100 Drops - [Among Us]
AJ Cortes
AJ Cortes 10 ore fa
does anyone know if villages spawn in super flats on pocket edition?
Malachai Taylor
Malachai Taylor 10 ore fa
real days or minecraft days
Geehon Edmund
Geehon Edmund 10 ore fa
Make a drowned farm to get a trident easier
Nate B
Nate B 10 ore fa
I'm an alpha default I kill sweats as much as they used to kill me
Risto Erm
Risto Erm 10 ore fa
i will sind this to my ex (if i ever get one) after we break up
Amit Sethi
Amit Sethi 10 ore fa
Sandy Yu
Sandy Yu 10 ore fa
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MR_RoboMate MC
MR_RoboMate MC 10 ore fa
Why do you have a girl skin
Safir Zero
Safir Zero 10 ore fa
It says 2hours and 1 sec but when i click the vid it says 2 hours
The Person ッ
The Person ッ 10 ore fa
That's how ITpost works
Nathan 10 ore fa
You should do 100 drops in Rouge Company
MaksPlayzYT 10 ore fa
its been a full year. please make a 200 days
biggie small
biggie small 10 ore fa
watching this in 2021 -_-
Krishi Minecraft
Krishi Minecraft 10 ore fa
Use a Shovel to make path blocks so slime won't spawn
2067 Harshidha.R 12c
2067 Harshidha.R 12c 10 ore fa
Yes,we want you to continue this series
James Bee
James Bee 10 ore fa
what would you do if you died
Ozan Ozcan
Ozan Ozcan 10 ore fa
iNDi 10 ore fa
The Goldblocks on the roof look like an egg yolk
DP Studio
DP Studio 10 ore fa
day in minecraft or day in real life?
Krishi Minecraft
Krishi Minecraft 10 ore fa
Get a fletcher villager to sell u arrows of weakness
pie fighter
pie fighter 10 ore fa
"vending machines and litteraly everywhere, but they are also rare"
Bobster Harg
Bobster Harg 10 ore fa
where is 200 days
Flier The Blier
Flier The Blier 10 ore fa
When you mention profits when Luke is nearby Luke: Did you say **inhale** PROFITS?
Godwin Philip
Godwin Philip 10 ore fa
Who else wants him to try out warzone?!
Kyle Picking
Kyle Picking 10 ore fa
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Luke Live
Luke Live 10 ore fa
Yes 200 days
•Jade• 10 ore fa
jayden Nguyen
jayden Nguyen 10 ore fa
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jumpingstream52 10 ore fa
one tap god
Train #4
Train #4 10 ore fa
21:27: Primal Glass Town
ß 10 ore fa
why is everyone here now lmao
Dragon Fire3
Dragon Fire3 10 ore fa
yeah all the comments are minutes ago lol
jonsku 10 ore fa
my man roasted philza
megamehmeho 10 ore fa
Time stamp?
boii boiii
boii boiii 10 ore fa
18k emeralds will equal 2k blocks
boii boiii
boii boiii 10 ore fa
@Lexi Trelford no i didn't i went to another video cause I got board
Lexi Trelford
Lexi Trelford 10 ore fa
Bruh u liked ur own comment
Ludmila Maleeva
Ludmila Maleeva 10 ore fa
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Gustav Lauritzen
Gustav Lauritzen 10 ore fa
it is fun seeing him slowly go insane
nawar K
nawar K 10 ore fa
10:20 luke :no one will have to die The fish :am i joke to you?
Katerina Pavlova
Katerina Pavlova 10 ore fa
Wait is it hardcore Minecraft because then why be careful
Vince Albao
Vince Albao 10 ore fa
Petition for luke to play 1 block minecraft
Mátyás Dobszy
Mátyás Dobszy 11 ore fa
It’s fucking sad, that a minecraft video is 13+... Thank you youtube and f you
Casey Jones
Casey Jones 11 ore fa
Footage: *gets corrupted* LTN: "microwave."
Shayne Jansen
Shayne Jansen 11 ore fa
when he realizes that he couldve used the ingots for is already enchanted pick n sword... edit: i continue to watch him make a god sword out of that
Rae Wester
Rae Wester 11 ore fa
200 days flat
Shawna Lennon Tingler
Shawna Lennon Tingler 11 ore fa
Unregistered hypercam 2
Moreno Cello Rhythm
Moreno Cello Rhythm 11 ore fa
C.H.K.N Tenders
C.H.K.N Tenders 11 ore fa
Weeb Kid
Weeb Kid 11 ore fa
Does anyone else want 3000 days in the first world?
Joyce Ann Spremulli
Joyce Ann Spremulli 11 ore fa
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Ashley 11 ore fa
17:27EXUSE ME?!???
MrBeаst 11 ore fa
Rafa Miguel B. Bermudez
Rafa Miguel B. Bermudez 11 ore fa
Superflat: a number of slimes a person can't count Notable who has full set of diamond tools and armor: Lets get *DANGEROUS*
HYPEZ saM 9898
HYPEZ saM 9898 11 ore fa
He Made Flanders Field When he built the iron golem farm
Kellee Birchmeier
Kellee Birchmeier 11 ore fa
Hey I All ways wanted to play with me I’m pretty good reply if want to play name is austin3696
HEATFAME43 11 ore fa
Who's here waiting for season 6
Quivver 11 ore fa
Luke in day 100: flex’s with 2 lanterns Luke in day 2000: flex’s by building a skyscraper out of emerald blocks
pie fighter
pie fighter 11 ore fa
Luke: You can't get 240 FPS on your mom's old computer. Me, who's playing on my dad's old computer: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
KacyMai GameZ
KacyMai GameZ 11 ore fa
Malachy Farrell
Malachy Farrell 10 ore fa
stop rushing him
Ree Person
Ree Person 11 ore fa
Grian watching this video: You call a big chest of stone profit? Also Grian: Why is it all emeralds djdnfhtjfjf
Sue Black
Sue Black 11 ore fa
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Maks Uzbrojony
Maks Uzbrojony 10 ore fa
I love doing that, just spam random words on the phone cuz it just selects randome ones to F I T to the others.
Doggaraffe 11 ore fa
Thing is... If he almost won a game that means that he spent 20 minutes in one match. Hmmmmmmmmmm...
SickStreamer BTW
SickStreamer BTW 11 ore fa
Tors: im still working on meh beach bungalo Luke: WE LIVE TOGETHER.WHATS THE POINT?
Sue Black
Sue Black 11 ore fa
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White House
White House 11 ore fa
where is the next episode?
BRENT Sanjose
BRENT Sanjose 11 ore fa
pls make 3000 days
eekling 11 ore fa
when there's comments from 35 seconds ago, you know it's a good series (when is 3000 days lol)
simeon newman
simeon newman 11 ore fa
CaptainPlays 11 ore fa
1:00:45 weeeeeeee
CaptainPlays 11 ore fa
I made this comments a bit to late.
CaptainPlays 11 ore fa
Abdalla Alhammadi
Abdalla Alhammadi 11 ore fa
We late
Abdalla Alhammadi
Abdalla Alhammadi 11 ore fa
eekling 11 ore fa
lol we're pretty late
Katrina Grugule
Katrina Grugule 11 ore fa
Plsssssssss do 200 days plssssssss??!!
HEATFAME43 11 ore fa
Who remembers og fortnite
Samwise 11 ore fa
is 17:27 a glitch? His voice went wrong?? Its weird.
Xero Liquids
Xero Liquids 11 ore fa
remember this is the guy who copyrighted the 100 days in minecraft title for yt
Teodoro jr Mendoza
Teodoro jr Mendoza 11 ore fa
Me who got to 1hour: ez
a t
a t 11 ore fa
I remember when this first came out I didn't comment but just watch
Chumbleham 11 ore fa
It ain't much but it's honest work, you literally just said that it ain't much but it's honest work
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 11 ore fa
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Kevvu Köster
Kevvu Köster 11 ore fa
1:12:22 FaZe Mongraal if he as a chicken lol
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 11 ore fa
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Zayyan Amir
Zayyan Amir 11 ore fa
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 11 ore fa
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Jiena the amalgam lady
Jiena the amalgam lady 11 ore fa
Hey i have the same harddrive
WildFlyer 11 ore fa
I like how i started my own minecraft world just to get a cat :D
PD_ Shadow
PD_ Shadow 11 ore fa
He said She never played Minecraft before. Seems prety sus
Oliver_plaZ1234 11 ore fa
100 days: I really like the agriculture adpect of this game! 2000 days: KILL MAIM PURGE ALL WILL FEAR DEATH AND I AM DEATH!
ETHAN LAU TIN WANG - 11 ore fa
pro tip for wither skulls: get a charged creeper to kill a stray
Professor Minestein
Professor Minestein 10 ore fa
only works on bedrock edition, he's playing Java
NerfProZP360 YT
NerfProZP360 YT 11 ore fa
When is 200 Days??? I have been waiting so long and I still haven't seen anything relating to this 200 Days.