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Edoardo Mirandola
Edoardo Mirandola 6 ore fa
C'mon Luna Rossa... here in Italy we are all proud of what you are doing 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤❤❤
Francesco Bruschini
Francesco Bruschini 7 ore fa
Colby Vavolotis
Colby Vavolotis 7 ore fa
Is there a way we can edit out all the people complaining about the music??? That being said this rules interpretation is shady at best. I see where they are coming from since LR did bear up in an attempt to show probable contact, which with my knowledge they would need to give Ineos time to react. Basically LR should have stayed their course (prior to Ineos tacking). LR pointing up so late is the oldest trick in the book and is definitely not legal. Also I don't trust that software at all. Ineos ghost boat was not in the correct location throughout the tack. A better analysis would take 4 seconds forward from the tack initiation in reality (Ineos) and compare that with the ghost boat 4 seconds forward from LR. Mix of software and reality, especially since Ineos was moving as fast as they could to steer clear, while LR was match racing.
Martin Kaufmann
Martin Kaufmann 7 ore fa
Do I have to win a hearing contest in order to separate the cheese music and the important conversation? What a crap!
Paolo Margini
Paolo Margini 9 ore fa
Now they're putting such foils also under the Optimists.
Brendan Hills
Brendan Hills 9 ore fa
Great analysis and insight - but the music! My god!
Dean Wimbridge
Dean Wimbridge 10 ore fa
You get closer than that . 👏
daedster1 10 ore fa
Hard to hear yellow guy - wtf's with loud music? Why music at all!!!!!!!
François-Xavier Li
François-Xavier Li 11 ore fa
Get rid of the music ! Please ...
Jorge Concheyro
Jorge Concheyro 11 ore fa
This is Great!!!! We need more of these videos, rules are very complex to apply. And yes, please, no music. If possible, upload it again without it. Thanks!
GT interactive
GT interactive 13 ore fa
Ken is talking too much. The music is annoying. More on screen explanation straight to the point.
kev docks
kev docks 14 ore fa
I cant hear the music
Davide Agosti
Davide Agosti 14 ore fa
Lots of statements from the Emirates New Zealand team these days, some of which I will try to examine with great amusement! Let's start with the claim of being able to sail at 60 knots (111 km/h). If we were to accept this kind of news, it should be pointed out that these boats develop a speed equal to about 3 times the real wind speed, just to make a round figure, but in reality the speed they develop is less than 3 times that of the real wind (winds at 10 knots and boats travelling at 30, winds at 15 knots and boats at 45 and so on) and note that to be able to sail at 60 knot Team New Zealand should have encountered stable winds of at least 20/23 knots in recent days and if these winds have not been seen on the race course they certainly have not been seen elsewhere (apart from a few gusts which have always occurred) in the Gulf of Hauraki. If the Emirates New Zealand team thinks it has developed a dragster on the water that develops much higher speeds than the other participating boats, it is understandable why it has capsized and risked capsizing several times in the past months...beware of pure speed, with gusty winds that unbalance the boat, it capsizes and gears up more easily and would be risky both for the competition and above all for the crew! POWER IS NOTHING WITHOUT CONTROL said an old Pirelli advert! Let's move on to the luck of the various teams. Team New Zealand, to which the New Zealand press made a chorus, declared that the wind conditions that Luna Rossa encountered in the final with Ineos were simply very lucky for them and that we have to see how it will go with stronger winds and that maybe they would not have won, or at least that the match would have been harder fought. To hear them talk in this way it almost seems as if Emirates New Zealand has not developed the boat for years in that place, because those are the winds available in this season (but aren't they aware of that?), and that if anything Luna Rossa, from Cagliari, 14,000 km away, has developed its boat to the best of its ability for the standard conditions for those places. It should also be said that, if you read between the lines, they seem to be hoping for impossible winds, for that place and in this season, in order to win by showing more masculinity (we have dominated stormy seas and hurricane-force winds, not Luna Rossa winning with a baby breeze!) while, following their logic, if they won because of winds that (perhaps!) strengthen to the point of becoming at the limit of the regulations, one could easily say that they have been very lucky in their turn, belittling their merits (in Rome they say they have had bucio de culo). NEVER BELITTLE THE MERITS OF OTHERS, ESPECIALLY IF WON ON THE RACE COURSE! Having said that, as always,the winner will be the one who has done better under the given conditions and not simply "the best one".
Peter Ihre
Peter Ihre 14 ore fa
Could you please re-edit this very interesting video. 1. Turn of the f-ing music! It´s hard to hear the conversation. 2. Show the computer screen all the time so the viewers can follow what ken and Richard are talking about.
Bucefalo 85
Bucefalo 85 15 ore fa
Software prediction of 4 sec has no sense. Use your head and don't watch the screen. You can use it in the straight way. Not in prestart. Every single frame of prediction is wrong. Ridiculous!
toooomanytoys 15 ore fa
Great explanation, thanks.
cittadini comuni
cittadini comuni 15 ore fa
nzl is the fastest, but I believe that until they are sure to go faster by at least 10 knots they will not compete. Maybe it will never compete.
Andrea Torre
Andrea Torre 17 ore fa
Listening to the unpire's explanation I understand how they reasoned but still think it doesn't make much sense. Maybe it would be better if they looked at the real video too when they take the decisions, not only on the virtualized representation. Still think that if you're on starboard and need to adapt the course, here for example they needed to burn some time before the line, you should have the right to do. What is the moment in which, as starboard boat, you lose the right to go upwind? At -10 seconds, before Ineos tacked, LR had the right to change the course, then after Ineos tacks and put themselves in port-starboard situation LR loses the right to change course? It doesn't sound reasonable to me.
Sterling77 18 ore fa
Alien technology and primitive video compositing
Richard Matatahi
Richard Matatahi 21 ora fa
That was absolutely a game of two halves, the first half, I like many kiwis here in New Zealand and worldwide thought we were plain sailing into the history books, one more win was all we needed...that win would never come. It's strange how a boat race' can have a profound effect on you, if not a Nation. The sense of failure felt by Team New Zealand was also felt by the Team of 5 million, Gee it pain's me still, just thinking about it. We know that feeling, on both side's of the coin. It wasn't mean't to be, that time. why do I watch again, from start to finish, something that pained me? feel the pain, again, and raw emotions, man, how weird is that, but it would never come close to that day, Day 12 Race 18; ORACLE TEAM USA vs. Emirates Team New Zealand, 34th America's Cup, San Francisco, September 24, made history that's for sure.
Creig Mac
Creig Mac 21 ora fa
So exactly how far back from the line do you wanna be?
BULL3T 23 ore fa
0:46 ah yes the ffulaffulapp a siestem
Scorpius 23 ore fa
Excellent "Foiling".............When does the REAL America's Cup "SAILING" start?🦂
Phoenix Hill
Phoenix Hill Giorno fa
its gone up to 5 times the wind speed
Scorpius Giorno fa
5:45.....I am NOT impressed with the commentators quip about "Skinning a Cat"! That is a TOTALLY INSENSATIVE Comment! What else does this person treat with such Dis-Respect ......Run over Dogs in the Street?
vulturnuszan Giorno fa
Mistakes were made here but that was a vicious localized puff of wind right on the mark rounding. Almost a worst case scenario for these boats. The Italians almost lost it too and they didn't get the full force of that puff like the Americans did.
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell Giorno fa
Luna Rossa fans should watch these videos as a taste of a hiding ETNZ will hand them in the 36th Americas Cup.
Wayne Dean
Wayne Dean Giorno fa
Worst racing in ac history. ...boring.
Paolo P
Paolo P Giorno fa
In ogni caso una splendida partenza! Forza Luna Rossa 🔝⛵🎼
Antony Smyth
Antony Smyth Giorno fa
Why the stupid music, no need, please stop it.
m Glaettli
m Glaettli Giorno fa
fine analysis, but background music sucks,
marco385 Giorno fa
Big mistake making the penalty too far from the finish line
foxtrone Giorno fa
I miss this fuking slow bastards !!!!
Walter Saettone
Walter Saettone Giorno fa
Misserable audio. Can hardly understand what they are saying. Really a pity. This was so far the most challenging decision by the umpires 🙁
Marc BOUET Giorno fa
Very interesting to see how technology is used in these events. As an International umpire I have no problem with decision and explanations from Chief Umpire, but I am surprised by commentaries from people probably owing the rules much better than umpires... Probably Luna Rossa was judged OCS the same way by computer positioning, no discussion. Interested to get explanations when two boats are OCS as I was unable to find the rules even when reading all special rules for Prada and America's Cup. Marc Bouet FRA
Kiko Mac
Kiko Mac Giorno fa
As much as this is super exciting, it would be cool to see all men operated boats, except basic nav....
Brian McCallum
Brian McCallum Giorno fa
Video would be better without background music.
walkinwithjesus Giorno fa
as opposed to lightning? Is that a pun that I missed in the title?
matteo conz
matteo conz Giorno fa
Ma smettetela però con sta storia della penalità: c'era! Hanno le fotocellule e poi Bruni ha detto che nei debriefing con gli umpires sono sempre stati d'accordo sulle decisioni.
Glenn Watson
Glenn Watson Giorno fa
That is a bullshit explanation: LRP was OCS.
JG and E
JG and E Giorno fa
assume if NZ have been buzzing up and down the track after the PRADA competitors, someone spectating has timed them, and compared?
Lorenzo Carlo Knuth
Lorenzo Carlo Knuth Giorno fa
Very interesting. But music too loud. Can’t understand what they are explaining...
Silverthorn1111 Giorno fa
What I still don't get is why was Luna Rossa detected as early? If you pause at 0:56 you can clearly see that they haven't passed the line while the timer has ended.
Songio1983 Giorno fa
It may be that '0 seconds' is displayed when the countdown is still at 0.99 seconds (it depends on how the display code is written)...and it may be that one second after that '0 seconds' LR has already cut the line... In any case: Forza Luna Rossa!!
Robert Cronk
Robert Cronk Giorno fa
turn that horrible 'music' down, or better, off! can't hear Richard!
Matthijs Klomp
Matthijs Klomp Giorno fa
Lousy sound, put some microphones on these guys. Why no screengrabs? What is a this background adding to the experience?
Millan Alaba
Millan Alaba Giorno fa
It's an Italian Magic not American Magic that do the trick..
Giancarlo Figini
Giancarlo Figini Giorno fa
Grande Checco " Siamo italiani .." non dimenticatelo gente , non dimenticatelo mai !!
RunDeEmCe Giorno fa
Sort your audio mix please. We don’t need to hear the music. We’re here to listen to the words.
Lawrence Holtzin
Lawrence Holtzin Giorno fa
Drop the soundtrack!
Paolo Massetti
Paolo Massetti Giorno fa
But in the end divine justice struck Ineos and the two time fraudulent judges...what says Ben in the second cross? Ridiculous (at LR in front of them)...yes, like the sentence, you can hear the screeching of the nails on the glass!!!
JC Ekmans
JC Ekmans Giorno fa
Nice explanation guys, but why on earth this disturbing music in the background 😳
mtjoeng Giorno fa
You did not address the 'fact' (as per the Live TV) that ITA did NOT cross the line early? .... (And that the live rerun omitted the red superimposed red line, what the heck was that ...... )
jungle75it Giorno fa
Next time there will be computers to act as umpires
istra70 Giorno fa
Thanks for cheap porn music. Next time just make it louder, so we don't need to listen what is umpire saying through his ass.
Damien Prevot
Damien Prevot Giorno fa
Too technical for me but seems to me that this « shadow boat » 4 seconds ahead is not very helpful as we can see it shows where the boat would be assuming they would not change speed (quite OK) AND keep exact same direction (????). And here lies the issue, the direction is changing! the « ghost shadow » should be a larger zone showing all the places the boat can be in 4 more seconds including the fact that direction is changing and that it can be modified again (idealy it should be some kind of distribution of probable positions) and then... one might see the possible colision courses (or not) and assess if the possibility of collision had been increased by a boat who should have given way to the over.
Jason Argonaut
Jason Argonaut Giorno fa
Let's forget about the background music and the 100y old mic and about who's supporting which team. Imo this video shows one open issues (at least for me), which I'd love to have some explanations on from the race organization. While GPS accuracy is pretty dang good (2cm???, anyway, with differential GPS etc. 2cm is realistic), how precise is the software that shows the position on the umpires screen and how much delay has this software? I assume, that the software computes all this stuff based on the last n GPS data sets. Even if it considers also some other sensor data, the computation is still based on past data. This means delay. Second question regarding this issue: what is the sample rate for GPS and other sensors, if any involved? The second thought about the content: as AC boats get faster and faster, seems that the decisions tend to be more like "be gentle and don't answer with aggression if your opponent is too aggressive".
BLΛK Giorno fa
Did NZ run out of mics?
Philip Webster
Philip Webster Giorno fa
That b................................... music is driving me mad, Ill get some rulings from elswhere.
8meterwish Giorno fa
What about analysis of the cancelled double OCS in race 5? The rules specifically say that isn't allowed. Is Richard giving us BS on that call too?
8meterwish Giorno fa
Richard is just sticking to his guns, knowing full well he messed up.
ແມ໋ດ ຢູ່ລາວ
ແມ໋ດ ຢູ່ລາວ Giorno fa
Music sucks. Please stop.
P J Giorno fa
Many thx for making a video about this hot topic! Found the explanation and reasoning weak and not logical. Music in this video did not help to make it a more pleasant experience, sorry. Keep those clips coming
eric marie
eric marie Giorno fa
Hawfull sound. Why a background music ? Why ? why ? why ?
DjWormUp Giorno fa
Pls don't joke. This is a dumb and dull application of a secondary rule. The main point is that Britannia did a dangerous and desperate move. Jim was just approaching the start moment following his time of distance, turning a bit to be in, well before the dangerous british tack. 30+ knts speed, tacking just in front, and we discuss about 11 degrees of helm. umpires are burochratic landlubbers, or not so clean.
marrconix Giorno fa
My 2 cents.. 1. a transcript of umpire's words by umpire itself Is mandatory. 2 . the umpires should be on board of and Ac75 in a start practice session to understand the issues in real Life and the distance from simulator experience . A start cannot be rewinded
Von Maverik
Von Maverik Giorno fa
This interpretation is just crazy. I can head up however I want if I am starboard and that british boat did nothing to place itself out of the way.
B S Giorno fa
Agree. Maybe there are some unwritten rules to treat Ainslie with some kind of "respect" (or whatever), cause they just mentioned one time too little what a great olympic sailsman he is/was. Which shouldn't make any differences in the commentary. The explanation also to me lacks the information of how Luna Rossa should have started early. To me they clearly did not.
rob56gru Giorno fa
PLEASE stop this so called music in the background!
Andrew Laming
Andrew Laming Giorno fa
Interesting but struggling to hear past the repetitive music
Stefano Russo
Stefano Russo Giorno fa
Thanks for this interesting video. Could you please make another one to explain how the umpires judge the OCS? In this race luna rossa seemed on time from the images and virtual eye. Next time no background music please ;)
Paolo Radaelli
Paolo Radaelli Giorno fa
I heard an interview with Francesco Bruni on An Italian channel. He did not complain about the decision, but he definitely thinks this type of umpiring changes the dynamics, and that it results in the protection given by Rule 16 being much enhanced with respect to fleet races or even ordinary match racing. This situation was just about fine, LR gave them room to keep clear and they kept clear, no penalty (LR started early but this is another story). However, you can see a situation where the r.o.w boat may not be able to start or had to start early because of this, and this does not seem entirely right.
Jörn Seidenschnur
Jörn Seidenschnur Giorno fa
Wonderful explanation, please more of that. And please don't put background music on the video, it doesn't make it better.
Stefan Karpiniec
Stefan Karpiniec Giorno fa
I suppose that's what you call Brexit!
Dalil Chetouane
Dalil Chetouane Giorno fa
It will be very difficult for Luna Rossa in the final on the 06.03 but they have a chance to win, because Luna Rossa for two months ago and now is not the same.
jos steenbrugge
jos steenbrugge Giorno fa
So you are not allowed to burn time and speed by heading up ?
Simon Watson
Simon Watson Giorno fa
Of course you are. You just need to give the other boat room to keep clear if you do change course.
TheDangerBuck Giorno fa
Kenny is still pissed about this and he's right. Hardly sounds like Richard is arguing with conviction - rather he's sticking to his original story.
Antony Smyth
Antony Smyth Giorno fa
Richard was right, Jimmy trying to land a penalty by heading up, even then Ben was clear.
Paul Rodrigues
Paul Rodrigues Giorno fa
What a load of BS, Ineos has no right to push LR off pin start course from port tack position. Next thing we will be taking the colour of the boat into consideration.
Colin Lyon
Colin Lyon Giorno fa
I wounder , Did Magic have an issue with its foil drops before the major accident ?
trev gee
trev gee Giorno fa
really sucks this scenario! as if the crew and helmsman are sailing with a software predicting four seconds ahead !!! total shift from the reality .... total nerdie craziness!!!!!! by the way: wtf the music on backgr.??? plus the whispering umpire with whistle Ssssss! far out!
Lupo Ellison
Lupo Ellison Giorno fa
Maybe the background music is the same the Umpires are use to listen to during the races, this is why sometime we don't understand their decisions. :)
Marco Brotto
Marco Brotto Giorno fa
Doesn’t make sense whatsoever...Prada has right of way and she has the right to enter the gate as she wishes. Horrible precedent, rules shouldn’t have the possibility of being interpreted
Marco Brotto
Marco Brotto Giorno fa
@Simon Watson in my opinion if a boat put itself in a vulnerable situation and cannot get out of the way it’s their problem and they should be penalized for it. Taking this away also means taking skill away from the prestart and ruining the most interesting duel of a match race. I’ve seen the video and heard the judge but I still think it’s craziness that the same sport can be judged differently and interpreted differently WITH THE SAME RULES in different contexts.
Simon Watson
Simon Watson Giorno fa
@Marco Brotto Both rules, Port/Starboard and Giving room to keep clear are valid, and certainly the judges took both into account. Just because you are the right of way boat does not mean you can go hunting to cause a collision. You also won’t win a penalty if the keep clear boat has no chance to keep clear. Where the start mark is, is immaterial.
Marco Brotto
Marco Brotto Giorno fa
@Simon Watson what I don’t agree specifically is the fact that Luna rossa needed to luff up to be able to enter the gate...if she doesn’t have the possibility to do so (last question that ken read also asks) she fundamentally doesn’t have the right of way. This means that from now on the judges can decide which rule needs to be applied...port starboard or giving enough space. Interpretability is never good IMO
Simon Watson
Simon Watson Giorno fa
@Marco Brottowe will need to agree to differ here. Certainly the AC tech gives them the ability to call these things more accurately without resorting to a Protest hearing, where LR would have likely won the protest because it wouldn’t have been clear whether they pointed up after INEOS tack, and LR would have likely sworn blue they didn’t. But AC is sailed under very different conditions to normal racing, and they would know their every move was scrutinized down to the inch. The rules themselves are exactly the same. LR, as the Right of way boat, still has to follow the rules, they cannot enter the gate any way they wish. They cannot for example luff up and cause a collision with a windward boat, without giving them room to keep clear. With a boat crossing on port tack this becomes even more important, as the port tack boat has even less opportunity to keep clear, and the closing velocity is much greater.
Marco Brotto
Marco Brotto Giorno fa
@Simon Watson i heard the video and understand...but it doesn't make sense for rules to be applied in the americas cup because they have the tech and not considered in normal racing. Rules should be simple and not so interpretable