Cedric Gravely
Cedric Gravely 4 ore fa
By far the best season yet
J. DippolitoMartinez
J. DippolitoMartinez 4 ore fa
This song is stuck in my head!
Brian DaviJaya
Brian DaviJaya 4 ore fa
His daughter is more mature
Stephanie Moore
Stephanie Moore 4 ore fa
Keep God close, my dear, and He will use you and your gift in ways you have never dreamed.
Timothy Tarimo
Timothy Tarimo 4 ore fa
She is not a poor girl, she is definitely rich🔥✋
Music & Soul
Music & Soul 4 ore fa
He’s good ;p more breathe support
Joy Bochsler
Joy Bochsler 4 ore fa
Blessings Caleb don't lose your true self but reach for the stars xoxo
Becky C
Becky C 4 ore fa
I like the song, but not this version.
Kim Jones
Kim Jones 4 ore fa
Wow! Full body chills! Amazing voice 💜
Mi Javis Beauty Vlogs
Mi Javis Beauty Vlogs 4 ore fa
he sang super horrible. u dont know how to judge guys!
James Bailey
James Bailey 4 ore fa
love luke bryans comment. Luke Byran: when they named it they had tobacco in they mouth. Me: Laughing my ass off in class while everyone stares at me.
Cedric Gravely
Cedric Gravely 4 ore fa
397 miserable people
EsKaYf4 4 ore fa
Yes I'm just learning on the job...🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alice G
Alice G 4 ore fa
I get chills & tears each time I watch this!
Rebecca L
Rebecca L 4 ore fa
I really dislike country music, but I really like this guy!!!!
Lisie Haycock
Lisie Haycock 4 ore fa
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 4 ore fa
simply awesome. love you all.
Slot Sisters
Slot Sisters 4 ore fa
I love her!! #1 on American Idol!!
nannynocker 4 ore fa
alright son
John Moreno
John Moreno 4 ore fa
They deserve a lot..
Carnage Phoenix
Carnage Phoenix 4 ore fa
Bruh finally his talent is shown to the world on national tv lets go #Willie Spence
Heyfix 4 ore fa
shazam enabled, shazam recognizes 😮
Carlos 4 ore fa
how is this even fair..???
george george
george george 4 ore fa
come on.. jennifer holiday would eat any talented singers out there... this is already a plus for jessica, singing beside jennifer..
jogger1987 4 ore fa
Grew up in SC way to go young man !!!
Planning Us Healthy
Planning Us Healthy 4 ore fa
Dj 4 ore fa
Only problem is American Idol will legally own your songs and anything & everything you do that’s part of entertainment, social media, etc. Your better off without American Idol.
janice wheeler
janice wheeler 4 ore fa
Wow her voice is beautiful and powerful
Chery Carmelle
Chery Carmelle 4 ore fa
Katty Katy Perry is soooo cool🤗I love her😍😍😍
Nostradamus 4 ore fa
That is the best original song I've ever heard on any talent competition show. This kid is a damn good songwriter.
Dj 4 ore fa
Only problem is American Idol will legally own your songs and anything & everything you do that’s part of entertainment, social media, etc. Your better off without American Idol.
Bri M
Bri M 4 ore fa
Wow! She is so beautiful, her voice & singing is just heavenly! Please get this girl to win & take her places! She truly is a star! #CaseyBishop
Chery Carmelle
Chery Carmelle 4 ore fa
He looks so humble🤗🤗🤗
LeeAnn752 4 ore fa
Dj wrote this song? Absolutely amazing, I related on so many levels! You are amazing DJ!!!
Kat A.
Kat A. 5 ore fa
I'd add this song to my Spotify if it was on there lol. He needs to finish it and release it.
Dave Kendall
Dave Kendall 5 ore fa
Man...listen to all that privilege he's got. /s
Terrie Denna
Terrie Denna 5 ore fa
And the winner of American Idol is.. Alanis Sophia 👏👏👏👏
Lenora Marshall
Lenora Marshall 5 ore fa
She has me in tears.
ERSAJO 23 5 ore fa
Where ever she reach in this life of artisthood. She deserve it.
VergiliusCZ 5 ore fa
This is the best audition in a longe time.
John Licious
John Licious 5 ore fa
thats one big man FILLED with talent ! oh myyyy!
Your friend Anthers
Your friend Anthers 5 ore fa
Whoelse came here after seeing this on tiktok? Lol
Lê Thái Hiển
Lê Thái Hiển 5 ore fa
man I wish I could live the country life
Sandra Zachery
Sandra Zachery 5 ore fa
Ronda definitely wants this for her momma! True love.
City boi22
City boi22 5 ore fa
I think it’s a tic doesn’t seem like hair flipping but the good is sharp I like em 🔥
kerrmann 5 ore fa
Amazing right there friends...
Mel the Feminist
Mel the Feminist 5 ore fa
Incredible! Like his voice, but even if he struggles there, he could make a great living selling the songs he writes.
Amethyst Victorian
Amethyst Victorian 5 ore fa
*throws sandal 😭
Angela Games
Angela Games 5 ore fa
Instant hit! I want to hit replay!!
Geovanie Guevarra
Geovanie Guevarra 5 ore fa
wow this is not a contestant this is a pro!
Sam Bln
Sam Bln 5 ore fa
Brian Sutandi
Brian Sutandi 5 ore fa
I'm very proud of you.. Keep moving beautiful..
Elmzz Partzz
Elmzz Partzz 5 ore fa
This kid is legit,..
kevlal 5 ore fa
When you think this video with beautiful singing and heart felt life stories could not caress our souls even more then Lionel Richie works his magic on us... But man that line at the end from Luke was priceless... He is just a bad ass! :)
Wynn Wynn
Wynn Wynn 5 ore fa
I hate Kelly Anne but she deserves a better looking husband that the one she has!
Chucky 5 ore fa
These are the best judges on all shows!!!! They are literally caring and nurturing these artists!! I love each one of them! So beautiful to see! Simon Coward who?
John-moises Hernandez
John-moises Hernandez 5 ore fa
I'm in love she's so cute!!!
mel gee
mel gee 5 ore fa
katy perry's mini me😋 they both have the same eyes..
Ciera Rose
Ciera Rose 5 ore fa
Ugh Mr. Richie what a class act! He was so genuinely moved it was heartwarming to see
Sam Bln
Sam Bln 5 ore fa
jeljable 5 ore fa
I think she did well. Dad is something else tho. Almost like hes a captor or something
Hollie Sloan
Hollie Sloan 5 ore fa
Smail Ichiru
Smail Ichiru 6 ore fa
A little star shinned ... stunning , she would win it
Auzzie Worker
Auzzie Worker 6 ore fa
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 6 ore fa
I hear his mothers' strength in his voice. Thank God his family didn't give up on him. So many people turn their back on others that are in trouble!!
Kashmir 6 ore fa
hamma daisy
hamma daisy 6 ore fa
I really like how he said Yes sir,yes ma’am.,a real country boy.and how he love his sweet💕👌👏👏👏
Chucky 6 ore fa
Jesus!!! I went to buy a wig to throw it at the screen!!! And I threw my shoes, my Xbox and my dogs at the TV!!!!! I can see her WINNING!!!!!! Omg!! 😱😱😱
Orce Tata
Orce Tata 6 ore fa
Yes, he has a very clean voice, he deserves a lot
de _
de _ 6 ore fa
Cooll 😍
Joey S
Joey S 6 ore fa
Her voice reminds me a bit of Julia Micheals
commentator 6 ore fa
New gen daughtry.
Esreal Lotto Madness
Esreal Lotto Madness 6 ore fa
You are amazing my brother!! Awesome voice! You sound a lot like Luke Combs!
Micah Gray
Micah Gray 6 ore fa
Love her
Paula Perry
Paula Perry 6 ore fa
you have my vote son .. amazing to write that song and 16 .. you have a future
Nava Neetha
Nava Neetha 6 ore fa
Smail Ichiru
Smail Ichiru 6 ore fa
She is already a STAR
Louie Adam
Louie Adam 6 ore fa
Good the daughter did not inherit his arrogant attitude. She can sing, needs more practice and exposure.
ShineBright88 6 ore fa
I don’t know why American Idol wants to cut onions on a singing show?! Jk
jeljable 6 ore fa
I've seen them send better singers away that wasnt coached enough and she should've been sent home to with the wisdom they gave her. She has something that just didn't come together but I believe she could get better.