Commie Google
Commie Google 20 minuti fa
Mesa Player
Mesa Player 20 minuti fa
7:36:58 America is not divided lol
Jon Luci
Jon Luci 20 minuti fa
Stop the bs. People are dying. This is all a fraud. Fauci and gates are mass murderers. That's why he has been getting threats. Nwo one world government is now and it's real. Read book of revelations. Jesus christ will return to punish these serial killers. The vaccine doesn't work,it's killing people. Innocent lives lost. They know the vaccine kills that's why they don't take it
Luis Medina
Luis Medina 20 minuti fa
FULL LOCK DOWN PLEASE!!! The climate will be great and we will be dead due to the virus or vaccines being tested on people as guinea pigs.
Engage RC
Engage RC 21 minuto fa
And thus brings the era of climate justice for all! woohoo
john lerner
john lerner 21 minuto fa
Chimerica Biden, Ukraine wants biden for Felony Theft and Treason while his crack head son takes bribes and launders money. Then we have the corrupt criminals who work for China at the FBI to protect these treasonous criminals.! FBI needs to be shut down, all agents arrested for Treason!
europathelastbattle truth
europathelastbattle truth 21 minuto fa
Communist takeover wake up people
Sidney Martinez
Sidney Martinez 21 minuto fa
And yay for all the ones that are Hospital throughout the hospital love you all love you all
Michele Pelletier
Michele Pelletier 21 minuto fa
47+ years or so in office, and NOW something is going to get done?
Vvienne Lenk
Vvienne Lenk 21 minuto fa
repeated violations -- that says it all: you let the crimes go unpunished and they become bigger crimes
Troll Account
Troll Account 21 minuto fa
I honestly think white people are creating something out of nothing. Other communities don't really question gender this much. I think that white privilege is so strong that it confuses white people sexually.
Sidney Martinez
Sidney Martinez 21 minuto fa
And greens May grow what I mean by Green is all throughout the nation Native American land from the fullest all the way through
JEFF PENNER 21 minuto fa
Wow Biden fires 10,000 American workers by stopping Keystone pipeline. So sad😪
cocodjambo 21 minuto fa
"We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics" - Joe Biden
Shadowbob 22 minuti fa
400,000 dead, 150,000 more to come, and Trump supporters showed they could in fact be dumb enough to deny covid’s existence right down to the hospitals-turning-away-ambulances-bitter-end.
Sidney Martinez
Sidney Martinez 22 minuti fa
And mr. President you know the big cities got trash is all over the place all over the place so why don't you think about cleaning that up we'll be living in the environment where is Pure
Ewing John
Ewing John 22 minuti fa
Matitino Sisowath.
Matitino Sisowath. 22 minuti fa
Stop point at me for a center. I dont know this crazy name.
Kelly THreadgill
Kelly THreadgill 22 minuti fa
PAVLOV Pavilion UNF And Theater Ago Beach Satan versus NAZIES// Passed to Lenny Bruce Or Jim Jones/ Mobs Churches. Classifieds PR's. Ago. You Know Now.
jamey909 22 minuti fa
"There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is not Anthony Fauci. Robert “Bob” Norris, the newly elected Sheriff of Kootenai County, Idaho, has let it be known that when it comes to COVID lockdowns and face mask mandates the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) is not going to be drafted by politicians and so-called health authorities to “enforce an unenforceable law or executive mandate on its citizens.” Sheriff Norris joins a growing chorus of sheriffs and state and local officials across the nation who are standing up to the new COVID dictators who are using fear to destroy our economy, our jobs, our businesses, and our liberty. In a January 11 media release, Sheriff Norris told his constituents: “I make this commitment to you, the citizens of Kootenai County. The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office will not enforce an unenforceable law..."
Luis Medina
Luis Medina 23 minuti fa
The climate will be great and we will all be dead from the virus or vaccines being tested as if we were guinea pigs....
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 23 minuti fa
He sucks and if you voted for him you do too
Sidney Martinez
Sidney Martinez 23 minuti fa
All I got to say president I voted for you but not voted in that way but voted by heart knowing that you had it continue on I remember like I said work as a team love each other
Christian Fox
Christian Fox 23 minuti fa
God I miss her...
Marlena Leeders
Marlena Leeders 23 minuti fa
Joe Biden not my president
Tired of Fools
Tired of Fools 21 minuto fa
@Marlena Leeders.... then you are not American then, so it fits.
Ewing John
Ewing John 23 minuti fa
I can't believe this fraud is the most paid government worker.Paid by americans to lie to americans
Mac Daddy
Mac Daddy 23 minuti fa
Everyone that loves this man I say we all get rid of our gas guzzlers and everyone get electric cars & invest in solar panels!!!! Who’s in???? .................”a very small %!” 😏
Sidney Martinez
Sidney Martinez 24 minuti fa
Mr. President if you really want to worry about Society you need to take all the cars away and go back on horses that's the bottom line cuz you destroy my planet
Alex Washburn
Alex Washburn 24 minuti fa
Thank God some one is on board with not sending pigs
Morgan Wells
Morgan Wells 24 minuti fa
We need heater lamps at the line to be safe and warm while getting vaccinated. No kids getting cold at the long line. Businesses or Communities please share your heat lamps. 01/27/2021
DJ Pomare
DJ Pomare 24 minuti fa
Churchill's "We shall fight them on the beaches" speech was made within the safety of the UK Parliament House of Commons on 4 June 1940... On 6 June 1944 four years later, Churchill was nowhere to be seen on the beaches of Normandy. Traitor Trump's "We're gonna walk down Pennsylvania Avenue and we're going to the Capitol" speech was made within the safety of the white house grounds. On 6 January 2021 Traitor Trump and his family ran and hid in the white house bunker where they all watched the riot he incited on TV.
Edgardo Rosa
Edgardo Rosa 24 minuti fa
Talk ,talk not action. How many job created so far - 20,000 jobs.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. We can build better.😂😂😂😂😂 unemployment line 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
katdraggedin 24 minuti fa
Where are his supporters at
DJ Pomare
DJ Pomare 24 minuti fa
Pinky power and colonial cronyism are the world's biggest threats; both domestically and internationally.. Pinkies are upset that China now leads the world and Native peoples insist on equity and equality. The world associates the US with racism, school shootings, invasions, riots, stupidity and lying. World Peace is reliant on the US staying at home killing it's own people.
Luis Medina
Luis Medina 24 minuti fa
FULL LOCK DOWN PLEASE! Stop throwing $$ at the virus and testing vaccines on people as if we were guinea pigs..
Michele Pelletier
Michele Pelletier 24 minuti fa
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez 24 minuti fa
Tammy Hernandez
Tammy Hernandez 24 minuti fa
Thumbs down
D V 24 minuti fa
This was an excellent press briefing! To those who are complaining non-stop about job loss with the Keystone Pipeline, surely you're on unemployment benefits, which are money you paid for in taxes before. Food stamps, medical coverage, and job training grants are things you can sign up for at no cost. If you're desperate for money, drive for Lyft, Uber, Amazon, etc., everyone could drive right? Plus, it's on your terms as an independent contractor. The truth is, people are too lazy to educate themselves for another skill and refuse to settle for a job that pays less than what they were earning before. No landlords or foreclosure proceedings can force you out of your apartment or house yet with the executive order in place. Put in the effort if you want to live comfortably; there are 'Covid Relief Fund Scholarship' for low-income students and other grants for adult learning programs. When the gov says they want to protect USA trademarks and promote clean energy, get your certifications now so you can have good-paying jobs once it starts. Learn to move forward with the new Era.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 25 minuti fa
This Moron sounds exactly like a polished politician that makes everything sound great but will do absolutely NOTHING!! Fu*king FRAUD!
Albert Mojica, Jr.
Albert Mojica, Jr. 25 minuti fa
If "former" President Trump should have been looked at, for (a) "potential" impeachment (should be a very last resort) - perhaps - it was this. However, the "subterfuge" now underway - against a (now) former president - lacking sufficient votes - and actually a/the "fear of losing to Trump - again" being the "real" purpose and scheme behind this FARCE. Note: It has been discovered that the "criminal" assault upon the Capitol Building (including leftists) "was pre-planned "prior" to the final Trump farewell gathering. These asinine games need to halt. On "BOTH" sides. "Try the "middle" rather. What? At "least" for your supposed constituents?! Vote these clown out. Albert Mojica, Jr. AMJ
Luis Medina
Luis Medina 25 minuti fa
FULL LOCK DOWN PLEASE! Stop throwing $$ at the virus and testing vaccines on people as if we were guinea pigs..
John Guanciale
John Guanciale 26 minuti fa
Is this the Oval Office?
r taylor
r taylor 26 minuti fa
the criminal you mean
29 Param Vala
29 Param Vala 26 minuti fa
I don't think you have facilities for that big man.
arebolar 27 minuti fa
What a fool! He believes he can control the climate! No one even understands the climate well, least of all is capable of controlling it! It reminds me of the middle ages when people believed that witches were able to control the climate.
Ruby B.vd.K
Ruby B.vd.K 27 minuti fa
1. I love the US joining Western Europe in fighting climate change. It is the aim (however ambitious) to be carbon neutral by the year 2050. 2. He has really large hands, unlike the other orange nightmare.
Thu doan
Thu doan 27 minuti fa
J Cheat!
Ronald Williams
Ronald Williams 27 minuti fa
God bless this administration 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
keep typing
keep typing 27 minuti fa
Being nasty to Asian people over covid is STUPID so stop it.....
gdgood1000 28 minuti fa
Fauci is a fraud.
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez 28 minuti fa
Erik Barnas
Erik Barnas 29 minuti fa
I like when no one opens up the WH doors for them- what dip-chits
ms 3405
ms 3405 29 minuti fa
OH JOY, OH JOY ....... We can go back to getting our petroleum from the wonderful and peaceful Middle East. Of course we will have to send our military back there to protect the Saudis, and send them more $Trillions to buy their oil. Thank You President Biden. Gasoline prices are already starting to rise. Where will it end? $5/gal?
Jontae Grace
Jontae Grace 29 minuti fa
You guys stay safe out there. Wishing you and your families health and happiness 💪🏿
Silver Boy
Silver Boy 29 minuti fa
Donald Trump IS the President of the United States.
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson 30 minuti fa
Bill Gates is not a doctor and all of you are screw loose quacks
Silver Boy
Silver Boy 30 minuti fa
Donald Trump IS the President of the United States.
Mad Mike
Mad Mike 30 minuti fa
Finally a Real President with real ideas 💡 and facts !!! God bless you Mr. President Biden !!! Gods bless this nation and the world 🌍
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez 30 minuti fa
Michael P
Michael P 30 minuti fa
stuff will be America made, it just that Biden will insource the cheap labor... it's called amnesty.
Mike Lattimer
Mike Lattimer 30 minuti fa
What a dreamer one hundred and twenty years of polluting and he’s gone change it all in four years??? Ya sure
Ash 22 minuti fa
8 years :-)
Silver Boy
Silver Boy 30 minuti fa
Donald Trump IS the President of the United States.
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson 30 minuti fa
Contact tracing Bill Gates set it up in Nigeria after murdering Nigerian famers using their phone location and Boko Haram with Saudi Arabia and Joint Task Force support. Ask the PHd Doctor there about it. They have proof.
Silver Boy
Silver Boy 30 minuti fa
Donald Trump IS the President of the United States.
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez 31 minuto fa
The news people because they are not Journalists are not attacking like before...HMMMM what a bunch of Bull...This is more evidence of the leftys directives...and agenda...
William Baker
William Baker 31 minuto fa
2020 Election -- The steal of the century. Biden -- NOT my president
Mike Haley
Mike Haley 31 minuto fa
Kirk Matley
Kirk Matley 31 minuto fa
Keep generating that fear....we got the great reset to get going on.
Felix The Cat
Felix The Cat 32 minuti fa
Extreme liberals are always pushing doom if you do not see their views. This is is the Last thing we need to hear right now.
boltsoup 32 minuti fa
It doesn't matter if it's the flu and what the survival rate is. If the bat soup was cooked at a high temperature, the coronavirus would have been dead and it would have not spread across the globe within just days
A New World Union
A New World Union 32 minuti fa
I have been pleading with media, governments, and NGOs since 2012 to adopt my book A New World Union on Amazon and ITpost video. My blueprint will unite the world in peace, end war, protect Earth's biosphere, and spread democracy, freedom, and justice to all four corners of the Earth. I can end this threat to humanity and mother Earth, but it starts with your support.
adaonetube 32 minuti fa
Biden is a CINO, Catholic In Name Only. If he was a true devout Catholic maybe he wouldn't sell out to the pro choice politicians like he does. Trump is more Catholic than Biden is and he isn't even a Catholic hahaha.
bixby9797 32 minuti fa
Psaki has been a lying tool of government for so long I doubt she could tell you her middle name. The Swamp Is Back In Town.
Mr Fugazi
Mr Fugazi 32 minuti fa
Brilliant, Biden is making America a much better country already.
katdraggedin 32 minuti fa
Today kids we are going to circle circle circle and convey
Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor 32 minuti fa
Insert soon to be removed comment here.
Elena McCormick
Elena McCormick 32 minuti fa
This is My President!!! Climate Crisis is the foremost important issue we face because we are at a point where another straw might break the campel's back. We have limited time to act before it is TOO late!
paul sturgess
paul sturgess 32 minuti fa
Shes just jumping on the lgbt trend train
Jag Singh
Jag Singh 33 minuti fa
For the pandemic, suspicious cases happened much earlier in countries other than China. For example, there is a report saying that it was found with all symptoms of the virus in Jul of 2019 in US but was treated as flu. Here are links and The difference is: China acted and verified the virus but other countries did not act but treated it as a normal flu. At this point, we should thank China for their initiative. Just like Aids, US firstly reported it, but we can not say it originated from US.