Ivion Rhyne
Ivion Rhyne 2 ore fa
Lawa Soni
Lawa Soni 2 ore fa
This gon be my children's nursery rhymes🖤
Sarah Moua
Sarah Moua 2 ore fa
He did king von die? Rip von
Martez Price
Martez Price 2 ore fa
Y’all just don’t know 😢😣
Shannon Watters
Shannon Watters 2 ore fa
R.I.P King Von 😭😭
Luke Bama
Luke Bama 2 ore fa
Long Live Von Forever!
Roman Jacobs
Roman Jacobs 2 ore fa
Seems like unfortunately errody gets killed around Fivi
Sarah Moua
Sarah Moua 2 ore fa
He is good at basketball u my son I'm yo daddy
Sarah Moua
Sarah Moua 2 ore fa
I hope king von is okay but rip von
Xhzq -
Xhzq - 2 ore fa
It’s crazy
RanMind YT
RanMind YT 2 ore fa
I thought he was dead
moneybagg mara
moneybagg mara 2 ore fa
Quando Rondo
Quando Rondo 2 ore fa
Layla 2 ore fa
Kentravious Lark
Kentravious Lark 2 ore fa
I got your song is 10000
FWEAGO1K YT 2 ore fa
My brother said he will kill king von
DxpressedLuvs -
DxpressedLuvs - 2 ore fa
shit turn me into a demon :(
Teedee_33rdon YT
Teedee_33rdon YT 2 ore fa
Ja'Khai O'Neal
Ja'Khai O'Neal 2 ore fa
at 1 point this song had 63M Views
L'Moya Thompson
L'Moya Thompson 2 ore fa
love u king von
AFAM BANDO 3 ore fa
if Von ain’t die 10 outta 10 Von would’ve Top Durk!
メZxy•メ 3 ore fa
🪦 von💯
Tyrell Wilcher
Tyrell Wilcher 3 ore fa
メZxy•メ 3 ore fa
Rip🪦 💯
Dale Jordele
Dale Jordele 3 ore fa
Just von is bomb with polo it's nuclear
Treazures_ Dailys tea
Treazures_ Dailys tea 3 ore fa
Me telling my mom why I ain't make it to the corner store after 4 hours of riding with my friends...🤭
Dale Jordele
Dale Jordele 3 ore fa
Von by himself is killer but with polo it's mass murderer
Treazures_ Dailys tea
Treazures_ Dailys tea 3 ore fa
I just still can't believe Von is gone, Like that Bozo really took Von off this earth over nothing, a little fucking fight niggas can't even fight 1 on 1 no more 🤬💔
Gaming with june
Gaming with june 3 ore fa
Yea rip
ShammGod 3 ore fa
Where all my von day 1s at🙏🏿
Julius Williams
Julius Williams 3 ore fa
N***** dying a whole lot of October the real Halloween”
A Ballantine
A Ballantine 3 ore fa
Who was playing Pump in his car is my question? RIP Von
Makenzie Hickey
Makenzie Hickey 3 ore fa
Did he say 'I used to steal outta Aldi's'?! 😂😂😂💀 Thats why they have armed security now. 💯💀 r.i.p. Grandson. ❤
TIK TOK 3 ore fa
RellJones24 3 ore fa
Y'all follow me on Instagram kingkai705
Hi Guys
Hi Guys 3 ore fa
fuck green eggs and ham imma tell these stories to my kids before they go to sleep
Icey Washington
Icey Washington 3 ore fa
Electrical Is bad
Electrical Is bad 3 ore fa
Rip pop smoke king von and xxxtentacion and juice wrld
LaBraun Booth
LaBraun Booth 3 ore fa
Hi king von
Antoine 3 ore fa
you know how they say everybody who made song called armed and dangerous died? they all had police involved too; you cannot be a black millionaire and confess to that when that's what they want ...i believe that dude shot von but also believe the police probably shot him too; and they didn't even help fr smh rest in peace g
rip. king von........😭
Coleen Stanley
Coleen Stanley 3 ore fa
RIP King von☹
alex sanchez
alex sanchez 3 ore fa
My young nigga ride around with pole on him
Rhonda Tillis
Rhonda Tillis 3 ore fa
You a bitch king von we from 63
Tooka 3 ore fa
Hahaha y'all aint gettin a crazy story 4 😂😂😂😂
ZM W 3 ore fa
give him what he need wile he here
Joseph Caputo
Joseph Caputo 3 ore fa
lets just be honest even tho this dude died he was hot trash
Jordan Mitchell
Jordan Mitchell 3 ore fa
bro why did you have to die imagine how melly gonna feel when he hears you dead and b slime gotta be careful R.I.P bro may you rest in heaven :<
ZM W 3 ore fa
i love you
Quantum Gaming
Quantum Gaming 3 ore fa
Why the mumbles stay and the lyricals go?
Quantum Gaming
Quantum Gaming 3 ore fa
"It is what it is I am what I am" Von was a good one pho sho
Ibrahim Kaba
Ibrahim Kaba 3 ore fa
Marketta Jones
Marketta Jones 3 ore fa
Javon Yates
Javon Yates 4 ore fa
Montrell Ross
Montrell Ross 4 ore fa
I met him through one of my homies a couple years ago
jayyy.capone 4 ore fa
man I rarely when the video first came out and by 2 weeks the video was barely hitting 1.1 mill, now look at VON
this shit still hit in 2021
Tristan Mcnaughton
Tristan Mcnaughton 4 ore fa
GANG GANG 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👈👉👎
Tristan Mcnaughton
Tristan Mcnaughton 4 ore fa
Liam Farley
Liam Farley 4 ore fa
Rip von🙏🏻🥺❤️
Jaymar Montgomery
Jaymar Montgomery 4 ore fa
the way von turned around
Darius Charles
Darius Charles 4 ore fa
love you bra 🖤🕊💯
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 4 ore fa
bro this song got me walking like von moving like von talking like von😁
Khwanito Alg
Khwanito Alg 4 ore fa
That nigga dead , he gotta pay for everything wrong he did on this earth and yall niggas still post music of him smh, same thing for pop smoke that shitt gotta stop.
Jaidin Sharpe
Jaidin Sharpe 4 ore fa
Rip von 🥺
DaeDinero29 4 ore fa
Bro this shit just fire🔥
Hip pop news
Hip pop news 4 ore fa
R.I.P V.roy
Hip pop news
Hip pop news 4 ore fa
Rip the goat
Craig Muriithi
Craig Muriithi 4 ore fa
1:30 🥶🥶 🔥🔥
1So Xtra
1So Xtra 4 ore fa
Its crazy how he got more views than his subscribers when he pass
Goat Man
Goat Man 4 ore fa
Rip von we miss u bro
kierra banks
kierra banks 4 ore fa
Rip king von 😩😩
Damarii Szczepkowski
Damarii Szczepkowski 4 ore fa
rip but he taking evreybody girl lol
Qexify 4 ore fa
Whos better Like-king von reply-Nba yb
Zgunz Gaming
Zgunz Gaming 4 ore fa
Most lyrical rapper of this generation besides eminem, nle choppa, polo G , Kendrick lamar, and so on
Trap Expendables Records
Trap Expendables Records 4 ore fa
I ain’t PLAYIN
I ain’t PLAYIN 4 ore fa
We smokin that tooka pack
Nasty_Aim 2k
Nasty_Aim 2k 4 ore fa
Man imma tell y’all something king Von is the best 2020 rapper and respectful person all time
bwr. miles
bwr. miles 4 ore fa
The best rapper in the rap game
TmR xWaVyx
TmR xWaVyx 4 ore fa
“I’m finna throw sum ones💵😈” “Gleesh no u ain’t🙅🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️”