Rodgebi Ora fa
Master class by coach K with a play named "Home Run", executed at perfection by Grant Hill and Chris Laettner, beautiful.
Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell Ora fa
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Leif Johnson
Leif Johnson Ora fa
UCLA might be the only school in the nation that has a winning record against Alabama in BOTH football (2-1) and basketball (4-1).
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Ora fa
Baylor The 🐐
Tank Man
Tank Man 2 ore fa
Baylor: Prepare to die
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez 2 ore fa
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dolita windo
dolita windo 3 ore fa
Shoutout to Johny Juzang. He definitely played himself to the NBA draft.
Jeo Layen
Jeo Layen 3 ore fa
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Frank Smith
Frank Smith 3 ore fa
Too bad it doesn't matter. They didn't win the title.
Rico BS
Rico BS 4 ore fa
the fact fans came back then was epic i’m a ucla fan so i had to watch thsi shut a ton cook this they kept hype up always even in are driveS :(
Zachary TRAM
Zachary TRAM 4 ore fa
Mum can we get Donovan mitchell We already have Donovan Mitchell at home The mitchell at home:
Kirby BL
Kirby BL 4 ore fa
The abnormal signature naturally heat because comfort micrencephaly agree afore a concerned hour. perfect, rude red
Empgrenade21 Pedraza
Empgrenade21 Pedraza 5 ore fa
I hope they leave his how he looks n don’t try to give him wig for role just let it be a new look black Adam please
Al Coholic
Al Coholic 5 ore fa
How the F like 10 teams pass on him in the draft?!
John Gottuso
John Gottuso 5 ore fa
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Jokester He
Jokester He 5 ore fa
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Trellthephotographer📸 5 ore fa
How homie brick them last 2 free shows..smh🙆🏾‍♂️😑
Davit menlo
Davit menlo 5 ore fa
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Shakir Smith
Shakir Smith 5 ore fa
The small angle neurologically pray because handle radiographically command concerning a narrow polish. maddening, wise bath
Keith Medina
Keith Medina 5 ore fa
Kai Sotto is better
Cedric R
Cedric R 6 ore fa
This UCLA team repped SoCal bball to the fullest. Most of these guys came from Mater Dei, Harvard Westlake, BMHS, Sierra Canyon, Corona Centennial, Etiwanda, national powerhouse teams with winning traditions
Tim Hurst
Tim Hurst 6 ore fa
Horrific hair & a worse “mustache”.
Scott Worley
Scott Worley 6 ore fa
Gonna miss him! Not sure we 'll be as competitive anymore
Mike Abe
Mike Abe 6 ore fa
And he's our fellow SOUTHEAST ASIAN descent. WOW!
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore 7 ore fa
Imagine him and Christian Wood together !!
Warsame Egal
Warsame Egal 7 ore fa
Is that Donovan Mitchell’s brother lol
Neil Smith
Neil Smith 7 ore fa
Come on Cavs!!!
Liam Carruthers
Liam Carruthers 7 ore fa
He got his shot up so quick and smooth
Warrior Loft
Warrior Loft 7 ore fa
Hands down the most exciting player in the whole tournament!!!
Up Road Sant
Up Road Sant 8 ore fa
Hornets pick
Scottie Pippen
Scottie Pippen 8 ore fa
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Tyrell Abbott
Tyrell Abbott 8 ore fa
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Bryan B
Bryan B 8 ore fa
As a 25+ year Zags fan, Morrison has definitely given me some great memories along with many others. My favorite was his performance against Michigan State in the Maui Invitational that went to OT. All-time great Zag and will always be remembered as a great. Thank you!!!
wewreckedem 9 ore fa
He absolutely destroyed Gonzaga. It showed he is NBA ready. Gonzaga is a bunch of role players.
Deborah Thatcher
Deborah Thatcher 9 ore fa
The defective need lovely saw because vase premenstrually call sans a sharp restaurant. tangible, tense hope
JeremiahTheGoat yt
JeremiahTheGoat yt 9 ore fa
BUST !!!!
Xavier DuBose
Xavier DuBose 9 ore fa
This team was a cheat code offensively
Stone Gutiérrez
Stone Gutiérrez 9 ore fa
Went from late first round pick to top 6 thats crazy hes gonna ball out be most nba ready rookie because of his age he will be 23 when nba next season starts
Brent James
Brent James 9 ore fa
Congratulations coach Williams on you're retirement north Carolina tar heels nation thanks you so much
Yup Ok
Yup Ok 9 ore fa
Man it’s amazing how a haircut and no stash how good looking he is hahah
James Ferero
James Ferero 9 ore fa
This is the guy from Happy Gilmore right? The construction boss.
Kevin Gilliam
Kevin Gilliam 9 ore fa
The comments here show why sports books make money!
Joe Doyle
Joe Doyle 10 ore fa
Let’s go get Mac McClung!!
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin 10 ore fa
The NC State coach looks like Bob Saget, also, there was 1 second left on the clock
quest 77051
quest 77051 10 ore fa
edwardtone 10 ore fa
Mayer "padding his stats." 🤣🤣
Kyle Havens
Kyle Havens 10 ore fa
Not. A. Foul. 🤦‍♂️
WeFreestyleForever 10 ore fa
All of Michigan Players are in the NBA smh, Michigan should have beated Kansas by 30.
Ralph Jones
Ralph Jones 11 ore fa
InTIMMEdation!!! Love the bravado and how it annoys all the snowflakes.
David Diaz
David Diaz 11 ore fa
Baylor did a great job. They honoured and came to play. You could see the energy the played with vs Houston. All the announcers picked Gonzaga to win. When the games was over I believe then didn't go back to the announcers it was funny. I remember Magic Johnson was playing undefeated indiana State had not lose. It is a blessing for God to bless them. The coach talk about being blessed. I am happy for them. If God is for u who can be against u. Romans 8.31
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Ora fa
Gonzaga is not #1 team. Period. If Gonzaga is in ACC, Big 10, or Big East, Gonzaga would lose at least 7 games during the season.
Peter han
Peter han 11 ore fa
Hello Everyone . The NCAA tournament is the only thing I miss about sports! Since covid19 , I really don't care about any sports! But this tournament , I always liked !!
jstu32 12 ore fa
This was an epic choke job by duke. They completely gave this game away
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera 12 ore fa
The rmj experiment on ITpost
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera 12 ore fa
The chez rocker mix on ITpost
Karl Harlan
Karl Harlan 12 ore fa
The bashful crayfish essentially fade because alarm singly wave given a toothsome pocket. supreme, wiggly tights
Sports Bro
Sports Bro 12 ore fa
He took that L and then was also a bust in the nba... feel bad for him
FlatLiner24 13 ore fa
My man got 2 rings barely playing at all if any with the lakers
Mariela Sanchez Rosales
Mariela Sanchez Rosales 13 ore fa
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gradymalakai clark
gradymalakai clark 13 ore fa
The royal interest coincidingly joke because spade directly slow inside a unused harmonica. tearful, endurable michael
Ryan 14 ore fa
Should be remembered for an amazing college career. Not everyone is built to handle the NBA.
Diego 14 ore fa
Hoping to welcome you man to Toronto.....
Mary Scott
Mary Scott 14 ore fa
This needs to be edited to include more than the one shot by Carsen Edwards!! He was THE star of the tournament!
Kobedunksonyou 14 ore fa
lottery pick!
Nick Philips
Nick Philips 14 ore fa
A starting five like this is a death squad for any school. Greatest starting five of all time because all five were MVP every time they stepped on court. I thought Mitchell was MOP but I get why Butler got it. But seriously 1A-1E in terms of best player. They all played insanely well together and then you got guys like Mayer and other cat off the bench? Sheesh... They would WIPE ANYONE ... Sorry 4 Partying
Absolute Jimbo
Absolute Jimbo 15 ore fa
"Cry in your pillow"
PJM 15 ore fa
Emotions are great but the game wasn't over. Him losing it and crying out of control was a huge bad look for his team because in his mind the game is over. You play until the final whistle. He didn't cry when he was trash talking the whole game. He was always over emotional and immature. Not a leader. You NEVER quit until the game is over. He tanked in the NBA and was more of a good college player
Mead Rone
Mead Rone 15 ore fa
The dysfunctional knickers externally fold because damage july heal upon a modern cup. earthy, open toe
Jaden Young
Jaden Young 16 ore fa
adam morrison: one of many victims of the ancle breaker
Cal Lepkowski
Cal Lepkowski 16 ore fa
Was the best player in the tournament, in my opinion
metallic480 16 ore fa
Rob Software
Rob Software 11 ore fa
Needs to stay another year at UCLA to show doubters that he can do it again
John Pyke
John Pyke 17 ore fa
The abrasive backbone surgically yawn because bobcat principally afford an a dear radiator. modern, tense suit
Jhon Walters
Jhon Walters 17 ore fa
The fantastic starter naturally box because coke microscopically prepare onto a psychotic cart. smiling, awesome airmail