthik Krishnan 7 giorni fa
Five years of usage and Xiaomi still works just fine! Comment from the same device!
MyGames Cyou
MyGames Cyou 8 giorni fa
Nice video
adrian alejandro - ICT
adrian alejandro - ICT 8 giorni fa
Fun fact: I'm watching this video with my redmi 8
Jomel Bundang
Jomel Bundang 8 giorni fa
True. Themes are awesome and most of them are free. You can also download premium by just watching ads.
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