Mike Keene
Mike Keene 3 ore fa
The way he uses there logic is hilarious and sad
prysla rhabbles
prysla rhabbles 3 ore fa
Is it me or are Trevor's monologues becoming more filthy. He didn't use to cuss as much no? And can u get a haircut already or is he planning to get it relaxed like he did in high school?
gabby young
gabby young 3 ore fa
A street team ☠️
gabby young
gabby young 3 ore fa
The pitchforks ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️
Diana Boyer
Diana Boyer 3 ore fa
Morals flying out the window what do the trumps know about morals maybe we can ask Stormy Daniels or maybe the Playboy bunny. What the hell !! Just when I think they can't get dumber one of them goes on TV and proves me wrong.
Real M
Real M 3 ore fa
I really expected OAN.
Veronica Lee
Veronica Lee 3 ore fa
He´s just prepping for his own channel
CRUSHED IT 3 ore fa
I wished Trevor Noah would stay out of America's business.
Brendy Aguilar
Brendy Aguilar 3 ore fa
The trashy patch plausibly boil because physician thankfully stroke past a clean yarn. cluttered, bitter seashore
Shin 3 ore fa
Humanity at it's finest ♥
Bill Wilhite
Bill Wilhite 3 ore fa
And the government wonders why we hate them
Minimalista Spiritualista
Minimalista Spiritualista 3 ore fa
They are creating the image of scarcity to increase the demand. It is the most common marketing tactic ever.
They do know that they need two doses over a three week period right? Getting only one dose doesn’t help them at all.
gabby young
gabby young 3 ore fa
This man is iconic. I am dying
simon w
simon w 3 ore fa
Biden is just amazing !
Mike Baginy
Mike Baginy 3 ore fa
Today's USA is incompetent when it comes to health care. Money reigns. Brilliant creating weapons and spending to "project power" or box ourselves in, but when it comes to protecting our own people, it's a third or fourth world country. (Remember that remark about sh*t hole countries? take a good look in the mirror.)
Jorge Esquivia Escobar
Jorge Esquivia Escobar 3 ore fa
They forgot Jeanine pirro as one of the children
maynunal 3 ore fa
Puerto Rico and Washington DC would make mighty fine additions to these United States. And so would 4 extra Senators.Smirking face
Ahhad Ali
Ahhad Ali 3 ore fa
I was hoping trump would give Eric trump to fox
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 3 ore fa
In 1947, the wealthy and corporations had to pay their taxes and income and wealth inequality were much lower so the government, state, local, and federal, were collecting more in tax $’s from the general population bc wages were higher than today. We had the funding to do big things. We need drive thru vaccines, by appts, so ppl aren’t waiting in their cars hours/days. Perhaps even allowing 20-40 or so cars to line up in a “walk-in” line at the end after those w/appts to get any vaccines left over that day. They could still have an area where each car waited 15-20mins before a worker cleared them to leave. That would go much faster than setting up appts where ppl walk in to a facility, then have to wait in that facility 15-30 mins after the injection, to ensure they didn’t have an allergic reaction, before being cleared to leave.
Johnny Lotto
Johnny Lotto 3 ore fa
Such an American thing to throw out stuff that could save lives. Food, medicine, housing(by keeping it empty) and food. This place is so poorly run.
blairbushproject 3 ore fa
He can’t remember the password because it’s encrypted. This happens all the time when you use generated passwords and they disappear.
Sonia Cooper
Sonia Cooper 3 ore fa
My father is a railroad engineer and because he had top secret clearance in the air Force they handpicked him to take Bush Jr's train on the campaign. It was a huge honor being chosen for that. It's far too dangerous now because of the hatred weaponized by a few bad actors
William Banks
William Banks 3 ore fa
This is stupid
Rory Mackay
Rory Mackay 3 ore fa
That old party was High jacked by D. Ts cult of dim ONE CLICK KKK
iwish 832
iwish 832 3 ore fa
Trump is just playin a giant video game with America and... the world. I think he is really bad at it, but I don't know trying to understand him gives me a headache.
Leesa 3 ore fa
SOOOOO freakin' HAPPPY I don't have to see or hear him anymore.. YAYYYYY.
Noemi Diaz-Miguel
Noemi Diaz-Miguel 3 ore fa
Love you Trevor 😂😂😂
Michele Johnson
Michele Johnson 3 ore fa
They both need to GF
Mike B
Mike B 3 ore fa
Those statistics looked a little biased, ok about 2% of the police budget, and 20% of the emergency calls, but how much of the police budget is dedicated to emergency calls? I mean the police aren't exclusively for 911
i dont know what name to pick
i dont know what name to pick 3 ore fa
fox news: look what obama did also fox news: trump is amazing and the best he did nothing wrong fox news is so bias like omg its insane btw i also like how people freaked out of a hamburger
centralbank 3 ore fa
Why are Costa's hands so big?
Evan M
Evan M 3 ore fa
Ah yes, the hypocrisy is excessively tangible. Disgusting right wing media
ANDRES Catella
ANDRES Catella 3 ore fa
Travis Jones
Travis Jones 3 ore fa
As a libral myself defunding the police is a scary argument. If anything I feel like we should give the departments (not cops but the actual funding for departments) more money to insure better training and the ability to properly check its officer's.
Ofelia C. Chaidez
Ofelia C. Chaidez 3 ore fa
💉 envy not justified, over-rated; instrument of control via: AI 🎮📲💭🛰
SecurusX75 3 ore fa
Lily Ventura
Lily Ventura 3 ore fa
I had to cancel my 2nd dose due to neurological side effects.
Dam I missed it
urno3 3 ore fa
I said it years back thats why a whole city of old ppl is best forb everyone
Jenn W
Jenn W 3 ore fa
What a great program and a great piece to highlight it!
John Wick
John Wick 3 ore fa
Let this people who say they are not afraid of the Coved19 let get it and not be given any medial treatment
Lando 3 ore fa
This is one of the main reasons why the virus should've been handled by the government. 50 states with 50 plans simply won't work. These are the remnants of trumps presidency.
Thomas Lecky
Thomas Lecky 3 ore fa
The fastest deadliest thing out of Africa since Oscar Pistorius 😂👌👏
Korradoo Zambini
Korradoo Zambini 3 ore fa
Dez is a cutie pie ❤😍
Luis Vargas
Luis Vargas 3 ore fa
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 98 percent of media on one politician’s D, Like a baby goat on its mother’s tit. Guess we need to make it 100 percent to live happily ever after 🤣
Christel Headington
Christel Headington 3 ore fa
When did Leo become a Judge ? Can I sue FOX News, for assault with a deadly ideology ?
Jthalis Badamasi
Jthalis Badamasi 3 ore fa
Hey Trevor. You're making a lot of sense. I am learning from you. Hope I realize my dream to run a similar show like yours, here in Nigeria, in the near future. AAMEEN. You're blessed!
Marko Vukovic
Marko Vukovic 3 ore fa
Well said, charna. Where the fuck was that Lindsey Graham dog when this shit went down? It would be an insult to Hyenas to call him one
Cheryl Hernandez
Cheryl Hernandez 3 ore fa
Oh man this show makes my day. Thank you!
CILOVERSE 3 ore fa
look up essure or du ponte
Barb Muller
Barb Muller 3 ore fa
Trump is fake he should be impeached. After 5 people were killed come on people. I don't want to pay for his perks for rest of his life.
cory proffitt
cory proffitt 3 ore fa
Watching the battered spouse's (republicans) defend there abuser is so sad.
kwaii gamer
kwaii gamer 3 ore fa
Don't worry like the republicans, who are suffering from battered wife syndrome they will go back for more.
ShinxBTS xARMY 3 ore fa
"They called me the n word" the accuracy lol
rose080891 3 ore fa
The most progressive thing he is doing so far is trying to end private prisons. This feeds into many things including systemic racism. The USA has the most incarcerated people on the planet, it's quite clear that there is a policy of trying to keep as many people in prison as possible all you have to do is read some of the innocence projects cases. Louisiana is particularly dependent on private prisons.
Harold Randall
Harold Randall 3 ore fa
Wonder how many of the seniors voted for Trump???
Iggybop 3 ore fa
It was my arm or the garbage… that's crazy lol
Marta Womack
Marta Womack 3 ore fa
To heck with Fox news, the American people (dare I say the entire world?) want to divorce him, first! I can't take anymore of his evil idiot routine
Debra Slack
Debra Slack 3 ore fa
Scully818 3 ore fa
Coconut milk is is good 😌 why gotta hate 🥺
Phoenix Rises
Phoenix Rises 3 ore fa
Edel Diaz
Edel Diaz 3 ore fa
What a bunch of losers!
Chase Danzenbaker
Chase Danzenbaker 3 ore fa
“He’s the real life tony stark!” Bitch that’s Elon musk
Ofelia C. Chaidez
Ofelia C. Chaidez 3 ore fa
See capitol rush. Overwhelming amounts of confusing information all contrary to the science. No permit, no license for this 💉. The emergency permit expires. No one has the time to do a PHD in microbiology, pharmacology, biochemistry so the process is rushed so that people go allong with things, eager to get back to freedoms. If we only knew what they had in store for us:💆
B Soulkingrepairs
B Soulkingrepairs 3 ore fa
Harriet Tubman on the most commonly used denomination for drug transactions isn't showing her respect
Syed Hasan
Syed Hasan 3 ore fa
I like your intelligence and sharpness but why don't you come to the pre-covid get up like short hair and clean shaven