Root Potato
Root Potato 18 ore fa
Damian 18 ore fa
They can be worth 40k just saying
Daniel Haghshanas
Daniel Haghshanas 18 ore fa
not strong
Tino Males
Tino Males 19 ore fa
Erika May
Erika May 19 ore fa
Please let them go
joey schultz
joey schultz 19 ore fa
You should get a huge tank and get a sail fish and see how big it will get
Wil Edge
Wil Edge 19 ore fa
Wow there is something you don't see every day
Nigel 19 ore fa
I had a smallmouth bass take my crank bait literally the moment it touched the water. It was amazing!! Haha
Luxury Fishing
Luxury Fishing 19 ore fa
I was eating fish watching this
Captain Honesty
Captain Honesty 19 ore fa
Confusing why he’d knowingly sacrifice his leader and hook, to simply capture that scene. Hope that Goliath didn’t have issues with inhaling that gear that inevitably, broke off once the camera cut. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Gursharan Gill
Gursharan Gill 20 ore fa
Good editing
。きゅうり 20 ore fa
synonym 20 ore fa
Can you eat
Daniel Weaver
Daniel Weaver 20 ore fa
In Yeshua's Holy Name
In Yeshua's Holy Name 20 ore fa
Ahhhh haaaaaaaahaa 🤣😂 , ma man said " oh no 😳 " bwaaaaha lmaoooooof 🤣 . Thank's soooo mich for posting This video - I can't stop laughing .....oh no.. ....... Bless whoever uploaded this video in Yeshua's Holy Name 🤠. Thank's.
Donald Games
Donald Games 20 ore fa
He did that on purpose, he could have had the fish in before it got aten pathitic person he didnt wanna get his hands dirty
Austin blair
Austin blair 20 ore fa
This is amazing. Would’ve been nice to raise that bad boy up into a monster somehow lol
Rosieguineapigthebest 20 ore fa
I hope you put that back 🤔🌊
Robbie max33Redbull
Robbie max33Redbull 20 ore fa
Human are fuckd up people..
Radio Gamer
Radio Gamer 20 ore fa
Get this fill a bucket with them then light it on fire
Potato Winkey
Potato Winkey 21 ora fa
The people that thought he meant actuall dolphins:🤡
Amerizoz 21 ora fa
I ised to catch these by the bucket load out at Dillons Beach here in Cali. Just mever knew what they were called so I just called them sand crabs
Kushman420TV 21 ora fa
That's not Giant 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mohammad Farhan
Mohammad Farhan 21 ora fa
Why my beaches haven't got sand fleas? I live in malaysia
Takaedza Chirowodza
Takaedza Chirowodza 21 ora fa
He just fed a live fish to another fish. It it were are mammal people complain. What is the difference?
Jayson McCullough
Jayson McCullough 21 ora fa
Not sand fleas
Luke Free fall
Luke Free fall 21 ora fa
Hate people fishing for these fish. Completely unnecessary.
Tyler Griffiths
Tyler Griffiths 21 ora fa
How heavy is it in kilograms my dad and his crew caught a 200 kilograms blue marlin
MJ Klein
MJ Klein 22 ore fa
What a beauty!
WK HAKIM 22 ore fa
Can eat ah?
adam adam
adam adam 22 ore fa
BARBER’s Cool 22 ore fa
Why would you take the Lords name in vain as a filth word when he gave you such wonderful fish, have some respect, repent and trust in Jesus Christ.
ian wei
ian wei 22 ore fa
Amit Singh
Amit Singh 22 ore fa
Why its looking dead from the beginning
Jason Verhine
Jason Verhine 22 ore fa
Those blowups were freekin AWESOME!!!!!!
sees kammenga
sees kammenga 22 ore fa
Fishing life
Fishing life 22 ore fa
A kid did better than this and it’s hooking and catching a fish in record time
Carlos Aguilar
Carlos Aguilar 23 ore fa
Mui mui
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 23 ore fa
Good old book bait and catch fish
Gary Winthorpe
Gary Winthorpe 23 ore fa
I’ve seen faster when a school of mahi rolls in
raja sakha
raja sakha 23 ore fa
Oh mu god this is oh my god😂😂😂😂😂
michael petremetre
michael petremetre 23 ore fa
Tamara Walther
Tamara Walther 23 ore fa
So where's the rest of the video???
rinku miah
rinku miah 23 ore fa
Lol fish died from bigger fish
DAL_nug 23 ore fa
i love these little dudes so much
jack dawson
jack dawson 23 ore fa
Very fast
joeldude1998 23 ore fa
As a kid I had one of those get stuck in my shorts pocket. Didn't notice until we got to the beach house we were staying at.
Jayden Moelling
Jayden Moelling 23 ore fa
That was 3 seconds
Jayden Weidner
Jayden Weidner Giorno fa
Elise Giorno fa
*Sand crabs*
TheShadyShanty Giorno fa
I wonder if you can popcorn like shrimp or maybe Flash fry them on a beach fire with some white wine, Sea salt and Basel?
Bejo Chanel07
Bejo Chanel07 Giorno fa
Josh Giorno fa
So let's get some pictures with it🤣
James Stapp
James Stapp Giorno fa
my guy would not stop saying 1 year lmao no hate
Swayzie Train420
Swayzie Train420 Giorno fa
Bradley was just there selling his drugs
Jason Verhine
Jason Verhine Giorno fa
Man, do y'all try to cut out the cheek meat and "neck" meat too? We always do that with big snapper/grouper/etc.. That'd be another 40lbs of meat off that beast you have. VERY COOL
Silverrocket ProGamer
Silverrocket ProGamer Giorno fa
Thats bot bait that's dinner lol
jerry vang
jerry vang Giorno fa
Any top water bass angler knows the fastest bite comes from a top water lure.
Zxchツ Giorno fa
Imagine josh being ur dad
kendimize kadar balık
kendimize kadar balık Giorno fa
Good job👌
Wow.....fantastic man.....
Richard Rivera
Richard Rivera Giorno fa
I can do that
Rob Dog
Rob Dog Giorno fa
That's awesome
Mr05sti Giorno fa
Hope you get one of them 300 dollar Goliath grouper tags!! Coming up
The Rhino 67
The Rhino 67 Giorno fa
Those are legit some of the best fish bait ever 💯💯
IMStrawman Giorno fa
And now it's dead.....
Fire_ Clapz
Fire_ Clapz Giorno fa
So I never really eat fish and my sister made salmon for me and her husband, I guess because my body isn’t used to it I got sick as hell. Puked on and off for like a hour or two. Worst birthday ever....
Jarrod Chambers
Jarrod Chambers Giorno fa
Wow congratulations- i think you had the record too. They just kept getting bigger at every hook set.
Sphinx Davis
Sphinx Davis Giorno fa
Those sand flies are lucky he is american and not Asian 🤣🤣
Richard S.
Richard S. Giorno fa
Another NO FISH in the video!!!! WTF!!!!
Sphinx Davis
Sphinx Davis Giorno fa
Wat the hell are they I've never seen them .wat country are they ?
Sharen Samuels
Sharen Samuels Giorno fa
I love fishing 🎣 i Catch fish 🤤
Luca Pietrantoni
Luca Pietrantoni Giorno fa
i thought it was 300
Harold Brooks
Harold Brooks Giorno fa
Amazing how close to shore Groupers swim
407_rushikesh Giorno fa
Never goin to the beach again ☠️
David Cobb
David Cobb Giorno fa
This is the worst video on the internet. Whoever posted it should refrain from participating in society
Natalie Downs
Natalie Downs Giorno fa
Winston Weatherby
Winston Weatherby Giorno fa
Get a 15 or 16wt and try again.
Winston Weatherby
Winston Weatherby Giorno fa
So unpleasant. I tried so hard not to comment. I'm a fly angler, myself and would totally try this, but this guy takes the joy straight out of it.
Krisna Maulana
Krisna Maulana Giorno fa
Beneran itu