George 4 ore fa
we need this combo again
elizabethjw123 4 ore fa
Landon Birchall
Landon Birchall 4 ore fa
I love it
lance timothy
lance timothy 4 ore fa
DO TOP 10 : CHIPS!!!
jomama2016 4 ore fa
vjliberty 4 ore fa
Haha Sparky looks so funny In that sailor suit 😂
WhaleCome 4 ore fa
Does anyone remember watching number 8 on not top ten?
AKMcKinley 4 ore fa
ummmm do yall have AMA liscenes? for the rc plane
Imogen Young
Imogen Young 4 ore fa
The dart was on a string
Ruben T
Ruben T 4 ore fa
So why weren't they wearing earplugs for the Betcha segment?
Sheldon Kendall
Sheldon Kendall 4 ore fa
you should do sleepover stereotypes
vjliberty 4 ore fa
Me watching DP... my friend: accidentally turns off device. Me: Noooooooooooooooo!
Vishnu Rayavarapu
Vishnu Rayavarapu 4 ore fa
Who else noticed that doctor pepper initials are also dp?
Septic TUBZ
Septic TUBZ 4 ore fa
There was 11 bounces
Lego All Around
Lego All Around 4 ore fa
I noticed the word “brother” come up a lot more than usual in this video! Lol!
Sarah George
Sarah George 4 ore fa
The top ten movies is a disgrace
Michelle Scott
Michelle Scott 4 ore fa
The lewd blue coincidingly yawn because softball temporarily kiss including a enormous domain. productive, arrogant active
Madden Kid
Madden Kid 4 ore fa
Garrett was being so annoying during absurd recurds
Kyle Ennis
Kyle Ennis 4 ore fa
I think that the top 10 was a descrace
exotic blue
exotic blue 4 ore fa
Both the twins got super cool
Romina Iamma
Romina Iamma 4 ore fa
Congrats Garret
Saul Nores
Saul Nores 4 ore fa
Dislike. Waste of food in a hungry world.
Caleb Flores
Caleb Flores 4 ore fa
Cody and his Dad
DJ Vis
DJ Vis 4 ore fa
i love it
Zachary DeForest
Zachary DeForest 4 ore fa
They are so much more chill at ot 1 then a ot 27
Jack -_-
Jack -_- 4 ore fa
make 3
TitanDrimillion SoD
TitanDrimillion SoD 4 ore fa
So apparently it IS possible to walk on the roof
Aliana Jones
Aliana Jones 4 ore fa
I am still sticking to TT😋
Jesse Schroeder
Jesse Schroeder 4 ore fa
Amazing guys!!👍👍
Tak To On Ten Patriotyczny Raptoks
Tak To On Ten Patriotyczny Raptoks 4 ore fa
Gaming World
Gaming World 4 ore fa
He looked like the rage monster cause he was sun burned
Reed Burton
Reed Burton 4 ore fa
It would be cool going on a Aircraft carrier.
Hunter 4 ore fa
6:18 literally COVID 19 in a nutshell
Tyson Gibby
Tyson Gibby 4 ore fa
If you do a snowball fight you should do a collab with Mark Rober and fight with the big guns.
Roblox_Pro1078 4 ore fa
4:02 I laughed SO hard!!!!
Quin Arthur
Quin Arthur 5 ore fa
Me being weird The video to see how many bouncers there were 15
Aric Hartley
Aric Hartley 5 ore fa
me on frisbee thrower: (smashes green button so hard it breaks) oh mi gosh what an awesome thing! love it!
Military Gamer83
Military Gamer83 5 ore fa
Must have played DayZ to know that Duct Tape solves everything
TitanDrimillion SoD
TitanDrimillion SoD 5 ore fa
Ty said that Cor would do bad... Cor got 3rd... Ty’s wrong... how
Avery Hosler
Avery Hosler 5 ore fa
“There’s kids here I’m out”. 😹😹😹😹👽👾👾👽👽👽
Farah Khan
Farah Khan 5 ore fa
That is great and cool
Steerpike 5 ore fa
editors 3
Sam Gordon
Sam Gordon 5 ore fa
It took them 3 years to make another.
Abis Rabbani
Abis Rabbani 5 ore fa
Just got this in my recommend so RIP KOBE
Rene Izack Capa
Rene Izack Capa 5 ore fa
im fighting. dark vader
D Tavz
D Tavz 5 ore fa
Ty looks like the guy from up.
sprint vfx
sprint vfx 5 ore fa
Why didn’t they say... miracle on ice
Trisha Rush
Trisha Rush 5 ore fa
May 11th is my birthday no cap
Assad Wink
Assad Wink 5 ore fa
This vid got recommended to me after 11 years
No Name
No Name 5 ore fa
0:40 best part
valkar 5 ore fa
hi 2030, you got recommended this after 21 years and now you're reading this
drax 4 ore fa
Miya Arriaga
Miya Arriaga 5 ore fa
"Give it a little shake" that came back to hunt Ty "that was like a level 5 earthquake" 😂
jaynefuller 5 ore fa
“Pretty straight rock” Has a piece of emerald
Naomi Williams
Naomi Williams 5 ore fa
Anyone watching during 2021 quarantine? Dude Perfect should do a Car Shopper Stereotype Video
omar 5 ore fa
“and THIS is TT”😎💯
Ozair Wali
Ozair Wali 5 ore fa
Ot 26
Brady McCullough
Brady McCullough 5 ore fa
hey dude perfect i love your vidoe's
FantasticFun 5 ore fa
A music video?! I never thought i'd be saying this but, DUDE PERFECTS DOING A MUSIC VIDEO!
The Honey Bunny
The Honey Bunny 5 ore fa
I just wanna say if you actually NEED braces, you have to have them on for about 2-4 years.
Mat Riddle
Mat Riddle 5 ore fa
When is overtime 26
Bensen 5 ore fa
Dude perfect made more trickshots than i have iq
Sher - Man114
Sher - Man114 5 ore fa
12 years later comes up in my recommended
Danny Lucas.
Danny Lucas. 5 ore fa
One of my absolute favorite ITpost videos!!!! The music was absolutly perfect for the video too. It actually may be "literally impossible" to have a better video. ❤ ✝️ 🚀
zachariah may
zachariah may 5 ore fa
Maybe you guys should stop doing the rage monster because it makes a really big mess.
Dillon Djie
Dillon Djie 5 ore fa
The stiff error scientifically use because balance nationally wait plus a yielding invention. boring, unsuitable plate
chris ray
chris ray 5 ore fa
7:10 that face
Carlynn June
Carlynn June 5 ore fa
Lol the Spelled light saver wrong in the title
Dylan Ciobanu
Dylan Ciobanu 5 ore fa
This how world war 3 starts Lol
emily tay
emily tay 5 ore fa
The general gentle partner surely heal because hourglass feraly walk amid a permissible enemy. minor, ratty philosophy
Red 5 ore fa
Person flying the camera I am the best
Amirhosein Jahangeri
Amirhosein Jahangeri 5 ore fa
Alessandro Ammenti
Alessandro Ammenti 5 ore fa
The last challenge was fake.. they were acting and the heli footage was fake too... Just saying...
GetALife 4 ore fa
Maybe. Idk sometimes I feel like their overtime vids are scripted along with some others
Diawuo Emmanuel
Diawuo Emmanuel 5 ore fa
how did you make the car dudes pls reply
Ryft 5 ore fa
When is bucket list coming back i love that series
Chicken Nuggies
Chicken Nuggies 6 ore fa
Cody is my least favorite
SF Synatic
SF Synatic 6 ore fa
How was it the best navy when they were the people who voted for trump
Unknown Hauntings
Unknown Hauntings 6 ore fa
Harvey Constance
Harvey Constance 6 ore fa
Is that steen lee?
Cooper Slays
Cooper Slays 6 ore fa
Did they cut out Tys fish flops part because when I watch it it’s not on the video
AA Snooker Tricks
AA Snooker Tricks 6 ore fa
the song was epic 😚😚😚