ً 12 ore fa
stan bts!!
Emma Rogers
Emma Rogers 12 ore fa
Why is everyone hyping her up? It sounds so shitty bro.
Jackson Lamont Donald 31
Jackson Lamont Donald 31 12 ore fa
It good see her back
zer an
zer an 12 ore fa
7:37 and the top half of the guy on the circle keyboard thingy just vanishes. Editing troubles.
Annika Valle
Annika Valle 12 ore fa
lmao I remembered when everyone was still young, our parents would slander miley just because of her wrecking ball video...just me?
Julie 12 ore fa
skipped right to nbgmly as i should
cassie manetoa
cassie manetoa 12 ore fa
Awww very beautiful ❣️
Isabelle Z
Isabelle Z 12 ore fa
I like this more than the original, good job!
Julie Moen Johansen
Julie Moen Johansen 12 ore fa
idk im kinda not feeling the guy airhumping behind the girl. he didnt need to be there
RamsnDodgersfan 12 ore fa
They are talented.
L K 12 ore fa
Damn Callum tho
Mama- -Rua
Mama- -Rua 12 ore fa
Mirror image telling to go home sounds familiar!!!
hen ko
hen ko 12 ore fa
CHANGE the freaking TITLE to "Noah Cyrus ft. Miley Cyrus" ! MTV's literally such a disappointment
Munisa R
Munisa R 12 ore fa
Britny Savone
Britny Savone 12 ore fa
Such a beautiful song! I had no idea Noah was soo beautiful. I love her blue nails.
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko 12 ore fa
Ariana and Nicki look stunning. Don't like Nicki's songs i mean okay i like Starships and Superbass but not the rest. However i really like her rapping live and Ariana's live vocals slayed.
Queenofwheels 12 ore fa
Blueberries are gross.
overseer Miller0330
overseer Miller0330 12 ore fa
Seeing Things like this gives you hope that things will be back to normal soon.
Marisol Gonzalez
Marisol Gonzalez 12 ore fa
this outfit and hair was everything
TurboX 12 ore fa
A.R.M.Y mostly exist out of cute girls
jt little
jt little 13 ore fa
is he my bf charlotte? im asking the army...
a person
a person 13 ore fa
pra que censurar quase a música inteira?
rainey bickers
rainey bickers 13 ore fa
dude the crowd needed to shut up
Maria Molinero
Maria Molinero 13 ore fa
immaculate as always 💜
Blythe Saunders
Blythe Saunders 13 ore fa
That’s some nice flat earth
Tường Lê
Tường Lê 13 ore fa
dbza srpelo officespace xqcreacts
Aimerence Zawadi
Aimerence Zawadi 13 ore fa
Gaga is a legend
Medico Global Medical Clinic Manila
Medico Global Medical Clinic Manila 13 ore fa
Gigi Chica
Gigi Chica 13 ore fa
Love u guys!!!!!😍😍😍❤❤
Andrew Haberl
Andrew Haberl 13 ore fa
Noah reminds me of a modern day Avril Lavigne
Rochelle n/a
Rochelle n/a 13 ore fa
hen ko
hen ko 12 ore fa
You can tell they’ve been singing together their whole lives. So beautiful.
Itslemony 13 ore fa
2:19 best part
ItsMyLife 13 ore fa
wow 😳
Rhameses Hamilton
Rhameses Hamilton 13 ore fa
The best part is the friendships. They having hella fun.
Taylor 13 ore fa
I really really dislike jenelle but knowing what it’s like not being listened to, I can understand why Janelle gets so frustrated
GDC 13 ore fa
Skittles._. Rae
Skittles._. Rae 13 ore fa
2020 : Kitty is a bad word 2040 : Hi is a bad word
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine 13 ore fa
I absolutely love Noah's voice
Uni Panini
Uni Panini 13 ore fa
beautiful vocals omg
Farida Saleh
Farida Saleh 13 ore fa
Noah ft Miley
AYA Barakat
AYA Barakat 13 ore fa
Nahhhh I’m sorry i still don’t like her voice or unpassionate lyrics . Or her crouch grabs.
kat the bat
kat the bat 13 ore fa
i feel like she didn’t do the song the justice it deserved :\\ her overall vibe just killed it tbh
Tatiana Mostovaya
Tatiana Mostovaya 13 ore fa
I love it❤️
Panic At The Pop !
Panic At The Pop ! 13 ore fa
OMG , this is perfection . Britney must be proud of Miley
Who Said Yes?
Who Said Yes? 13 ore fa
Gurl you do not take an iconic song and do THAT to it. I love Miley but this is a miss...
Don Rufino
Don Rufino 13 ore fa
0:26 this is gay
João Penalva
João Penalva 13 ore fa
sei lá.. estranho.. kkkk
Frankie 14 ore fa
NOBODY walks the stage like Britney. Legend ⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️
sina ghazi
sina ghazi 14 ore fa
This performance gives me life
Susan Nancy
Susan Nancy 14 ore fa
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Ankita Kahar
Ankita Kahar 14 ore fa
Tamale 14 ore fa
It’s weird for jace to call her mom. She doesn’t even react to him as a mom at all. More like an older irresponsible & annoying sister.
Hazel Sharma 123
Hazel Sharma 123 14 ore fa
So long I still love bts