Steel Monkey
Steel Monkey 6 ore fa
We can learn from Israel that the vaccines don’t work, in fact they have found that the South African variant spreads 8 fold in people who’ve been jabbed. Oops.
jamin 12
jamin 12 6 ore fa
Attoney General material.....I don’t think so Schomo your choice. See you at the polls. Release the suppressed documents now...
Jinxter X
Jinxter X 6 ore fa
I'd rather die than have a passport on my phone!
Fresh Prince
Fresh Prince 6 ore fa
Prove there is a killer virus without using your screen? Because its not in reality.
Sonda Power
Sonda Power 6 ore fa
Jade 6 ore fa
I can hear both
Hoplasa 6 ore fa
"The whole world is watching" yes... yes we are , but not in the way you'd want us to.
President Trump Lives In Your Head Rent Free
President Trump Lives In Your Head Rent Free 6 ore fa
Daunte just had to go down to the station and probably would have been released on bail, unfortunately he was dumb.
Steven Blackwood
Steven Blackwood 6 ore fa
Why doesn't Israel just give the Palestinians a gold star? so the everybody in Worcester not vaccinated?
Tyrone Williams
Tyrone Williams 6 ore fa
The racist white woman did it on purpose.....
Guardian News
Guardian News 6 ore fa
Minneapolis: police and protesters clash for second night over death of Daunte Wright ►
Watching the telly and thinking bout yer holidays
Watching the telly and thinking bout yer holidays 6 ore fa
We can learn how to get away with anything we like
Arseny R
Arseny R 6 ore fa
That’s exactly what a deceitful car would say
Codm Noob
Codm Noob 7 ore fa
I can't understand it, but I can feel it.
corrupt immoral
corrupt immoral 7 ore fa
When the herd gets scared
Bernadette Duroch
Bernadette Duroch 7 ore fa
Was the officer who fired the shot black or white?
CthulhuRunnings 7 ore fa
Хороший мальчик.
Kirsty and Laura
Kirsty and Laura 7 ore fa
We are taking advice as such from Israel
Just some man in a chicken costume.
Just some man in a chicken costume. 7 ore fa
I'm so glad he got knocked to the side and not directly in front so that he didn't get run over..
N A 7 ore fa
A gentleman will not seat before a lady. Even more, he would give the chair to a lady.
Stuart Corbett
Stuart Corbett 7 ore fa
Oppression of the people, get the vax if not get a test to prove your not infected prove you've got anti body's what you are is being made guilty of carrying the disease until you prove yourself innocent only way this will stop is through war
Kergmund 7 ore fa
*🎵"And then along came Zeus!!" 🎶* (Yes, I know it isn't the right Disaster but it is the right situation)
claudio v
claudio v 7 ore fa
illGottenGains 7 ore fa
Careful everybody. The government said today that 1 in 3 COVID SPREADERS have zero symptoms. How scary is that??
Robbie Aikman
Robbie Aikman 7 ore fa
We need more of Bitcoin, not less!
Don't worry I'm Not Afraid!
Don't worry I'm Not Afraid! 7 ore fa
Lbh cepet dibanding gue main shopee tanam, buat manen koin 2k
Relaxing Storm
Relaxing Storm 7 ore fa
The real *Siren Head*
Count Dunkelheit
Count Dunkelheit 7 ore fa
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 7 ore fa
"I'm not a cat!!"🐈🐈 Seems like a thing a cat would say😂😂
AA AM 7 ore fa
Brfire PUBG was invented
Cathy's corner
Cathy's corner 7 ore fa
When the clock struck 12, so you can’t be human anymore...but the Zoom meeting started first thing in the morning, so you forgot...
V Phoenix
V Phoenix 7 ore fa
😆😅🤣 Oldies & Computers
HardcoreNatural Fitness
HardcoreNatural Fitness 7 ore fa
Keep you mind healthy boyss
Kyle_ Gaming
Kyle_ Gaming 7 ore fa
How paradis built the three walls
Birds Aloud
Birds Aloud 7 ore fa
1000 dislikes to 100 likes. Sod the polls the politicians tell us. These comments say everything about how the country is feeling.
missjimmyt88 7 ore fa
This is exactly why I'm conscious about looking behind me when I'm walking about on a road
pangiole 7 ore fa
This is tyranny!
王者爭霸king of hegemony
王者爭霸king of hegemony 7 ore fa
超爽 我們也常常在空地這樣玩 把高空煙火顛倒放或是火藥倒出來塞進水管內拉長引線燃放
C Hobson
C Hobson 7 ore fa
Im usually quite y'know socially liberal but i like the idea its's really like hip an forward looking tech!
TA KH 7 ore fa
it's Daunte fault the officer is innocent
Be Low Below
Be Low Below 6 ore fa
@ULOIRAR The more we look at the problem of capital punishment and legitimizing the state through legally sanction violence (police), the more rediculous the solutions and excuses appear to preserve it.
President Trump Lives In Your Head Rent Free
President Trump Lives In Your Head Rent Free 6 ore fa
@ULOIRAR He was reaching for a gun
ULOIRAR 6 ore fa
Another bootlicker arguing that resisting arrest should be a capital offense.
Be Low Below
Be Low Below 6 ore fa
Promise You
Promise You 7 ore fa
She’s not innocent she incompetent
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 7 ore fa
Not gonna use that mic again 🤣
NightmreX 7 ore fa
"I'm not a cat" that's EXACTLY what a cat that's a lawyer would say
Luke Griffiths
Luke Griffiths 7 ore fa
Umesh Malhotra
Umesh Malhotra 7 ore fa
PhoeniX-J-five 7 ore fa
They should have full on military training if they are armed officers, so they can be calm and focused under pressure, instead of not knowing the difference between holding a taze and a gun. For one thing, it's bright yellow
Huītzilōpōchtli _Tenochtitlan
Huītzilōpōchtli _Tenochtitlan 7 ore fa
Everyone must remember the Nuremberg Code, they cannot force a vaccination on to you. Resist!
Reverend Jim Spanner
Reverend Jim Spanner 7 ore fa
No pandemic. We have lernt how evil our government is and how they hate their own people that they are supposed to represent. They have waged a psychological war against the people. They are only interested in themselves and their own agenda.
Ian Baker
Ian Baker 7 ore fa
Absolutely correct
Norah Rose
Norah Rose 7 ore fa
The man with the beard tries not to laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Haze1434 7 ore fa
7:14 - "We still don't fully understand the long-term consequences of infection for those who survive." No, we don't. Nor do we know the long-term consequences for those who get given a vaccine that was rolled out too fast.
Ron Catton
Ron Catton 7 ore fa
Israel can have all the vaccine's for all i care, keep it away from me.
Jerald Johnny
Jerald Johnny 7 ore fa
Kim Jong Un be Like: why i'm still here😂
journeymanX 7 ore fa
He’s got the purrfect argument ready,he is feline lucky and will take this to the nearest court of claw Ima leave now
Phoenix Man
Phoenix Man 7 ore fa
Dog: *A fine addition to my collection!*
Nok su Kao
Nok su Kao 7 ore fa
F - Isreal 🔥🇮🇱🔥
cari 7 ore fa
this is a really expensive suicide
maxsyd 7 ore fa
Very russian reaction by the news anchor hahaha
Arjun Mishra
Arjun Mishra 7 ore fa
That's what you get when you use a mic looking like a freaking candy , even I would have grabbed n run 😂😂🤣
sir dafiga
sir dafiga 7 ore fa
Rest well sky king
DaLuke 7 ore fa
I’m going to make this my ringtone.
Gary Lee
Gary Lee 7 ore fa
That people never learn?
Eliza Coleman
Eliza Coleman 7 ore fa
You can learn how Evil Israel is.
Jason Williams
Jason Williams 7 ore fa
so...what happens to all the poor plebs that can not afford a smart phone
Hanung Baskoro
Hanung Baskoro 7 ore fa
but do they dream of electric sheep?
oneoone 7 ore fa
They must be f**king crazy no way that happening. Still nobody can say why or what it achieves? Nothing. This is human tracking at its finest!
Juicy Boiz
Juicy Boiz 7 ore fa
Am i missing something? The old are already vaccinated. So why do the young need to take vaccines to 'protect' those that are already vaccinated
Quek Quek
Quek Quek 7 ore fa
That satisfied face after playing catch and run lol
xristo702 7 ore fa
How fitting they pick the holy land for ground zero of the devil's work.
Nok su Kao
Nok su Kao 7 ore fa
Devil's chosen people
Bushman 7 ore fa
Covid passports are illogical as the vaccine doesn’t prevent spread. Not to mention it’s highly discriminatory, an infringement of civil liberties and privacy. It’s to enrich big tech and the lobbied politicians under the guise of public health.
Life_is_gud 7 ore fa
The dog: My plan worked. You are my owner now.
Josh Veall
Josh Veall 7 ore fa
100 likes to a 1000 dislike tell,s you what you need to know really
Andrew Charles
Andrew Charles 7 ore fa
Steven Tica
Steven Tica 7 ore fa
The team that lost were executed.
Gitty 7 ore fa
Israel have taken a break from oppressing Palestinians and arresting children to give us their next greatest endeavour, nice.
Juicy Boiz
Juicy Boiz 7 ore fa
We can learn that they're an authoritarian state and we shouldn't be doing what they do
K_Teck 7 ore fa
Even dogs can't accept the subjective "journalism" of today.
Dan 7 ore fa
Imagine not knowing that thing is there and it does that at like 3 a.m. right outside your window.
The Once and Future King!
The Once and Future King! 7 ore fa
Guess they forgot what happened the last time you could get refused basic services if you didn't have the correct papers. Barcodes are the new tattoos!
Nok su Kao
Nok su Kao 7 ore fa
New yellow star
Ian Black
Ian Black 7 ore fa
So if they are so far ahead, why are they still wearing masks? Anything to do with the fact the vaccine doesn’t work?
ragnaice 7 ore fa
hahahaha that dog looks so proud of himself, like 'yep, getting petted for my efforts, I deserve it'