Red Panda
Red Panda 8 ore fa
Kongdavison is absolutely a show I would pay real money to see hahaha
Justin Ernst
Justin Ernst 8 ore fa
i honestly just cant help myself from watching the new trailers everyday and im only getting mad at myself for spoiling more and more!!
stockypanda761 8 ore fa
Spoiler man : no spoiler home 😂
Cristina Claudia
Cristina Claudia 8 ore fa
A bit much all this tv spots. Like you said, a bit of mistery does goes a long way :D
TheCoolComplexity 8 ore fa
*I want that No Church In the Wild trailer, gimme now.*
Mis Keene
Mis Keene 8 ore fa
She didn't want head from a head🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
James W
James W 8 ore fa
I'm so confused about their sizes in the boat scene. If Kong is the same size as Godzilla, how the F can he fit on a boat? haha
Tyler Osso
Tyler Osso 8 ore fa
It better have a good ending that’s all I’m gunna say
Shubham Jha
Shubham Jha 8 ore fa
They're indeed showing too much, just hold up WB!!
J.O.R.D 8 ore fa
I know it’s already been said but that Kongdivision joke got me 😂
JJ Cruz
JJ Cruz 8 ore fa
Kenn Chooch
Kenn Chooch 8 ore fa
Paul is the Definition of heavy puns!!! I'm gonna blah blah blah the SH*T out of this channel 🥕!!!!
julietapinho 16889
julietapinho 16889 8 ore fa
godzilla devia ganhar
buckleysdead 8 ore fa
Yeah, but who's behind Chthon??
Marcus 8 ore fa
Lol Kongdavision What about Zilla-vision ? Edit: na don’t have Zilla vision it sounds like some Saturday night game show hosted by cilla black lol
Jordan Biszantz
Jordan Biszantz 8 ore fa
Pls reply
Katie LaFollette
Katie LaFollette 8 ore fa
What IF Vision takes over the white Vision’s body after they battle & then he can survive outside of the hex??? I can dream right?? 😭
J.O.R.D 8 ore fa
The worlds very first spoiler 😂
malouka daknou
malouka daknou 9 ore fa
i hope it's going to be good
gravity Gray
gravity Gray 9 ore fa
Monkey is stronger than spicy iguana.
Santosh Prasad
Santosh Prasad 9 ore fa
Heavy Spoiler is getting pretty fast with the reviews.. No complaints from my end🙏
Mr. EDen 1st
Mr. EDen 1st 9 ore fa
Prolly the Godzilla we see getting clubbed by Kong’s weapon is a hologram or the prototype mechagodzilla
Carlo Mantas
Carlo Mantas 9 ore fa
12:36 scarlett witch is wanda herself future wanda
Fernando Oliveira
Fernando Oliveira 9 ore fa
Quick question: is this Kong and Godzilla downsized or i'm crazy? Their solos movies portrayed them as much bigger than this film (Godzilla for example is way bigger than a war military ship)
Joseph Edge
Joseph Edge 9 ore fa
The scene where you mention the Spiderman 3 poster, a building in the background says payday on it, a video game where thieves dressed as clowns rob banks
DreamAbsolute 9 ore fa
3 hours! Bes be 2 hours of CGI fighting across earth
J.O.R.D 9 ore fa
I knew you’d be all over this with another great breakdown so I’m straight over here! It looks like they have Kong captured on a fake Skull Island and I love the head to head roar at the end 😎 They need to slow down or stop with trailers now, i do think they’re showing us too much which is why I’ve stopped watching the tv spots 😔
D.J. Coop
D.J. Coop 9 ore fa
blah blah blah :D
Abhijeet Shrivastava
Abhijeet Shrivastava 9 ore fa
31 marchn
Reagan Dewell
Reagan Dewell 9 ore fa
This is gonna look so fire on my iPhone 4S, just as Christopher Nolan intended.
306oldboyful 9 ore fa
With the helicopters carrieing Kong, there's another scene we're he's falling into the hollow earth. I think there connected
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 9 ore fa
Ah nice
Neil Thompson
Neil Thompson 9 ore fa
Where's Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larsons characters whilst all this is going down eh? They're Team Kong aren't they?
nathaniel scott
nathaniel scott 8 ore fa
They're dead
The Copper Broom
The Copper Broom 9 ore fa
i think Agatha was only powerful enough to transmute WHOEVER (Mephisto, Chton, Nightmare) into the Rabbit, and that's why she's trying to find out how Wanda did it so she can "complete" the transformation and bring "whoever" back...? just a thought... Maybe that was the "deal" she made and she's been trying to do it for over 300 years and now Wanda...
Foster Foster
Foster Foster 9 ore fa
No more trailers please.
Dustin Willis
Dustin Willis 9 ore fa
Aniket Gill
Aniket Gill 9 ore fa
Love short and informative videos
Kevin R
Kevin R 9 ore fa
Gonna sign up for hbo max on this exact day. This looks amazing. The cgi is believable.
Its lancci
Its lancci 9 ore fa
For the TV spots I think they should release some more cool stuff like when gzilla and kong roared at each other but I don't want them to spoil who will win the fight at all
Hidden Culture
Hidden Culture 9 ore fa
😂🤣I think your script writer expected you to know what to say instead of “blah blah blah”
Jesus Morales
Jesus Morales 9 ore fa
I hope there is more then what we are seeing. And may the fights be done right!! No cut aways. Ok some but ones were ppl run away to safety and stuff like that still the fight should go on.
Prasad Bhaskar
Prasad Bhaskar 9 ore fa
Heavy Spoiler releases Trailer Out of Nowhere IGN: *Hey, That's our Trailer* 😂😂😂
Jonathan Martin-Ives
Jonathan Martin-Ives 9 ore fa
I want more 🦖🐒
gravity Gray
gravity Gray 8 ore fa
More monk 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍 less🚫🦖🦖🦖
Saylen Page
Saylen Page 9 ore fa
When he said "This isn't Kongdavision" I couldn't keep my laughter in. Now my family thinks I'm weird😂😅
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 9 ore fa
Thank you for justifying that pun
steve mattys
steve mattys 9 ore fa
Weird makes the world go around.
S G 9 ore fa
You are
Enrique Comas
Enrique Comas 9 ore fa
You gotta understand Nolan's use of the female character in his films. They are tied to the protagonist at the hip to the very end, they are involved in a climax based decision that effects both her and the main protagonist. They are independent and free from control at the end, usually making their own decisions. Nolan takes the "damsel in distress" and flips to make it that the "protagonist" is in distress without full assistance from the female character in almost every single one of his films.
Saylen Page
Saylen Page 9 ore fa
I think the ship coming up out of the water is definitely a reference to the barrels of jaws since it seems similar as to how the barrels acted as a visual to the people at the surface to where the shark was and it does a similar thing with godzilla
CY Kurosaki
CY Kurosaki 9 ore fa
What happened to the quicksilver actor? Will he be back in this movie?
Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason 8 ore fa
He wasn't seen since godzilla 2014
Ember 9 ore fa
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 9 ore fa
Edna Johnston
Edna Johnston 9 ore fa
puns are supreme
Horrible intro theme 💩
Manny 9 ore fa
A French website has it officially for 1 hours and 53 mins
felleR 9 ore fa
Is Paul a dad? If he isn't and became one. His channel would only consist of videos where every sentence has a pun.
Its lancci
Its lancci 9 ore fa
This movie will be awesome
Aquasume Muong
Aquasume Muong 9 ore fa
Yeah I do think they r showing 2 much butttttttt I do wanna keep seeing 😂😅
Ryan Robb
Ryan Robb 9 ore fa
What if she expands her hex to the whole world, creating mutants all over the world?
Zach Sietsma
Zach Sietsma 9 ore fa
Honestly I can’t wait to see this movie
Jahdiel Sanchez
Jahdiel Sanchez 9 ore fa
I can’t wait for this movie to release
Pls Bruh
Pls Bruh 9 ore fa
Whose side are you on ? Love your work . Keep going. I wish I get the 4k set 😭. Please Paul. I live in india.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Pls Bruh
Pls Bruh 9 ore fa
Same here 😊
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 9 ore fa
S.SEETHA Padman 9 ore fa
This is too much they are releasing btw great breakdown
Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason 8 ore fa
Not when it's 2 hrs and 52 minutes, there's loads it isn't showing. The footage we've seen of the aircraft carrier clearly doesn't add up to 18 minutes if that's true.
David Storm
David Storm 9 ore fa
How about the fact the the 2 first official avengers both had to die for the rest of them to live.
Yours Truly
Yours Truly 9 ore fa
Will UK Cinemas be open when the movie releases?
Yours Truly
Yours Truly 9 ore fa
@Heavy Spoilers so how can we watch the movie in the UK? Because HBO Max isnt available in the UK
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 9 ore fa
Nah I think they’re closed until May
Joshua Paul Porter
Joshua Paul Porter 9 ore fa
In lore, the entrance to the inner parts of hallow earth is at the poles. So that's probably where they're taking him-- so he can retrieve the axe. Hence the snowy-mountains.
King James
King James 9 ore fa
Heavy Spoilers..... Break it Down!!!!!!!! Great video! I’m really Hype for Junkie XL and the fight scenes! Let them Fight.....For 18 minutes!!!!!!
HorizenGamerYTx 9 ore fa
Cathy Nicholson
Cathy Nicholson 9 ore fa
I think It’s Wanda in control of all this in her grief. So she may not even realize it’s her all along
Jonathan Bint
Jonathan Bint 9 ore fa
Great breakdown cant wait for the movie
Yashodeep Solapure
Yashodeep Solapure 9 ore fa
Too much... They are releasing too much, I doubt it's 2hrs 52mins Wb is known for slicing down the film
Memory Foam
Memory Foam 9 ore fa
Nolan peaked with dark Knight, inception and dark Knight rises. Those are his best movies.
Pj Weinert
Pj Weinert 9 ore fa
jared leto plays mephisto in the snyder cut of wandavision, we just have to wait 4 years for it to come out
Yen jo
Yen jo 9 ore fa
I still think that hex Vision wasn't created by Wanda, but transported from a different universe. When it ends, he goes back to his universe, white Vision dies, and Wanda attempts or actually goes with hex Vision and the twins since she's a Nexus being. This explains Peter Evans, and ties in Dr Strange to maybe persue Wanda to prevent multiverse madness.
Neel Parekh
Neel Parekh 9 ore fa
69 views. Nice.
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 9 ore fa
The 0ne68
The 0ne68 9 ore fa
69th view (;
Saikath Ghosh
Saikath Ghosh 9 ore fa
I just cannot wait to see the movie, hopefully in theatres safely.
Steven Roberts
Steven Roberts 9 ore fa
Mask dont work my wife wears one every where and she got the shit. Walk in there and tell them to f*ok off
Blessed Boxer
Blessed Boxer 9 ore fa
We are already safe just live
Blessed Boxer
Blessed Boxer 9 ore fa
Fuck masks
Marquise Irvin
Marquise Irvin 9 ore fa
I'm curious about the force field around Skull island or wherever they are holding Kong. I can't wait for this movie to come out at the end of the month.
Aquasume Muong
Aquasume Muong 9 ore fa
I was waiting for u to make a video on Godzilla vs kong again! So late!
Mohammed Adhil
Mohammed Adhil 9 ore fa
2 months ago we were cursing for not releasing any teasers, now we beg them to stop spoiling too much
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 9 ore fa
Lol they’re going crazy with it
Revanth Bv
Revanth Bv 9 ore fa
Great man. Can't wait to see these two face off.
Uk’otoa 9 ore fa
Something I’ve noticed is it’s just Godzilla who’s rampaging, no other Titans seem to be attacking so unlike Ghidorah who set the rest of the titans on the planet whatever’s going on it almost seems like he wants to care of the problem personally
avinash patil
avinash patil 9 ore fa
"""I think that 99.9% viewer's are student """
Saikath Ghosh
Saikath Ghosh 9 ore fa
Awesome breakdown Paul,just was waiting for your video.
DB FILMS 9 ore fa
3 minutes early lets gooooo