CCwhitewitch Silver
CCwhitewitch Silver 2 ore fa
Steven Walls
Steven Walls 2 ore fa
The little girl in the first battle was way way better then him I just wonder why will put him through over her
Samantha Bandara
Samantha Bandara 2 ore fa
Peter Diegenant
Peter Diegenant 2 ore fa
Verre weg van Elvis maatje . Smijt de pampers weg en bestudeer eerst wat en wie je vertegenwoordigen . Kut gewoon
Swamiya Swamiya
Swamiya Swamiya 2 ore fa
All of them are just amazing 😍😍♥️
Rhian Felipe
Rhian Felipe 2 ore fa
She is so brilliant,AMAZING.. Incredible singer...A queen of a Africa
Luna Shems
Luna Shems 2 ore fa
Redemption song
Cooked_Makeup_ Jennifer
Cooked_Makeup_ Jennifer 2 ore fa
*She is just MAGNIFICENT.*
sharon Samson
sharon Samson 2 ore fa
Great win,great voice,not so individual and unique like some
Casimir Jean Olsen
Casimir Jean Olsen 2 ore fa
Remo Forrer🔥.
Zaki Farhan Viyadi
Zaki Farhan Viyadi 2 ore fa
Yg belanda biasa aja menurut gw
felix.milkshake 2 ore fa
The 2nd girl was really good 😳
Ar Zinzin
Ar Zinzin 2 ore fa
Pourquoi chantent-ils tous en anglais ,????
Jesse Ozofereh
Jesse Ozofereh 2 ore fa
I still can't believe Johnny didn't win. No one can upstage this performance
Sabryna Cassiano
Sabryna Cassiano 3 ore fa
She remembers me Whitney...
Allison Hill
Allison Hill 3 ore fa
Jordan has such a beautiful voice!!
tracie mylan
tracie mylan 3 ore fa
Im sorry however Emmanuel should have won
Hüseyin Keser
Hüseyin Keser 3 ore fa
Tüylerim diken diken oldu o me got
xine91468 3 ore fa
oh, that face off was so uneven
Ankhuush U
Ankhuush U 3 ore fa
6:42 omg 😱 beautiful voice ❤️ Mongolia is best
Jeancy Sangi
Jeancy Sangi 3 ore fa
Daniel show he is so adorable omg I love he's voice just like angel god bless him he will win 😇🤗
Carolina vx
Carolina vx 3 ore fa
The second guy is everything
Heisenberg Gaming Xone
Heisenberg Gaming Xone 3 ore fa
I just became a fan of him for my whole life♥️
Melanye Boston
Melanye Boston 3 ore fa
He's so handsome and has a beautiful voice!!
Dexter Alsado
Dexter Alsado 3 ore fa
they're more adorable and amazing to much than adults❤️❤️❤️
Fernando Tolentino
Fernando Tolentino 3 ore fa
Technically there is still need something to work but his tone is special and there's something in his voice that is captivating... I was moved in the way he sings
mojansi 3 ore fa
Max Milner, my favorite!!!! ❤️
Suhu's hottest channel
Suhu's hottest channel 3 ore fa
Niklas 3 ore fa
I get that this blocking-feature prevents the coaches from waiting way to long to turn due to keeping the show interesting, I do understand that idea. But I highly disagree on the idea of one coach being able to completely block another coach. If a singer is able to win multiple coache's hearts, he/she should be able to pick the coach he/she indentifies most with, the coach who he/she thinks will be able to support and encourage him/her the most. This decision, if multiple coaches turned, should be influenced by the coache's arguments, not by them simply pressing on a "Block-Button". Because at the end of the day, this show should be about THE VOICE of an artist. And if an artist, for example, thinks that he'll/she'll feel more comfortable around Kelly than around Delta (if both turned) while working and singing together, no other coach should be able to force the artist into a different decision just by blocking a coach. In my opinion, the coaches should only be able to influence the artist's decision by words and arguments. A simple button cant't be an option to that.
Bang Aan Official
Bang Aan Official 3 ore fa
Wow first song makes me scary, altough i don't know what song is.
Christian Slater
Christian Slater 3 ore fa
I was a great singer before puberty lol, then you know life happens;) Pretty sure the chandelier guy is over 18 thou, that's amazing lol
Gabriel Balny
Gabriel Balny 3 ore fa
Des belges
GrapeFruit TV
GrapeFruit TV 3 ore fa
imagine youre a singer and no chairs turned because they dont really know who you are
Ujlaki Tibor
Ujlaki Tibor 4 ore fa
That 1' guy(On the left) in the first romanian clip looks like Patrick Swayze ,in his younger age.(R.I.P. P.S)Thank you for the postation.
Ujlaki Tibor
Ujlaki Tibor 3 ore fa
I have forget something:the mentionated guy from the left side belongs to the jury.
Chathushka Ranawaka
Chathushka Ranawaka 4 ore fa
Shan 4 ore fa
@3:06 my sister saw a snake in bathroom and she goes highnotes that day .it seems like this 🤣🤣
Kaaz96.Jinxed Gaming
Kaaz96.Jinxed Gaming 4 ore fa
can someone explain why the judge got so annoyed cause he said no one cares about me playing like why would that make him storm of
Shan 4 ore fa
💕 🇱🇰
Umair Tallat
Umair Tallat 4 ore fa
"This is a man's world"😎💪✌
Dino Jaupis
Dino Jaupis 4 ore fa
Wowwwww sogs beatiful 🎤🎶😍🥰
Jack Hopkinson
Jack Hopkinson 4 ore fa
You don’t hide a voice like that... everyone just wasn’t listening hard enough.
xine91468 4 ore fa
Dude nailed "Attention" better than Charlie Puth.
Sandamali Weerasinghe
Sandamali Weerasinghe 4 ore fa
Komentariram 4 ore fa
If he was contested in Serbia the judges would be brutal on him because he is this fat :/
Sandamali Weerasinghe
Sandamali Weerasinghe 4 ore fa
Proud of srilanka❤️😍
The Upgraded
The Upgraded 4 ore fa
Last dude looks like a living Ken doll lmao😂
patrick 4 ore fa
Me in the shower
elliemae4525 4 ore fa
Did anyone else notice that Mom looked like Adele!? And yes, she was an absolutely amazing singer!
Rhoda Visperas
Rhoda Visperas 4 ore fa
Mostt of the selected songs.. Sang by Joy of The Voice Israel... Where d idea came from?
abel zekonia
abel zekonia 4 ore fa
U the best willl
Cushty Barey
Cushty Barey 4 ore fa
God bless this this young man!!
Ylad Suyam
Ylad Suyam 4 ore fa
Apart from her great voice this woman has something soothing about her..
Uzuri Ulimwengu
Uzuri Ulimwengu 4 ore fa
I just KNEW Kelly was the Best for her! Look at this young lady bust out of her shell! Sang girl!
Paulina Swg
Paulina Swg 4 ore fa
i got goose bumps the whole time
DeÈpÀk KuMar
DeÈpÀk KuMar 4 ore fa
First part of the video, Here is nick Jones Indian actress priyanka chopra's husband
Paulina Swg
Paulina Swg 4 ore fa
the first one omg i am in love😍 (with his voice)😇
Victor Radu
Victor Radu 5 ore fa
Filipino constentant: I want to participate to X Factor... Producers: AND THE WINNER IS "...." , lets start shooting ang looking for next year X Factor contestans
Salomao Davi
Salomao Davi 5 ore fa
The last one is my favorite .... Jar of hearts ....
jhaz lina
jhaz lina 5 ore fa
Victoria and that girl is amazing at 7 years old can sing like that wow!
Salomao Davi
Salomao Davi 5 ore fa
I would like to talk only about one but i think all are good
daria markova
daria markova 5 ore fa
Ditya Story
Ditya Story 5 ore fa
Just listen guys, amazing voice
Oberstimmer 5 ore fa
Sezina is a dream !
Chad Faulkner
Chad Faulkner 5 ore fa
Number 7 is my number 1
Lowa Wata Kathandhara
Lowa Wata Kathandhara 5 ore fa
හොයියා... හෝයියා...
Daoi t3
Daoi t3 5 ore fa
i vote for the first battle☝️
Ylad Suyam
Ylad Suyam 5 ore fa
Tom's choice of songs is always impeccable..
Aneta Budzelova
Aneta Budzelova 5 ore fa
Pekné spievajú :)
Thatched Studios
Thatched Studios 5 ore fa
Oh my God the relationship her son has with her is absolutely ADORABLE. What an amazing young man and, clearly, she’s an amazing mom.
Alexander Felix
Alexander Felix 5 ore fa
Where is yaroslav karpuk with elvis presley voice?
liz pao
liz pao 5 ore fa
😍😍el mejor
liz pao
liz pao 5 ore fa
😍😍el mejor
Bruno Ramsés
Bruno Ramsés 5 ore fa
Estou arrebatado por essa voz
CMJ 25
CMJ 25 5 ore fa
No good
Aeetv HD
Aeetv HD 5 ore fa
Lowa Wata Kathandhara
Lowa Wata Kathandhara 5 ore fa
Best of Best.
Ain Hawani
Ain Hawani 5 ore fa
I'm is crying now
Joanne Escamillas
Joanne Escamillas 6 ore fa
TNT BOYS but Keifer and Mackie are girls.