Piloting a GIANT MECH!
Thanos Sword Build!
Flying a JET SUIT!
arjunyg 11 ore fa
“I have a bin full of recalled airbags” Translation: I have a bin full of explosives that may detonate unpredictably.
THAT VOLVO GUY 11 ore fa
Imagine you talking shit to someone and instead of a gun they pull this out
Kimlong Kong
Kimlong Kong 11 ore fa
He looks like jon wick when when he wear a helmet
Andrew Ace
Andrew Ace 11 ore fa
Steampunk lightsaber would actually be cool as an actual lightsaber in StarWars. I could even think of the perfect person to use it...
Furisuku -Aeon- Izayoi {S.E.E.S Member}
Furisuku -Aeon- Izayoi {S.E.E.S Member} 11 ore fa
Trevor Belmont's MorningStar whip from Netflix Castlevania next pleaaaase! I know you guys can do it!
Aakash Sethiya
Aakash Sethiya 11 ore fa
I knew that some how that thing would be alive some day.... Great work ALL....
Игорь Иванов
Игорь Иванов 11 ore fa
Why are they so stupid to still using pounds (lbs), when the whole world uses kilograms? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ The same story with USA's Fahrenheit scale... And miles without kilometers... 🤬
Luftmensch 11 ore fa
Oh shit they actually did it
Mr. VOID-OUT 11 ore fa
::Car gets decimated:: SFII Announcer: *PERFECT!*
Алексей Кокорин
Алексей Кокорин 11 ore fa
У нашего русского спёрли идею!
spanko_142FJ 11 ore fa
It just so happens that you have an unlimited supply of titanium and all the earth's strongest metal
yafispider Gaming
yafispider Gaming 11 ore fa
2:58 that must be hurt
Muhammad Adeeb
Muhammad Adeeb 11 ore fa
Will you make full iron man suit??
Infinity Master
Infinity Master 11 ore fa
You should do *"Doom"* related weapons! (Imagine he makes the *BFG 9000!)*
Monjula Sharma
Monjula Sharma 11 ore fa
Make a Infinity Gauntlet
Junelorde 11 ore fa
it's not solid
Infinity Master
Infinity Master 11 ore fa
That gun is just too powerful! I think it needs a little.... *Nerfing.*
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 11 ore fa
1:29 talking about dp can u make the swords he has and the gadgets
NOISY BOY 11 ore fa
51 kg? but my weight is 55kg and my dad can lift me sooooooo please explain
Kryštof Vejmělek
Kryštof Vejmělek 11 ore fa
super videjko XD (ps je to česky)
Thrungoli 11 ore fa
in the old Expanded Universe canon, lightsabers were originally hooked up to a backpack battery of sorts, pretty much what these guys did!
Hellsong89 11 ore fa
Holy shit "this flame can go up to 4000..Fahrenheit"......-.- 2200°C right right and here i was thinking it could properly melt a blast door, but still amazing job with this one far as we can see. Using laminar flow principle was ingenious move, i didnt know this applied to gasses as well, very interesting! Would it be possible to optimize further to increase gas velocity so it burns straight line despite how you move it, since i'm guessing there will be some lag on the flame following due air movement etc.
Daniel 11 ore fa
He pretty comfortable with a bomb on his back
Kai Noctis
Kai Noctis 11 ore fa
this is what youd call, poo.
Infinity Master
Infinity Master 11 ore fa
Trying to become *Puppetmon from Digimon?* xD
Alper 11 ore fa
Ppl who understand anything🤣
HappyCow 52
HappyCow 52 11 ore fa
When you shoot it does it actually make the blaster noise or is that just added in?
士、紳 11 ore fa
For sure. You are very pleased by seeing your team playing AFK Arena at work. :D
G WAR STUDIOUS 11 ore fa
Satheesh Stratumpc
Satheesh Stratumpc 11 ore fa
I am your biggest fan I am 10years old iam iron man fan also
anakin singh
anakin singh 11 ore fa
Help jedi get through doors more like theifs trying to destroy your window without making noise would be a better use of this
Father LG
Father LG 11 ore fa
You Did It. The Crazy Son Of A Bitch, You Did It
Death Bringer
Death Bringer 11 ore fa
The plasma saberrrr!
JuusoH 11 ore fa
Well, what are you waiting for, make another and duel!
arjunyg 11 ore fa
Imagine filing that insurance claim. “Yeah, my boss took a lightsaber to my car while I was at work today. Do you think it’s gonna be totaled?”
Iron Head
Iron Head 11 ore fa
I’d like the helmet !!
yafispider Gaming
yafispider Gaming 11 ore fa
If i have that i will cut my father............ phone hahaha got you did i😅🤣🤣🤣
Mike reed
Mike reed 11 ore fa
Just a flamethrower that has less range
Leon C. J. Hermann
Leon C. J. Hermann 11 ore fa
U.V. S.
U.V. S. 12 ore fa
Ben had no blaster, but still killed Han with a simple push of a button!
septimus vunhooluster
septimus vunhooluster 12 ore fa
da Su Vader
da Su Vader 12 ore fa
It's old republic's Protosaber. lol
Damianonys 12 ore fa
Your fun with glass was very dangerous
madisyn bradford
madisyn bradford 12 ore fa
And no one else has thought about doing this ever wow I’m mad at humanity 😂😂
FUKU TORA 12 ore fa
BTW, can you make Frost Sword too? Like Frostmourne?
arjunyg 12 ore fa
Acetylene or hydrogen would burn hotter, right? Seems like not that difficult of an upgrade for probably quite a bit more cutting power (compared to building this thing, holy shit). Also wondering if increasing the oxygen flow ruins the beam? Looks like decently neutral combustion right now (I think...), but oxygen-rich could cut better.
leo nardo
leo nardo 12 ore fa
Last time i saw the hacksmith he looked like Captain America, now he looks like Bucky...
Md. Shahidul Islam
Md. Shahidul Islam 12 ore fa
Make a call of duty weapon
minij hooi
minij hooi 12 ore fa
Plot Twist: This is edited and lightsabers don't actually exist
Bibhuti Bhusan
Bibhuti Bhusan 12 ore fa
After some time Nanosuit in real life
Fang_ Tooth
Fang_ Tooth 12 ore fa
a real lightsaber was made before yandere simulator ever got finished
TRIUMPHANT 12 ore fa
Hypothetically could you use a ultra dense battery to ionise Argon to create a purple plasma blade?
Robbie Corbet
Robbie Corbet 12 ore fa
use you're muscles
FUKU TORA 12 ore fa
Another great ideea, another great project, another like
Legend YT
Legend YT 12 ore fa
Light saber
Blue fin gaming
Blue fin gaming 12 ore fa
How much do you sell that for?
Ben Warner
Ben Warner 12 ore fa
so.... im a cat then
Hero Hickman
Hero Hickman 12 ore fa
Hi bro
New Age Retro Hippie
New Age Retro Hippie 12 ore fa
Can you reflect blaster beams with it ?
minij hooi
minij hooi 12 ore fa
Folks is a matter of time for this people to make a blaster
C1N3M4T1x 12 ore fa
12:30 thats not a grenade launcher bro... its a shotgun ..
H76Pro 12 ore fa
Boys and their toys!
Inner Strength
Inner Strength 12 ore fa
This is the COOLEST thing ive ever seen !
TECH CODER 12 ore fa
Why captain america shied is black in colour.
wlaba272 12 ore fa
I just saw his Jezus-like face in that door window and gave him a like and a sub just for it xD
Yemkhong Somba
Yemkhong Somba 12 ore fa
Nothing is unbreakable I just that they just planned it out
SturmFrisur 12 ore fa
can you open a shop where i can buy a Lightsabur
U.V. S.
U.V. S. 12 ore fa
What if you superheated the water in the pressure cylinder with the lightsaber? Could you get higher pressures?
איתי מלינה
איתי מלינה 12 ore fa
i just heard he hearts comments so...
Patrick Farrell Ryan
Patrick Farrell Ryan 12 ore fa
The pixel 3 a is terrible
Mateo Torres
Mateo Torres 12 ore fa
Man when you started cutting trough the wall I got crazy, that lightsaber effect feels like the movies, or even better! What a great video, keep it up man!
Regine Erica Lim
Regine Erica Lim 12 ore fa
we don't use that for our barbeque we use that everyday
Evil4lexander 12 ore fa
If there was every anything like a zombie apocalypse . This group would be the people who make the best weapons and live the longest haha! Could you imagine a zombie hoard VS a group of men in full armour they made themselves and all holding a improved protosaber . Nothing would live !
STlTCHlZ 12 ore fa
That's not lightsaber, it's a glorified flamethrower
Mateo Torres
Mateo Torres 12 ore fa
Hacksmith, you guys are geniuses! I have always loved your content and I knew you had some great skills in engineering, but in this video you killed it! You are incredible!!
Jeremy Hernandez
Jeremy Hernandez 12 ore fa
honestly im disappointed that he didnt cut his arm off smh
Kal El
Kal El 12 ore fa
Man i want to be like him one day
Bobby8451 12 ore fa
I believe this is actually more dangerous than a real lightsaber from the movie if it actually real. Lol
ImBiBak 12 ore fa
no one will ever find this comment.
Marcus Notorious
Marcus Notorious 12 ore fa
Elon Musk should fund this guy
Dennis 12 ore fa
You can't call us trolls. We are just holding to account.