ищу то, не знаю что.
ищу то, не знаю что. 2 ore fa
😨😨😨😨leave the kids alone ! 😡😡😡
tangerine tree
tangerine tree 6 ore fa
his best cover😭
lil swixy
lil swixy 7 ore fa
Muito Top
- 134340
- 134340 11 ore fa
To this day I hope he will upload this on spotify and other streaming apps, this solo version so much better than the studio one.
Henare Erceg
Henare Erceg 13 ore fa
Of all the 3 covers I heard (super late on it, I know) this one hits hardest and suits him best. So gooood.
Super Oggy
Super Oggy 19 ore fa
Anyone in 2021?
תמר לוי
תמר לוי 22 ore fa
2021 somebody here?💔
Zayn Ahmet
Zayn Ahmet 22 ore fa
Fuck ain't everything love is something too
Mskannn 22 ore fa
Mskannn 22 ore fa
aur da cover zan ta sa wai, da cover sa ta pora znla yo suba ye
Mskannn 22 ore fa
zayn zma ta deer khwkh yee
Britney Lawson
Britney Lawson 23 ore fa
A lot of ZAYN's songs are underrated, but this one is so overlooked 😭
Juliette Kennedy
Juliette Kennedy Giorno fa
I’m obsessed with this I love you so much zayn I’m so proud of u 💘💘
Jeena Elizabeth John
Jeena Elizabeth John Giorno fa
Remember when the boys gave "fashion tips" during the X-factor days and Niall said Bracelets can snazz up any kind of outfits, now zayn is wearing one on his hand, most likely coincidental, but it felt cute to watch.