sol rayz
sol rayz 8 ore fa
love, Love, LOVE Steve Schmidt's verbal marksmanship . . . though It would be Interesting to hear a consIdered Lincoln project answer to Joe's "5 truths" question what 5 principals can we all touch as footings of truth ?
Max 8 ore fa
What a joke of a country y’all are a embarrassment how tf can you be pronto be American after showing this to the entire world lmao
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander 8 ore fa
Our country need this POS FIRED, and Donnie's security detail removed along with the traitor.
Cory Denton
Cory Denton 8 ore fa
You bigot victims. All you spread is hate without disappointing news. The media should be held accountable for giving a megaphone to the violence. The media should be the ones held accountable for spreading hate and shining spotlight and inflaming the problem .
William Mann
William Mann 8 ore fa
In the Gospels Saint Joseph is called "just." What is meant by a just man? Saint Peter Chrysologus says: "It means a perfect man - one who possesses all virtues." Trump is a just man. Stop the Steal.
Anne 8 ore fa
Cops are white supremacists? Shocking
Pol Pot 2024
Pol Pot 2024 8 ore fa
End Mike Lindell
Cricon Investments
Cricon Investments 8 ore fa
I've heard no conversations...
David 8 ore fa
Who is Joe Biden?
Luchnia 8 ore fa
These corrupt government politicians are in fear of being exposed now. You can imagine what must be going through their minds now.
Nathan Gant
Nathan Gant 8 ore fa
Fascism has indeed raised its ugly head again. A century ago, in 1922, the "March on Rome" happened after a hateful speech by Mussolini who immediately told his fascist supporters to march on the capital, in order to take back their country from the existing government. it was all about brute force and intimidation from the potential of a violent insurrection against the Italian state, coming directly from a menacing, armed crowd that was invading the capital. That successful coup immediately garnered Hitler's attention as he was struggling politically in those same years. So much that Hitler greatly admired Mussolini in the early days and served as his inspiration. In fact, his Beer Hall Putsch was modeled on Mussolini's March on Rome, since he saw how it allowed Mussolini to become the Italian Prime Minister. There are people in government who admire Trump for his attempted coup, and they will try to pick up his fascist mantle in the near future. Fla. Senator Rick Scott is one of these up and coming fascists who are made of pure corruption and fraudulent business practices, amassing a fortune in order to snake his way into government power.
Ruben Lopez
Ruben Lopez 8 ore fa
McConnell is not going to hold tRUMP accountable, the Turtle has no Spine.
Ashley Pearson
Ashley Pearson 8 ore fa
So disgusted by this. Unbelievable
WavesTvMalta Tom Waller
WavesTvMalta Tom Waller 8 ore fa
When are the republican party going to tell the World that the election was not stolen? End of debate.
Remey Momma
Remey Momma 8 ore fa
This is why BLM is just and needed.
robertk2007 8 ore fa
No way Republicans get 17 voted to convict
Hiba Jiba
Hiba Jiba 8 ore fa
Omfg impeach that orange Nazi dictator mcturtle not gonna do it.
Mi Cu
Mi Cu 8 ore fa
It says alot about msnc when they give a platform to Peter whatever his last name is From Scotland
Hugh Jaanus
Hugh Jaanus 8 ore fa
His supporters coughed up 200 million to overthrow the election results, Trump can walk away with that when he gets the boot. He also owes many cities for the cost of holding rallies.
sk8mysterion 8 ore fa
Yes, let's go... I pray, that they will get them all or at least the vast majority of all the mental idiots who took part in this...
Daylen Casteel
Daylen Casteel 8 ore fa
He is the most toxic thing this country ever had to experience. He should be in prison.
Roberto Chacon
Roberto Chacon 8 ore fa
MAGA is more like MAGGOT
sybylo 8 ore fa
Meh... just racist idiots...
A W 8 ore fa
You really think that's what it was lol
topgrain 8 ore fa
House arrest terminated. He us being brought back to DC to be locked up until trial.
Tommy Merritt
Tommy Merritt 8 ore fa
Joe Biden, yeah right
Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans 8 ore fa
literally just got through 2020...seems 2021 aint any better
J Caceres
J Caceres 8 ore fa
I so hope you're right. However, the evidence points to the contrary. The trumpist administration has laid the foundations for a deep-rooted, fast-spreading, all-American fascism which, far from being relegated to the fringes, finds it home in the highest spheres of power and governance in the country. How many republican senators and congresspeople side blindly and openly with trumpism? How many are willing to spread outrageous lies and white-supremacist ideology in exchange for power? This would have been unthinkable 15 years ago. Again, I hope you're right and this is the last grasp for air of an agonizing movement, but when I look at history, and compare it to the evolution of other fascist governments around the world, this is very much how it starts. By the way, I was born in Spain in the 70s, in Franco's fascist regime, for whatever it is worth, not to mention I have studied fascism as part of my Ph. D. In Hispanic studies at Georgetown University. I'm terrified.
pamela titterington
pamela titterington 8 ore fa
traitorous behaviour, surely?
Ty Lee
Ty Lee 8 ore fa
BERn Map
BERn Map 8 ore fa
MSNBC is a big lie!
Night Owl
Night Owl 8 ore fa
I'm on permanent threat watch. Because I live in USA. I've been on constant threat alert since 911. I look at my neighbors and think... maybe they are a terrorist?
Mustafa Dastan
Mustafa Dastan 8 ore fa
Vallahi Racism still exists. Does anyone want to deny that ?
Kim Welch
Kim Welch 8 ore fa
Perhaps those doses existed at one time, but they walked out the back door to pad someone's pockets. Perhaps that someone is orange.
Tin Man
Tin Man 8 ore fa
Curatica C
Curatica C 8 ore fa
This guy is a fool without any discernment.
Remey Momma
Remey Momma 8 ore fa
America is not perfect, but it is a country where change and evolution takes place as needed for the balance of the country. You don't get to destroy America and our government because your team lost a fair and just election. That's denial.
Volker Haiges
Volker Haiges 8 ore fa
QANON is the Isis of America.
BERn Map
BERn Map 8 ore fa
Fake news!
Karen Long
Karen Long 8 ore fa
Domestic them what they are.
Reeverb 8 ore fa
These two people are pathetic
Cris BF
Cris BF 8 ore fa
He is probably ruminating what other filthy play is going to do to Mr. Biden! Be careful! I do believe that Trump will do something tremendous! He needs to be removed now! Also, did you see the amount and size of the boxes he put in a moving van because he was taking out his stuff from the White House! Was that, for sure, his property? Or property that we, the people, have paid with our taxes.
in551125do 8 ore fa
Did the world see this as the new "American patriotism", or is this the fall of the republican party....? ....take your pick carefully......we know how this went down in Europe........
G 8 ore fa
Achilles Jones
Achilles Jones 8 ore fa
I am Trump.
Skier___ 7
Skier___ 7 8 ore fa
Willie White
Willie White 8 ore fa
These people are never completely going away. Ever!!! The next generation of Trump's and white supremacists is on the way.
chip hatcher
chip hatcher 8 ore fa
Plot twist: The Republicans that supported the impeachment are the crooks and are using their votes against trump as a cover up *stay woke
MrSILVERADO53 8 ore fa
When you have to have the military for an inauguration, they are not the legitimate president.
Nicholas Strong
Nicholas Strong 8 ore fa
Maybe there aren’t as many good cops as they want us to believe?
ilikeiguanas.23 8 ore fa
Steve Schmidt is a clown
Rick Tandron
Rick Tandron 8 ore fa
The Conservative "Base" should be dumped into 10M HCl and deported. That's the first step to restoring democracy.
Sylvia Morris
Sylvia Morris 8 ore fa
Yes, Mr Clyburn, we must admit we have a problem with domestic terrorism, radical extremism. These people are hidden in plain sight. Good people cannot be silent and complicit.
wily wascal
wily wascal 8 ore fa
The problem at the heart of all this is a Republican cult built up over decades by the GOP, plutocrats, Reich-wing demagogues, and Reich-wing print, radio, TV, and social media, programmed 24/7, radicalizing them and creating mass delusion. Sure, some of them truly are that ignorant or gullible; but most are willfully ignorant, being fed the lies they want to hear. They bear personal responsibility. Part of it's a cultural problem, as some mostly older white people's mistaken perception is that the America they knew is slipping away. Well, America is still America, but--like most nations--is constantly evolving, as progress invariably rolls on, but they are unwilling to accept that, or change with the times. Those Americans elected this pitiful, puerile President, and have continued to support him no matter what travesty he commits! The creators of the Republican cult have always been weak men, and now find themselves harnessed by those they sought to enslave, subject to the fickle whims of a moronic madman and the mob whose ignorance they relentlessly nourished and cultivated. They created the beast, thought they could ride the tiger, exploit it for their own greed, vanity, and power, too stupid or uncaring to realize that it would instead inevitably come to consume them. Conservatism has always been the endless, futile quest to justify greed, but *_the coin of the realm in GOP land is fear; it’s what they peddle, it’s what they traffic in, it’s what they carry in their pocket at all times. Then, they turn that fear into hate. And that hate is the poison killing them, America, and all of us. It’s the poison to which the Republican cult has become addicted._* Republican cultism is the disease, Toxic Trump is merely the most visible symptom and but one carrier of that disease. It existed before Trump, and it will continue when Trump is gone-unless or until the problem is adequately addressed. COVID-19 is also a disease; but a virus is blameless, unlike those who engage in willful ignorance. America would have confronted and easily conquered COVID-19 disease, had America not already been diseased for so long with Republican tribalistic partisan cultism. Racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny and religious bigotry all were central to the formation of the Republican cult, and remain its lifeblood. "United we stand, divided we fall." A simple concept, really, that too many Americans seem to have forgotten or abandoned. Our nation is like an airplane; it requires both the left and right wings working together in tandem to operate properly and safely. Only problem is the Reich-wing decided to try flying solo, forcing us all into a nose-dive! Care about the issues, disdain political gamesmanship, while still recognizing politics is an inseparable and necessary element. Have always respected and valued loyal opposition, even if in disagreement with the ideology. Fact is, though, the GOP has abdicated the requisite role of loyal opposition to become a mindless, tribalistic, hyper-partisan Republican cult placing political party over truth, reason, decency, and country.
Brenda Freeman
Brenda Freeman 8 ore fa
They need to be hold A for the rat in the white house .
P Raulin
P Raulin 8 ore fa
"Camp Auschwitz" (worn by domestic terrorist)Dr Joseph Mengele specialized torturing the 732 pairs of twins especially twins...if one died he would bash the other's head in. HISTORIC FACT.
The Best Wrestling Promos of All Time
The Best Wrestling Promos of All Time 8 ore fa
With a title like that it’s obviously not worth the biased listen 👎🏼
J D 8 ore fa
Everyone else okay with stockades? Guillotine? All I know is Defund the Police was about defunding corruption in law enforcement and getting people like this out. Funny how this attack hasn't just shown hypocrisy within the Mad Hatters but bolstered the opposition's side
Zero Consequence
Zero Consequence 8 ore fa
Will trump supporters still wear make America Great Again hat in support of President Joe Biden?
David 8 ore fa
You thine?
GAIN LABS 8 ore fa
Barnacles? More like *Hemorrhoids* of history. The whole system is on it's way out thankfully.
M D 8 ore fa
The should be suspended w/o pay while investigation is ongoing. If found guilty they should lose their jobs.
GEOFF H 8 ore fa
MrAjaysparrow 8 ore fa
lol... it's 16th Jan 2021 ... 2 impeachments later lol you was right .. he is not alright in the head
francis water
francis water 8 ore fa
Rick Tandron
Rick Tandron 8 ore fa
You could offer the Republicans 100,000,000,000 last chances, and they will always choose to crap on the entire world. That's kind of "their thing".
David Swift
David Swift 8 ore fa
Essentially he is saying we’ve reached bottom of horrible morons and the turnaround towards equity acceptance. I like the perspective... the barnacles of racism.
Scorned Alice
Scorned Alice 8 ore fa
Will they charged with murder?
Dr Bheem Rao
Dr Bheem Rao 8 ore fa
Very good
BostonBruins 88
BostonBruins 88 8 ore fa
Why were there so many black and Hispanics there supporting Trump? Interesting the narrative is that all Trump supporters are white even though millions of blacks and Hispanics voted for him in numbers republicans have never gotten before.
Paul Hayden
Paul Hayden 8 ore fa
Trump signed order seeking to allow churches to engage in more political activity. This allows churches to promote terrorism. Look at video of terrorist praying and the wonderful picture of Christ, a handsome WHITE Christ wearing a Trump cap during the Capital attack.
Brenda Freeman
Brenda Freeman 8 ore fa
Gop got blood and death from C19 on there hands.
Slisification 8 ore fa
Fox not pushing the lie things must have got bad. Could that have been because they have been threatened with legal action.
Ron Schutt
Ron Schutt 8 ore fa
MSNBC Reports nothing but racist propaganda to the racist sheep
David 8 ore fa
That's what happens when Democrats hire Democrats. I believe the riot was set up by Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff.
Ole Fella
Ole Fella 8 ore fa
When he is not making pillows, MyPillow guy is planning and plotting out Civil War.
D Money
D Money 8 ore fa
You are 10,000 percent right on that. That is exactly what they are afraid of.
Cyrus Wu
Cyrus Wu 8 ore fa
Execute them all
iwinzeazy 8 ore fa
Spot on, the 80 million votes were by alot of young people who don't buy into the older generation way of outdated thinking 💯
Stephan Hall
Stephan Hall 8 ore fa
The fake news. I just delete it. CNN is the real king of lies!