YUNGBLUD - Medication
YUNGBLUD - California
PurpleFiber217 9 ore fa
What the hell happened to him
iLagz 10 ore fa
Fuck ritalin That shit fucked me up in my childhood ...dont let the government drug your children
Emy haru
Emy haru 10 ore fa
Enfim cabaré
chase thacker
chase thacker 10 ore fa
Hell nahhh this nigga whack af
Alexis Innes-Watson
Alexis Innes-Watson 10 ore fa
Every time I watch this when the teddy bear runs up with the bat and saves him it all ways makes me smile
link 10 ore fa
This guy should be put in a asylum
link 10 ore fa
This is why Christianity doesn't allow gays
hi if u dont like the content thats ok
hi if u dont like the content thats ok 11 ore fa
so my mom saw u on my lock screen a month ago and said ur too emo and yesterday this song was on the radio and she said omg i love yungblud
Sfv 11 ore fa
I love how this 3 actresses are still dancing when producer and woman kiss
Just a cookie Chip
Just a cookie Chip 11 ore fa
Wow this song was amazing , such a storm of emotions and I can relate to this song a lot . Here I am up at 2:00 am listing to this song over and over .✨🙃☠️
my name jeff
my name jeff 11 ore fa
damn orgi wtf
s1mpinq_ Flxwerr
s1mpinq_ Flxwerr 11 ore fa
Julie Wilson Juliezz Jemzz
Julie Wilson Juliezz Jemzz 12 ore fa
Gah!!!! The beginning of this was such an anxiety trigger! Love to all the weirdos out there!
Natural Born Optimist
Natural Born Optimist 12 ore fa
Guess all the weirdo's came here. not sure why this was recommended to me, barf
Jazzy Duo
Jazzy Duo 12 ore fa
2:15 am for me but close enough
Tara Niemann
Tara Niemann 12 ore fa
This needs to be the official music video for the next Venom movie....
Aubrey Stone
Aubrey Stone 12 ore fa
YUNGBLUD:put a toaster in my bath ME:the toaster wasent pluged in
Aubrey Stone
Aubrey Stone 12 ore fa
ok YUNGBLUD needs to calm down with the energy
Tara Niemann
Tara Niemann 12 ore fa
I love this song cuz I think of my parents and I am sure my 17 yr old thinks about me lol
Rami Kasyanov
Rami Kasyanov 12 ore fa
Yeah I'm still Bi. Thanks for re-confirming again.
Brandy Jean
Brandy Jean 12 ore fa
Lol I was thinking there was gonna be a comment on how he's from the UK and saying cotton candy and not candy floss 🤣
Jocelyne Flores
Jocelyne Flores 12 ore fa
Want to just say thank you so much! I feel like I can relate so much to this song 😭
Centauri 12 ore fa
6 am
Dannii Walker
Dannii Walker 12 ore fa
I can't stop watching this video clip, it is so good and YUNGBLUDs moves are so OMG! and that leopard print, he rocls it! <3 Ya YUNGBLUD
SUNSET 12 ore fa
No offense but I really only know Yungblud from him and louis tomlinson both being from Doncaster. I thought I heard people from Doncaster were super 'Laddy' and hid their feelings. I think Louis is such a 'Lad' if he were to see this he'd literally just combust. The thought of a smudge of black nail polish on him seems impossible.
Blizzard596 13 ore fa
A believable phyco most artists make me laugh
torrie smith
torrie smith 13 ore fa
This song means so much to me. It’s so hard to feel hopeless in this world. This song makes feel feel a bit better.🖤 There isn’t enough people saying that there’s hope. Sending my love.
Holly Whiskers
Holly Whiskers 13 ore fa
And to all you school music teachers who told us to spit out our gum during class 🖕
Katie harrison
Katie harrison 13 ore fa
This was such a powerful and beautiful statement. Thank you <3
Мария 13 ore fa
I am losing myself inyou, and you and youuuuu.....
Jonathan Modoh
Jonathan Modoh 13 ore fa
tame impala
ninixoxo 13 ore fa
why is he attractive
Cookies Cookies
Cookies Cookies 13 ore fa
this song gives me teenager vibes..... idk how....
Ceairo 13 ore fa
nicolas andersson
nicolas andersson 14 ore fa
childish gambino
Mia Ferrao
Mia Ferrao 14 ore fa
I’m here at 4am ..... again 😂😚
VIA 14 ore fa
dnl ca
dnl ca 14 ore fa
i dont know but I really fucking like this yungblud/mgk/halsey/travi$barker/goodygrace/blackbear shit that is happening right now
Nebulargamer 14 ore fa
Heard him in bmth's "obey", thought he sounded pretty good there so I looked up some of his other music. This is the first song I've heard by him, and if he puts this much emotion and passion into his other songs, I think imma be a fan
Kim P. Phillipsen
Kim P. Phillipsen 14 ore fa
When punk goes pop and metoo doesnt exist... Love it🦄👍
Tracy Stiles
Tracy Stiles 15 ore fa
Wow that's all I can say 😉🤗
Steven 15 ore fa
My parents are amazing but this song is just fire bro ngl
x_yaz _xx
x_yaz _xx 15 ore fa
ッçhęęr嗨 15 ore fa
Imagine how mad the neighbors are
Benny Ngo
Benny Ngo 15 ore fa
To cute for me
Benny Ngo
Benny Ngo 15 ore fa
Nikky Stapp
Nikky Stapp 15 ore fa
Well, this doesn't look like social distancing.
alicia gomez
alicia gomez 15 ore fa
i swear he has a wonderfull smile that makes ya feel a bit happy
athyn richards
athyn richards 16 ore fa
Amazing music but that aside lipstick and red look good on him and I cant stand how attractive he is it makes me jealous lol
Lola 16 ore fa
He looks so fucking good in these outfits
Gabe Patz
Gabe Patz 16 ore fa
Theres them and there's me, crying earing cake on ny birthday jamming out.
Alas K. Cipriano
Alas K. Cipriano 16 ore fa
no hay nada más excitante que este men simplemente existiendo
Morgana Hilra
Morgana Hilra 16 ore fa
I officially attacked your tiktok early (anjeliqz) and now I am here, lol. but, this is the song that caught my eye to your career... of course it helps my kids are obsessed with ya lol.
Summer Channel
Summer Channel 16 ore fa
One of my biggest flex is that ik all the words to this
Charlotte Hound
Charlotte Hound 16 ore fa
when men realise how comfortable skirts are
reieleandro 16 ore fa
Um pop rock me fã tão bem
Simmie Name
Simmie Name 16 ore fa
Honestly I was expecting like . . Nascar aloe exactly but hell nah I'm wrong asf and . . .I don't like this taste 😫 By the way. . .what a pussie
Alivia 12 ore fa
Antonio Rosario
Antonio Rosario 17 ore fa
Jake 17 ore fa
We're like a week into this blessing and I'm convinced this is one of the sexiest music videos of all time!
red hollow
red hollow 17 ore fa
his accent is showing and I love it
Nicolás 17 ore fa
Te amo wachooo
bipolar d00d
bipolar d00d 17 ore fa
the song is cool, but also dumb, but also i like him in a skirt.
Abbey Kill
Abbey Kill 17 ore fa
aisha jones
aisha jones 17 ore fa
Im both jealous and amazed by how hot he looks in the tennis skirt
Luu Ss
Luu Ss 17 ore fa
Akane-chan 17 ore fa
When u just found this song and ur actually lying on the bed and questioning ur life at 4 am
Ash Schmidt
Ash Schmidt 17 ore fa
This is me and my boyfriends song, so yeahhhh
Amy D
Amy D 17 ore fa
Olivia The Great
Olivia The Great 17 ore fa
Panic! At The Disco: HA I have the weirdest music videos Yungblud Hold my guns
Mystery Human
Mystery Human 17 ore fa
We love the violently British aesthetic 😂
hannah s
hannah s 17 ore fa
Sadly, it seems like he's turning into a lot of artists who go mainstream and singing about useless things like sex. One or two songs is fine but that's all he sings about now... really disappointed 😕
dim 18 ore fa
Michal Čulák
Michal Čulák 18 ore fa
0:01 me right now, but it’s 2,17 AM...
Karah Heal
Karah Heal 18 ore fa
Yesss this song is amazing 😍
Tatiana L
Tatiana L 18 ore fa
Æææ loveu❤️❤️
Rashid 18 ore fa
Global pandemic: maintain at least 6ft apart and wear a mask No one: YungBlud: this music video
SkyeRos 17
SkyeRos 17 18 ore fa
I lov how his videos disturb me so much, but his songs are so good 😊
Sincerely Brooklynn
Sincerely Brooklynn 18 ore fa
I should be those girls kissing dom tho 👉👈
bella wendigo
bella wendigo 18 ore fa
just think this stuff happends every day
Benjamin Rodriguez
Benjamin Rodriguez 18 ore fa