FetalUncle 2.0
FetalUncle 2.0 17 ore fa
Bro they took the song off on Apple Music but kept the video🤔
Noah Neck
Noah Neck 17 ore fa
*who else is actually studying instead of twerking?*
Mor Leo
Mor Leo 17 ore fa
His such an icon-
Flxsh 17 ore fa
love this
Ciuci 17 ore fa
Why is this an ad too...and why is everyone twerking *twerks in confusion*
daisy mae
daisy mae 17 ore fa
*smol twerking*
Korphon 17 ore fa
**y = mx + b twerking**
rJ1mb0 17 ore fa
I was prolly the only MF who actually twerked at 3am
tomer malki
tomer malki 17 ore fa
_ n
Ceeday_ 6ix9ine
Ceeday_ 6ix9ine 17 ore fa
Bruh he wasn’t kidding I’m doing a project to this song
Cecelia Pedrego
Cecelia Pedrego 17 ore fa
i love Lil nas BUT I don't want to go to hell LOL
Royal High Pop
Royal High Pop 17 ore fa
People who should’ve skipped or looked at the comments but nooooooo you just see him doing that. But I don’t really hate on him I mean he is kind of a good guy and god loves hin
•CatTree• 17 ore fa
I love it
Daisy_xX 17 ore fa
I do not claim any negative energy
TheDepressedEgg 17 ore fa
**Lo-Fi Twerking**
•CatTree• 17 ore fa
Secretly We Are Gay
julia graham
julia graham 17 ore fa
a true star fr love you so much b <3
James Rust
James Rust 17 ore fa
Good thing you gathered up all the very young child fans. Right before you make sum shit like this. Good god what is wrong with the world
Da Baby
Da Baby 17 ore fa
What? That was not an apology?
The Abyss
The Abyss 17 ore fa
The HELL going on over the THERE
Da Baby
Da Baby 17 ore fa
Yes finally a saten version of a already satinest video
Keiki Makana
Keiki Makana 18 ore fa
lesbian twerking
Supr3m3 Zen-Oh-Ku
Supr3m3 Zen-Oh-Ku 18 ore fa
Maaaan, who tf is going to be studying to this demonic azz shit? lol
ELVIN Cruz arroyo
ELVIN Cruz arroyo 18 ore fa
Yiorgos X
Yiorgos X 18 ore fa
Lil nas x sucks now
The one and only
The one and only 18 ore fa
HAPPY BELATED, also I went outside and simultaneously twerked to Montero on your birthday like you asked.
Sabina Sinchuri
Sabina Sinchuri 18 ore fa
* Mathematically twerking *
Lunar lll
Lunar lll 18 ore fa
This man gay😂
ar!ana egoav!l
ar!ana egoav!l 18 ore fa
For ppl who know Spanish: Estas sentado en el baño, no te das cuenta, pero te quedaste seco, en eso viene un compa - Hey, levantate bro, que haces te perdiste todo *suena la canción* + ¿La pandemia? - Loco que hablas + La gente moría, todos estabamos en cuarentena, la canción sonaba pero estaba en mi casa... - Nada bro, levantate, fue un sueño
Drip red
Drip red 18 ore fa
lil nas x 2019 : 🤠 🐎 lil nas x : 2020 🎅🏿 🎄 lil nas x : 2021 😈 👹
Zaylee Madison
Zaylee Madison 18 ore fa
the shoes fr fire though
ItzGhxstly 18 ore fa
*muffled lesbian twerking*
Smily. Smith
Smily. Smith 18 ore fa
The people who are shaming lil nas x for being gay that is just wrong you should accept who he is
Weegeepie 18 ore fa
Beyblade Motion
Beyblade Motion 18 ore fa
God get him
Incoherent _Nonsense
Incoherent _Nonsense 18 ore fa
*in a sexually provocative manner, using thrusting movements of the bottom and hips while in a low, squatting stance aesthetically*
The gay disappointment
The gay disappointment 18 ore fa
*studying while twerking twerking*
thatkid_omar10 18 ore fa
Comments dry and repeating
ar!ana egoav!l
ar!ana egoav!l 18 ore fa
😌 *alive twerking*
Jax 18 ore fa
*twerking with vinyl cracking*
Catherine Lodico
Catherine Lodico 18 ore fa
Villain Uraraka
Villain Uraraka 18 ore fa
*mathematically twerking*
Nicole Bro
Nicole Bro 18 ore fa
*not twerking cause idk how*
Elodie 18 ore fa
Love you
lonelyboy. 18 ore fa
I’m guessing this a new rickroll
BlueRabbit 18 ore fa
I'm use this to do my homework
Kevin Patrick
Kevin Patrick 18 ore fa
How tall are you lil nas x
Norecu Yar
Norecu Yar 18 ore fa
GABMK 18 ore fa
Aí é foda né?
Aedan S.
Aedan S. 18 ore fa
Foesss on foesss 🤠
AVeryTiredArtist 18 ore fa
*Twerks in Pan sexual*
MacKenzie 18 ore fa
Give us more please
AVeryTiredArtist 18 ore fa
Imagine thy play this at a school assembly to find the "gay" people... I'd be caught
BlueRabbit 18 ore fa
Y'all talking bout his twerking like y'all don't twerk 😑😑😑😑
Joe Sielski
Joe Sielski 18 ore fa
Studying my twerking now.